My Screwed Up Life

Chapter 19

Kidnapped Claire!

Poll: Still tied between David and Quil!


Gosh, when you face a near death experience, it seems like everyone around you looses their minds! First it was David freaking out cause I basically did die, then the boys being all brotherly-protective-ish, then Aunt Emily insisting I go to the hospital, then Uncle Sam swearing he'll never let me out of his sight again. Of course I appreciated all the sympathy, but I felt so smothered and really embarrassed. I didn't really like being the center of attention, and when I was I was really uncomfortable.

I also felt bad for the hospital people; ever since I showed up at La Push, their file on me grew extensively. When I arrived there and my doctor pulled out my file, it was about four inches thick. He greeted me with, "Hello, Claire. Where are you hurt and what were you doing?"

Of course, just as I explained to Aunt Emily and Uncle Sam, my injuries really weren't that bad. It was just a severe head wound and a deep gash, both with at least five stitches or staples or whatever, that would heal up in a few weeks. I really wasn't that hurt.

A few days after the surprise battle we held a funeral for TJ. I have to say that that was the second saddest thing I had to do in my life. Of course, everyone was fitted in black and we held the funeral outside, near the beach. All of the pack was too choked up to say the eulogy and none of the imprints knew him as well as I did, so I had to give it. The whole time tears were streaming down my face and I would have killed for a tissue, but for some reason giving the eulogy gave me a sense of closure. I was going to miss my white wolf, my wolf that would always remain in the background and quietly observe, my wolf that promised to one day show me how to make toast without burning it, my wolf that was always there to catch me if I stumbled and almost face-planted at school…who's going to sit next to me in Social Studies and Science now? Damn, I was completely heartbroken over this.

Carved into a stone, next to a tree on the beach, was:

In memory of Talon Jameson (TJ) Prett, our White Wolf.

Seeing Quil in his crippled state didn't help either. Even a few days post-attack, he still couldn't phase back into a human. We had a doctor (that knew about the wolves) check up on Quil every few days, but every single day I would visit him and stay with him. It didn't matter if he had a million broken bones or if he was a wolf for eternity, I still loved him enough to stand by him.

It was a Saturday evening when I was watching The Dark Knight with David on my couch. Just as the cell phone bomb exploded from the man's stomach, I mini-screamed and shoved my face into David's shoulder. Of course, he laughed at my squeamishness and simply kissed the top of my head in comfort.

I looked up at him like he was crazy and asked, "You really think that will make it better? I just watched a man's guts fly all over a room!"

My hands flew to my stomach to make sure it was still intact. That just induced more laughs from David as he slung his arm around my shoulders, "Claire, Hun, you're fine! It's just a movie. You have to admit that Heath Ledger plays a pretty good Joker."

"Yes, of course I do," I automatically replied, "But he was way cuter as William in A Knight's Tale! I can't believe he's dead…"

Right after I said it, tears welled in my eyes and I thought of TJ.

"David," I whispered, "I'm going to miss him."

He knew I wasn't talking about Heath Ledger, "I know Hun, and we all miss him."

David looked down at me and wiped away my tears with his thumb, "It's alright."

I nodded and looked back to the movie screen, just as Rachel was being blow to smithereens. Again, I mini-screamed an retreated to David's shoulder.

This time instead of laughing, David sighed, put two fingers under my chin and made me look at him. A small smile was on his face when he asked, "Do you want to turn it off?"

I stared into his deep blue eyes and slowly nodded my head no. He smiled wider and the freckles bridging his nose shifted, damn I loved that.

He bent down and sweetly kissed my nose. I closed my eyes and the next thing I knew his lips were mere inches from mine, I could tell from his warm breath. Before he could kiss me, he stiffened up and snapped his head toward the window.

"Vampires." He breathed.

That word sent images reeling through my mind: that vampire with the white hair and mischievous red eyes sinking her teeth into me, Marrisol trying to coax me into coming with her…both unpleasant images.

David raced to the door and locked it. "It's not like a lock is going to-ah!" I couldn't finish before he slung me over his shoulder and started racing to the kitchen. He burst through the back door and set me down on the porch.

"David what are you-" Before I could complete my sentence he had vaulted over the railing and exploded into a wolf. I didn't need him to tell me what to do next.

Sliding under the railing, I landed right on his back and away we flew.

David was running so fast that everything was a blur around us. I shoved my face into his orange fur, trying to look at what was ahead of me made my stomach turn. It was too dark to see much anyway.

One sharp and abrupt jolt sent me flying off of David's back. Everything was in slow motion, I could see absolutely nothing, not even the tree that I crashed into. As my body smashed into the bark, I could feel the stitches ripping open on my arm and the staples giving in on my skull. The bark dug into my back and I could feel my blood slowly creep through my hair and down my arm. A sick feeling crept up my throat, like I was about to throw up and when I opened my eyes my vision was blurred. All I could see was a blob of orange and random white spots charging each other.

Just as the blob of orange was struck down, icy cold arms wrapped around my limp body and lightly lifted me from the ground.

OH NO! Claire's been kidnapped by vampires! What will happen next?

Well stay tuned and you'll find out my pretties.


Haha, love you guys!

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