Naruto of Spiral

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"Demon/Spirit/Summoning talking"

'Demon/Spirit/Summoning thought"

Chapter 2:Meetings and First Mission

Story Start

Ninja Island

Its early in the morning and the sun wasn't up yet but that doesn't stop most people for getting up early, especially ninjas.

Most people were up on the island. Some were doing physical training or just some warm-up exercises. Naruto was having breakfast though at bakery called Jim's. Luckily for Naruto his teammates decided to do the same thing.

"Hey Jim. Thanks for the food." Naruto thanked the owner of the shop.

"Huh. Oh anytime Naruto. Just remember to spread the word to others when you travel out of Uzu-no-kuni alright." Jim said from the back of his restaurant.

"Alright." Naruto replied as he saw his teammates finish up their food as well.

"So Naruto. Where is the Whirlpool to Crystal Island?" Kasumi asked as they followed Naruto.

"Right here. Behind the Grey Spiral weapon shop. They usually collect Crystal's from the island." Naruto replied as they jumped into the whirlpool.

Crystal Island

"We're here. Crystal Island." Naruto said looking at the dark blue glowing mountain.

"So what do you know about this island Naruto?" Ryu asked.

"Not a lot to be truthful. The most I know about this island is that people can use the crystals here for forging weapons or sell them. This is my first time on this Island." Naruto stated to his friends.

"I see. Well isn't there a guardian on this mountain?" Kasumi asked.

"Yeah, but I don't know who he is personally." Naruto answered as they heard a loud crack as they went to the scene.


Naruto, Ryu, and Kasumi arrived to see where the sound was coming from as they saw three people.

"Hey." Naruto called out trying to get their attention. They turned around to face them.

"Hey Naruto, Ryu, and Kasumi." Tsuki said as the other two went to where Tsuki was.

"Oh its Tsuki and Kyousou. Sorry that I don't know your name." Ryu said.

"Its fine. My names Hagane Wani." Hagane said introducing himself to the two.

"What were you guys doing anyway?" Kasumi asked.

"Well I usually collect a few crystals for my grandmothers shop. Kyousou and Hagane always come here in the morning to practice taijutsu against one another." Tsuki explained.

"Yeah. We noticed that Tsuki was here. So we went to see what she was doing." Kyousou said.

"And we decided to help. Besides hitting on this mountain is pretty tough." Hagane add on as he threw a few air punches as Naruto noticed something about his hands.

"Are those boxing gloves?" Naruto asked as Hagane raised his hands to show the dark blue gloves as they had the kajin for water on them.

"Yeah. Me and Kyousou use these when were hitting the mountain. Tsuki modified these herself." Hagane explained.

"Well I just made them so that they can use their elemental chakra. Hence why there's a kajin with an element on them." Tsuki remarked with a shrug.

"Hagane, mind if I try your gloves on." Naruto asked.

"Uh, sure." Hagane replied tossing Naruto the boxing gloves as he put them.

"Fits like a glove." Naruto commented as he channeled his wind chakra as they now were gray and had the kajin for wind on them.

"Hey Naruto, Kasumi, Ryu. Where are you?" Madara questioned as he saw his team.

"Good your here sensei." Ryu said.

"Whats going on?" Madara asked as he walked to the group.

"Watch," Tsuki stated as Naruto was pumping wind chakra into the gloves as they glowed gray.

"Stand back." Naruto said as he cocked his arm back and hit the mountain as their was a loud crack as dust covered the area.

"Its over." Tsuki said as the dust settled down as they looked at the cut on the mountain.

"Nice damage." Madara commented as he looked at the mountain which had a cut going into the mountain but if you looked closer you can see it only went in a yard deep.

"Seems wind causes a cut with the boxing gloves on. Earth causes it to crumble. Lightning pierces it. Fire burns it." Tsuki said to herself.

"What about water?" Kasumi questioned.

"Water heals the mountain for some reason." Tsuki replied not knowing why that was exactly.

