Summer of Seven: Catty Bitch Move!


A thick white pillow came crashing down onto Remy's face.

"What!" Remy jumped up out of his sleep ready to pounce and kill. "What's happening? Whose there!" Remy picked up his glasses from the side table to shield his eyes from burning sunlight.

Anna sprung her head up from the foot of the bed, her hair tussled and her lips tense. "You just punched me." She leaped up and began complaining.

Not the way Remy had dreamed of starting his day. He grunted and dropped back onto the bed after having a near heart attack.

"It's eight am in the morning and you ambush me with a pillow. What did you think would happen!" Remy argued back his case.

"Well maybe if you weren't such an aggressive asshole…" Anna bulled the blanket off Remy and paused, her eyes slowly traveling down the shirtless Cajun's body "You're hard…are you fucking serious you have an erection! Which part of this is simulating to you?"

"It's a morning I am a male…this" Remy pointed to his crotch "Is how men know they're alive even if they just slept next to a bitter ice queen!"

"Oh that's nice, real nice!" Anna started to hurl pillows at him in every direction "Grrr! You make me so freaking mad!"

Remy dodged pillows by leaping and jumping around the bed. "You're just pissed cause I jacked you off last and your sisters saw it!"

The assault of pillows stopped, and Remy brought his hands down from his face to see and enraged Anna glaring at him. He had crossed a line. Making a sour face knowing he went too far, Remy took a running jump off the bed and dove for the bathroom. He made it in the bathroom by a hair before Anna threw her cell phone at him, which hit and broke against the bathroom door.

"Remy LeBeau you are the biggest asshole I have ever had the misfortune of meeting!"

Leaning against the bathroom wall listening to Anna cuss at him Remy had a sinful grin on his face, she was hot when she was mad, the way the suttee hints of her past southern twang came out in her fit of rage made Remy's wood began to grow again.

"I can't believe you would even go there…"

"You shouldn't have spread your legs for me then." Remy stoked his chin, itching his pricky gruff. Listening to Anna loose her head at his latest comment, he smiled wide and hard. The way he affected her gave him some sick pleasure.

"Anna?" Jubilee called from the door way. "'Ro's calling you guys for breakfast. Is everything ok?"

"Yea firecracker…" Anna gave the bathroom door a bad look before walking towards her little sister.

"Is Remy not coming?" Jubilee's eyes ran over the room searching for him.

"He's in the bathroom." Anna answered, bitterly knowing from the sloppy grin on Jubilee's face that she came to Remy and not her.

"Oh maybe I should wait for him to finish showering." Jubilee volunteered all too willingly.

"Let's go, he's too old and too much of an asshole for you." Anna pulled her disappointed sister from the door frame.

Downstairs in the quant suburban kitchen Ororo whisked together some eggs in a large metal bowl, adding in her seasonings. Delicately she tipped the bowl over and pour the raw eggs onto the hot skillet.

"Always one to make breakfast - you're such a mom." Anna crept up behind her sister and kissed Ororo on her cheek. "Where is everybody? The place is quiet" She turned and jumped up onto the counter next to the stove. "HELLO?" She waved her hand in front of Ororo's face. "Can't you hear me? What's going on?"

Ororo stirred the large the quantity of scrambles eggs with a none to pleasant expression.

"What is going on?" she asked back at Anna.

"Me? You're acting catty to me."

Anna made a sour face and pressed her back to the cupboard. Hoping she would never have to talk about that night she realized she just has to fess up and get it out of the way.

"Are you still mad about that night I went to bar without you? I didn't know that guy would record me wasted, I just needed to vent to get out of that place. Remy was driving me nuts and I don't know…I'm sorry, you know that I wouldn't do something like that on purpose. If I could take back the media circulation of video of me I would."

"Anna I don't care about that I have a bit more depth then that." Ororo cut Anna's apology off, her eyebrows crossing as she poured the scramble eggs into a nearby dish.

"Then what is it!" Anna got off the counter and yelled back.

"Why are you with him, why are you with him Anna… huh?" Ororo snapped back at her.

