Submission dated 9/16-25/20

author: FireCracker

Archive? You'd better.

Warnings: Bed hopping can be hot...and very dangerous.

Pairings: Barry Allen (Flash II) / Hal Jordan (GL) Wally West (Flash III)

StopLight: Fuses and Fire pt. 8

They found a few stolen moments in the garage of Barry's home. The two fastest men in the multiverse were having a quickie at lightspeed.

Wally kneeled in front of his uncle, sucking noisily while kneading smooth flanks. Barry gripped bright red hair, moaning thinly.

"Oh God, Wally, don't stop!"

Strong hips jerked crazily as Barry spurted into the hot mouth. Wally likewise let out a loud moan as he gripped himself with his free hand and squeezed. Barry felt a sticky splash run down his calf. Just as he shivered in aftershock, vibration flared between them causing both men to seize and spasm. Sparks crackled over heated skin, tracing lines of lightning.

"Barry!" Wally shook violently, bursting a second time. Barry vaguely remembered Wally shouting his name again before the world went black.


They collapsed in a sweaty heap, gasping and spent. Low electrical charges still crackled over their bodies.

Wally lay against Barry, breathless. "I...I feel so high." He was blissful, rapturous.

"Me too" Barry mumbled against a warm cheek, eyes fluttering. "Like being a junkie."

They were quiet a few moments, gathering their wits. Wally managed to look around the garage. "Guess we'd better pull our pants up, huh?"

Barry strained to a sitting position. "Probably. I don't think we want to be the other kind of "Flash."

"No, I...Barry, your eyes!"

"What about them?"

"They're glowing, like northern lights or something!"

Barry frowned. "Have you looked in a mirror, Wally? Yours are doing the same thing."

The redhead glanced at a wall mirror over the work bench. "We can't go out like this. The wives will ask questions!"

"No , you're right." Barry paused a moment, thinking. He was surprisingly calm. "Has this happened before for you?"

"Only once. It was after we...were in the park. I was sleeping that night, or tried to. Lin woke me up and said my eyes looked spacey like green crystal."

Barry ran a hand through his hair. "Happened to me too, same time frame. Iris was pretty cool about it though."

"But what does it mean? And more importantly, how long before our eyes return to normal?"

"Have no idea. Let's give it about half an hour and see what happens."

Wally smiled. "I...damn, this was so good." he leaned into a steamy kiss and nuzzled. "Can't seem to come down. So hot."

Barry strained against desire, breathing heavily. "Same here...just want to make love to you all day and night."

Both men gasped in pleasure as their bodies suddenly vibrated at a similar frequency.

/Feel you, like feeling myself!/

/Yes, yes!/

Wally stared at his hands, which were vibrating on their own. "The hell?"

Barry likewise was alarmed as his limbs also moved on their own. "Speed force seizure?"

"Don't mind telling you this is a little scary."

"It is...hopefully just an aftershock of our nervous systems."

They lay quietly on the floor, cuddling.


It was nearly an hour before their eyes returned to normal. They agreed to go their separate ways but monitor the situation. Barry went back inside the house and found Iris busy working on a story. Her laptop screen showed various notes while she scribbled on a pad.

She looked up brightly. "Well, Mr. Allen. All finished with your garage work?"

Barry shrugged innocently. "Ah, mostly. Still need to do some painting. Some of the trim around the garage door needs priming and sanding."

"Hm, okay. What were you working on?"

For some reason Barry found that hilarious. He nearly laughed, smiling widely. "Just some body work!"

Iris stared. "That's funny?"

"What? No." Barry shrugged, still grinning.

"Okaaay." Iris put her pen down and turned to face him. "What's going on?"

"Nothing!" Barry almost laughed again.

"What's wrong with you?"

I'm just happy, that's all." Barry kissed her cheek.

"Have you been in the wine or something?" she eyed him.

He held up a hand. "Scouts honor. Not a drop."

Amber eyes narrowed a moment. "Well thankfully your appointment with Star Labs is tomorrow."

Barry's smile faded as he sat near her. "You had to mention that, Iris. Thanks for the buzz kill!"

Iris appeared worried. "Barry what is it? Your moods are so strange lately. Are you sure there's something you're not telling me?"

He waved it off. "No, I'm fine." he smiled again. "Say, we haven't gone out to dinner in awhile. What say we check out that new restaraunt downtown, Tony's Pub and Diner?"

"I ah" Iris blinked in confusion. "Sure, it sounds nice."

"I hear they have some of the best prime rib you ever tasted!"

Iris gawked at her husband. He was nearly shouting, his eyes wild.


"Hmm, sweetie?"

She squeezed his arm. "I want you to calm down, okay? I think your powers are acting up."

No, they're fine. I'm fine. You're fine!" he swept her up in a spin.

Iris laughed in spite of herself. "Okay, okay. Maybe I'm worrying about nothing."


Carol decided to visit the JLA offices in the plaza uptown. Cyborg greeted her warmly.

"Well hello, Ms. Sapphire. Aren't you looking lovely today!"

She laughed, "Just Carol today, Vic. Is anyone here besides you?"


"No, just girl talk." she walked alongside in polished hallways.

"Let me think...I'm usually the only one here much midweek. Earth surveillance takes no breaks, you know?"

Carol nodded. "I'm here for a more mundane purpose. Personal."

"Ah. I think Shayera is here, but she may have left. Check the third level, west wing."

