(A/N: Well, well. I've always really wanted to write a St Trinians fic. =P It's like, my favourite movie in the whole wide world but I can never sit down and write anything without feeling like I need some aspirin after. But aspiration has come to me! Hurrah! In the form of an Andrea/Taylor, Zoe/Bianca and Kelly/Annabelle fic. Thank god for that. ;D)

Summary: Annabelle gets curious with the whole chav, excuse me, rude girls vs. emo's and phones Kelly to try and understand more. That and the rising tension between Zoe, Bianca, Andrea and Taylor is driving her slowly insane.

Chapter Summary: Annabelle finds the urge to discover more about the history of rude girls (chavs) vs. emo's and why it only seems more explicit in the main two 'couples' (and I say that term loosely) of St Trinians.

Opposites Equals Attraction?

Annabelle understood chaos when she saw it and right at this moment; she couldn't help but see chaos in the 'chav/rude girl' area of the dorms.

"Oi! Where the hell has my hoops gone?" Taylor was searching frantically for her hoop earrings, panic clear over her face as she tossed pillows behind her to search for her precious earrings.

"Ehhh, y'know something Tay? I think I saw Jess with them," Bianca said with a smug smirk, pointing casually at the exit where Annabelle stood. "Said she looked proper good with them on."

Annabelle resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Lately Bianca had begun playing 'pranks' on everyone within her radar, but what made the pranks more irritating was the fact that Bianca played them mostly on her fellow chavs with no shame whatsoever.

Sooner or later, Bianca would start a riot and as Head Girl, Annabelle would have to be the one to stop it.

She held in a deep sigh. She really wished Kelly was here…It was so much simpler with Kelly here. Kelly could most likely handle Bianca but right at this moment (with so much going on until she had to leave to go to Uni) Annabelle found it hard to even concentrate at the moment; never mind sort Bianca out.

"What? Schemin' little…" Taylor groaned, tossing her pillows back into their normal position with a huff.

"Eight-lettered word? Thought your maximum was three," Andrea seemed to quip up from the opposite side of the room where the emo's lay; dark lips curled upwards into a full-blown smirk.

"Go lie in ya coffin Morticia," Taylor retorted, flopping back onto her bed with both arms and legs crossed.

Annabelle checked the clock next to the Posh Totties beauty parlour. Five minutes past 1 in the afternoon and they were already at each other like wildfire.

She really, really, really missed Kelly.

"Go fall on those hoops of yours. The pointy end preferably," Andrea seemed to smile even wider at her own words; curling around her knife-shaped pillows with such a devilish look - well, more devilish than her original look - that it made Annabelle clutch her forehead.

When would there be a day where everything would be fine and she wouldn't have to leave Andrea and Taylor in the separate restraining rooms where Chelsea and Peaches lashed them (with words and whips alike) until both girls were calm enough not to glance at the other when they went back upstairs to their private corners.

Taylor shot up, mouth agape.

"Oi!" The chav leant over her bed to grasp at an old newspaper cutting and with a scowl, Taylor scrunched the paper up and chucked it at the emo girl; hitting Andrea square in the nose.

The emo ignored Taylor however and rolled over so that she was face-to-face with another one of her friends; the act of indifference making the chav freeze up inside at the realization that she only had Bianca to talk to.

Annabelle let her lips form into a sympathetic pout as she watched the chav turn on to her back to stare up at the ceiling with soft, hazel eyes that Annabelle didn't know Taylor possessed.

'She probably misses Kelly too.' The Head Girl shrugged her shoulders questioningly at her own thought. 'And Andrea is practically ignoring almost all her little jabs. THAT and she's only got Bianca for company.'

It's not that Taylor didn't like Bianca (or so Annabelle kept telling herself before she went to bed because hey, being Head Girl was tough) it was most likely the fact that Bianca was going through a phase of 'one-woman-army-against-the-whole-world-even-your-so-called-friends' and that meant awkwardness between them.

"Oh, oh!" Bianca suddenly shot up from her own bed, pulling off her tracksuit jacket to fling it across the room where it landed over by Andrea and her minions - one even daring enough to snatch it and shuffle to a private corner where they remained hidden from the fellow chav's gazes.

Annabelle felt somebody brush past her, the coldness of that person's skin making her jump in surprise until she noticed the unusual style of that person's hair and the familiar clothing that you couldn't catch on any old emo.

Zoe had returned from whatever she had been doing and that could only mean more trouble if Bianca was in the same room.

Literally. It was like they were magnets. Same for Andrea and Taylor. Apart from Andrea didn't seem to be able to work herself up enough to snap back at Taylor which was causing the chav some sort of…Depression?

After this, Annabelle decided she needed to call Kelly. And fast. Because she needed to know why. Why were these two couplings of people drawn together when others that were just as opposites as emo's and chavs weren't as connected?

"Finally popped up from ya coffin didja Chucky?" Bianca sneered, jumping over a few sleeping First Years to get more closer to Zoe; her arms folded together while she leaned over the smaller girl with that confident smirk that managed to anger almost everybody.

"Miss me, chav?" Zoe hissed, looking up at Bianca with such fierce loathing that Annabelle felt her face go red at the intensity of Zoe's and Bianca's stare-off.

