Naruto of Spiral

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"Demon/Spirit/Summoning talking"

'Demon/Spirit/Summoning thought"

Chapter 1:So Far We Come

In the last thirteen years a lot had happened in the Elemental Nations. The major thing that had happened was the resurrection of Whirlpool country. Most ninja villages were shocked to see the village they all thought was sunk to the bottom of the endless ocean, come back up and rise to power once again.

Most villages were now trying to get an alliance with this country but most have failed. Konoha especially; seeing as how Kushina Uzumaki was alive and how most civilians treated her son Naruto as though he was the Kyūbi.

Kushina had went to the Leaf village expecting to see Naruto being treated as a hero, how wrong she was. Hizuren was shocked that she was alive. This was when Naruto was five years old and didn't know he had the Kyūbi in him.

Kushina took Naruto away from the village and to the capital of fire country to visit Minato and her daughter Naminee. How Minato survived the sealing was simple. He used a different kind of seal which allowed Kami to seal the demon into Naruto.

Naruto had questioned his parents why they left him. Minato said that he was told Naruto had died. After a few more arguments on Naruto's part, he begrudgingly forgave them.

Now that Uzu no Kuni was back. The only thing they had to do was put themselves back on the map as a powerful village. Which shouldn't be a problem for them. Now in the present is where our story begins:

Ninja Academy

"Okay kids! This is my last day as your sensei. I'm honored that I was able to teach you everything that I could and I hope you succeed in the future as proud Shinobi and Kunochi of Uzu no Kuni!"A chunin who wore the standard Chunin uniform for Uzu no Kuni, that consisted of a pair of black pants and a blue shirt, said. The vest he wore was black and had the Uzu symbol on it which was a spiral in blue. The person had his hiate on his arm. He had a pair of brown eyes and spiky black hair. He had a sword on his back that had a gray sheath while the sword handle, blue.

"We know Dan-Sensei!" A spike blonde hair kid said. The child wore a blue trench coat with a gray lion on the back. He wore a black shirt with a pair of blue pants and black ninja boots as well to complete his look.

"Thanks Naruto." he replied to the blonde. He turned his attention to the rest of the class and said. "Now most of you are getting divided into teams if you didn't know. You'll be going to a room where your sensei will meet you. As you go out to lunch I will be handing you guys a paper with a room number on it." Dan looked at students when he finished his statement. "Any questions?" Nobody in the class had questions.

"Alright then,go to lunch. And after that go to your rooms in about an hour."said Dan as his students walked out but not before they received a paper with a number on it.


Outside the academy, which was near the ocean, students would have spend most of their time doing outdoor training on the different training fields on the island in Uzu no Kuni. The island was called Shinobi island due to the fact that most of the clan's lived here and most of the academy students. Most children who are orphans, who decided to become ninjas, usually live in the apartments near the academy. The other Island was called Civil Island. Civil Island was where the Daimyo lived at as well as his Samurai Forces. That Island had most of the farms there. Civilians also lived there as well. There were few schools for civilians there as well.

Capital Island: that's where the Uzukage tower was at. Also on this island was where most of the fancy restaurants were at as well as the where the boats docked when the Uzukage had guest. There were multiple hotels as well as the grand market and the mall which has multiple clothing stores. Capital Island is where most do their shopping as well where guest go to see. Tourism.

There were five islands that made up Uzu no Kuni. The other two were Jungle Island and Crystal Island. Jungle Island was where you would go to do survival training. Also it is near Kaminari no Kuni(Lightning country). But what really attracted tourist was Crystal Island for it's huge mountains. Some that have climbed the mountains said that they could see every village, but that was just a rumor. Crystal mountain was near Tsuchi no Kuni(Earth country). Each Island could be its own village if they wanted to.

With Naruto

Naruto was on the roof-top of the Academy. If you were looking for him this was his usual spot. At the moment he was thinking who is sensei was going to be as well as his team mates. From the start Naruto told the entire Uzu no Kuni that he held the Kyūbi and he also told them his story of what he had to endure at such a young age. Most wanted to go to war with Konoha after that. But Naruto was able to get acceptance by his village which made him swell up with joy. Now he was just thinking of what's going on in Konoha but then again, he had other problems.

Suddenly Naruto heard a few foot steps. He turned around to see his friend, Hayate. He meet him when he first came to Uzu no Kuni. Hayate said that he was apart of the Falcon clan. Hayate said that they use to live in Kumo but they moved because of the Hyuga incident. His clan as well as the Bear, and Bat left Kumo and moved here.

Hayate was in his civil attire which was a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt. He had brown hair and gray eyes.

"So. Naruto how's it been?" Hayate asked with a grin.