Carol kept going, "Thanks Vic."


Carol found Hawkgirl in one of the media rooms. She appeared to be looking at some satellite images.

"Hey, Shayera. How's it going?"

Hawkgirl waved in greeting. "Hey. Just bored, really. I love observing spacecraft and the stars. Helps the mind expand."

"I think we have some members with minds going in reverse. Say the gutter."

"Whaat?" Shayera stared, interested. "This about league rumors?"

Carol shrugged innocently. "Mmm yes. In a way. I'm doing a little investigative digging."

"Pull up a chair, girlfriend." Shayera laughed. "There's a whole lot of talk going on!"


Wally puttered around the house, smiling. Starved, he made a huge lunch of five club sandwiches and three chocolate milkshakes.

"Hey, dad." it was Irey.

"Hey, sweetie. You want anything to eat? I can make you a sandwich."

She sat with him at the table. "Nah, I'm good." a pause. "You sure seem happy today!"

"I'm happy every day. Where's your brother?"

She jerked a thumb. "Went with his crew to the park. They're playing some B Ball."

"Hm. Oh." Wally stuffed his face with a goofy expression.


"What?" he started giggling.

"You um...have something to drink?"

Wally stopped eating. "No, I haven't. What a question!"

"Geez. I'm sorry. But you're kinda vibrating."

"I am?" Wally stopped eating then looked down instinctively. His left leg was moving on its own.

"You're not sick are you?" Irey was worried.

"No, I'm fine." Wally put a hand on his thigh to hold it still. "Probably just a cramp, honey. Our bodies react to everything at high speed you know."

"Yeah I know what you mean. I stubbed my toe last week and it was shaking too for a few minutes." she looked at him again. "Sure you're ok?"

"Will you stop worrying about me? Go on now."

"Kay." Irey bounded out of the kitchen, grabbing her cell phone.


Carol laughed out loud. "Crazy ass rumors, Hawkgirl!"

Shayera shrugged, grinning. "Well now you know."

"Anything suspect?"

"Carol, what's going on? Are you wondering about Hal?"

"Well, um-"

Green eyes went wide. "So that's it! The rumors about him and Barry..."

"I'm pretty obvious, huh?"

"What's going on, really? Why are you suspicious?"

"I" Carol swallowed. "It's kind of personal, really. Just some things about Hal's behavior lately."

Hawkgirl shrugged in confusion. "What? Is he acting weird in bed or something?"

Carol chuckled. "Girlfriend, you cut to the chase. Maybe. I don't know?"

"Did he...mention Barry at all?"

"No not specifically. He mumbled in his sleep."

"And? Did he say a name?"

Carol sat back in realization. "Actually he didn't. But Shayera, have you seen anything that looks funny?"

Hawkgirl frowned. "I can't really...wait, wait..."

"What!" Carol was eager.

"I just remembered. Not too long before we had the cookout I remember seeing Barry coming through the hall on level two. He came from one of the conference rooms and dropped something accidentally. It was small and green."

Carol's eyes popped. "Green? as in a ring?"

"Whoa, whoa don't jump to conclusions." Shayera held a hand up. "It could have been candy or something."

"Where the hell would Barry drop it from in skin tight reds? He doesn't exactly have pockets."

"Ah um, you got a point there. I dunno?" a shrug.

"This is weirding me out."

"Seriously Carol, I don't think you have anything to worry about. It was probably candy anyway. He was quick to scoop it up."

The brunette shook her head. "I don't know. Still seems strange."

"If you have confidence in your relationship with Hal, why worry? Besides, why would Barry even have his ring anyway? It makes no sense."

"'re right." Carol laughed, grabbing the other woman's hands."Thanks. Maybe I have been overreacting!"

"Yeah, yeah" Shayera waved it off. "Love is crazy, huh?"

Carol stood to go. "For real. Thanks again!" she waved, heading out.

Shayera watched her go, musing. Supes was right. He scoped out high heartbeats at the cookout around Barry, including Hal.

She made a mental picture, snickering. "Bet it's red hot, though."


Jai came back from his basketball game. He saw his father in the yard leaning on the rake, grinning crazily.

What's with dad? He wondered at the bizarre smiling. "Hey, dad!"

Wally glanced up from his distraction. "Hey. How'd your game go?"

Jai went over, twirling his ball. "Welp, you can call me the hoop king of the neighborhood. Well, maybe second or third."


"I see you're taking a break with the leaves."

"Hm? Yeah." Wally looked down at the pile. "Air's crisp and nice this time of year. I always loved early fall."

Jai tilted his head in observation. "Um, everything okay with you?"

"You're as bad as your sister. Yes, I'm fine."

Jai raked his hair. "It's just that lately you're smiling all the time. What's the deal?"

Wally laughed. "Now this is a first. Being happy in this family is considered strange!"

"No I don't mean that,'s like you're high or something."

"Jai, this is getting old. I'm fine. Now let me get back to what I was doing!" Wally started raking furiously.

"Geez" subdued, the boy went inside.


Barry was in high energy mode. He felt edgy, jittery.

"Iris, you about ready?"

She shouted from the bathroom. "Fifteen minutes. I'll be out then."

"Ok. Our reservations are at eight so I think we'll have just enough time." Barry went into the living room, pacing. Minutes seemed like an eternity.

She's taking forever. He thought impatiently. His body vibrated, suddenly warm. A thought struck him.

