The Summer of Seven: The History…

"Good morning America! The long weekend at long last has arrived and we all know what that means!"

"Gossip time! Kicking off the sure to be blazing summer of juicy gossip is the one and only stunning political activist, model, and award winning actress; Ororo Monroe a.k.a., Storm a.k.a., Times sexiest woman of the twenty first century."

The high pitch DJ took a deep breath before she continued.

"She is marrying the poster boy military hero and all around drool fest, Logan Howette. It's a private ceremony and is being held in a secret location. Ha! But I wouldn't be the gossip queen if I didn't have the dirt now would I? Despite many rumors of an elaborate African wedding or a quaint Canadian ceremony, the actual ceremony is being held here in New York! Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen. Sometime this weekend our favorite couple will be tying the knot in our town."

"Now I know there are a lot of hot couples out there, but for all of you that live under a rock or have been in a coma for the last two years, Ororo Monroe is one of seven girls of the political genius Charles Xavier. Besides being loaded from birth and growing up in the public eye, each daughter has earned the right to be called famous. But we don't care about the rest right now, do we? It's all about Ororo and Logan these days! Am I right or am I right?

Ever since we started hearing rumors of Logan having a mistress! Then he was photographed with a mystery woman. That's right; check the photos out on my blog. But it seems as if even this evidence could not stop the wedding of the decade. And we just can't get enough. I'm going to open the lines to you listeners; I wanna hear what you guys think.

"Caller one you're live:"

"I think people should mind their business and leave them alone. They love each other and whatever happened they worked it out obviously."

"Interesting; so you think they're passed it all? What about those photos of him with the mystery woman?"

"You can't even see her face!" The elderly woman bit back on the phone before DJ accidently dropped the call.

"So you're one of those who believe it was actually a casual dinner, walk in the park, and shopping trip between good friends. Interesting; very interesting." The DJ poorly mocked the caller before she abruptly laughed. "While this whole time poor Ms. Monroe was doing charity work in South America. Come on. The guy thought he was in the clear. I personally feel that Ms. Monroe is being dipped. Caller two you're on live."

"Ok let's get real here. Logan is dead sexy and is called 'The Indestructible Man'. He got shot a million times, saved villages, stops international wars, and still finds time to help out with pewee hockey in Canada? He can sleep with whoever and however many chicks he wants." The perky teen voice commented, "including me. Hey Logan!"

"Turn that off please Anna." A depressed voice called out from behind an antique arm chair.

"He really does love you, you know."

Ororo didn't answer. Instead she continued to sit and stare at the hole in her stockings. Ever since she had returned from Brazil, her mind was filled with scarabs of doubt in the lifestyle she chose. Rumors of Logan's alleged infidelities were far from her thoughts. She would never allow herself to believe such nonsense…until…

"He said my eyes were green Anna… Green."

"He was kidding! He was only trying to make a joke of it all." Anna tried to reassure Ororo by rubbing her tense shoulders.

"Really you believe so?" She paused and pondered silently.

Ororo found a pair of emeralds in one of Logan's desk drawers and when she confronted Logan he replied, 'I got them to match your eyes'. That joke may have seemed funny and playful to some, but Ororo was a special breed and didn't take it lightly.

She stood at five-eleven with flawless coco bronze skin, aqua eyes that were clearer then the purest oceans, and white hair that felt as delicate as it looked, flowing past her slim waist, only adding to her strange beauty. Her look was completely unique to the world.

Remy LeBeau, a famous photographer credited with starting the model's career, was quoted as saying, "her beauty is like a storm of perfection. So much to discover…"

"He is a good guy Ororo. Every nation worships him and he loves you." Anna reiterated the phrase he loves you as many times as she could that afternoon.

Logan was a stunning young man. It was near impossible not to fall in love with his rugged, badass hero look with his black hair, facial gruff and bulging muscles. But he was more then just his looks. One couldn't help but sigh after hearing his life story. Orphaned as a child, he was shipped around until he joined the military where he rescued an entire village from annihilation while wounded with six bullets and pulling three of his mean to safety. He was a national hero and dead sexy. What more could women want?