"Good. Can't wait to meet my team and sensei," Naruto replied with a grin of his own,

"Yeah. I mean here in Uzu no Kuni you're a genin in rank but your skills are that of a chunin. Same with the other ranks. Still, I can't wait to start learning more jutsus!"Hayate stated with a shit-eating grin on his face.

"Yeah. I know at least two outside ninjutsu's." Naruto commented with a frown.

"We had to know only three outside ninjutsu's to graduate, but I know two more as well." Hayate replied.

"Hey Hayate. We haven't sparred in a while." Naruto said after a moment of silence.

"Yeah, that's true." Hayate replied in a wise tone.

"How about it? One last spar, well at least for the moment," Naruto smiled remembering the many battles they had.

"Let me henshin into my ninja cloths and you got yourself a deal." Hayate replied. He put a white watch on, and looked at it for a second.

"Henshin!" Hayate exclaimed in a calm voice. His body glowed for two seconds and out came Hayate in his ninja attire. Which consisted of white ninja boots, white fingerless gloves, white pants and a shirt. He had blue shin guards, blue gauntlets, and a blue falcon on the back of his shirt. To finish his attire he had his hiate on his forehead.

"Don't you get your face-mask today?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah. After I get home today. Then I have to modify the Henshin watch." Hayate replied.

The Henshin watch was a old ninja trick for seal masters. When it came to using the transformation technique some couldn't do it so seal masters decided to make a technique to keep their cloths in when they didn't feel like carrying bags. One seal master modified it so that when ninja's were on missions they could change from their civilian cloths to their ninja cloths. The seals in the watch made it so that when the person activated it the seals from the watch would spread over the persons body. The seals were covered in chakra so you would not see the seals that spread over their body.

"Well where to battle?" Naruto asked a little excited.

"I guess beach side would do." Hayate shrugged as he was looking at the empty beach. Most students went to eat lunch at a near restaurant.

"Keep up!" Naruto yelled. A moment later a blur replaced his form, Hayate grinned and did the same.

Beach Side

Beach side was empty. It had a few rock formations but that was at the end of the beach.

"Nice. Open. Space." Hayate whistled.

"Lets do it!" Naruto announced. He charged towards Hayate as fast as he can. Hayate instantly grew serious, and went on the defense. He started off by dodging a fast jab in, and leg sweep only for Hayate to jump it and go for a powerful roundhouse kick. Naruto grabbed the foot just in time. Hayate decided not to wait to see what Naruto was going to do so he used his trap foot to his advantage. He twisted his entire body. His left leg went over Naruto's head as Hayate planted a powerful kick to Naruto's shoulder. The force of the attack was so great; that it sent Naruto flying a few feet.

"Nice move." Naruto commented as he rubbed his bruised shoulder.

"Yeah. It deals with momentum." Hayate replied with a shrug.

"Lets just move on to high speed taijutsu." Naruto offered as Hayate nodded. The two started to channel chakra into their entire body and in a second the two became blurs. The only indication that they're there is the occasional bursts of sand. They charged at one another one last time as their fist met. A powerful shock wave erupted in which sent the two back a few feet.

"That was fun." Naruto stretched.

"Ninjutsu then?" Hayate asked confidently.

"Sure." Naruto replied with a shrug as they both sensed a person coming. The person appeared in the middle of the two. It was Dan, their former sensei.

"Are you two sparring again?" Dan asked.

"How did you guess. The sand or the shock wave." Naruto replied with a cheesy grin.

"Both. I'm not going to stop you. I just want in on this spar. Both of you against me. How about it?" Dan asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Fine then. A team up would be good." Hayate replied settling into his fighting stance.

"I can go for kicking your ass a couple of times Dan-Sensei." Naruto stated getting into his own stance.

"On three you two. One...two...three!" Dan shouted as the two genin blurred out of existence. Naruto went for a high kick while Hayate went low. Dan was ready for this move and rolled in between the two.

"Come on guys." Dan whined.

"You sure. We don't want to hurt you." Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"I can handle it so come on." Dan responded with a confident smirk.

"Alright then. Naruto lets do it!" Naruto sweat dropped and replied, "Uh, wrong phrase. How about let's fight, or let's go. But 'lets do it', no. Because that sounds gay," Hayate gave him a blank stare and shrugged. "Let's go!" he looked at Naruto for confirmation. He nodded as they both ran towards the ocean. Dan sweat dropped at their exchange of words, but shrugged it off when he heard Hayate's shout. He went on his guard.

"Lets bring him a dragon." Naruto said as they both went through and seals at a fast pace.

"Water Style: Water Dragon!." Naruto shouted as a head of a Chinese dragon surfaced. Its body took form and went towards Dan.

"Wind Style: Wind Dragon!" Hayate shouted as a silver dragon made of wind went to the water dragon. The two fused together and went towards Dan at a fast pace.