Maybe, just enough time to make a call. He smiled widely. No harm no foul. He picked up his cell, tapping on a lantern icon. A response came quickly.

"Barry, that you?"

"Yeah" bright blues glanced at the bedroom briefly. "I can't talk long, Hal. Iris and I are going out to dinner."

"Okay, what's up?"

Barry took a breath. "Just wondered how your day was going."

"Pretty uneventful, actually." a pause. "Now tell me what you really want!"


"Barre, this is me you're talking to."

"Just killing time until Iris is ready."

"Iris, Shmiris. Getting itchy again, babe? I can tell..."

"I haven't heard your voice since the cookout, that's all."

"You romantic devil." Hal chuckled. "Maybe I should show up over there wearing a silk thong under a trench coat. I'll even bring Chablis wine, the best."

Barry felt his groin tighten at the mental image. "Only if you want to see me dead on the evening news tomorrow!"

Hal sighed. "I think I'm gonna stretch out on the couch and play with myself. Too bad you can't help me out here."

Barry heaved. "You're evil, you know that?"

"Aren't I though? Tell me what you're wearing tonight."

Another quick glance at the bedroom. "Maroon linen shirt with dark gray slacks and italian leather shoes. Silver chain Iris gave me last year, the small one."

"Damn. I know you look delicious. Is everything really tight? Do you have on underwear?"

"Fool!" Barry hissed, his pulse rising. "Stop that."

"Ever since the cookout I've wanted to finish what we started, Barre. It's been too long."

"I know, but I can't do anything about it now-"

"You teased me up in Ollie's kitchen, you supercharged freak. I thought I was gonna explode!"

"Barry, who are you talking to?" Iris came into the room suddenly. Barry spun around.

"Ah, it's Hal! We're just catching up."

"Well tell him I said Hi."

"Okay." Barry spoke into his cell loudly. "So Hal, I'll help you with those reports when I can!"

"What? Oh, I get it."

"I think Clark has those gray files you could use."

"Company in the room?"

"Yes, next week will be fine."

Hal laughed hysterically. "Okay, sugar cheeks. But I'm gonna squeeze that fruit."


Wally was taking a nap after working on some tiring mechanical schematics. The redhead sprawled on the living room couch with one shoe off. He was out like a light.

Linda walked down the hallway, followed by Irey. She poked her mother.

"Psst. Mom, look." she pointed.

"What is it honey?"

Irey tilted her head. "Dad's konked out on the couch."

Linda chuckled. "I'll turn his laptop off. I've told your dad a million times the battery will run down like that."

"Yeah mom, but-"

With a loud yawn, Wally rolled over on his back. He sighed quietly, smiling ear to ear.

Linda stared, her face blank. Irey shrugged. "He's been doing that all day."

Strange. Linda thought. "Don't worry about it, Irey." she pulled off his other shoe. "Come on, help me fix dinner."


Barry and Iris got home around midnight. Iris pulled her heels off once they got inside.

"Whew. Haven't worn these in awhile. I forgot they weren't broken in."

"I'll give you a foot massage." Barry offered with a smile. He picked her up.

"My, aren't we attentive today, Mr. Allen!"

"With a gorgeous wife like mine? Of course!" He set her down on the love seat, kneeling in front of her.

"Now, do I start with the left or right?"

Iris laughed, wiggling her toes. "Either one."

"Done!" he held her left foot first, a vibrating massage.

Iris sank back. "Oh, that's good..."

"And now the right." he repeated the massage. "You look hot in that red dress, by the way."

She winked. "Well, we hadn't gone to a nice restaurant in awhile. You look pretty tasty yourself!"

"Speaking of tasty." blue eyes went unnaturally bright. "I think we should take this elsewhere." he lifted her dress, kissing her thighs.

Iris felt heat settling near her belly. "Ah, oh...Barry-" before she could think, he'd removed her panties.


Illdoalltheworksexy! he licked her thatch with vibrating tongue. Iris squirmed with pleasure as his tongue dipped inside, moving around at light speed.

"Bareeeee!" Iris bucked wildly as Barry held her in place. Seconds later she shook from a violent orgasm. Out of breath she collapsed back on the love seat, spent.

Panting, Barry rolled up over her. She felt a rock hard bulge between her legs. "What?"

"One more time, babe!" Barry kissed her hard, bright blues now dark with lust. They rolled onto the carpet.


Two hours later Iris managed to sit up. Her dress was a mess, her hair stuck in every direction, and her stockings were torn into holes. A half naked Barry slept contentedly at her side.

Iris put a hand to her head, frazzled to the core. Save me from this madman. That appointment at Star Labs can't come soon enough!

She staggered up and headed to the bedroom. I need sleep. He can stay on the floor!


Barry woke up around 4 am. "Iris?" he looked about.

She must have gone to bed. He turned the lights out. After taking a quick shower, he headed to their bedroom and peeped in. Iris was out, wrapped in a cocoon.

Barry tiptoed in, grinning. Iris is so cute all wrapped up like that. He reached for her.

"Touch me and die." Iris was muffled under her blanket.

Barry blinked in surprise. "I thought you were asleep!"

Iris rolled over to face him. "Sleep? I've been trying to do that for over an hour. I'm too damn sore!"

"I'm sorry-"

"Are you ready to rest now? Because if not-"

"No, I'll be quiet. I won't do anything else."

Iris huffed. "Better not."