"He's stopped looking at me like he used too." Ororo sunk in her chair with pouted lips.

"Ororo, you're letting this get to your head. A blind man could see that the man turns to putty when you enter the room." Anna replied.

"Guess I'm blind then."

"He's just not as intimate because you cut off sex four months before the wedding. The man's dying, is what is he is." Logan's rough sexual appetite earned him the nickname Wolverine among the Xavier sisters.

"Anna!" Ororo laughed, despite her best efforts to stay serious.

"Just putting it out there…" Anna shook a pill bottle, suggesting Ororo take her medication, but Ororo shook her head with a subtle no instead.

"It's just…"

"Just nothing. Stop reading Perez Hilton and look at the facts. This man stopped an international conflict so he could come back home in time for your birthday. He denied his summer call of duty because you wanted a summer wedding and more importantly, he agreed to wear a tux and is going through with this media madness just to marry you…He. Loves. You." Anna stated, her voice rising with her passion.

Ororo stood up from the massive studio chair and ripped off her stockings completely before looking at herself in the mirror over the fireplace. She cracked a small smile and replied, "He does love me doesn't he?"

"Yes! So I ask you this. Why is he out there and us in here?" Anna pointed out of the grand windows of their four-story mansion home to the seated guests the waiting priest, and of course the handsome groom.

"Your right, but I do need a minute… alone." Ororo softly responded.

Anna nodded her head, got up off the chair and headed to the French doors. She tiptoed out and closed the door gently behind her, giving her sister the privacy she requested. It was after all her wedding day.

"So?" Jean, Anna's adorable older, slim, red headed sister, inquired. She was the family brain and an internationally recognized doctor. Jean was always the standard Anna was held too. Trying to ignore Jean's sweet voice, Anna turned from her, but was quickly mobbed by the rest of the bridesmaids asking the same question, "…is she coming out?"

"I think so. I did all I could."

"Gah! She better," Jubilee added, "this dress is mad ugly and it's sticking to my ass."

"Jubilee shut up!" Anna yelled at her younger sister.

Jubilee was the second youngest and the most immature, with her short unruly black hair and unnecessary purple and yellow eye shadow. Anna could only sigh at her behavior.

Jubilee fiddled aimlessly in her red knee length empire waist dress that ballooned at the bottom. Far as bridesmaid's dresses go, Ororo's taste was good; having a shorter dress was a defiant asset to have in the scorching hot day in June. Wishing she had flip flops on instead of four inch gold heels, Jubilee snapped her bubble gum and got a disapproving glare from Anna for doing so. Still in high school, Jubilee couldn't fully understand what the Xavier name meant or the social circle that surrounded her because of it. It all seemed unnecessary to her.

Though all seven girls had been adopted at various points in their early childhood, they thought little of the fact that they were multi-raced and not biologically sisters. Though each sister had her one personality, to the public, Xavier girls were divided into two groups; a sweet cake, like Jean or a rebel, like Anna. Looking around the hall Jubilee wondered what route she would take.

Anna, once a sweet cake, graduated law school and completed her doctorate on criminal personalities at nineteen. She held promise to be just like Jean, but she took a turn and became a political activist, staging protest and boycotts. She became a recognized socialite for her efforts, her odd fashion statements and snappy behavior. Though she was one of the shorter sisters, Anna was still five eight with shoulder length brown hair, penetrating green eyes, and a body that any woman would kill to have. Being tattooed and pierced only added to her charm. Yet for all her eccentricities, her straight white bangs remained her trademark.

"Firecracker spit out your gum and pick up your damn flowers." Jubilee rolled her eyes at Anna and picked up the white and orange marble blend tulips. About to say something negative back at her sister, the door she leaned on opened. Only her quick reflexes stopped her from completely falling.

"Ok." Ororo said as she finally exited the room she buried herself in.

Standing at six one in her blue silk heels, Ororo could finally drop the full helm of her dress. Made of an expensive light satin, her dress was strapless, long, and flowing with crystals twined around her waist. The look was accentuated by her hair, which was done in elegant finger waves laced with flowers. Her eyes sparkled behind the smoky make up. She adjusted her veil one last time and looked at her six remaining bridesmaids.

