My Screwed Up Life

Chapter 18

Brave Claire Part II

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Mmmm death, it felt really good. Everything was dark and peaceful, kind of like I was sleeping. The pain was completely gone and blissful sleep is all that clouded my mind.

Suddenly, a thought struck me, is Quil or David worried about me? Wait, who's Quil? Who's David?

I searched through the memories in my head but then panic-strickenly realized that I had none. Now that I thought about it, who was I? My panic started to cause a pain in my arms and head, and once I thought about it…my chest started to hurt, too.

What happened to the peace? Being dead was not supposed to hurt like this.

Far too abruptly for my liking I woke up, back in the real living world, to find my arm wrapped in a towel and a large shirt being pressed against my head.

Hands pressed firmly down on my chest in a steady rhythm, causing my ribs to ache. My eyes were still sealed shut and as my lungs began to burn I realized I wasn't breathing. Sharply, I inhaled the cold air around me, satisfying my lungs.

The compressions on me stopped and warmth suddenly radiated near my face. The heat felt good against my skin and I was about to reach out and touch it, but it pulled away.

"No…" I whispered so faintly that I could barely hear myself, but just because I couldn't didn't mean that another person couldn't.

"Claire? Oh my gosh, Claire! Oh my gosh you're okay…" David's worried voice rang through my ears.

I was still lying on the ice covered floor and the smell of blood was pungent around me. I reached my hand toward David's heat, the hand with the cast, and he pressed my fingers against his cheek. They were wet with warm tears that steadily flowed onto my fingertips. With much effort, my eyes fluttered open to see my cute farm boy hovering over me with a relieved look on his face and tears leaving stains on his cheeks.

Despite the situation, I smiled, "David, it's ok. You don't need to cry, Collin and Brady would laugh their asses off if they saw you right now!"

A comforted smile appeared on his face and he squeezed my hand that was still firmly pressed against his face.

"Please don't tell them, okay?"

I started to laugh, but the pain was too much and my laugh, halfway through, came out as a wheeze. Panic returned to David and so that it would distract him I blurted out, "Eww I'm so cold." Luckily for me, it worked because he gingerly picked me up and set me carefully on my bed. After making sure he shut the window and I crawled under my cozy bed sheets, he started to leave.

"No, David!" I mock-shouted.


"I'm still cold."

David's blank expression turned thoughtful and he carefully flopped onto the bed; of course he was on the top sheets. I turned onto my side and David snuggled close to me, putting his arm around my stomach. I fell blissfully into a deep sleep in the arms of my imprint.


"Awe look how cute our little Claire bear is! All snuggled against David! If it were any other couple I'd be gagging right about now. I mean look at them, they're practically spooning."

"Dude, I know right? This guy is totally whipped! It's only a matter of time before she's got his ba-"

"Collin don't even think about finishing that sentence!" David demanded. His voice was extremely close to my ear and I could feel his breath against my neck.

"Sorry David, didn't even know you were awake!" Brady claimed cheerfully, not even phased that David had been listening. Then again, I was listening too and no one knew it. Hehe sneaky, sneaky me.

"Yea, yea…Why couldn't you two have gotten eaten by a leech or something?" David softly questioned.

Brady and Collin went silent and uneasiness settled into the room. "Um, there's something we need to tell you…and for damned sake man, get off of her!" Collin's voice went from somber to disgusted, but David (not to my liking) unwound his arms from around me and sat up.

"What's up?" He asked lightly.

There was a pause before Collin answered, "A vamp attacked T.J…. he…he got bit and…didn't make it to the morning. One almost got Quil, too. He broke a lot of bones and hasn't been able to phase back yet."

No way. There was no way it was true. T.J. dead and Quil maimed? I refused to believe it, but my heart and eyes thought otherwise. A tear rolled down my face and landed with a soft drop onto my pillow, but luckily no one noticed. Hollowness formed in my chest and it started to ache almost as bad as my head wound…

Oh my, I completely forgot about that! Thinking about it caused the pain to roar its gruesome head and I couldn't help it, I winced. The room went quite and I could feel everyone's stares on me. Well Claire, I thought to myself, it's time to be brave and face the horrible, unforgiving world.

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