"What do you mean?"

" I have had your back since we've been young don't play dumb with me. You disappear for three days then you show up to Kitty wedding with Remy dripping all over you're freaking arm! I've seen you crash and burn before but come on. It's not real !I've seen you two together remember I was there, I know. So why? Why?" Ororo blurted all of her frustration out.

"Tante is waiting for you?"

"What?" Ororo gave her a dirty glare "What are you talking about Anna?"

"That's where I was. I was at Tante's house when I was hurt and she helped me more then you can understand or maybe you can? She told me you went to see her once."

"That was a long time ago." Ororo paused by the fridge while getting some fruit.

"You should go back…" Anna began to explain her crazed logic.

"You don't understand, I have the world looking at me as a perfection, anywhere I go they hunt me, look what they did to you I mean…"

"That's just it; they're not. Not anymore, if the world is stocking me now, you can finally find a moment of serenity to do deal with all that happened this summer."

"Is that why you're doing this?"


Ororo gave a pathetic laugh "And nothing to do with the fact that you were on the verge of a psychotic break and that the some of the girls want to throw you back into the asylum." She washed the bowl of fruit and walked over to the cutting board. "Or did you not think that I noticed that you are completely using Remy."

"Well I don't have a choice."

Anna got a blank stare as she watched Ororo's fast hand with the knife, chopping the fruit with ease.

"Remy is wounded Anna, the man is barely there, I do not support you using him like this. He is a good man and doesn't deserve that despite what you think."

Anna rolled her eyes and folded her arms. She didn't need a lecture after only getting four hours of sleep.

"You and I don't have a choice, I should say then." Anna got close to Ororo "Are you telling me you forgot the deal we made with his brother to get you away from the limelight?" Anna's voice was hinted with annoyance, she wasn't doing that just for her own selfish game. She was repaying a debt.

Scraping the fruit into a nearby bowl Ororo placed it onto the kitchen table. "I see your point of view but still..."

"He just wants Remy gone for awhile. I figure we make a scene for two three weeks and done. Debt repaid, check. You want to talk about wounded - your fiancée was having an affair with our sister and messed your wedding up. You can't tell me that you healed from that already, that I won't believe. I'm giving you the opportunity to walk away from the light heal and come back as the old high-spirited 'Ro."

Anna words were beginning to make sense to Ororo, she walked around the table placing the forks with Anna at her heels, placing the knifes. Anna suddenly stopped dead in her tracks, so Ororo turned to her.

"You are right. I am using him in that sense, can you blame me though? I don't want to go back to that place. You have no idea what it's like in that place, alone, depressed, drugged constantly."

Water formed in the corners of Anna's eyes "What harm am I doing if the world thinks he's my lover or if the family thinks that he's my new boyfriend? This keeps him away for his brother for two weeks, you can leave and I don't have to go back to that hell." Anna's body felt lifeless and fell hunched over the head chair. "I'm trying to fix everything."

"You don't have to fix everything alone."

"I know. But I worked it out, no one gets hurts, no one knows unless we tell them."

Ororo pulled the opposite chair and took a seat, processing it all.

"How did you get Remy to go along with this?" She looked up at Anna.

"I told him the truth." Anna looked down in shame. "More then I was willing to share." She got a gross stare in her eyes. Ororo was about to console her when she continued. "He's willing to help me, both of us."

"You didn't tell him that his brother wants him out of the south did you?" Ororo questioned.

"No, you heard what Etienne said."

"Oh Anna, do you know anything about the LeBeau's?" Ororo's eyes got gray with worry. "There is a lot of cloud around that family, please please my love be careful with this, don't take this too far." Ororo stressed.

"Just say you're in and you will take the time and heal." Anna said, taking her seat; the two sisters remained locked with their eyes. "Trust goes both ways 'Ro, and I've never let you go." Anna stretched out her hand towards her sister, pleading with her to take her hand agree with her.

"Whats going on bitches!"

Ali did a slow motion robot dance into the kitchen with Jubilee and Tessa laughing behind her.