"Flowers," She demanded from her maid of honor; Anna.

Anna placed the thick bouquet of orange and yellow flowers into her hand as everyone watched with caution.

"Ok girls, let's do this." Ororo walked towards the stairs and the group of woman behind her sighed a breath of relief. After a two hour stand still, things were finally moving. Lining up in proper order the ladies proceeded to the back door as Anna signaled the orchestra to start up.

Stunning Bride-

The backyard of the twenty-acre Xavier Estate was packed on the beautiful July afternoon. Ororo looked radiant as she walked down the velvet aisle. The large oak trees served as the perfect canopy blocking out all unwanted sunlight and attention. With the lake behind them and the oasis of flowers surrounding the party it was the perfect combination of elegance and fantasy. Over five hundred guests, political, social, and infamous leaders, sat peacefully side by side, mesmerized by the bride. It was difficult to find a dry eye in crowd.

In the front row, dedicated to immediate family only, Charles Xavier sat after proudly walking his daughter down the aisle. He held his crying wife's hand as they watched for the tender moment to arrive.

I, Ororo Monroe, take you, Logan, to be my shining star; to love and cherish you in sickness and in heath; to stand by you against all obstacles and honor you as my one and only until the day I leave this earth.

"Ouhhh!" The woman cried out and wiped her tears of joy.

From Scott, at the end of line of groomsmen, the rings were passed down until it reached the best man, Bruce and then to Logan's sweaty hands. The bridesmaids smiled as Ororo slipped the platinum band onto Logan's finger.

I, Logan Howette, pelage my unconditional love to you Jean… Xavier…

Logan said it all so causally as if he made no error as he continued to smile from ear to ear. While the crowd held their breath. His smile started to fade as he watched Ororo's beautiful face become filled with horror and embarrassment. Only then did he realize he had said the wrong name.

The guests gasped and paused for the punch line, but sadly there was none. The yard was quick to become still; even the nature that surrounded them seemed to be stunned into silence. It was as if the whole world stopped and no one had words to make the moment pass. Ororo's body was paralyzed as the two words echoed in her head. Jean Xavier…Jean Xavier…Jean Xavier… Each time it rang in her head it ripped a section of heart.

Within the fifty-piece orchestra, the strings section held a zip as Jubilee's gum went flying down her throat. The wedding seemed to have lost all its sound and useable air. Each breath that was taken was more like poison. No one could breathe. They suffocated on the little air that was caught in their throats. Ororo's eyes filled with water as she stared straight at the man she loved. The guests began to chat and gossip in worry for the beautiful bride. Logan swallowed hard, but couldn't move the lump lodged in his throat.

Against all his senses his eyes couldn't help but to wander over to Jean, who turned bleach white when their eyes met. It was his first mistake and made the whole scene ten times worse. Her flowers shook in her hands and a tear fell from Ororo's diamond eyes as she witnessed where Logan's eyes went to for support.

"Say you're joking…" She said as she ripped the veil off her head, "Say it's a joke Logan… please."

He didn't respond, but the silence he gave her was more painful then any words he ever could say.

Her brows wrinkled and her mouth ran dry at the fact that he had nothing to say. Logan stepped back and the line of groomsmen mobbed him blocking the audience from looking further at the couple. Ororo turned back and glanced at the now shaking Jean, who tried to step back and run, but was blocked by her loyal sisters.

"Jean!" Ororo screamed and gripped her flowers tight as she used them as a bat and smashed them into Logan's face, "What color are my eyes!"

She slapped him with the flowers and her fists. Her vision burly from tears, her face stained from her mascara, she flipped out. She began screaming and crying while tearing the flowers out of her hair and then any lose fabric on her dress that stood in her way.

"What color are my eyes!" She exclaimed.

In the mix Jean shook off her sisters and ran through the garden. Some sisters went on the hunt for her as well as their angry father, Charles. Their mother simply remained seated and cried harder only adding to the commotion. In the end, Ororo had to be restrained by three of the groomsmen. Being lifted and dragged back to the mansion like a mentally unstable woman, she fought against them as if she was being forced into a penitentiary.