"Typhoon Dragon!" Dan took the blow as he was sent flying.

"He seemed shocked." Hayate commented hen he saw his ex-sensei take the attack.

"I think he wanted to see how strong it was." Naruto replied.

"I did." Dan replied as he was back where he was.

"Shadow clone?" Naruto asked in shook. When did he-.

"Yep. That was a great combo. But now its my turn," Dan replied as he drew his sword.

"Hope your read-."

"We gotta go meet our sensei's. Its 12:55."Naruto interrupted as Dan put his sword away.

"Fine then. Come back one day I want to see how far you guys have come." Dan gave them a serious stare to the two as they left to go back inside the academy.


The two reached their destination. Both were across from one another.

"Well later Naruto." Hayate said.

"Later. I'll be at you ceremony." Naruto yawned.

"Its at seven." Hayate replied as they both went into their rooms

With Naruto

He walked into the room and saw his teammates. Ryu Hayabusa and Kasumi Tenshin.

Ryu Hayabusa was tall for their age group. About 5'10. He had black hair and brown eyes. He wore a blue male tunic with silver shoulder padding that went well with his blue shinobi pants. He also wore black shin guards, gauntlets, and a full face helmet which was off at the moment also he also had on black ninja boots.

Kasumi Tenshin was beautiful to say the least. With pearly white flawless skin and auburn-red hair which was in a high ponytail. She had a nice bust, waist, as well as hips of a fourteen year old even though she was thirteen. She wore a blue kunochi tunic with the Tenshi symbol on the back as well as a pair of white stockings which fit her body perfectly. Her choice of foot-wear was a pair of blue sandles.

Naruto's on my team as well as Kasumi-hime. From watching Naruto and Hayate's spar earlier today. I should be able to get a good match or two out of him. As for Kasumi-hime I use to being around her. We've been friends since we were young.

Ryu and Naruto are both power-houses. I wonder if they're just going to treat me different since I'm a girl. I've been treated as an equal here and hopefully it will remain that way.

Ryu and Kasumi. I'm all up to work with them. Hopefully they'll treat me as an equal.

"So we all know each others names, but how about we do an introduction." Naruto suggested as there was a puff of smoke as a person wearing a pair of black pants and a vest, appeared. He wore a blue shirt with a black sash on his waist. He had black hair which was covered by a black hat which had a silver trim(think kung lao's hat from Mortal Kombat)

"Madara Uchiha." Naruto stated with a blank look on his face.

"Ex-Uchiha kid. You keep forgetting that after me and your mom got you away from Konoha. Anyway I'll keep my introduction going."Madara replied as his students nodded

"My name is Madara. And well I have to say my likes are my family, friends, and learning new jutsus. My dislikes are the Uchiha clan and Konoha. My hobbies are spending time with my wife and daughter as well as fishing. My future is to make you guys the best team as well as have children." Madara started the introduction.

"I'll go next. My name is Ryu Hayabusa. My likes are my friends, and family. My dislikes are arrogant people. My hobbies are training and mastering jutsus. My dream is to be one of the greatest ninjas and not be compared to others." Ryu sat back down.

"I'll go next. My name is Kasumi Tenshin. My likes are my clan as well as learning new things. My dislikes are cruel and ignorant people. My hobbies are origami as well as dancing. My future dream is to be better than my brother and show my clan that I be a great clan leader," Kasumi smiled wildly.

"I guess I'm last, huh. Well I'm Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. My likes are my family and Uzu no Kuni. My dislikes are Konoha ninja as well as people who think they deserve everything just because of their name. My hobbies are sword fighting with my grandfather as well as hanging out with my friends. My dream is to become the best Uzukage and surpass my father!" Naruto exclaimed.

I couldn't of asked for a better team. Madara thought to himself.

"Anyway. You have already proven that you are worthy of that hiate so now I need to give you a test of my own today. So meet me at training ground thirty two in about; ten minutes alright." Madara vanished in a pillar of fire.

"Well lets move." said Naruto as they went to the training ground.

Training Ground 33

Training ground thirty three was big. It was the perfect place to train in private, that is, if you plan on doing so. Due to all the trees that surround the area.

"Good your here." Madara smiled, "I want you to come at me everything you got."

"You asked for it." Ryu replied with a shrug. He charged towards Madara who dodged a few fast punches, but Madara saw an opening and hit Ryu with an uppercut that sent him flying. Madara suddenly heard a swirling sound, but when he turned, it was too, late. He was hit with a spinning bird kick courtesy of Kasumi. The Tenshin heir landed and started to use powerful but graceful kicks to continue her assault. But as Madara continued to fight her he was suddenly reminded of Aurora. Madara sighed when he dodged another kick and kicked Kasumi with spinning back kick which sent her a few feet.