"So I take it when a person uses these gloves of yours their elemental chakra gets a effect?" Madara asked.

"Yes they do. Fire users hits would cause a burn. Lightning users could stun someone. Earth users hits would cause big damage. Wind would probably cut their opponent. Water would make a person's punches faster." Tsuki said answering the question.

"Nice conclusion. How did you get these results?" Madara asked.

"My friends each have one of the five elements." Tsuki stated.

"What if a jonin were to use these gloves?" Madara asked.

"I'm not sure." Tsuki replied seeing as most her friends were genin.

"Let me try it." Madara said as Naruto gave Madara the boxing gloves. He put it on and it changed from silver to red and with the kajin for fire on it.

"Oh boy." Naruto commented as the gloves were now lit on fire. The fire around Madara boxing gloves were dark red.

"Get back! Fire Style:Phoenix Fist!" Madara shouted as a phoenix head appeared on his right hand before he punched the mountain. The effects were instant as he fist started to burn through the mountain. Madara pulled his hand back to see some of the crystals melting.

"Gloves are good." Madara commented as the fire was now gone. Tsuki looked as the boxing gloves which seemed to be gone.

"Where are the gloves?" Tsuki asked not seeing her gloves.

"Melted." Naruto replied looking at what was left of the boxing gloves.

"Good thing those were a prototype, Tsuki?" Kyousou said while Tsuki looked sad.

"Yeah. Seems that they need work for people with anbu chakra and above. As well as hand techniques."

Tsuki said as she wrote down what she had said.

"Sorry about the gloves." Madara said as he scratched the back of his head.

"No problem. You just helped me out." Tsuki said as she then smiled.

"Well we have to go. Me and Hagane still have a spar to finish. " Kyousou said.

"I have a few crystals to give my grandmother. Bye." Tsuki said as she gathered her bag of crystals and left.

"Come on team. We have training that needs to be done." Madara stated as the group of four left to a different location.


"Okay guys. Today we are going to do elemental training first then we can go over one of your team formations and that would be it." Madara stated.

"I thought we would do more?" Naruto asked.

"There's going to be a Uzukage Council meeting." Madara answered. Naruto mouthed an O in understanding.

"Isn't that when the Civilian council, Ninja council, and the four gate guardians all meet?" Kasumi asked.

"Yeah. They only meet when there's a decision that could effect Uzu-no-kuni." Naruto replied remembering what his grandfather said.

"I believe that will be going over treaties with other ninja villages." Madara said remembering the notification he received a few days before.

"So when will we go on missions?" Ryu asked.

"Not sure yet. As you know Uzu-no-kuni Genin are as strong as Chunin. Chunin are as strong as Jonin. Jonin are almost as strong as Anbu." Madara said before shrugging.

"So Uzu-no-kuni trains their Ninja to be as strong as the next rank." Kasumi said summing up what Madara said.

"Yep. That's why we are the strongest. We don't boast about our strengths like other villages do. We go on mission and get the job done." Madara answered.

"So what would you rank yourself?" Naruto asked their sensei.

"Uzu-no-kuni wise I say an Anbu." Madara replied not really caring about rank..

"So you use to be a Anbu but decided to teach genin." Naruto said as Madara nodded.

"You could be a village kage." Kasumi stated remembering the ranking system in Uzu-no-kuni.

"I know but there is always someone out their that is stronger than you. Another thing every Uzu shinobi and kunochi keeps in mind." Madara replied.

"So what does that make my grandfather and the honor guard?" Naruto asked.

"Unstoppable to others but everyone can be beaten." Madara stated.

"Well lets get to work sensei." Ryu said as he had enough of all this useless chatter. Anyways; Madara instructed each of them on elemental manipulation and how to improve on them.

After Training.

"That's it for the day." Madara stated as his team was some what tired.

"That was fun." Naruto commented about today's workout.

"Well I have to leave and try to get a quick nap in. I trained Saya to the bone yesterday night. She might be able to qualify as a genin by Friday if I keep it at this level of intensity." Madara said as he left in a shushin.