The only ones left standing at the altar were Anna and Logan. Anna could only shake her head in disgust at the sheer sight of him. Sure, she had her doubts about Logan in the past, but she truly believed that Logan loved Ororo the most. She watched him completely confused as what to do; she could kill him for being an ass or laugh that he let the best thing in his life walk away.

Unable to blink, her eyes looked to the four karat ring that Logan held in his hand. She studied it and watched as it crashed to the velvet carpet beneath them. It wasn't just the ring that Anna saw falling, it was her beloved sisters self respect, social dominance, and her happy ending crashing before her eyes and there wasn't anything Anna could do to stop it.

Scott, the family publicist and long time friend, ran back down the aisle after helping to restrain Ororo. He stood before the five hundred guests and said in a very monotone voice, "It's all over. This is now private property and you all have three minutes to get your shit and leave."

He looked over and locked eyes with Logan. His fists were clenched and teeth grinded together, ready to attack him.

"You have less then sixty seconds." Scott didn't have a chance in winning against Logan, but he was damn well willing to try. Ororo was his dearest friend.

"No, don't Scott." Anna said from behind him in a quite voice. Scott, blinded by his rage, barley heard Anna's soft voice, but luckily moved just in time to see Anna's fists break Logan's nose. The crack seemed to have rippled and the guests leaving were seen shrugging their shoulders at the disturbing sound.

"I convinced her…Logan." She spoke over him as he held his bloody nose. Scott didn't assist Anna as she walked down the aisle, but simply followed her dramatic exit. The call for security had been made. There was no celebration or any reception.

Anarchy Blooms:

Anna weaved in and out of the cooking staff in the west end kitchen. The house was a wreck. Guests ran wild with the full security staff having to physically put some out. It was a count down until the vultures showed up and gathered outside the gates.

Ring, Ring- "Hello?"

"Where the hell are you?"

"Me! You have to be kidding me. You're the ones that took off after Jean. Where the hell are you?"

"We tracked her down. We're by the old creek. The chick jumped into the water before I had a chance to strangle her. Seriously, she must be a fish; she's been in there so F-ing long."

"Any luck she drowned."

"Negative…" Tessa replied

"Where's Ali? I could definitely use some support here!" Anna dodged a tray of wine glasses and watched helplessly as Scott screamed at the foreign trade minister.

"Scott!" She called after him as he held the seventy-year old minister in a chokehold, "Seriously, this is all so unnecessary!"

"Sounds like you have your hands full." Tessa noted.

"What gave it away? I just confiscated three cameras, stole the dukes phone the son of a bitch was trying to take pictures with, and now Scott is about to commit mass murder. Help would be nice! Where the hell is Ali?"

"She'll be there whenever Jean decides to come up for oxygen…"

"What?" Anna froze while holding a platter of various cheeses that a group tried to steal.

"Hold on." Tessa said. Tessa was the eldest and the smartest of all the sisters but she didn't flaunt it like Jean. A once military expert, she now worked in private ops for the government. She was infamous for bashing left wing politicians, her long, midnight hair and hourglass figure. She highlighted her body with tight skirt suits giving her the sexy librarian look, which landed her in the fifth spot in Playboy's "Ten Officials to Nail" issue.

A gust of wind was heard on the phone along with continued shuffling. Small muttering could be heard on the line as well. Anna stood perfectly still with her phone glued to her ear. She watched in awe as guests wrestled each other over the party favors.

"Anna can you hear us?" Tessa put the cell phone on speaker and held the phone away from her but in between her and Ali, "Ok…Ali what are you doing with that rock?" Anna heard Tessa ask.

"Going to fish the bitch out…"

"I see and when you do?"

"I'm going to put a fucking hole in her face." Ali replied.

"Like I said Anna, she'll be there when she can."

"Oh gosh…" Anna rolled her eyes and realized she was alone, not physically, but emotionally.