"Come on Naruto! Prove yourself." Madara taunted.

"I think I'll need help with that one." Naruto mumbled to himself.

"Why is that?" asked Madara as he hear what he said.

"Simple. I need a team to defeat you." Naruto responded as he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

'Good call.'

With Naruto

Glad those where shadow clones we sent. "You know we can't beat him." Ryu stated voicing his concerns.

"Doesn't mean we can't try." Kasumi replied.

"I agree. Lets go get this old timer." Naruto stated as the other two nodded as they came up with a plan that would work against Madara.

With Madara

"You can come out now." Madara stated with closed eyes as the group of three appeared.

"Hey sensei! What's are team name anyway?" Naruto asked.

"Team Storm. Seeing as Naruto has an element affinity for Wind and Water. Ryu has one for Fire and Lightning. Kasumi has one for Water and Earth." Madara replied as the each remembered their elemental affinity.

"Cool. Lets do this." Naruto replied as he nodded to Ryu.

"Lightning formation." Ryu stated as Kasumi rushed at Madara at a fast pace in which he had hard trouble seeing.

Am I getting this old...wait! This is a genjutsu. Madara thoughtas he said, 'kai'. His vision returned to normal, but it was too late. Kasumi hit Madara with flying forward bicycle kicks. He took the hits and Kasumi hit him with one last kick that sent him flying.

Now what? Madara questioned himself. He stood up not expecting Naruto to hit him with a powerful uppercut that had sent him up into the air. Ryu followed by appearing under him. Ryu grabbed the Ex-Uchiha, and set him up for the Inzuna Drop. Both went into a powerful downward spiral which connected with a loud bang. Debris flew into the air as Ryu was the first to recover from the Izuna Drop. He shook his head and jumped out the newly made crater.

"That wasn't him huh?" Ryu questioned while looking at the newly made crater.

"I know when I hit him and that was him." Naruto replied.

"Same here. No clone could of survived those kicks." Kasumi stated as the Madara that was in the crater started to crack. The Madara in the crater turned brown,and liquid-fied into mud. Indicating that it was a mud-clone.

"Those kicks hurt like hell, as well as that uppercut." Madara complained knowing he was going to feel it in the morning.

"You still up huh." Naruto commented.

"You got another one of those team moves. That kinda hurt but just a little," Madara replied.

"Yeah I got one. Hey team,wind formation."Naruto said as Ryu was already running through hand signs and shouted.

"Fire Style:Grand fireball jutsu!" A ball of fire came out of his mouth as Madara jumped over the fireball.

"To easy." Madara replied as he was now dodging Kasumi's Water style:Violent Water Wave.

"Come on." Mandara stated as he was sent into the air thanks to Naruto's Wind Style:Wind Uprising.

"Gotcha sensei." Naruto replied from above him as Naruto had finished his last hand seal as he yelled.

"Wind Style:Great Breakthrough!" Madara was hit with a powerful blast of wind which sent him crashing down.

"Okay time to fight back." Madara stated as he closed his eyes. He took a deep breath and his eyes close. His team was expecting his dojutsu but that didn't happen.

"This can't be good." Naruto commented as he landed next to his teammates.

"Come." Madara stated as he was in his defensive stance. The three charged at him. Madara first countered Kasumi by jumping over her leg sweep, but as did, he gave Naruto a powerful hit to the stomach in which sent him back a few feet. Ryu tried to strike from the sky only for Madara to move his head and toss Ryu into Kasumi as the two were where Naruto was.

"Keep it going guys." Madara commented as he opened his eyes to reveal his black eyes.

"Water Formation!" Kasumi shouted as Naruto charged at Madara, bur their sensei noticed Naruto was letting off some chakra, as he dodged a double sided sword. This sword was Naruto's Phantom Eagle which was given to him by his father. The sword blade was silver, the hilt was blue, and the pommel had a face of an eagle; facing outward as on Naruto's back was a silver scabbard.

Naruto must have sealed the blade. Madara thought as Naruto was letting off chakra as he dodged Naruto's rapid thrust attacks. Naruto finally landed a horizontal hit on Madara as their sensei felt a sting where he was hit.

"Wind Chakra." Madara stated as he saw Ryu's Dragon Sword glowing red.

"Later." Ryu called out emotionless, as he swung the sword upward as a huge dragon made of fire came from the earth. He jumped back before it could hit him. But Madara felt diagonal slash thanks to Ryu.

"That Dragon was made by genjutsu." Madara commented as Ryu nodded and jumped away. Madara was waiting for Kasumi to strike as he felt a gust of wind pass him. He could do nothing but smirk when his torso was hit by another horizontal slash as Kasumi sheathed her tanto. The tanto blade was white and had pink petals on it. The hilt was black as well as the scabbard.