Barry climbed into bed. "Didn't you enjoy yourself?"

His wife went beet red. "That isn't the point!"

A small smile. "You know I love pleasing you. The way you shouted-"

Iris went even redder. "Oh, shut up!"

"Didn't mean to come at you so fast, honey. It just kind of happened." Barry looked apologetic.

Iris sighed. "I know you aren't doing it on purpose. Hopefully they can find a solution at Star Labs before I get cracked in half."

Barry eased next to her. "Surely you know what being married to a speedster means."

"I remember. We talked about potential issues with control. But this is beyond crazy!"

Barry smiled brightly in the dim light. "You look so lovely lying there. Your eyes remind me of soft gold-"

Iris was alarmed at the tone. "Barry, you promised me just now!"

"I just want to keep you warm." a smooth palm slid up her hip.

"I'm warm enough. Go away!" she shoved him back.

"Stop yelling, Iris." Barry sighed softly, putting his head against her breasts. "Now we can sleep."

She eyed him with suspicion. "Then close your eyes and relax."

"I will, in a minute." he went quiet.

Thank God. Iris thought, stroking bright blonde hair absently.

Crystal blue eyes popped open. "I can hear your heartbeat, so fast. So you want more?"

Startled, she glanced down. "I do not!"

"Sure about that? You really got off." Barry stared intensely, nordic features sculpted by moonlight.

Iris paused. There were times like this she just admired the view. Still..."Just calm down, please. Or I'm sleeping in the spare room."

"Fine, Iris!"suddenly angry, Barry rolled out of bed and stalked out. "Do what you want anyway!"

Iris gaped as he stormed out. She noticed a huge bulge in his pajama pants.

Do hormones make speedsters psychotic? She wondered in amazement.


Barry appeared to be in a much better state of mind the following morning. He'd gotten dressed and was fixing breakfast. Early morning news blared from the TV.

Iris approached cautiously. "You seem to be in a much better mood today."

A tousled blonde head turned her way. "Today's the big day, right? So everything should work out."

The indifferent tone was strange. "We're hoping for answers, Barry." Iris watched him.

"Want any pancakes? I'm making them with chocolate and whip cream."

Iris thought that over. She was starved. "I'll take three."


They ate in relative silence. Iris kept observing her husband silently.

"You don't have to keep watching me." Barry was annoyed. "I won't jump you."

"Never said you would." Iris was also irritated. "Let's just eat, okay?"

Barry sighed. "Let's not start the day off like this. I'm sorry for last night."

Iris chuckled, shaking her head. "Most wives would love to have my problem. Then again, they aren't married to a speedster!"

"Well, you know." Barry gave a devastating smile.

Iris laughed in spite of herself. "Keep eating, sex machine. Maybe they can give you a giant pill or something at the labs."

Before Barry could answer that, his cell phone pinged. He picked it up. On the screen was a lantern symbol.

"Ah, nuts."

"Who is it?"

"Looks like Hal. Let me see what he wants."


Barry closed the door to the bedroom for privacy.

"What's going on?"

"Was gonna ask you the same thing, Barry. Don't forget we're supposed to play pool this week at Lucky's Tavern."

"Good thing you reminded me. Saturday, right?"

"Yeah, around 4. I'll pick you up."

"It's a d- you got it."

"Ooo. A slip?"

"Knock it off, will you? Iris is in the next room."

A pause. "Wait, isn't your Star Labs appointment today?"

"Yes, later on this afternoon."

"Wish I could say good luck. Hate to think they'd find a cure for that twitch of yours!"

Barry glanced at the door. "If I miss this appointment it'll be cured forever."

"That bad, huh? And here I am, just a phone call away-"

"I like living, thank you. Look Hal, I've got to get going."

"Poor, poor Iris." a sick chuckle. "She must feel like a pretzel about now. On the other hand, I'm much more durable. So when are we gonna reminisce properly, Barry? I'm sick of aching."

Barry flushed red. "Then stick it in some ice, flyboy. Ache some more!"

"Okay sugar cheeks, be like that. Go see the doctor and get some pills. Won't help once I'm done with you anyway."

"Moron." Barry growled, tapping his phone off. But he couldn't stop smiling.


"Good luck, sweetie." Iris kissed Barry on the cheek at the door.

"Thanks, babe. Hopefully they'll find a solution, you think?"

"I'm very optimistic. Now beat it." she slapped him on the butt.

"I love pushy women." Barry winked before heading out.


Linda stopped by for a visit awhile later. She held a bag of bagels and a large carton of coffee.

Iris inhaled. "Oo. Tell me you didn't get that straight from Greidos?!"

Lin grinned. "You know it." She waved the bag around. "Bagels are fresh, too. Got some salmon and cream cheese."

Iris waved her into the kitchen. "Bring it on!"


They chatted about world events and work.

"Gotta tell ya Lin, this coffee is just what the doctor ordered."

Dark eyes sparkled in mischief. "Something going on still with Barry? You look a bit ragged out."

"What isn't going on. Lin, can anyone die from sex? I swear-"

"Ha! Tell me about it. Sometimes I feel like a volley ball."

Iris flushed. "Do you still keep a pocket taser?"

"It's gotten that bad, Iris? I thought you were trying to avoid that. Besides, isn't Barry at his appointment for treatment today?"

"Yes but there's no guarantee of an immediate cure. We just don't know."