Seven sisters and all the ones with sense were in use. Then again no one foresaw an anarchy wedding. There was so much to do and no assistance. It was as if everyone had lost their mind. The West wing staircase was less then twenty feet from the kitchen door and twenty minutes later, in the heart of the chaos, and Anna still couldn't reach the stairs.

"Anna! Anna!" Jubilee ran down the stairs with her dress ruined; the straps broken and the fringe torn. She hustled towards her big sister like a frightened child, "Anna!"

"What is it Jubilee?" She answered annoyed that yet another problem had arisen. Anna made sure to give Jubilee the simplest task just to keep her out her hair for awhile. She was to take Ororo upstairs, make sure she took her medication, and sit relaxed until things calmed down."

After running down a double flight stairs from the East wing of the mansion, Jubilee paused for air.

"It's…" She hunched over and took in some deep breaths, "She's gone…Anna she's gone! I-I-"

"What? Who left?" Anna flung her cell phone down and held Jubilee by the shoulders, "Who left?"

Her eyes narrowed as she awaited Jubilee's response, praying it wasn't her name.

"It wasn't my fault, I swear!" Her tone gave it away; Ororo was gone.

"Fucking hell Jubilee! I gave you one task! How...How did you let this happen?"

"I just went to bathroom. Was I not supposed to pee?"

"No! Not until this was all over. You should have pissed yourself! Fuck, do you know what this means?" Anna didn't realize the magnitude of her voice until she looked over and saw all eyes on her body.

The chatter started up again and as if everyone heard, they moved double time. Some ran, doubling their effort to get a picture of the disturbed bride. Questions upon questions were thrown at an already agitated Scott. The massive security team wasn't enough to bar the guests who were looking for some dirt they could use against the popular Xavier family.

Anna grabbed Jubilee by the wrist, dragging her up the stairs with one hand. With the other, she pressed the number four on her cell which automatically called all seven sisters at once.

"She's gone. Code red people; the Storm is lose. Split up and check everywhere before…." Anna lost her voice at the top of the staircase in front of the grand window as she saw the media circus outside, "…Holy shit…"

Jubilee's eyes almost popped out of her small rounded face, "Whoa that's a lot of cameras…"

Anna yanked Jubilee and shoved her violently against a near by wall, "What did she say to you?"

"Nothing honest!"

"Jubilee, I know you don't understand or just don't care, but this isn't some small slip up here. We need to find her…"

"I care!"

"Then tell me where she is!"

"I don't know!"

"Gah!" Anna dropped Jubilee and sprinted towards the Ororo's old childhood bedroom where they were getting ready that morning. Jubilee jogged behind her; still not completely used to her heels.

"Ororo! You in here?" Anna ripped apart the room, "Ororo please don't scare me like this!"

Anna threw a pillow at the desk and heard something rattle followed by a thump and a crash.

"Jubilee…" She started off slow as she picked up the fallen bottle of pills, "Did you give her, her medication?"

"I-She told me she didn't need them…"

"Gah! You listened! You know how she gets. Why didn't you insist?" Anna jumped up in a rage and slapped Jubilee across the face, "Now what! Huh what's your plan now! Oh my gosh…I can't believe this…"

Ororo had been adopted after she was found unconscious and wounded under a crushed building after an earthquake in her native land. Soon after the family discovered she was an epileptic, so medication was vital to her health.

Anna rubbed her forehead and gritted her teeth in frustration. She briefly glanced down at the hurt Jubilee. She had landed sideways on the floor and was touching her already swollen face. She hated it when her sister went rogue. No matter what, Ororo was the only person that could keep Anna's mood swings under control. Seeing her sister wounded, Anna figured that she owed Jubilee an apology, but she didn't care to give a real effort. Her best friend, mentor, and sister that she loved more then her parents, was now lost and without her medication.


"She said she wished she could runway like when she was a kid…" She sat up slowly, "That's all she said I swear."

Her eyes ran down to the carpet beneath her, masking her tears from her elder sister.

Anna's mouth flapped like she was trying to say something, it was 'I'm sorry', but her frantic thoughts of her elder sister didn't allow the words to escape her mouth. Instead she took off knowing exactly what Ororo meant when she told Jubilee she wanted to run away like when they she was a kid.