"Genjutsu and Kenjutsu. Nice combo." Madara stated as he exploded into blood.

"Blood clone. Man he's good." Naruto commented seeing as this was the second time their sensei used a clone to take a blow for him.

"I wouldn't be a jonin for nothing." Madara grinned.

"This attack should put him away." Ryu replied.

"Agreed." Kasumi said agreeing with Ryu.

"Oh no. Not this time." Madara said before charging at the genin at a fast pace as they were only able to block some of his powerful blows until Madara's blows seem to come to an end.

"Damn...his punches and kicks are brutal." Ryu replied as Madara landed a few feet in front of the group.

"Just wait until you see my jutsu. Fire Style:Grand Dragon jutsu." Madara stated with a smirk as he blew out a power jet of fire which seemed to circle him at a fast rate as you can see the Chinese Dragon head forming in the process.

"Fire." Madara commanded as the Flaming Chinese dragon went to its targets at a fast pace in which the dragon burned everything in its path. The trio went through their own hand signs as Kasumi shouted!

"Water Style:Water Dragon!" A water version of a Chinese dragon came through the tree's seeking to destroy the fire dragon but this combo had only started as Ryu shouted!

"Lightning Style:Lightning Dragon!" An electric dragon came out of Ryu's hands as it fused with Kasumi's water dragon. The dragons were almost into colliding as Naruto finished his hand signs.

"Wind Style:Wind Dragon!" A silver Chinese dragon head came out of Naruto's mouth as the dragon fused with the other two dragons.

"Storm Dragon!" The trio stated as they watch the Storm dragon hit the fire dragon. They smirked when they saw it tore through it and hit Madara, or at least that's what they though as the Storm dragon was sliced in half. But that didn't stop the it. The two halves tore through the forest as a result.

"Give up." Madara said coldly as he put his hat back on.

"How did you-?" Kasumi tried to ask but she was cut off.

"Its a secret." Madara replied.

"And I really though we had him to." Ryu said as his shoulder's slumped a bit.

"Well you guys passed. Those team moves were amazing." Guess who said that.

"Yeah we could only come up with those four on short notice," Kasumi commented while Madara sweat dropped.

"They were good. They could be better though," Madara replied in after thought.

"We were in a rush alright," Naruto replied.

"I understand. Team Storm pass. Now, meet me on crystal island tomorrow around six. We'll begin our training," Madara stated as he left in a pillar of fire.

"That old timer." Naruto commented whiling shaking his head about their sensei.

"Well that went well." Ryu said before grinning.

"Indeed. It did." Kasumi replied as her and Ryu were about to leave.

"Hey guys. Its only about three o clock. So how about we hang out for a bit. If that's okay with you?" Naruto asked nervously.

"Sure. I have no problem with that" Kasumi replied as she had nothing else to do today.

"Maybe you can give us a tour of the capital island." Ryu said as he slapped Naruto on the back hard.

"Capital...Oh that's right you guys came two months before we graduated." Naruto said as he snapped his fingers remembering when they came to class.

"Yeah. Our parents were given a proper tour but not us seeing as we had to train to get up to the academy standards in order to graduate." Kasumi shrugged.

"Well come on. Were about to take the quickest way to the capital!" Naruto shouted as the two followed Naruto to the beach as they stood in front of a whirlpool.

"It's a whirlpool." Ryu commented seeing the whirling water.

"Whirlpool travel is the quickest way to anywhere. Now come on." Naruto said before jumping in the whirlpool.

"Lets go!" Ryu said before jumping in followed by Kasumi.

Capital Island

Naruto had jumped out of the whirlpool near the beach. As Ryu came out second and Kasumi came out third. They all landed, but more specificity; Kasumi landed on top of Ryu.

"Come on you two." Naruto rolled his eyes as the two blushed before they got up.

"You should of told us to prepare for a landing," Ryu slightly yelled. A little embarrassed.

"I thought you knew." Naruto said before shrugging.

"Hey Naruto. If we can do that then how come different villages try to invade Uzu no Kuni like that?" Kasumi questioned.

"Its due to the guardian of Uzu Mizuseirei. She was the one who put the islands underwater." Naruto explained.

"Why did she put Uzu no Kuni underwater?" Ryu asked in a curious tone.

"How about I tell you." A women in her late twenties as she appeared on the beach. She had dark blur hair that went to her mid-back. Her skin was pearl white as she wore a blue kimono and a silver obi which did nothing to hide her nice figure. As on her feet was blue geta.

"Hey Mizu-hime" Naruto bowed.

"Hey Naruto-kun." the water guardian greeted.

"So why did you sink Uzu no Kuni?" Ryu asked again trying to get an answer.