Lin twirled a lock of hair. "To answer your question I keep one handy. Not the type of thing I'd advertise, though. People would take it the wrong way."

"Yes." Iris was thinking.

"Barry out of control again?"

"He wrecked one of my best dresses last night. I could barely walk afterward."

"Good God!" Lin laughed. "I thought wardrobe malfunction just happened to me."

"What about Wally? Does he level off at all?"

Lin took a bite out of her bagel. "That's kind of hard to answer. Most of the time he's manageable but there are flare ups. Usually when we're celebrating something, or he's in a 'extra special' mood as he puts it."

Iris chuckled. "Feels a bit weird asking about my nephew like this, but-"

"Well our situation isn't exactly normal."

"No. I might need one of those tasers though."

"I can order you one express. But I wouldn't tell Barry about it."

"Don't plan to, Lin. But I'd hate to have to use the thing."

"I'm always apologizing to Wally afterward."

Iris sipped her coffee. "Inbetween though, Barry seems really happy...but in a weird way."

"Like he's daydreaming or something?"


Linda frowned. "Yeah, I remember we talked about this before. Wally has been doing that a lot lately. Today the kids told me about how he just kept smiling at nothing. I still don't get it."

"Barry gets lapses were he just giggles or laughs. I feel like I'm missing an inside joke."

"Hopefully we won't be the punch line." Linda reached for another bagel.


At Star Labs Barry endured a series of physical tests and had to fill out a psychological profile. Dr. Beyer observed him closely the entire time. He was a serious, middle aged man with angular features, large gray eyes and thick white hair.

"I'll need another blood sample, Barry."

The speedster sighed impatiently. "Aren't my blood records on file?"

"Yes, but we need to compare for changes. It's not unheard of in metahumans. Powers can evolve or mutate, affecting cells or chemistry. "

"Hmf." Barry sat back in the examination chair.

Beyer smiled. "Of course, this must all be boring to you-"

"I'm a forensic scientist."

"Ah, I didn't note that in your profile. Well...from what I can tell you have extremely high electromagnetic brain activity. It's consistent with your powerset." Beyer glanced down at his pad. "You have a very creative...sexual profile."

Barry cleared his throat. "Just trying to be accurate. Some of these questions are a bit too personal for my taste."

"Do you like women?"

Barry made a face. "Apparently, since I married one."

"What about men?"

"I have male friends." he said too quickly.

"Hmm." Beyer scribbled.

"What are you writing there!"

"Nothing, just notes." gray eyes were on him with a weird glint. "Attractive individuals often take advantage of opportunties when they present themselves."

The hell is he looking at?

"The level of attraction often dictates the level of freedom. If one is so inclined."

Barry stared hard at the man, not liking the tone. "These questions don't strike me as professional at all!"

Beyer shrugged square shoulders. "As a scientist you know that sex really starts in the brain. The body responds to the stimulus-"

"I know all that!"

Gray eyes narrowed. "Mr. Allen, you have a moderate chemical imbalance that is wreaking havoc with your libido."

"But why?"

"As a member of the JLA you've been exposed to all kinds of environments that over time have created this imbalance."

Barry was subdued. "I see."

Through alien atmosphere, physical contact or spores, a million variables are possible. That doesn't mean there's no solution."

"There's just one thing, doctor. Over time I've learned the source of my power isn't just connected to the physical."

"Not to be too concerned." Beyer eyed him again, edging closer. "Controlled experiments often give the best results." he put a hand on Barry's knee.

Barry removed it quickly. "What do you think you're doing, mister!"

Beyer leaned closer at the table. "Metahumans are so fascinating. Tests don't reveal the full nature of their abilities. Particularly if they involve a multiversal power."

"Personal space, Beyer. Back off!"

"Come now, no need for offense" Beyer switched mode, moving away. "Based on your sexual profile, I would think it nearly impossible to-"

"You're more interested in that than treating my condition!"

"The two are connected, young man." Beyer huffed, scribbling again. "A quick electrocardiogram and we'll be finished here."

Can't happen soon enough. Barry thought.

"I'll hook you up." Beyer reached under Barry's shirt robe and attached electro plates. His hands lingered across smooth nipples.

Barry stared down at busy hands. "Hey!"

Beyer ran the wiring to the machine. "You're too touchy, Barry. This test is necessary."

"Then get your damn hands off my pecs!"

"And how would you suggest I attach the electro meter? With my mind?"

"I've had more than enough. If you want to prescribe something, fine!"

Beyer sighed. "You're one of my most difficult patients."

"I'll take that as a compliment."


Barry stormed the hallways of Star Labs and headed out. As he went down a corridor for recovery patients he saw a familiar form seated in a waiting room.


"Hey!" Jordan waved him over. "Long time no see, speedy."

Barry forgot his anger about the exam. "You ok?"

Hal gave his typical roguish smile. "Me? Always. I'm here for a friend."

Blonde brows knit together. "Funny, I don't recall anyone we know in intensive care right now."

Hal kept smiling. "I'm talking about you, speedball. Figured I'd take a chance you were still here for your exam."

"Yeah." Barry glared back down the hall.


"Not here. I've got to stop for a prescription."

"What are they giving you?"

"Benzylkalahyde, 30,000 milligrams."

Hal frowned. "Wait, what? Isn't that a derivative of nerve gas from the Vietnam war?"

Barry glanced at his paper. "It is. But in this form its a tranquilizer."

"30,000 milligrams? You gonna swallow a golfball?!"

