Summer of Seven: Adventures of 4-7-10

Lights were ignored. The black truck weaved in and out of traffic swinging corners like a mad man Scott rushed to get to hospital, praying he'd make it their before the media was notified.

There was only two cars available Scott having one and Remy the other, but Remy being out of commission, the girls were forced all pail into Scotts SUV. The silence and shame from the kitchen pooled over to the car ride. Sad faces thought about the comments they made to Remy and wondered if their parent's accident was karma paying them back for their selfish actions.

Scott mound the curb swerving the car, the girls in the back jerking forward at the force, only to fly out of their seat the moment the car came to a stand still. Scott already having things in order directed the girls to the floor while he tackled the hospital staff at the front desk.

The sisters all gathered into the elevator, pressing the 10th floor button frantically the elevator doors couldn't close fast enough. Jean in a panic continued to press the button even after the doors closed, the stress was getting to her, her pail skin was already turning a gross flush color and her eyes growing puffy and red She could barley hold her tears back, the sisters on looked her wanting to comfort her but not willing to forget the hurt that she had already cause to the family.

Jean looked back at her sisters with her soften eyes, loneliness creeping over her, never had she felt so cold and alone with her own family all at her own undoing. The doors opened at the same time as Jubilee reached for her hand. She was worried and frightened as was she. At the end of the day they were all sisters, born again and raised together.

The door of room ten-fifteen flung open and a pile of woman attacked the elder man in the hospital bed. Cries of compassion for their wounded father filled the air with mild tears caused from the anxiety of the moment. It took the sisters times to realize their mother was sitting across the room unharmed.

"Girls." Their mothers humbled voice came as a soothing sound to their frantic minds. She opened her arm and her daughters upon command embraced her seeking that claiming love only a mother could give.

"What happened" was the common question on everyone's mind. Gathering around their mother, she started her tale.

"I am fine." Their mother reassured them. "Your father isn't harmed as badly as he appears, more so banged up then anything. The doctors are not telling me much other wise so I am optimistic." Her eyes light with water she stayed brave for her children. "They gave him some drugs to he could sleep after the surgery. He looks so peaceful doesn't he girls."

They looked over at their father, tubes and machines surround him the irony killed them more to know that not only he was a doctor but he was their caregiver and only father figure for years they could look up to with pride. And there was nothing they could do to aid him in a speedy recovery no amount of money to spend no elite friend to call.

Their composed mother explained how along side her husband, they entered a taxie after their driver at the wedding had left early. The taxie was stricken down by a drunk driver at a red light he failed to see.

Selfishly thinking of themselves and engaging in-between pointless feuds the sisters struggled with the ideal that they almost lost their loving parents. Individual minds focused on different concepts of what they were hearing, but one out of the group one sister focused on the surroundings more then anything else.

The cries of the foreign patients, the excessive coughing the with rattling of the sounds of the trolleys strolling by coupled with the story their mother dished out them. Left Anna in pieces, she only heard so much before the memories of being locked away crashed un-welcomed in her mind. Her frustration was piling on her. In the mitts of the story Anna's eyes watered, she needed to flee. Her body took over and she bolted out of room from pure instinct.

"I shall go after her." Ororo volunteered. She curved around the corner from the room not after her sister but to allow herself the regal pleasure to cry. It was her fault and another burden for her to carry.

"Oh dear…" their mother cried in worry, stepped to go after her children but she was blocked by Scott and the doctor coming in.

"Let them go mom, Anna isn't good in any hospital." Tessa reminded the group.

Back the rental house, Remy was finally came out of hiding he called to the woman of the house and yes even Scott in desperation of trying to find someone. He had an episode at the kitchen table but he decided it was unfair for him to release his anger upon the woman in such a fashion.

Calling it quits after calling out for the third time in the backyard. Remy shrugged his shoulders and fell into the living room chair, sighing into the quietness of the room. Putting his feet up he flipped on the television. Flipping threw the channels aimlessly he decided on a local news channel hearing about a local theater productions. The topic of the Xavier family came up.