"It was a hard decision. With so many things going on. We needed time to recuperate after the war. So that is why I sunk Uzu no Kuni. So that the village's clan would have to to recuperate and to become stronger when I resurrected it. Also it showed us who really were true allies and enemies." Mizuseirei explained.

"So do you control the Whirlpools here as well?" Kasumi asked.

"Yes I do. I even control the summoning animals that reside in the Uzu no Kuni waters as well." Mizuseirei smiled at them.

"I take it they are apart of your summoning contract." Ryu assumed.

"Yes they are. Who ever becomes the Water guardian receives the countries summoning contract." Mizuseirei replied.

"Hey Mizu-chan. Where did you go?" A person who to was in their late twenties said as he appeared on the beach. As they wore a green shirt with black pants and brown boots. Also he had on gold and green gauntlets as he had his hair in a brown ponytail as he had tanned skin as well.

"Hey Kiseirei." Naruto greeted.

"Oh hey Naruto." Kiseirei greeted back.

"So you must be the Forest guardian then, huh?" Ryu asked as Kiseirei nodded.

"Yep. I protect the forest near the first gate." Kiseirei stated.

"But aren't there two more gates?" Kasumi asked remembering a history lesson.

"Yeah." Kiseirei replied.

"So your gate isn't even apart of Uzu no kuni." Ryu said.

"That whole entire land which is between Waterfall and the Sound village is my turf" Kiseirei explained.

"I guess there's a whirlpool their too huh?" Ryu asked as Mizuseirei nodded.

"Ninjas who are residents tend to take the whirlpools. Civilians on the other hand take their own boats or they take that cruise boat that the metal clan made." Mizuseirei explained.

"That boat is huge." Ryu stated as he remembered the boat they took to get to capital island before.

"Yeah. That boat goes to all three islands. It may not be fast but it gets the job done." Kiseirei stated.

"Also their working on making it a vacation boat which would go around the ninja continent but that might take a while." Mizuseirei said out loud.

"This is a great village. Better than the one we were at before." Kasumi commented.

"Which was that?" Naruto asked.

"Konoha. The civilians worship shinobi with kekki genkai's more than regular shinobi who work just as hard." Ryu responded with a scowl.

"Sounds like them." Naruto replied as he experienced that a few times.

"Seems Konoha has fallen," Kiseirei stated.

"Indeed. They even have the nerve to call themselves the strongest village on the elemental continent." Mizuseirei said.

"Glad we left Konoha. They even tried to get me to go with their beloved Uchiha." Kasumi stated in disgust as Ryu was angered when he heard that.

"Well we better go. I have to give them a tour." Naruto stated with a two finger salute.

"Later Naruto." Keiseirei replied with his own salute as he and Mizuseirei walked off the beach.

"Okay guys. This is the grand beach, alot of people usually come here to relax after a hard day."Naruto stated.

"How about we go into the city"Ryu asked

"Follow me." Naruto replied as the two followed right behind.

Uzukage Tower.

The Uzukage Tower was like a castle(Look up Matsumoto Castle). It had a light blue color as the roofs were white.

"Come on guys lets go see my grandfather." Naruto stated as he walked into the castle.

Main Lobby

The main lobby was huge. Kasumi and Ryu have never seen such huge place. And judging by the books and the television, they could they that; that's used as entertainment while the visitors wait to see the Uzukage.

"Hey Naruto-kun." A female with short blonde hair greeted behind the lobby's main desk. She wore a white blouse and blue skirt with matching pumps. Her looks match her age which by judging: twenty-one.

"This is Hina. Don't let her looks fool you. She use to work in Spiral." Naruto warned his two teammates.

"Isn't Spiral our version of Anbu?" Ryu asked as Hina nodded.

"Indeed it is and I still do work for Spiral Naruto. I'm just on leave for the time being." Hina replied as she was putting a few pieces of paper away.

"So Hina. Can we see my old man?" Naruto asked.

"Sure go right ahead. It seems to be an easy day today." Hina said as they went to the elevator. That's right; Uzu no Kuni has state of the art technology than the other villages. The only other village that was this advance was snow country.

"This is a elevator right?" Kasumi asked cutely.

"Yeah. We're just trying to catch up to the other villages outside the Elemental Nations." Naruto replied with a slight blush. A few minutes later the doors opened and they saw a person who had on a light blue hat and cloak and white spiral on the cloak.

"Hey grandson." The Uzukage greeted.

"Hey Old timer." Naruto greeted back.

"So who are your friends?" The Uzukage asked.

"Ryu Hayabusa. Sir." Ryu replied showing respect for the Uzukage.

"Kasumi Tenshin. Sir." Kasumi replied doing the same as well.

"Oh Joe's son and Hayate's little sister." The Uzukage stated with recognition in his eyes.