Barry laughed. "It's concentrated for my metabolism. I need to take it for two weeks."

"Then what?"

"Then I take this second prescription." Barry held up another sheet. Ortenthinol. It helps restore balanced brain function."

Hal was alarmed. "Barry!"

"No its okay. It seems as though constant exposure to alien environments has caused a chemical imbalance in my brain."

Green eyes were intense. "But you're okay, right? No damage?"

"Only to my libido."

"Well if that's all-"

Barry hissed. "Quiet, dum dum. We're in public!"

"Oop. Right." Hal put on a serious face. "Well since I'm here, I may as well treat you to lunch."

Barry brightened. "Now that's something I could get on board with!"

They clasped hands briefly before leaving. It didn't go unnoticed. In the opposite corridors a dumbfounded Aquaman stood and gaped.

"Well I'll be damned. Woo hoo!"


They had lunch in a small dinette in a nearby plaza. Barry related his exam saga. "I wish someone would have warned me about Beyer."

Hal dove into his salad. "Trust me, Barre...I've heard about that guy. Straight up perv. Likes to hear about sexual fantasies and touches patients."

"Yeah a lot of his questions were pushing the boundary."

"I should go back and punch his lights out."

Barry rolled his eyes. "Oh great. Feed the JLA rumor mill."

"Hell with it." Hal shook pepper on his salad. "Putting his hand on your knee? Trifling creep."

Barry sipped his tea. "Huh. I felt like a side dish to go."

"The only reason he still has a job is because of his expertise. Plus he has contacts that cover up his indescretions for pay."

"And he works for the JLA? That's whack."

"Yeah, Diana's working on a dossier to get him out of there. But keep it to yourself."

Barry held up a hand. "Scouts honor."

They ate in relative silence for nearly an hour. Finally Hal looked up from dessert.

"Barry." his voice was low.

Barry knew the tone. "Finish that ice cream, Hal."

"I'd rather finish you."

The speedster stared at his plate. "Are we doing this again?"

Hal lowered his voice even more. "That's right. I won't stop till we both get what we want."

Barry glanced around. "This isn't the time or place, Hal."

"That's my cue, golden rod." Hal whispered, pulling Barry's free hand under the table.

"Feel me up. Now let's go." he commanded.

Barry squeezed a very warm and large bulge. Bright blue eyes widened into a blank stare.

Hal smiled slowly. I know you too well, hot pants.

Barry turned his head slightly never taking his eyes off of Hal. "Waitress, we're done here!"


They bolted into the parking lot and hopped into Hal's jag.

"Where to?" Barry asked, breathless.

Hal hit the ignition. "I'd say my place but its clear across town you know."

Barry waved a hand impatiently. "Then someplace closer."

Hal screeched out of the parking lot. "A motel?"

"No!" ice blue eyes were wild. "Go to the park. They have private drive lanes there-"

"Okay!" Hal sped down the next block.


"I'm...I can't hold it, Barry." Hal gasped as he clutched the steering wheel. Barry glanced down. His friend was literally seeping through his pants. Handsome features flushed with raw hunger.

"Nice." he murmured, diving down. In less than a second he had Hal unzipped. Practiced hands slipped inside Hal's jeans, vibrating along muscular thighs.

"Barry wait, I'm DRIVIIIIINNNGG!" Hal bucked as the hot mouth claimed him.


"We've got a 482 on Millhouse Blvd, reckless driving and endangerment." a screen lit up inside a Central City squad car.

The senior officer pointed at the GPS. "Check this out, Maroney. Looks like we got a wild one."

"I see it Cap'n. The clowns always like to race around here."

"This is Captain Binks. Description of the vehicle, tag?"

"Vehicle described as black Jaguar. License plate YP-9013."

"We'll intercept."


Wally stopped by to visit his Aunt Iris. They chatted in the living room.

"So you haven't heard from Barry yet?"

Iris glanced at the wall clock. "No. Odd, I would have thought there would be news by now."

"Maybe his appointment ran long."

"It's possible but you know Barry. Normally he's quick to update. Would you like to try one of the bagels Lin brought over earlier?"


"I'll be back." Iris headed to the kitchen. Wally closed his eyes and relaxed. He felt it, sensed it. Like a pulse blended with vibration frequency. Them.

Awesome. Wally said silently to himself. His own body started a response, a low vibrational hum. He was feeling very warm.


"What's hot?" Iris brought bagels on a plate.

Green eyes snapped open. "Ah, um, the bagels?" Wally coughed, grinning.

Iris stared at him oddly. "What were you smiling about?"

"I always smile when good food arrives."

Iris set the bagels on the coffee table. "Whatever it is, it must be catching."

Wally grabbed one. "What's catching?"

"You and Barry, going around smiling. There's something going on, isn't there?"

"Iris, c'mon. Smiling is a problem now? I get enough of this at home."

"It's not the smiling, its the way you're smiling."

Wally put cream cheese on a bagel. "You need to take off that reporter hat sometimes."

"Ha. You got me on that one. Still, if you could've seen your expression just now-"

Wally shrugged with a smirk. "We're fast people. Stuff happens on the go, never ending crazy, great life, yadda yadda."

Iris threw her hands up. "You're worse than Barry. I give up."


If anyone could see Hal up close they would find a spastic driver with a blank expression. His hyperactive friend was giving him the blow job of his life.