Remy's eyes sink into a depress set and he removed his glasses to fully take in the pictures from the prior night. His self and Anna making the majority of the pictures, his plan to be the shinning knight: with Anna falling and hurting herself stunt was well resaved by the public. He had to admit she did look adorable playing the wounded princess. A low sinking feeling filled him as the pictures flash with captions on the screen before him.

The fall was fake as was the injury and not to mention the date but the smiles were real. Remembering what he felt a corner tug pressed he lips. The sudden pop up 'just in news' of Charles and his wife being in a collision, cut Remy's happy expression short. He knew where they were, the assumption was clear, but Charles wasn't the main concern for him. Anna was in a hospital his mind went into auto worry, forgetting to even put socks on he raced out the door not bothering to turn the tv off.

Tensions ran high back at the hospital; Ororo was loosing her touch with reality creating a moody Storm for herself. She was pissed at the world but blamed most of her frustration on her self, because she was suppose to ride home with her parents, but instead she took their streetcar after coming face to face with Logan.

It all could have been avoided if she wasn't so out of tune with her emotions. She should have let the trivial issues fall off the peak of her back and continued to enjoy herself at the wedding reception. Ororo found a near by supply closet. Letting her emotions run ramped, her rage bubbled cutting loose on the meager supplies. She screamed within the tiny six by six room. Ripping things, busting things open. A belch of a scream bit back her ears when she punched the near by wall. She was so mad she was turning to violence. She needed an escape and needed one quick. Cradling her swelling hand she turned and placed her back to wall, sliding down it she sighed in aggregation. Burying her head into her flooded arms, her white hair draped over her body like silk fabric.

The door creeped open, Ororo too trapped in her foul mood didn't hear it. In a low raspy tone, words that always reminded her things would get better graced her punctured heart.

"Goddess shouldn't cry."

Scents of Cuban cigars and vintage leather got to her. The last person in the world she wanted she needed. He was the only one who could take her brutally when she got into a storm of a bad mood.

"Maybe I was never a goddess." Ororo answered smugly, she didn't need to raise her head to look at Logan to know his dark eyes bared worry for her.

Crouching down Logan got to her level and removed her hands from her face. "Always my goddess." He told her in all sincerity he meant it.

How dare he come there, so nonchalantly as if she needed him as if he cared. This was his fault Ororo's mind reminded her heart. Why could he have loved her like she did him, they would have been on their honeymoon her father would be safe and all would have been well. Ororo eyes got narrow and rolled back to a ghostly white. She was hyperventilating

"AGH!" She screamed, speckles of her spit tossed onto Logans face.

Ororo punched Logan as hard as she could. He fumbled back and she swung again, he caught her hand but that wasn't enough for her. Logan held both her wrist, her hair swinging in her face. She looked up at Logan in vain flinging her head back and head butted hi with all her strength. Actually taken aback Logan stumbled unto his back. Jumping atop of him Ororo sat upon his chest and stared down at him. Bailing to the heavens, she cried out and slammed her hands onto floor either side of Logans head.

"UGH!" Ororo screamed her frustration before crushing her lips onto Logans thick ones.

He wasn't shocked; he didn't care about the matter that held her in his arms just the fact that she was there in his arms. He wrapped his arms around her tighter as she bite his bottom lip hard drawing his salty blood. Lifting up her skirt, Ororo one handed Logans belt reaching into his pants for member.

Logan flipped her, slamming her down on her back hard. He pulled down his pants further elevating Ororo up he looked at her for a second to make sure this is what she truly wanted. Her chest heaved up and down at a rapid pace her face set in anger and her long white hair stuck to the outline of her face. She slapped Logan into the face, and pulled his head to hers attaching their lips again, on queue he entered her.

Breaking and entering hospitals rooms were a common practice for the Xavier woman that day. Tessa and Jubilee broke into one to allow Ali to throw up inside a private room.

"Our family does not go well with hospitals." Jubilee commented looking away from the massive chunks Ali toss up.

"I hope Ororo and Anna are having better luck, we can not afford another public melt down." Tessa rubbed her forehead in grief. She voiced what she wanted to believe but knew the chanced to be extremely slim.