"Hey old timer how about we get a bit to eat?" Naruto asked.

"I can use a bite to eat. Oh, and Naruto just call me by my name, alright?" The Uzukage waved his hand in a cool manner.

"Okay. Grandpa Yamato." Naruto replied as the Uzukage took off his hat and cloak to reveal his attire. Which was a pair of black pants and a black vest. His shirt was gold. He had red spiky hair. And on his feet where black ninja shoes.

"Lets go eat." Ryu cheered.

"Wait. Honor Guard!" Yamato shouted as four people wearing black cloaks and had on anbu masks appeared.

"Phoenix, Dragon,Turtle, and Tiger." Yamato called out.

"Sir." The four stated in unison.

"Come eat with us." Yamato replied.

"Cool with me." Tiger said as he pressed a button on his watch as his cloak and mask went away to reveal his long blonde spiky hair. This was Minato Namikaze.

"Hey dad." Naruto greeted.

"Hey Naru-chan!" The person wearing the phoeniex mask said as she to pressed a button on her watch. She was Kushina Uzumaki.

"Come on mom." Naruto pouted.

"He's grown." The person wearing the turtle mask commented as to pressed a button on her watch. This was Mikoto Kane

"Hi Mikoto. Happy you left Konoha, huh?" Naruto asked.

"Damn right. Like I'm going to claim Sasuke as my child. Worshiping him like he was the greatest shinobi that ever lived." Mikoto stated.

"Calm down honey." The person in the Dragon mask replied as he pressed a button on his watch. This was Boruto Kane.

"I know the past is the past. Besides this is my birth village anyway." Mikoto stated.

"Well come on lets go to Joe's to go get something to eat." Yamato replied as they went to Joe's.


Joe's place was nice. He had more of a family feel to it. Its relaxing to be in and you can get a bite to eat. Joe's food is from different places so don't be surprised if you never heard of the food before.

"Hey Joe."Yamato called as Joe appeared. Joe wore a green shirt and grey pants as he was a young twenty year-old.

"Hey Yamato-sama. Nice to see you up and about." Joe replied with a grin as he put his gray hat on.

"So what's new on the menu?" Minato asked.

"Lets see. Today I'm trying out a dish called pizza." Joe stated pointing to the new dish.

"Sounds good." Naruto replied.

"Looks good too." Ryu commented looking at the image of the pizza.

"Hey mind if we eat with you." A women asked with long black hair and white eyes with no pupil. This was Aurora Hyuga.

"Hey Aurora." Kushina greeted.

"Where's sensei?" Ryu asked.

"Right here," Madara replied as he and a female walked up towards the group. She was around thirteen years old. She to had the bust, and waist of a thirteen year old. While she had the hips of a fifteen year old. She wore a pair of black shorts and a black vest with a white shirt. On her feet where a pair of black sandles .She also had long black hair which came down to her shoulders. Her name was Saya, .Madara and Aurora's daughter.

"It feels weird being alive again. I died at this age." Saya replied as she still was not use to being alive again. Saya had died thanks to her uncle. She was revived thanks to Kami who gave herself, her mother and father another chance at life.

"Don't worry. I'm here to protect you this time." Madara said as the pizza was ready as the group ate and talked.


"That was good." Kasumi commented.

"Yeah. Who knew pineapples and ham would make a good topping." Naruto replied with a nod of his head.

"We have to do this more often." Yamato stated with a pat on top of his belly.

"I agree. Anyway we're about to leave we have a lot of things to catch up on." Madara replied as Aurora and Saya went the other side.

"Bye guys!" Saya yelled as she was happy to know she had friends her age.

"Bye." the group responded as it was now about six o clock.

"Well we had fun but back to work." Minato replied as he press a button on his watch as his Honor Guard attire was back on as the others followed suit.

"Later grandson." Yamato stated as him and the honor guard vanished.

"Later Joe," Ryu called out as the three left to their next destination: Ninja Island.

Ninja Island

"This is fun," Ryu commented used to using the whirlpool travel already.

"It always is," Naruto replied.

"Hey Naruto. Don't you have a to be at a ceremony?" Kasumi questioned.

"Your right. I gotta jet." Naruto replied as he was gone.

"Hey Kasumi. Ryu!" A person shouted cheerfully. She had purple hair and amber eyes. She wore a purple and silver body suit which had flowers design on it. Her body was slim as she had the bust, waist, and hips of a thirteen year old. One her waist where her Fuma Kodachi.

Hey Ayane." Kasumi greeted her half sister.

"Ayane wait up!" A person yelled. He was wearing a pair of black pants and a black jacket. He also had on a yellow shirt. He had black short-cut hair and brown eyes. His skin was brown. This was Gurei Ikazunchi.