Just Go-

Of course someone was bound to snap a picture and she would end up slandered on the cover of a dozen gossip magazines. Yet none of that was as a big of a concern as finding her sister. Anna strode down the train station in her four-inch heels. She had a trench coat draped over her dress to shadow the fact that she was wearing a tattered bridesmaids dress. It was poorly affective as onlookers began to stare at her.

Running against the crowd, Anna bounced against the oncoming people. From purses flying to skipping the meter, Anna was on a mission and she was so close. Track seven was her goal and she moved as fast as she could in those wrapped up heels. Gliding down the stairs she hopped over stale garbage and dodged rotten gum that had been melted into the tar mat for years.

"Now arriving train thirteen twenty-seven." The recording repeated over and Anna cringed. That meant people would be coming off the incoming train and it would only complicate her search for Ororo. Anna hopped up on top of a bench to better scan through the crowd. Her sister's long flowing white mane is what she searched for, but that too, with the growing crowd, was proving difficult to spot.

"Hey sexy. Want to-"

"Go fuck yourself…" Anna cracked back at the random stranger that wandered by.

The sudden loud comment made a group of girly teenagers turn and stare. They debated among themselves until one finally took the lead and decided to ask, "Hey aren't you Rogue?"

"Ah sorry what? I'm kind of busy…"

"You are, aren't you? Oh my gosh!" The preppy teen jumped and clapped as her friends gathered too.

"Can I have your autograph?"

"We are huge fans of your family!"

"We listen to the gossip file every morning just to hear what's new with your family. Isn't Storm getting married today? Is she here? OMG, are you in a bridesmaids dress?"

Her cover was blown just as Anna got a lock on Ororo. She bolted passed the group, jumped the track, and slid onto the train just as doors were closing.

Looking like a loon, Anna searched in between the rows of seats. As kids, Ororo and Anna ran away once, to no place in particular, after they had a fight with some of their sisters. They made it to the train station and picked train lucky number seven to start their adventures. The train didn't make it far before Ororo had an attack and Anna was forced to call her father. It was the day they discovered Ororo's repressed claustrophobia. Anna prayed that she wasn't too late with Ororo's medication or Ororo would be completely disoriented at that moment. In the distant row Anna spotted a white haired head hunched over against the tinted window.

"Ororo!" Anna ran to her sister's side.

"Hey…" Ororo tried to smile at her sister's voice, but when her eyes opened her mouth fell. The first thing her eyes met was the darkness of the tunnel through the window. Next was the tight seating and then to the close quarters of the rest of train car. Instantly her breath doubled as she gripped Anna's wrist. Her lip quivered as she locked eyes with sister, "Anna…"

"I know. Don't worry. I'm going to get you out of here."

Anna scanned the train and realized that the ticket checker was coming.

"Ok love. I need you to be strong." Ororo could barely keep up her head, "Come on."

Anna bent down and put Ororo's around his shoulder hosting her up.

"Come on…"

"I need…I need-" Ororo was mumbling. Her brow began to sweat as her legs wobbled in her struggle to stand.

"I know. I have it, but we got to get you somewhere safe first." Anna pulled her down the aisle, trying to keep both of them balanced as the train wobbled and the passengers settled in. Two cars later and they were at the last public car of the train. Ororo collapsed against the sliding door as Anna tried to open the bathroom door next to it.

"Someone's in here."

"Too damn bad. You need to get out."

"Or you could wait your turn!"

"The trains on fire."



"Don't worry Ororo. We just need some water. Hang on."

"Listen, my sister-" Anna started to explain

"Anna…" Ororo whimpered as her eyes rolled back. She tied to get off the door but tripped back twice as hard and forced opened the door.

"Ororo!" Anna called out.

Anna leaned down to Ororo's side and saw that they had landed in a private car. She wasn't going to let the opportunity pass her by. Anna wasted no time in locking the door. The more open layout of the private car was sure to help Ororo as her medication sank in. Anna sat Ororo up on the side couch of the car while she went to the built-in bar and got a bottle of water.