"Ah look at this breaky already! Lets eat." Ali grabbed a nearby seat. "Uh 'Ro I would marry you if you it wasn't a crime." Her mouth watered at the delicious sight before her.

"Where is everyone else I wanna eat!" Jubilee cried. "So hungry! I want breaky in my tum tum." She pounded her hands against the table.

"Clam down firecracker" Ororo got up, ignoring Anna's hand. She went to the oven, taking out a tray of bacon. "Food is coming….Scott! Jean!" she called outside to the backyard where Jean was sunbathing and Scott was working out but switched to pacing back and forth on his cellphone.

"She's still here huh?" Ail raised her brow.

"Be nice, mom and dad should be coming any minute." Ororo warned Ali who mimicked Ororo behind her back.

"Ah morning morning, what a lucky man I must be to wake up and see not one but see five sweet belles in the morning." Remy entered the full kitchen his hands open wide with a smile to match.

"Ah and a beautiful awaiting breakfast to match from a goddess." Remy when up and gave Ororo a kiss on her cheek and a tight hug from the behind. "So sweet you are." Remy whispered to her.

Ororo smiled coyly. Remy had the charm of thousand men and could make any woman smile.

"Take a seat Cajun." Anna pulled Remy to the chair next to her, spotting his flirtatious behavior coming to the surface.

Jean made her way in, dragging on her red robe as she entered the kitchen. "Morning all." She greeted and took a lone seat at the opposite end of the table.

"Morning." The table greeted to her unified like a choir.

"Where is mom and dad?" Jean asked, she needed someone there who didn't hate her and with Kitty gone her parents were all she had.

No one answered, partly to be rude, but mainly because they had no idea.

"They are not home chere." Remy looked down the table at her as he popped some eggs into his mouth. "They have not been here all night, perhaps they stayed in town?" He tried to be courteous to the woman who stopped his massive bleeding wound the night before.

"Oh." Her lips got tight as she sipped her coffee.

"I poured you some orange juice." Remy pushed it towards Jean "Its good for you." he looked at the glass then to her intently. She didn't know how to explain it, just the way he looked at her and his tone made him sound like a concerned father to be. Jean bowed her head and understood that Remy too knew of her pregnancy. Sitting there in font of sisters, She sat uncomfortably wondering how many of them knew.

"You seem so concerned with Jean's wellbeing Remy. I can not understand why your wife would leave a gentlemen like you." Anna said bitterly, she was jealous that someone else was getting Remy's attention.

"The morning was going so well." Remy smiled at Anna, knowing that she was being mean on purpose.

"I didn't know you where married Remy?" Jubilee spoke up.

"Yes petite I was. Eight years to the belle of the ball."

"I'd leave too if you compliented all my sisters and ignored me, how Anna isn't busting your balls right now is beyond me." Tessa commented.

"Chere knows how I really feel about her." Remy's voice went dry as his eyes wandered over to Anna.

"What happened?" Jubilee asked.

"It's a bit personal you know."

"Oh come on Remy even I would like to know, how could a she leave such a gentle stud like you." Anna popped some grapes into her mouth and gave Remy a snooty glare. Her words were sarcastic and painful for Remy to sit and listen without reaction. His wife was the most delicate topic.

Wanting more then anything to punch Anna in her face at that moment, her sister got hyped around her wanting to know what was happened as well. While Ororo tried to claim the table her efforts went unnoticed. Having the pleasure of meeting Remy's wife, she knew how important the memories of her were to Remy.

"Come on tell, tell tell!" Anna began to chant she wanted to embarrass Remy like hid had done to her the night before.

"She left you for another man." Tessa called out, in a joking fashion.

"Guys settle down." Ororo tried to get the table to ease down.

"Did she leave you for another woman? Haha." Ali high-five Tessa.

The Xavier sisters could be terrible when they wanted to be. At times they acted like a bunch of immature collage boys.

"Seriously guys…." Ororo once again tried but her voice was lost over the chatter.

"Did she sleep with your brother, or brothers?" Ali poked and laughed.

