Chapter 2

Sad, Lucky and Scared Claire

I ended up deciding to take Vivvian to the hospital, so a doctor could take care of her broken and badly bleeding arm. The only problem was that I had absolutely no idea where the hospital was. I was in the middle of the woods and had no idea how to get anywhere. "Vivvian, which way should I go," I asked. All I got for a reply were words too slurred with pain to understand, so I just decided to go west until I found a place. I soon found a little general store and I went inside. "Good lord, what has happened to that little girl," the cashier asked in a horrified voice. She was tall and looked a little bit like Vivvian, only she looked more Italian then Vivvian did.

"She's hurt." Was all I could reply through the tears, I just realized I was crying. "Where's the nearest hospital?" I asked with a sniffle. "How do you intend on getting there?" She asked in a worried voice. "I'll walk with her in my arms." I replied. "Nonsense, I'll take you." She said.

Then she whirled around and went through a door marked "Manager". I was guessing she left to go talk with her boss about leaving. Her boss must have agreed because she came back quickly and ushered us into her car. "What's your name?" She asked. "Well my name's Claire and this is my sister Vivvian, what's yours?" I asked. We hit a bump and Vivvian winced, poor girl. "My name is Aneeda ," she answered. We were soon at the hospital and I quickly thanked Aneeda.

I burst through the hospital doors and I screamed, "Somebody please help her!" as I felt more of her blood drip down my arm. About two seconds later, three nurses carried Vivvian to a room and started working on her. I couldn't bear to watch my poor little sister like this as they stopped the blood flow. Poor Vivvian was even beautiful in pain, her pure green eyes shone like emeralds; her pale complexion complimented her dark brown curly hair, fanned out all around her.

The doctor pulled me aside and asked me what our names were. I told him and I also told him that we couldn't go back to our parents. He didn't bother asking why. After Vivvian was all casted up the doctor asked how we planned on paying. I froze. I barely had enough money to keep us alive let alone to pay a hospital bill. "I don't have any money," I sadly told the doctor. He only shook his head and motioned for Vivvian and me to follow him. We did as we were told and we ended up in the parking lot heading towards the doctor's car.

We silently drove to a diner. I quickly learned that the doctor's name was Aaron Patton. Once we were inside the doctor offered us food. We both shook our heads no, not wanting to add more to our bill. "Ok then, so why can't you go back to your parents," he slowly asked. "Well, this girls' father," I said while looking at Vivvian, "and my step-father, is very abusive. He's the one who broke my sister's arm. My mother just stood back and watched as he stepped on it in his boots. So we have quite rotten parents," I finished with a breath. "Well I'll tell you what, I'll pay for the bill, if you allow me to report this man to the police," Doctor Aaron said. At first I just sat there looking bewildered. The next thing I know I'm hugging Aaron while tears are streaming down my face. "Thank you," I repeat a million times.

After we say good bye to Aaron, Vivvian asked,"What do we do now?" That was a question that I could not answer, because to tell you the truth, I really didn't know what to do next.