"She probably end up on our team." Ryu remarked.

"She'll be as strong as us when she joins." Kasumi said.

"Sensei is a slave driver when it comes to training. Plus he has been around for years so he has to know a few ways to make people strong in a short amount of time." Naruto stated.

"That's true." Ryu agreed.

"Now what should we do?" Kasumi asked.

"We could go to the council meeting." Naruto replied.

"Why, I heard they are boring to say the least." Ryu said sounding uninterested.

"Yeah but it could help in the future to know politics." Kasumi reassured seeing as she may become clan head in the future.

"I'm a ninja, not a politician." Ryu remarked. Not seeing the use of going to a political meeting.

"She's right you know. We might just get a diplomatic mission on of these days." Naruto said backing up Kasumi.

"I guess...alright fine, lets go." Ryu said with his shoulder's slumped. They went to the whirlpool which would take them to the Capital island.

Capital Island.

"We're here." Naruto said as they were now on one of the beach's of capital island.

"Okay. So where does this meeting take place anyway?" Kasumi asked.

"Usually at the Uzukage Tower in the Council chambers. Anyone who is a resident can go and listen to these meetings."

"I thought these meetings were going to be private?" Ryu said remembering how Konoha conducted their meetings.

"If you live in a village, wouldn't you like to know what was going on instead of being left out of the loop." Naruto stated making a good point.

"Come on lets go." Kasumi said as they walked towards the Uzukage tower.

Uzukage Tower

"Place is packed." Ryu commented as the lobby was filled with people waiting to hear this meeting.

"Its always like this when everyone meets." Naruto replied as he lead the two through the crowd.

"Where are we going Naruto?" Kasumi questioned not knowing where they were going.

"Council lounge. Most of the clan heads are in there." Naruto said as they made it to a door which had the kajin for Council Lounge. Naruto opened the door as the three walked into the huge room. Where you can see that most people were socializing with one another.

"Naruto, its been a while,"A person with long black hair said. This person had brown skin as well as brown eyes. She was wearing a pair of black pants as well as a red long sleeved shirt. She had on her back a pair of sai's. Also she wore a pair of black ninja shoes as well.(A/N:When it comes to ninja shoes, just picture tennis shoes except for they are only single color.)She was Gosai Ikazunchi. Clan leader of the Ikazunchi clan. Her age was about 27 as her body showed that she was slim,she also had a nice pair of hips on her.

"Glad to see that you have grown Naruto," Another person said in a calm voice. This person had spiky black hair as well as black sunglasses. This person wore a silver trench coat with a black bat on the back. He wore black pants and a black sleeved shirt as well. He also wore a pair of silver ninja boots. This was Shippou Koumori. Clan leader of the Koumori clan. He was about 27. His body showed that he was in shape.

"Hey, this is Ryu and Kasumi. Ryu and Kasumi meet Gosai Ikazunchi and Shippou Koumori, leaders of their respected clans." Naruto introduced.

"Don't forget me." another person said. This person had a muscular frame. He wore a pair of blue pants with a gray sash going around his waist as it had a bear claw on it. He wore a dark red sleeveless shirt. He also wore a pair of gray sandles. On his hands were a pair of red gloves. He had long brown spiky hair and brown eyes. This was Daichi Bear. Leader of the Bear clan. Age: 26.

"No Daichi we could not forget you." Gosai said.

"Good." Daichi remarked.

"It seems like we are early." Shippou stated to his friends.

"Punctuation is a good thing to have." Gozen replied.

"This is true." Gosai agreed.

"Hey where is Mizura and Rikiddo?" Naruto asked as Boruto appeared in his ninja attire which was a pair of gray pants, and a gray vest. He wore a blue shirt. His hiate was on his arm.

"Mizura and Rikiddo are coming." Boruto stated as two people came in.

"Mizura Wani is here." One of them said. She had short blue hair and green eyes. She was wearing black shorts, a blue sleeved shirt, and a black vest as well as blue gloves. On her feet were a pair of ninja sandles. She was Mizura Wani, head of the Wani clan. She was about 24.

