Those were the only things Penelope could here as she laid crumpled upon the side walk. Laying upon her side, she felt her warm blood drizzling down her face and puddling against her side. Afraid to move but still curious, she opened her eyes and watched as her world was shaken. She saw fire and collapse from the building she considered home. She was grateful that there weren't many in the building when she was present but was heartbroken for the lives she knew were gone. Pain struck her and she moaned loudly pressing her hand along her side. Not too surprised she lifted and saw blood she released a defeated chuckle. Before she rolled into unconsciousness once again, she hoped that her heroes weren't near this horrible place.


Heart Beat


"Where are the damn buses!" Hotch yelled looking for any signs of ambulances or fire trucks to take down this fire. This was beyond destruction. He was wondering how this could have been possibly executed. Theories were filling his and his team's minds while they knew that they were missing a very key person in their team. Rossi and JJ were helping the hurt victims of people who were outside the building after the explosion. The hospital was going to be on significant demand once the injured arrived.

Prentiss was looking around the building looking for any signs of surviving federal personnel and trying to spot any marking of where the bomb could have been located. She noticed how the fire wasn't stopping and that the chaos from the community was more frantic. "No hope without light" was ringing through her head as she saw the fire trucks and ambulances race down the street escorted by police officials.

Reid was looking for injured victims in the parking structure when he came across Ester. He remembers Penelope driving him in this car when she first brought it around the BAU. Laughing at the memory, he hoped that she was safe. When he looked at the windshield there was a note smeared with blood that read:

Time to Shoot the Messenger

Attempting to focus, he ran to Hotchner crying for his authority's attention. When Hotch looked at Reid and read the note, he said, "They weren't only after the BAU, they were after Garcia."

While Hotch moved to show the note to Rossi, Spencer began feeling nauseous through the whole ordeal. He hadn't gotten sick on a case since Tobias and his heart was racing as he watched his second home begin to collapse. Holding the nearest trash can close to him, he emptied out the contents of his stomach and began counting backwards from 53 hoping that this would calm him down.


Feeling a pair of hands rub his back, he turned and was met with long dirty blonde curly hair. "Oh Spence," and Reid was suddenly engulfed in a pair of soft and caring arms. Holding the woman close, he took a deep breath between her neck and her hair and was comforted by her embrace. "I am so glad you weren't inside. Are you hurt? Is your team okay?"

"Shhh. Rebecca, take a breath, okay?" Spencer looked at the young woman and watched the many different emotions play across her face and chocolate brown eyes. "I am not injured, but we are missing one of our own."

"Morgan? Hotchner? JJ?"

Swallowing, Reid looked at the woman and whispered, "Garcia."

Rebecca, remembering sweet Penelope gasped and grasped onto the young doctor's arms in shock. "Oh Doctor, Im so sorry."

"Doctor?" He said with a confused look.

"My nickname for you, but enough about that. Are you sure you're not injured?" Rebecca asked giving him a once over. "How is Morgan handling it?"

"Im fine, but why would Morgan be more or less concerned than anyone else." Reid asked with a questioning look on his face.

With a laugh, Rebecca took his hand and said, "For a doctor, you are pretty dense, Spence."

"Reid!" The pair looked up and found the questioning eyes of JJ. "I think we found Garcia."

Taking a breath, Spencer looked and Rebecca and she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Call if you need me." And she wandered into the crowd.

Surprised, Spencer looked up at his blonde companion and followed her lead toward what he hoped to find were answers.

Morgan was running frantically looking for Penelope. He saw the front entrance of the building with the scattered glass and flames. His heart ached as he saw the inside of the unit begin to collapse. Crying out in frustration and fear, he came to realize that he may have lost his baby girl for good. He called for Reid asking if she was by her car, but he didn't answer him. He radioed JJ and Prentiss to see if they had seen her. The cries from people surrounding the building were blending with the roars of the fire. He stopped and took a deep breath hoping he could have the focus to find his Goddess. He heard a pained moan that he recognized after his baby girl had been shot just two years prior. Turning left, he saw her unconscious and covered in blood. Choking on emotion and heart break he ran to her side and feel beside her like a ton of lead. "Baby Girl, oh my baby girl," he cried as he touched her face and began surveying the damages. "Help! I need a bus now! Help!" He gathered Penelope in his arms and felt like he was being torn apart. "Oh my baby girl, please open your beautiful eyes for me. Please. I can't do this without you." She wasn't responding and her pulse was weakening. "Please baby girl, please."

Hotch turned the corner and saw Morgan holding Garcia. After reading the note, he yelled to the nearest ambulance and demanded their immediate assistance. A pair of paramedics moved toward Morgan and Garcia and Derek growled at them with a possessive and protective rage. "Don't touch her!"

"Morgan, she needs to be taken to the hospital!" Hotch said grasping the desperate man's shoulder. "Derek, this is the only way to save her."

Swallowing his pride, he looked at the medics and helped them place her on the gurney. "I am riding with her. I... we're the only family she has. Please don't make me go without her."


Morgan's eyes turned directly to his baby girl and he grasped her hand and kissed her hand and forehead carefully. "Baby, we are getting you help. You stay strong for me my Goddess."

"Im sorry..." she coughed and felt her strength leaving her again.

"Baby girl, save your strength for me. Just rest."

"Im sorry."

Derek held her hand and got nervous when she felt her grip slip from his fingers. Looking at the paramedics, he looked up and asked frantically "What's wrong with her?"

"Pulse is dropping, we need to get her out of here now. You may ride but stay out of our way!" The first medic said. Derek nodded at Hotch and while focusing on his Baby girl followed hoping she would make it out of this. Once the ambulance doors closed, he kissed his baby girl's forehead and whispered in her ear hoping that he could bring her back to consciousness and back to him.