Anna was wondering the hospital she was officially lost. Every doctor or nurse that came towards her she ducked down in a different direction. Over complicating things she was confused and freaking out. Everyone began to look suspicious to her. They wanted to trap her and lock her way again to perform weird and unholy acts upon her, but she wouldn't go without a fight, she swore it.

Lost in her thoughts, Anna was spooked by the nurse that walked up behind her. "Miss my I help you?"

"Get away from me!" Anna slapped her in the face, and clawed at her the unsuspecting nurse when she struggled to fight back.

"Leave me alone!" Anna repeated her phase over and over. "Leave me alone!"

With her hair mangled in Anna's hand, the nurse managed to hit the panic switch alone the hall wall. A flashing light went off in the room they were next to. They went off in there madness. Another near by nurse joined in trying to pin Anna but it didn't work she kicked and swatted the pair of nurses. No surrender was her mind frame and no one could tell her no.

Downstairs, the severity of the alarm increased and Doctors rushed to the code.

"We have someone going berserk she's no patient of any of ours." A near by intern rushed and explained to the lead doctor.

Remy could tell from the tightness of his gut instantly who it was. He followed after them, hoping he wasn't too late.

Back at Charles private suit, the ladies began to trickle back after composing themselves. The main surgeon on Charles case came back to the room. Scott speaking for the group stepped up with Jean at his side. Watching the threesome talk, the others watched back in prayer that things would be alright. The tension of the situation was getting to them not to mention growing worry they had for the still missing two sisters.

Breaking down the issue, the Doctor explained to Jean also a Doctor that their father would be fine in time but would need intensive rehabilitation therapy. Confident in Jeans renowned skills he believed that Charles would be taken care of with around the clock care at home with is children by his side. Taking into consideration their family name and the strain of the spotlight the Doctor was willing to compromise. Working out a system Jean and Doctor came to an agreement to release Charles the next day.

Turning to rest of the girls with smiles on their face Jean nodded her head in reassurance that things would be ok. Being the enemy of the family didn't matter for once, Jean consoled her sisters in at time that they needed her.

After being asked politely to leave to perform some final test and routines by the doctor, Jean lead the group to the waiting room.

Sliding across the freshly waxed floor, panting from running up ten levels of stairs Remy rushed to beat the elevator full of back up hospital staff. He had no good reason to believe that Anna was the one causing to hoo hop in the hospital, yet deep down his gut nodded in fear. Following the loud pressing sound of the annoying alarm, Remy pushed himself harder. Sweeping the hall, he almost tripped and fell face forward trying to stop.

"Wait!" Remy shouted across the room. "Let her go!" he jumped in between the bed a doctor trying to pin her down, chest kicking another who was holding a needle that he was trying to inject Anna with.

Clearing the room Remy knocked out a doctor with a punch and yelled aggressively at the reminding doctors to back the fuck off.

"Get out now or I will sue!" He ordered at the staff, way more afraid of a lawsuit then Anna they backed off to a corner still watching.

"Remy!" Anna struggled to get away.

"Remy my God." Anna leaped up from the strains of the dreaded hospital bed. "I was so scared." She wrapped her around his broad shoulders engraving her nails into his back. Tears streamed from her face as the hysterics followed "I was so scared they were going to lock me away again."

Remy consoled her, rocking her in his arms. His rapid heart began to cool down once he saw that she was ok, he closed his eyes in gratitude. He would have never have forgiven himself for letting her get hurt.

"Its ok." Remy stroked her hair, resting his chin on her head top Anna fit comfortably in his arms, resting on Remys chest. "I gave you my word and I meant, I wont let anything happen to you."

Anna had stopped crying after Remy said his oath. He meant it and it was beyond relaxing. His words had away of curing her nerves. She didn't understand how it was possible but that was beyond thoughts. He was there and all hers. She soaked in Remy's rumbling voice that vibrated her ear. His tight arms coddled her in the most sensitive way.

With the looks of a crazy crack whore, Anna closed her eyes not letting go of the ridiculous tight grip of her nails into his body. "Don't leave." Anna pleaded as if Remy would have done such a thing.

"I should have never have left." Remy brushed back her hair from her face and wiped her smoky day old make up stains away.