Ororo took the medication and for Anna it was the greatest relief. With a sigh of satisfaction that things didn't progress any further, Anna decided that it was best to let Ororo rest before they moved again. With the conductor coming though for tickets they soon would have to move to avoid the public eye.

This was another media circus waiting to take flight, Anna thought to herself as she tried to figure out a logic escape route.

"How are you feeling?" She asked Ororo.

"Tried…" Ororo weakly replied.

"Yea…" Anna wiped Ororo's damp forehead. She looked around the train car for a towel and in the act saw a few things that caught her eye. It looked like any other living room, but extremely expensive. She knew because, in her senior year of high school, she had protested against the company that made the rug lining the floor. Noting the crystal glasses at the bar and the plasma tv, it was clear that Anna and Ororo were in someone's private car.

Anna already had a distaste for the man who owned it. His dark colors and naked pinups on the wall didn't impress her. The lighting was dark and she couldn't see beyond the shadows, but from what she did see, she instantly casted him as the egotistical type.


"Gah! I'm going to kill her!"

"Ali clam down." Tessa responded.

"No! I'll calm down when she drops dead!" Drenched, Ali clawed over Scott's shoulder trying to get at Jean, who was also soaking wet in her bridesmaids dress, "I'll kill her!" Ali screamed again.

Jean sat bruised and battered from when Ali jumped in the creak and tried to drown her.

'Alison', known personally as Ail, was five-nine with an infamous multi-colored pixy cut. Her punk swagger and 'no nonsense' attitude made her the fighter of the group. Famous for her multiple arrest and the self started fashion label she began three years prior. Loyal to her fellow rebel sisters, Ali had a true hatred for cookie cutter Jean.

"Alison Xavier, stop this ridiculous behavior this instant!"

Ali slid off Scott's shoulder and pulled down her dress at her mother's command. She didn't listen often to anyone, but her mother had a lasting affect on her.

"I know this isn't how you all planned this, but we have to pull it together." Scott spoke to the remaining family members he could gather, "Let's keep low for the day and not do anything to create further attention."

He gave a stern glare to Ali.

"I'll issue a statement and deal with the mania outside. Try not to antagonize them…" Once again he shot daggers at Ali.

"Their gone. She left her meds behind and Anna went after her…" Jubilee wandered into the room with a pack of frozen peas at her face.

"Jubilee my god!" Her mother rushed to her aid seeing the bruise on her cheek.

"They took off. I don't know where-" She continued as she brushed way her mothers hand, "It's nothing. Just leave it alone."

She walked into the en-suite bathroom to check her face and to avoid further questions.

"Seriously, could this get any worse!" Ali called out. No one had to tell her what happened to Jubilee's face, "Now we don't know where they are! I blame you, you fat bitch!"

Ali pointed at Jean lividly stating, "If anything happens to her I swear to you bitch…"

"Ali, stop this. It's doing no good. I'll call their cell phone while you check everywhere and anywhere. They couldn't have gotten that far." The girls sighed as Scott talked, "She is in a wedding dress after all."

The women and Xavier went back to grieving while trying to avoid the elephant in the room. Scott however saw the fear in Ali's green eyes and felt it necessary to pull her aside. Ali would never admit to any form of emotions, but Scott knew her for too long to ignore her sorrow.

Scott placed his hands on her shoulders. "I will find her Ali. I promise."

And Wait. What!-

"Lie to me Anna. Lie to me…"

"Wish I could." Anna replied, her voice tinged with sorrow.

"It really did happen didn't it?"

"Yeah, Ororo… I'm so"

"Don't say you're sorry…you have nothing to be sorry about. I-I should be sorry for making you all wear those stupid dresses and taking up your time by planning this…" Ororo looked down at her stained dress and her bare feet, "I don't know what this even is…" she picked at now crusty stain on her expensive dress.

"Just a bad day…" Anna said, handing her bowl of nuts from the bar.

Ororo chuckled, "Just a bad day you say? The worst day of my entire life. I feel so humiliated."

"It can only get better from here."