"Rikiddo Hebi" the second person introduced. He had on a full body suit which was blue. He had a katana on his back. He also wore black shinobi sandles, and wore a mask that had a blue snake on it.

"Hey Naruto." Mizura greeted.

"Glad to see you're here." Naruto greeted back with a cheesy smile.

"So whats this meeting about anyway? I was on a mission when I was told about this," Rikiddo said as Yamato Uzumaki walked in.

"'Well now that all the ninja clan heads are here lets go to the council chamber." Yamato stated as the people in the room followed Yamato to the council chambers.

"Come on guys. Lets hurry and grab a seat." Naruto said as they followed Naruto.

Council Chambers.

The Council Chambers was huge. The set up for the chambers was that the Uzukage would sit at the head on the table with the civilians on his left side of the table. While the ninja would be on the right side of the table. The daimyo would sit on the other end of the table. The audience would sit around the table.

"Now that everyone is here. Let us begin this discussion about treaties we have received with every country that wants to be our allies. The first country is Kusa no Kuni." Yamato said with authority in his aged voice.

"I've heard that they cut ties with Konoha for reasons unknown." Rikiddo stated,starting the conversation off.

"I heard about that as well. One of my friends who owns one of the harbor's said it was because Konoha was not sending them missions." Tetsu said as he was apart of the civilian council. Seeing as he ran the harbor.

"I, too, heard about this rumor as well," another person said. As this person was wearing a pair of blue shorts and a white shirt and blue kasa on his head. His skin was very tanned seeing as he worked in the sun. This was Tochi Ki. He was the head farmer of the civilian island.

"If we were to have an alliance with Kusa no Kuni then we could really benefit from them," another person said. As this person was wearing a pair of black business pants,a pair of black three inch pumps,a white long sleeved blouse which contained her c-cup bust. She had long black hair and had on black sunglasses. Her skin was was lightly tanned. She was Shiruku Tourou .Head of the Finances of Uzu-no-kuni as well as ninja clan head of the Mantis clan. She became an on call ninja at the age Yamato gave her the position of Head of Finances she accepted the role.

"How would we benefit from them?" Gozen questioned as Shiruku, the person who responded last, responded back.

"Well . Kusa no Kuni bamboo is strong for one and also can be used for construction. Two they have one of the best places to grow different herbs. Three their shinobi forces have grown over the years."

"We use to have a great alliance with them in the old days anyway." Mizura stated.

"Okay its decided. All who agrees to become allies with Kusa raise your hand now." Yamato asked as everyone raised their hands.

"Good to know. Now the next country who wants to be allies with us is Kaminari no Kuni," Yamato said.

"I have to disagree with this one." Gosai stated..

"Are you speaking from your emotions or facts?" Yamato asked.

"Mostly facts. Besides you can ask Daichi, Shippou, and Gozen if you have any questions with what I'm about to say." Gosai replied.


"The Taka, Koumori, Ikazunchi, and Bear clans are former Kumo clans. For those who do not know." Gosai started, "well, when the Sandaime Raikage took over he seemed to have one thing in mind. Kekki Genkai's. He was the opposite of the Sandaime Mizukage. He loved villages with kekki genkai's and just could not get enough of them. Most of the ninja clans had discovered this and had left because they were not good enough for him and his needs. Us founding clans were angered when we learned about the Hyuga incident and we left after said incident."

"So what do you know about this resistance in Kaminari no kuni?" Rikiddo asked.

"It might be Ei and his friends." Daichi replied.

"Who is Ei?" Yamato asked.

"Ei was the person who was the first to rally the ninja clans to revolt against the Sandaime Raikage." Daichi replied.

"So if Ei were the Yondaime Raikage would you agree to an alliance then?" Yamato inquired.

"Yes, E was able to demonstrate that he has the capability to run Kaminari no kuni." Gozen said.