"Barry, PLEASE!" Hal cried out as heat washed down his legs. A vibrating tongue swirled relentlessly between nips along his cock. Fingertips pressed circles against his thighs at light speed. He'd already burst once and was filling up again.

The tousled blonde head was a blur, lush lips catching his spill. "Aimtowatchthewheel."

"GUH" Hal swerved wildly in traffic. Horns honked insanely as drivers shouted and cursed.

Hal cried out a second time, his head bouncing off the roof as he jerked about wildly. Barry held him in place and fisted him hard, squeezing out every drop.

The Jag careened through a busy intersection before screeching to a stop in front of a public water fountain. Sirens were heard approaching rapidly.

Hal sat in a daze, hair sticking everywhere. Barry glanced up over the seat. "Cops. Hal, are you straight?"

" huh?" Hal couldn't get his tongue working.

Barry swore. In a second he jacked Hal's pants back over his hips and zipped him. A quick kiss on a sweaty cheek.

"Hal...they're coming fast."

"So did I." Hal managed, his head bobbing foggily. "You damn near killed me-"

"Snap out of it! They're pulling up now." Barry sat up quickly and slapped on sunglasses. He attempted to look casual, arm draped over the back seat.

Hal wiped his brow, breathing again. "How are we going to explain this?"

Barry watched the police approach in the side view mirror. "Could be bad. How bad depends on us. Tell them a story."

"Like what?"

Their conversation was cut short. "Okay, James Bond. You and your friend, out of the car."


A half hour later they were let go. Hal was in a foul mood as he drove at reduced speed.

Barry likewise was subdued, looking out the window. "Well that was awkward. Could have been worse I guess."

Hal huffed. "Guess I deserved it, though. Not looking forward to the court date."

"They didn't suspend your license. At least they didn't take the car."

"I'm lucky they didn't take me. And then there's the fine. Sheesh."

"Hal, we're lucky no one was hurt."

"True. I don't think I could live with myself if that happened." he smiled a bit as his friend. "You and that mouth of yours. Not to mention other body parts."

Barry smiled brightly. "Eyes on the road, Hal. Not me."

"Why not? You're gorgeous and hot and sexy and..."

Barry put hands to his ears. "I'm dying of sweetness here."

Hal stared straight ahead. "This Jag has seen more action than Motel 6 on a Saturday night." He blew a kiss. "You look like a baby face assassin with those glasses on."

"Somehow I don't equate 'Flash' with 'Assassin'." You're hopeless."

"It's a good thing our public ID isn't merged with the JLA database. I'd never hear the end of this."

"CRAP" Barry sat up straight suddenly.


"It's past 6:30! The pharmacy is closed."

Hal grit his teeth. "Oh hell. You're in for it now with Iris."

Barry paused. Hal glanced at him. "I know that look, the wheels are turning. What will you tell her?"

"The truth."

"Are you nuts!"

"I mean, about the accident. She doesn't have to know too much detail. It'll buy me time until tomorrow."

"I hope you're right."

"Give me a ride back to the plaza. I need to pick up my car."


"Now I'm really getting worried, Wally. He still hasn't texted me"

"You know Barry. He'll pop up and wonder what all the fuss is."

"That still doesn't tell me what's going on." her phone pinged. "Maybe that's him!" she bounded from the room.

Wally watched her go. Barry, you are so out of control. And its blowing me up, too.


They pulled up into the empty parking lot under evening skies. Barry's car sat alone.

"It's been a long day, Hal."

"And a half" Hal's voice was soft. "Love you."

Barry felt his legs turn to water. "Mutual. But I still have to go."

Hal placed both palms on perfect pecs, squeezing the thin cotton of Barry's shirt. Thumbs teased rising nipples underneath.

"Did you think you could wreck me and not get some payback?"

"I...have to get home. You can get your payback later." Barry hitched, gripping Hal's hands.

"Really?"Hal gave his typical rogue smile. "It's always later with you. I say now."

"We're still at a public location."

"Watch this." Hal pressed a button near the brake lock. Limo tint shield dropped over the glass.

"Automatic tint?"

"Of course. New feature from last year." emerald eyes raked over Barry. "Now where were we?"


Barry's moans were music to Hal's ears. His golden speedster did a slow grind as he was milked expertly. Hal knew the best way to drive his lover crazy was to make him go slow. Hard, dragging strokes brought Barry to the edge.

Hal took nearly all of him in his mouth, cheeks hollowing out as he slurped. Barry pushed hard, ramming his cock in deeper.

"FasterHalfasterhurryhurryhurry!" Barry vibrated, clutching Hal blindly.

Hal pulled his lips free with a wet pop. "That's some twitch you got, sugar." he suckled the heavy sacs next, chewing gently with soft bites. A hard slap against an ass cheek.

Barry cried out, bursting in a sticky flood. Hal kissed everything, lapping it up. Seeing his spent speedster leaned back and heaving made him quite pleased with himself.

He smiled up hotly. "Good?"

Barry looked down with lidded eyes. "Great."

"That was my appetizer, goldenrod. When's the main course?"

Gentle fingers stroked his face lovingly. "Whatever you want, Hal. Anything."

Hal leaned into a sloppy kiss. "I'm in heaven."


Barry eased into the living room sheepishly. "Hello everybody."

His wife glared daggers. "So you've decided to come home? Where the hell have you been!"

"Hey Barry." Wally stared with unnerving intensity.