"I'm a bad daughter and an even worse sister." Anna body shook.

"You're father will be fine and you will be ok too I give you my word."

How did Remy manage do it every time, sooth her frighten soul and make it all ok. Anna hated it deep down, he was there for moment not the life time. She told him that's how it should be when she approached him with the plan and it was backfiring.

Stay is what she wanted from Remy to stay and make all it ok, every time.

So selfish she was. In all reality she was a cancer and she never noticed what Ororo meant in the kitchen that morning but it was all coming to light.

"We better find your folks." Remy helped Anna up "The circus is coming." His eyes glance to the window watching all the madness gather outside in the parking lot.

A dozen doors down the hall in the six by six dismantled supply closet. Logan arched himself to buckle his pants and pulled out a cigar out of his back pocket. Lighting it he took a deep inhale.

"Your not suppose to smoke in a hospital." Ororo said covering her breast and pulled herself up. Giving a snippy look Logan glanced over at her. "Give me some." She demanded.

"Give you some of what." He smirked. Ororo only gave him a coy smile in return.

"Some of the cigar, I've missed the smell." Ororo explained as Logan put the thick cigars to her lips and watched her inhale. "I got all I wanted now."

"Funny not me." Logan leaned in and kissed her again hard and deep.

"Mhhmmm" Ororo moaned she loved his lips, they always got her adrenaline rolling. "Jokes on you my dear, this was never about you." Ororo smirked and yanked herself up from the floor.

The closest was a one time ordeal. Ororo needed an outlet and got it. The room laid in ruins her outfit was half town and it looked like she just walked in from working the streets. She glanced down at the pack of muscle laying below her. Logan pulled her down by her long legs bending her to his will. His head resting on stomach:

"once is never enough." His kissed her stomach and gripped her tick ass.

As a weaker woman weeks ago Ororo would have stayed but she had come to far to fall into the arms of man who sought warmth in her sisters arms. To make it worse, he didn't even know what Jean was carrying his child.

Placing her finger over Logans lips Ororo kissed him repetitively yet delicately as if it was their first time together. It was too full of heart and passion to be followed up with another round in the storage room. Running her fingers threw his wild hair, she looked at him deeply. He never knew how handsome he really or how much weight he held in her heart.

Bringing her head down to his forehead, Ororo massaged the scruff on his rugged face. She was rotten on the inside, she could never have him now and the ideal sicken her. She could never believe that those dark eyes that spoke only to her are the same ones that made her run.

Ororo could see clearly again and heard her hurting heart for the first time in many a moons. Rubbing her nose to his Ororo locked her blue eyes to his and spoke softly into Logans wet lips. "Another life a different time." She told him before she gathered her remains and left.

The moment would linger as both Logans best and worst memory.

It was their last kiss together. The visions of her that day would spring on the face of any woman that thought themselves bold enough to love him. Ororo his goddess was a mere dream he was convinced…

Floors beneath hom the rest of the family sat in quietness in a private waiting room, awaiting the news of their beloved father.

"Did anyone manage to get in touch with Anna?" Again their worried mother asked her young daughters "I am being to fret."

"She doesn't have a phone." Tessa explained.

"I think 'Ro has her though." Scott said with a pause, he took out his phone sent a text in all hopes it would reach her.

Pushing the elevator down button as hard as she could Ororo waited for the metal doors to open, she feared that if they didn't soon, she would run back to the storage room. It would take time to heel she agreed to that, but how much time she didn't know. Maybe Anna was right, perhaps it was wise to take a moment and visit Tante. Her time with Tante was brief but she impacted her life deeply, clarifying thoughts and fear in head and refreshing her soul. It was an experience Ororo had always treasured.

"Stormy…" Remy called out holding Anna close in his arms.

Ororo turned and Anna looked up from down the hall. Their eyes meet and they ran for each other. Their embrace was enough for the pair of sisters to bust out crying about nothing yet everything.

"Elevators here ladies." Remy reminded them. Stepping in Ororo pressed four and explained to the pair what was happening with the family. All taking in a deep breath, they exchanged brief censored confessions of their hospital adventures. Holding hands the two sisters prepared themselves to face the family before the wolves of the public.