"Well we will send a group of ninjas to make contact with Ei then." Yamato said.

"So we're putting this on hold then." Boruto asked as Yamato nodded.

"Next country that wants an alliance with us and is the final country of the day. Hi no Kuni," Yamato stated in a mutual tone. As a Kage he wasn't suppose to show his emotions when it came to problems that could effect the village.

"I suggest that we let Joe Hayabusa as well as Hayate Tenshi speak about Konoha. Knowing most of us will be quick to shoot them down in a heart beat,"A person stated . They were wearing blue robes with a white spiral on it. As this was Hiyaku Uzumaki. The Uzu-no-kuni daimyou as well as Naruto's aunt. She had long blue hair and violet eyes. Her body was conditioned of a anbu kunochi,seeing as she used to be in spiral before she became the daimyo. She had a b-cup bust and nice legs. She was a daimyou who could fight her own battles and win them. She use to go by blue death due to her weapon as well as her hair.

"Well, my experience in Konoha was horrible," another person wearing a white body suit as well as white ninja sandles said.

"Continue Joe." Yamato replied letting the dragon ninja continue.

"At first it seemed good. Hizuren would always put the council in their place when the civilians were out of control. The ninja clans are not getting the respect they should get by the civilians there. Half of them wanted to leave with my clan as well as the Tenshi clan." Joe stated.

"That's bad." Hiyaku commented.

"It gets worst, but I'll let Hayate talk about that part." Joe said as a person wearing a white gi with a black sash stood up.

"Well while we were in Konoha we experienced the favoritism of civilians. The civilians only seem to favor those with 'sob' stories or kekki genkai's. You could see the ninjas who were being mistreated by the civilians." Hayate stated.

"Which clans were being mistreated?" Kushina Uzumaki asked.

"The Aburame clan, Hyuga clan, Akamichi clan." Hayate replied.

"The Hyuga clan are good people. The Akamichi clan wouldn't hurt a fly. The Aburame clan are smart people." Minato Namikaze stated as he use to work with members of their clan when he was in Konoha.

"They even make fun of a person named Rock Lee and his friend Tenten," Hayate replied as Naruto was angered by that.

"Yes Naruto?" Yamato asked sensing anger coming off his grandson.

"Konoha has really changed. They make fun of a person who chakra system is messed up. Also make fun of what I would say the only serious kunochi when I was in Konoha." Naruto said making his statement.

"Well I was cool with Rock Lee,Tenten, and even Neji." Ryu replied.

"Back to the topic at hand. What clan do they seem to worship the most?" Yamato asked.

"The Uchiha." both Hayate, and Joe said in unison.

"I bet its the civilians?" Mikoto said as she was in her ninja attire.

"Indeed. You can clearly see that Konoha only cares about Sasuke and keeping him in the village." Joe replied.

"They even tried to get Ayane and Kasumi to become his future wives in their attempt to practice polygamy. By stating that their was a law which stated that only strong kunochi can be used to produce heirs to the almighty Uchiha clan." Hayate said with anger.

"I believe Konoha is the only village which allows Polygamy. I know that most do not and never will." Yamato replied.

"Point and case. Konoha needs to be knocked off its pedestal. They have let their ninjas become too arrogant." Joe remarked.

"Very well. Seeing as nobody wants an alliance with Konoha then this treaty serves no purpose." Yamato said throwing it in the trash.

"Glad to see the treaties discussions are over." Kushina commented.

"Anyone else has something they want to share?" Yamato asked as Boruto stood up.

"I have made a new henshin watch." Boruto said holding up the new watch.

"Whats the difference?" Madara asked not really seeing the difference.

"Multiple things that can revolutionize the way Uzu-no-kuni operates." Boruto responded with a smirk.

"So tell us about this upgrade." Yamato ordered..

"Well for on face on the clock is digital. Press the top right corner of the watch and the face will change to a clothing menu. You can put up to five different cloths in this watch. Each in their own individual slot."

"So how do we wear the cloths we selected?" Minato asked.