"Yeah what Gurei said." Another person stated lazily. She had short black hair and gray eyes. She wore black baggy pants and a gray sleeveless top as she also had on black bracers. Her body was toned as she had hips of a fifteen year old. While her bust was that of a thirteen year old.

"Sorry Tsuki." Ayane scratched the back of her head.

"Oh! This is Ryu Hayabusa, and Kasumi Tenshin you were talking about?" Tsuki asked.

"Yeah. Ryu and Kasumi. These are Gurei Ikazunchi and Tsuki Kane," Ayane stated introducing each other.

"So where is your third teammate?" Tsuki questioned.

"Naruto had some where to be." Ryu replied.

"He probably went to Hayate's mask ceremony." Gurei stated with a snort.

"I believe that too." Tsuki said.

"Well were about to go get a bit to eat. You wanna come?" Ayane asked slightly hopeful.

"No thank you. We just ate a Joe's." Ryu replied.

"Alright then. I guess will catch up later then." Ayane stated as the trio left to get something to eat. Ryu and Kasumi were starting the walk home as they heard a loud screech..

"You hear that?" Ryu asked Kasumi who nodded.

"Yeah. Lets go see what it is." Kasumi replied as the two were running towards the source.


Ryu and Kasumi made it to see a huge falcon taking to the skies. The falcon had to be a summoning and judging by the body it looked like the boss.

"What are you two doing here?" A person questioned as he had long brown hair. As he wore a white cloak. The two could see under that he was wearing black pants and a white shirt.

"Wait Gozen their with me." Naruto called out covering for his new friends.

"Sorry about that. Its just a precaution." Gozen stated as the falcon came back down and landed.

"He passes." The falcon stated as he left in a puff of smoke.

"So Hayate, you okay?" Naruto questioned.

"Yeah. I'm going to go to sleep alright." Hayate stated as he went to sleep then and their.

"I'll take him in alright." Gozen replied as he took Hayate in.

"That was close." Kasumi commented.

"Glad I said you were with me. Gozen's clan is not use to having company." Naruto chuckled dryly.

"I noticed." Ryu commented.

"Hey Naruto who are those two?"A person asked in a calm voice. He wore a black trench coat, black pants, and black shirt. He had spiky black hair as well as black sunglasses. Black shoes as well. His hiate was on his forehead.

"Must be friends of his." Another person commented in a cheery voice. She had brown hair which went down to her shoulders. She wore a pair of brown shorts and a dark green shirt. She was also wearing green ninja shoes. On her arms were brown bandages which were wrapped around her forearms. And her hiate was on her arm. Her body type was toned as she had a nice pair of legs as well as hips of a fifteen year old, while her bust was that of a thirteen year old.

"Oh, these are my new teammates, Ryu Hayabusa and Kasumi Tenshin. Guys meet Kyousou Bear and Naito Koumori," Naruto introduced the groups to one another.

Nice to meet you." Naito replied coolly.

"Same here." Ryu responded just as cool.

"Well we have to go. We have training in the morning with Aurora-sensei." Kyousou stated.

"Same here." Naruto replied as Naito and Kyousou left.

Well its been fun Naruto but we do have training in the morning." Ryu stated feeling tired..

"Yeah and I could use some sleep." Kasumi said before letting out a yawn.

"Bye guys." Naruto stated as Ryu and Kasumi went home. Naruto went to his house but before he could enter he heard a loud boom as Naruto went to go investigate.


Naruto arrived at a training field as he saw multiple trees cut down. He saw a blur of green and black.

"Yukina Hebi?" Naruto asked as the girl stopped as she turned around. She wore a pair of black pants and a green shirt. Yukina had long black hair which went to her lower back. She had a white complexion and green eyes. In her hand was an O-katana with a purple hilt and a black blade. The Pommel had a snake head on it. Her body type was slim as she had a c-cup breast. As her waist and hips were that of a girl her age which was thirteen.

"Oh hey Naruto." Yukina greeted as she dodged a powerful jab from a half human half crocodile who was wearing black pants, green shirt, and black gloves.

"Naruto's here." the half human half crocodile said as he stopped his attack.

"Yeah Hagane." Naruto greeted as a green glow surrounded Hagane as he was in his human form. He had brown hair and had tan skin and was wearing what his Crocodile form had on.

"So whats up?" Yukina asked while sheathing her blade.

"I heard a boom and came here." Naruto stated to the two.

"My bad." Hagane replied as that last punch to the ground had made a small crater.

"Yeah. We were about to call it a day." Yukina informed as Naruto sweat dropped.

"Alright then. I'll see you guys later alright." Naruto replied as he went back to his house and went to sleep. Calling it a day.

And Cut


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Chapter 2: Meetings and The First Mission