"With my luck I'm carrying his triplets." Ororo sighed.

"Well four sex-less months took care of that…"

"Yeah, but ruined my relationship with the man I love in the process." Her eyes welted up, "Is that all I had to do Anna? Spread my legs for him? I wanted our wedding night to mean something…when all he was thinking about was her…"

Ororo sobbed as tears ran down her face in smooth streams. Anna wrapped her arm around her broken sister and cradled her in her arms.

"I'm such a fool."

"We were all fooled." Anna replied stroking her shoulder.

It wasn't until nearly a half hour later that they moved from their positions. Startled out of crying, Ororo and Anna were shifted forward by the force of train as it started to move.

Anna, completely frightened, looked at Ororo who was oddly neutral. Slowly their eyes met. There were no words, but Ororo was begging Anna to stay. She just wasn't strong enough to face everything quite yet and needed the time the train ride would serve to cool off, just as they had done years ago when they were kids and rode the subway for hours.

"We're not leaving." Anna commented. Ororo shook her head and Anna nodded hers in returned. It was quiet understanding.

Besides, Anna admitted to herself, she could use a break from the public eye even if it was just for a couple of hours.

"We could get money and return in a few hours. Time off wouldn't be so bad right now."

Ororo gave the best smile she could in that moment, "Return to what? Anna, I have nothing to go back too…"

"It will all get better." Anna rubbed her hand.

"Swear?" Ororo whispered softly, "Can you promise me that?"

The tears started to come again and scarred her delicate skin.


"You're a great sister." Anna didn't respond, but held Ororo closer.

"Wonder where this house on rails is going." Anna asked.

"Ah…" Ororo started but was interrupted by a deep voice.

"I believe I can help you with that." The conductor warned. He had been at the door for the last few minutes with security next to him, "Tickets ladies?"

"Ah…" The girls clearly caught off guard remained seated and in the shadows.

"Nothing to say then…Well I guess we will be making an emergency stop then won't we?"

"That won't be necessary." A man stepped from behind the train's conductor.

"So sorry sir. I was unaware you were having company this trip."

"I should have mentioned it, but here we are. Now if you will excuse us James." The conductor took his leave and closed the door behind him.

"You didn't have to do that…We're not runaways." Anna insisted, "We can pay you for a ride."

"No need…" The tall, tanned, and lean built gentleman said as he took a seat at the bar and poured himself a drink, "Name's Etienne by the way."

"Jen and this Kim." Anna did a disquiet shoulder shrug over at Ororo, it was the best she could come up with on the spot.

"Don't lie. I know a goddess when I see one." He tipped his head to Ororo.

"And…?" Anna questioned.

"And I have some spare clothes in that top right cupboard. A wedding dress is a dead giveaway." He said before chugging back his drink.

"What is it you want from us Etienne?" Anna stood ready to defend her sister and tear heads if needed.

"Let's just say I know what it's like to want to get away." The man replied.

"And you would just help random strangers?"

"If I knew you then we wouldn't be strangers. So why don't we start again? Etienne." He bowed to them this time and smiled a wicked grin. Anna was about to tell him where to stuff it, but Ororo jumped in.

"Ororo as I'm sure you know and this is Anna, but you figured that too I take it. If you screw with me on of all days today I will end you personally." Etienne didn't even flinch at Ororo suddenly stern face, but continued to smile.

"New Orleans."

"Excuse me?" Anna said, she already hated him based off of the train car and he truly seemed like the smug egotistical person she envisioned.

"New Orleans; that's were the train is heading. Nonstop to New Orleans. If you're up for it?" He dared.

Ororo sat down with a heavy thud against the leather and crossed her legs, accepting his dare. Anna debated objecting, but her sister needed the relief and needed her. Her sister, after all, just endured a day of hell. What else was she to do?

In reality, the idea of going to New Orleans appeared to be pointless, but time would do both of them, and the media, good. In a strange sense it was the best way to wait out the storm.

"New Orleans it is then." Anna responded to the southern gentlemen. She sat next to Ororo and held her hand supportively.

"New Orleans…"