"The watch uses voice commands which you can set. So say if you were about to enter a fight and needed to put on your shinobi attire. You would say Ninja henshin and then a light would engulf you for about two seconds and bam. Your in your ninja attire." Boruto explained.

"Can you lock your watch?" Yamato asked just in case someone were to take their watch.

"The watch has a lock feature in case someone else tried to use it." Boruto answered.

"What else can this watch do?" Kushina asked with interest in her voice.

"Well the right corner button has a built in map of the elemental continents. Which when you press the button there a map would appear." Boruto said demonstrating it use as a astral projection of an map appeared.

"Wow." Naruto said in awe seeing the astral projection map.

"Now you can zoom in on the map by saying zoom." Boruto said as the map zoomed in as it showed exactly where Boruto was as he was a blue dot surrounded by green dots.

"Whats with the green dots?" Joe asked.

"The green are ninjas the watch can detect by the global positioning system or GPS for short. Now the GPS is hooked up to a satellite in space which we hacked to use this feature for our ninjas." Boruto said.

"Are their other dots?" Mizura asked.

"Purple are registered allies. Red are civilians. Blue is you." Boruto answered.

"What if it was a new land the watch doesn't know about?" Hiyaku asked. Boruto said nothing.

"It would make ambushes easier." Gosai commented.

"The next feature is a camera. Now to activate the camera you have to press the bottom left corner button." Boruto stated as he pressed the left corner button as the watchbands retracted.

"Now the way the camera works is that you would hold it like a regular camera. Most people should hold it sideways. Now the bottom left corner button is the shutter release. The top left corner button becomes the flash button which you could turn on and off. The bottom right corner button is the zoom. The top right corner button is the zoom-out button. The viewfinder is on the back of the watch." Boruto continued to list off.

"So I take it you press the bottom left corner button to cancel the camera mode right." Shippou stated.

"Yes, to cancel any mode you click the button again." Boruto replied as it reverted back to a watch.

"Do the watches use chakra?" Daichi asked.

"Only when the battery is depleted. You can use chakra to power the watch. Now the battery can recharge when your not using it."

"Any more features?" Yamato asked.

"The top right corner button is a built in radio. Just press this button and a menu of people who are your contacts you can call. Or you just say the phrase call for, then say the persons name."

"So can the radio be jammed?" Gosai asked.

"Depending on the area then, yes." Boruto answered.

"Can this new henshin watch be destroyed?" Daichi asked.

"Yes they can but when you are fighting, the watch would seal itself into your wrist."

"What if you were finished a fight and needed to change back into the attire you had on before?" Hayate asked.

"You just say power down and the attire you had on before comes back on."

"Nice upgrade. Have any more you want to share?" Yamato asked.

"I would have to say that this watch is as high tech we can get for now. We are now working on more chakra conducting devices as well as medical devices."

"When can we buy a watch?" Gozen asked.

"Tomorrow morning."

"Well I call this meeting to a close. Dismissed," Yamato said as the people in the audience left as well as the ninja and civilian clan heads.

"Well that was interesting." Kasumi said.

"Yeah it was. Man I can't wait to get our first mission now." Ryu stated as he wanted to try out the new henshin watch.

"Hey guys wait for me?" Saya asked as she walked over towards the group in her ninja attire.

"We heard your dads been giving you intense training." Ryu said to her.

"Yeah. He really is trying to make up time from the past when he couldn't train me." Saya replied.

"He just might have you on our team." Kasumi said.

"He already told me he talked to the Uzukage and they agreed once I'm up to standards then I will be joining your team." Saya answered.

"Well that means one thing." Ryu said.

"What's that?" Saya asked not knowing what it was.

"Were going to have to hang out more." Naruto stated as Saya was happy.

"I never was able to have a lot of friends so this is new." Saya replied as she was a little embarrassed.

"We're the best friends you could have." Kasumi stated reassuring Saya.

"Well lets go." Naruto said as he grabbed Saya's hand, which made her blush, and ran with the group of four outside.