Remy stomach was in knots he wanted to throw up. His insides bubbled in pain and anger. His mind was puzzled to why Anna had such hatred towards him that morning. She owed him nothing but her mood swings made him furious.

"Mmhmm ran away cause you got so boring?" Anna kept going, just rubbing salt into Remy's already unhealed wounds. "Was she sick of the fame?" Anna laughed and her sisters even Jean got into the laughter.


Ororo snapped at the table. She stood slamming her fits down into her plate cracking it. The veins in her eyes popped out making her already dramatic look appear all the more frightening.

"You all were raised better. That. Is… Enough." She lowered her tone but she was so angry at the behavior of her sister after talking to Anna about taking things to far. "Remy I'm so very sorry my friend I apologize…"

"No." Remy put up his hand to stop her talking. "If this is the way they want to address me, I can do the same for them."

Remy had his fingers locked under his chin while staring blankly at the empty seat before him. For the first time he questioned his loyalties to stay. If he was a weaker man tears would have came to his eyes, but years of drinking and drug abuse took his ability to cry sober. He needed a bottle of something, anything quickly but not before he gave them what they wanted.

"Her name was Belladonna my wife, soul mate, personal angel. She was so caring that would have given a dying child her last breath, beauty beyond this world even as she carried our child."

Anna put her hand over her mouth. Instantly the voices in her mind attacked her viciously as soon as Remy mentioned a child. She looked at the head table to Ororo who didn't have the stomach to look back at her. Her own sister was embarrassed by her actions.

"I know that all men say that their wife look the best, but as an artist I had never seen pregnant woman glow so brightly, I would stand there in the kitchen and rub her belly for hours just in awe that I was so blessed to have this woman in my life."

Remy placed his hands on his sunglasses and pulled them off. His saggy bangs covered his eyes. The pain that glowed within them was so strong that his eyes didn't have to be seen. His torment was pulsating throughout the entire room. Jubilee's face remained frozen with remorse for asking what happened. She played with her food trying not to make contact with the others at the table.

"My wife…my wife left This Earth. With our unborn son… Because God called her home. Heaven was missing her you understand. But she was so feisty, she had so much sprit she didn't go quietly, she held on long enough for me to say goodbye…she had such fire you know?"

Remy went on, his words heavy as if they were a burden on his heart. Even though no one could see his eyes, but when Remy turned his head towards the paralyzed ladies, water was instant in their eyes. Horror filled them as if they were living Remy's tale. Tessa felt her heart race and for the first time she had to look away.

"She would have spit on you for talking like that at the table, much like I want to flip this table and set it on fire for all of you talking about her in the manner you did. Did you enjoy that? Was that fun for you to mock a woman who had done nothing to you but act as loving friend to your sister? A woman you have never met would have done anything for any one of you and yet you sit there and judge her with your crude words."

Silently Ali pushed away her food, her stomach burned her, her skin was scorching, Remy's testimony ringing in her head, her thoughts lost with the image of a dying woman with child. She was ill, his words made her ill and Ali knew she deserved it.

"You see she had standards, she carried herself with a level of class woman are too catty to understand now, that's what made her above all this. I never saw it but Bella did. She saw this pathetic industry and lifestyle for what it was. Pretentious and empty much like the faces I see here around me."

Remy placed his napkin onto his now cold plate and rose from his seat. "I no longer have an appetite, if you will excuse me."

Remy pardoned himself with the grace and appropriate level of class from the table of speechless and ashamed women.

The room remained in a daze, the air was un-breathable from the awkwardness of the sisters, each facing a different emotion but their pride made them unwilling to speak. They remained motionless stewing in their self-made disgrace.


Scott pulled the side sliding door as if someone had just breath air back into their collapsed lungs. The table of five sister gasped for air, a few hidden tears feel and minds were rebooted to what was happening in the now.

"Girls!" Scott yelled again, he slammed the door behind him. "Get your coats we have to go! Now!"

"Whats going on?" Tessa said, rushing out of her seat and following behind Scott.

"Your parents…there was an accident."

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