"Hi, Wally. I saw your car outside-"

Iris stamped over to him. "Explain. I've pinged you all day. I was worried sick something went wrong with your appointment!"

Barry ran a hand through his hair, grinning. "It's been a wild chain of events."

"I'm listening. Make it good!"

He glanced over at Wally who kept staring. He knows.

"Sit down, honey. It's a long story."


Barry told them in great detail about Beyer, the results, and Hal's accident.

"Sounds like you had three days action in one, Unc." Wally observed. He still kept staring.

Iris calmed somewhat. "Incredible. I may do some background digging about Beyer. So what's your schedule for taking your medicine?"

"In all the chaos I didn't get to the pharmacy in time. But tomorrow I'll head out first thing to pick it up."


He held up a hand. "I know, but it couldn't be helped. I didn't mean to worry you."

"Is the League going to give Hal grief about his court appearance?"

"Doubt it. It falls under 'personal lives' jurisdiction. Unless he tells them about it they might not find out."

Wally stood and stretched. "Well look, I hung around to make sure everything was okay. I'd better be getting back."

"Appreciate it, Wally."

"Mind walking me out?"

Their eyes locked. "Sure, no problem."

Iris kissed Wally on the cheek. "Thanks for sticking around."

He hugged her. "For you? Anytime."


The two fastest men in the multiverse walked past the patio light into darkness. They stopped near Wally's car.

"It was great of you to keep Iris company, Wally. I know I was gone for a ridiculously long time."

Emerald eyes were steady, unblinking. "What's the real story? Including the parts you left out?"

Barry shifted uncomfortably. "That's pretty much what happened, Wally."

"This is me you're talking to. Now tell it all. Did you and Hal do the dirty?"

A sigh. "You're the only one who sees through me."

"Got that right. So? Did you?"

"We didn't finish. Everything got crazy with the police."

Wally stared hard at his uncle. Realization dawned. "Wait, that's why Hal wrecked!" he nearly shouted. A light popped on in a window across the street.

"Sssh!" Barry waved him to quiet. "Wally. Do you want to stir up Ms. Busybody over there?!"

The redhead shook his head. "Damn. You're even more out of control than I thought."

"Well I'm not trying to advertise it! Keep your voice down."

"You're right."A pause. "So what do you plan to do?"

"Hal got a promise from me we'd get together later."

Wally leaned against his car. "This is dangerous ground, Barry. Lives could get ruined."

"I know. I don't want to hurt anybody, Wally. But once I get going I can't seem to stop myself."

"I know the feeling. Been there, remember?"

Barry turned to him in alarm. "Wait, are you...I mean were you okay today, uh, later on I mean?"

Wally gave a small smile. "I know what you mean. I was...I had my moments this afternoon. I could sense, no feel you almost as if I were there."

"That worries me."

"I meant what I said before. There are safer options."

Barry locked eyes. "You sure about that, Wally? If you feel displaced sensing me that could have bad consequences."

"Not as bad as-" Wally caught himself. "I just want to spend more time with you. Like back in the day."

"We'll work something out."

"We always do."

Barry sighed. "But you're not know?"

"Horny as hell? Off and on." Wally laughed.

Barry smiled. "You were fantastic."

Wally's smile faded. "I meant what I said before, about everything. One evening we should go skinny dipping. At Simpson Lake."

Barry felt his heart skip a beat. "Keep your voice low."

"I'm feeling down and dirty low. And serious here. What do you say?" Wally was intense.

"I think...its very tempting."

"When the time is right we'll both know. I'll come to you, okay?"

"Yes, Wally." Barry whispered, feeling his pulse fluctuate. "You'd better go while we still have some semblance of control. The last thing we need to do is give a show out here."

"Agreed." he squeezed his uncle on the arm and moved a bit closer, staring at Barry's lips. "I really want to kiss you badly right now. But as you said, it would be a helluva show."

"Yeah." Barry was husky, looking Wally up and down. "Plus, neighborhood watchdog."

"I haven't forgotten Miss Nosey. Get some rest, okay? You look like you need it."

"You too. Later."

Barry waved as Wally got into his car and drove off into the night. He went inside.


Mrs. Anderson peeped out her bedroom window. Her husband was trying to sleep.

"Harry!" she shouted, looking back into the dark.

"What is it, Hazel. Let me sleep!" her husband rolled over in bed.

"If you saw what I saw you wouldn't say that."

"What are you babbling about?"

Hazel pointed out the window. "Those Allens are at it again. Something is definitely wrong with that household!"

Harry sighed, raising himself on an elbow. "Would you stop worrying about everybody and come to bed?"

Hazel tossed her head full of pink curlers. "It's my duty to make sure the quality of this neighborhood remains intact. You have to be careful about who you let in!"

"I think somebody let you out. Come to bed!"

"I don't think that's funny. First Mr. Allen beats his wife-"

"Are you crazy? There's no proof of that!"

"Well then, what about now? He was outside with a man! I've seen him over there before."

"What man? Your curlers are on too tight."

"Allen! He was talking to some redheaded looked intense."


She squinted at her husband, smug. "They looked real cozy, if you know what I mean."she shook a finger.


"Perverts and degenerates, all of 'em! I've a mind to call the police."

"Okay, that's it." Henry got out of bed and dragged his wife from the window.

"What are you doing? We need to set up a neighbohood watch!"

"Good. We'll set it up from a nice, padded room."


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