"Baby Girl, please go home. We are a half hour out and I know you want to crash."

"Hot Stuff, there just seems to be something wrong with this case. I don't think its over and I won't be calm until my heroes are in my sight."

"Okay Garcia, we will be home shortly. I ordered you a burger from Roman's Pub. Hope you are hungry goddess."

"Oh my chocolate Adonis has done it again! Muah mon cher!"

Derek laughed as he hung up with his baby girl. Though he didn't want to admit hit, the case still seemed so off. Catching this unsub was just too simple. The work of this anti-technology terrorist organization was just too sloppy. However, they received a confession from Paul Tymes. The case was closed in the eyes of the team as well as Strauss, who was watching their every move. This case seemed to take a strain on everyone, Garcia in particular. Attacking through bombings and riots all along the Virginia coast, the team was able to track this terrorist organization using the loose ends of their bank transactions. It seemed to be the most logical path to the unsub.

"Did you know that there is no evidence proven to illustrate that people like Starbuck's coffee at a particular time of day and that it is one of the most desired products in America?" Reid was walking into the old pub with the team as they grabbed their dinner after such a long case.

"Reid, you are the last person who should be drinking coffee after this case. Here, we are off the clock, take a shot and see if you have the balls to call Rebecca at the end of the night." Prentis said, handing the gang, minus Rossi, shots of Patron to celebrate a needed victory.

Reid blushed and stuttered mildly at the mention of Rebecca. He had met her on her first day as a waitress at Quantico Cafe and she had poured him decaf coffee instead of regular. After explaining the origin of coffee from the Mayan culture to the waitress, her mega watt smile held his interest for weeks and he had eaten at Quantico cafe for breakfast every day since he met her. He wondered if she would actually come out to meet him at a bar, but didn't want to risk being rejected by her.

Morgan, Hotchner and Rossi entered the restaurant behind JJ, Prentis and Reid, each reviewing the case in their mind. Rossi looking at Hotchner asked, "What are we missing?"

"Tymes had motive and acted as a leader in the organization. He possessed confidence and authority and knew what areas to attack," Morgan said, taking his first shot for the evening, letting its warming effects work their magic.

"If he couldn't abandon his mission, it is out of the profile for him to come and confess to us. The technology was still existing. Turning himself in is against the plan," Aaron stated.

"Maybe guilt or a change in the group caused his sudden change in behavior? Maybe there were religious demands that caused a change in pattern?" Morgan reasoned.

"No, this doesn't feel over," Aaron said as they gathered their food before leaving for the SUV.

As the team made their way to the SUV, Rossi noticed a note taped to the windshield. On parchment that seemed aged, it read: When it is released after the separation of the balances, the wrath of God shall burn in its wake.

Though all the team was genuinely confused, Morgan remembered something strange that Tymes said in the core of his interrogation: "The heart of the system shall crumble and chaos will ensue. There is no action without purpose, no hope without light. One must stab the heart of the lion in order to achieve victory of their enemy, especially an enemy who uses unnatural weapons of Satan to achieve their means. The children of the right will always produce the desires of their fathers."

As Morgan reviewed this rant in his mind, he found himself realizing that Tymes being the unsub was too easy, that something was missing and that their unsub may be ready for another attack.

Penelope was decorating Derek's office for a splash of color in their work place. She forgot the picture of the two of them in Chicago in her car. After the terrible moments of Bufford, she had stayed behind with Derek to help him ease his pain of his life being turned upside down. The photo was of the two of them in front of Buckingham Fountain at sunset. It was a moment she cherished before their relationship continued to break apart. She knew he didn't know that she and Lynch had broken up months ago. After Alaska, she couldn't continue dealing with Kevin's insecurities and conspiracy theories. He wouldn't hold her after they had sex, rather left her bed to write theories and modify his resume. She couldn't handle being his only reason for staying in Quantico and broke things off with him with a desire to finally be her chocolate Adonis's only baby girl. However the politics affecting the bureau caused Morgan to distance himself from her and she decided that she would have to move slowly to prove to Derek that she should be his woman. Small Garcia steps would have to do.

Walking through the bureau doors, she heard a high pitched frequency and she doubled over in pain. Walking down the side stairs, she walked down to the first floor and found herself doubling over in pain as she found herself at the entrance of the building. As she fell to the ground, she crawled toward the elevator and ended up beside it. Taking a breath she realized there was a gas being spread through the vents and she was questioning what it could possibly be. She began laughing and started to panic as she felt her eyes begin to droop. Grabbing her phone, she started texting Morgan "Der..." and fell asleep as her phone sent the incomplete message.

As the team was attempting to decipher the strange message, Morgan smiled as they drove past Ester, Garcia's old tank. His phone yelled "Adonis, read this message its Your Goddess" and he laughed looking at her text. However his expression became confused as he noticed the message was uncharacteristically incomplete. However all their attention froze as they heard an explosion from inside the BAU. Rossi stopped the vehicle and Morgan ran toward the building.

"Morgan, no!" Hotch yelled chasing after this agent.

"Garcia is in there Hotch!" Derek yelled going closer to the building. His heart was racing as he prayed that Garcia had gotten out of the building. There was a second explosion and he saw their floor begin the collapse. The building shook and imploded and he stepped back screaming "Penelope!" His heart was filled with sorrow as he realized that they were wrong and their mistake may have cost him his baby girl.