Uzukage Tower: Uzukage Office; One month later

"Team Storm reporting for duty." Madara stated as Yamato looked at the team. He noticed that Saya now had a pair of sai's on her waist.

"So Madara what have you taught your team in the past month?" Yamato asked

"Elemental manipulation, alot of taijutsu, genjutsu, ninjutsu, as well as weaponry. They also know chunin tactics by our standards as well using a summoning contract." Madara replied.

"Summoning contracts. Which one's do they have?" Yamato asked with interest.

"Kasumi has the rabbit contract. Ryu has the fire dragon contract, seeing as how there are multiple dragon contracts. Saya has the phoenix contract thanks to Kushina as well as myself. Now Naruto has signed the eagle and the lion contract" Madara summarized what contracts they have.

"Interesting. Do they know when to use their summonings?" Yamato asked.

"Only summon the bosses if you need them. Summon the lower animals when your in battle." Naruto answered.

"What kind of mission do you think they can handle Madara?" Yamato inquired.

"Anything that can really help them gain experience," Madara said with a shrug.

"Alright then. I'm giving you an C-rank mission. The daimyo is reporting that their seems to be a new business organization in Bird Country who has set up shop in the country. Spiral Intelligence states that it could be a ninja organization known as Spider. This mission will probably end up as an B or A rank mission. Also on this mission Team Reptile and a team from Kusa will be joining you. Any questions?"

"When will we meet the team from Kusa?" Saya asked.

"They are going to meet you in Ame. Seeing as how today is Monday, you have until Wednesday to meet up with them. Friday you and the other teams should get to Bird country." Yamato replied.

"Does Team Reptile knows?" Ryu asked.

"I told them a few minutes earlier and they plan on meeting you at Forest Gate in about three hours. Oh and Team Storm, good luck," Yamato said as they left.

Three hours later. Forest Gate

"Team Storm. Reporting." Madara saluted to Kiseirei and Team Reptile.

"Glad to see your here Madara." a female said. She was wearing a pair of baggy black pants, a dark green shirt, and a heavy black jacket. She had dark green hair which was in a ponytail. She was wearing green gloves and had a pair of gauntlets on. Her body was slim as she had large b-cup bust and had a nice pair of hips. She was Hayai Kabuto. Jonin sensei of Team Reptile.

"Hey Naruto. Long time no see," Hagane said as he was in his ninja attire.

"You gotten muscular, huh?" Ryu remarked as he was wearing his ninja attire.

"Hey Kasumi." Yukina greeted as she was in her ninja attire.

"Hey Yukina, Hishou," Kasumi greeted back toYukina and Hishou,the second genin kunochi of Team Reptile. Hishou was in her ninja attire. Which was a light green skirt which stopped above her knee as under the skirt was a pair of black short. A white shirt,light green vest,and a pair of white shinobi shoes. As on her hands was a pair of white gloves. She had light green hair which went to her shoulders and blue eyes. As her body type was slim as she had a b-cup breast and hips of a fifteen year old and also a pair of nice legs.

"Where's Shinku?" Naruto said as he heard foot steps coming towards the group.

"Right hear," a voice responded. Naruto turned around to see no one was there behind him.

"Knock it off Shinku," Yukina scolded her teammate.

"Alright then." Shinku pouted as he became visible. He was from the Chameleon clan whose kekki genkai allowed them to actually become invisible and not be detected at all. He was in his ninja attire which was a pair of black pants and a black vest with a crimson long sleeved shirt. He had spikey black hair and black eyes.

"I see you improved." Naruto commented..

"Yeah, I know you were the first to pinpoint me when you turned around." Shinku replied.

"So are you guys ready to go?" Saya asked.

"Team Storm, Team Reptile. Prepare to leave." Kiseirei ordered as he lead them to the end of the forest.

"See you when we get back." Naruto waved at him.

"Stay safe." Kiseirei said as he watched the two teams leave and make their way to Ame.

And Cut


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Chapter 3:Birds and Grass