"Rude girl, man. Not chav. Rude girl. Ya hear me?" Bianca talked down to Zoe, her height differing so largely from the other girl that Annabelle took two steps forwards just in case Bianca decided that her fist was getting kinda bored and felt like saying hello to Zoe's face.

"Unfortunately," Zoe smiled that sickly (not to mention, fake) smile at the older girl and pressed a hand against the rude girl's stomach to push Bianca back. "Now get out of my way."

The way Bianca's expression changed was almost laughable, even when Zoe passed her, Bianca still held the expression of someone who had just been laughed at for saying something retarded.

The rude girl recovered her usual poised stance almost instantly after Zoe pushed past her; her hands moving through her hair and her lower lip was pouted out. "Jog on then."

"I believe the phrase is walking," Zoe shot over her shoulder with a growl; pressing herself up hard against one of the First Years bed supports.

"Yeah well…" Bianca held her fist up high; the gesture turning everyone's attention (apart from Taylor who was pretty much amusing herself with a magazine) towards the rude girl. "I don't think that you and me are finished talking, eh? Can't just ignore me like that and think you -"

Zoe snorted, trying to hold back her usual sadistic grin and failing miserably. "Whatever you say, chav."

Annabelle saw Bianca's eyes flash and her immediate reaction was to cross the room to where Zoe was (and where Bianca was storming towards) to catch the rude girl's wrist to stop her from shoving her fist down Zoe's throat.

"I swear down man," Bianca breathed deeply, her face so close to the emo's that Annabelle could feel Zoe's breath on her face when she moved her own face closer to the pair. "Just wait until we're on our own."

Zoe quirked her lips into a suave smirk, shrugging her shoulders. "Looking forward to it."

Annabelle bit her lip, lifting an eyebrow in a curious manner at Zoe's…Delightful way of wording.

'If I didn't know better, I'd say Zoe just hit on Bianca. But as I said. I know better than that.'

Just as Zoe was about to move, Bianca used her free hand to block Zoe's path with a slam of her palm against the pine of the First Years bedposts.

Okay, this was getting too suggestive and if Annabelle knew the girls at St Trinians, then she knew that if she didn't separate Bianca from Zoe then the rumours about them two would fly all around the school - causing more anger and tension between the two of them.

"Bianca, just leave it," Annabelle pulled roughly against Bianca's wrist; tossing the rude girl back to leave room for Zoe to leave the area which Bianca had previously blocked.

Good. Fight between Zoe and Bianca was now officially put off. For about a minute or so.

Annabelle turned towards the Geeks area and gestured to a young geek to phone for Chelsea and Peaches; pointing directly at the button where there was a picture of a box and two whips lying next to it.

If both Zoe and Bianca were in the two separate restraining rooms and Andrea and Taylor were 'temporally' ignoring each other that meant that Annabelle had enough time to call the girl she had wanted to call at the first moment she had stepped into the dormitories.

"Hey…Is this a bad time to be calling you? I don't know what time it is where-" Annabelle let out a nervous laugh. "Wherever the hell you are."

"Australia luv," Kelly yawned from the other end of the phone, scratching the back of her head. "But don't worry. Just talk to me. I haven't heard from you for a while."

Unexpectedly (to Annabelle anyway) the Head Girl found herself blushing for no apparent reason apart from the fact that at the moment she was hearing Kelly Jone's voice, and that uncomfortable coldness in her heart warmed immediately at hearing such a familiar sound.

Smiling, Annabelle pressed her mobile harder against her ear - almost as if this would help her be closer to the past Head Girl.

"I know but you wasn't picking up when I was calling your mobile before…" Annabelle herself trail off, twirling one of her curls around her index finger with her lower lip trapped between her teeth. "Thought you didn't want to chat."

"Yeah, well you're an idiot for thinking so." And despite the words of the teasing Kelly Jones, Annabelle laughed quietly to herself.

"Excuse me for you not answering," She countered with another laugh; letting herself sink further down into the cushions of the sofa she was perched on.

"Excuse me for you getting the wrong idea," Kelly replied with another large yawn and a soft grunt.

"You're excused. And are you sure you wanna talk? You sound deadbeat," Annabelle shifted on the couch; glaring at two Amy Winehouse look-alikes that were stalking near her area. They both scuttled off, cursing angrily at each other for being caught out.

God, she sure loved having power when it came to being Head Girl.

"Listen Belle, just spit it out. I love you n all but a girl needs her beauty sleep."

"Okay, okay. I just wanted to ask you about Taylor and Andrea." Well god damn, that was a great thing to say when your best friend (well, isn't she my girlfriend? Wait, what? The hell?) just wants to talk. Bring up a problem!

"Andrea and Taylor? Huh. I thought those two had calmed down with each other."

"Well. You could say that. But. I wouldn't exactly say that."

Kelly sighed. "Annabelle…Just tell me what's wrong before I go insane."

"Right! Well basically, Andrea is ignoring Taylor so much that Taylor is sorta, well…She's depressed. Literally. It's like she hasn't got energy for anything," Annabelle explained; letting her mind wonder on her other problem that was named 'Bianca and Zoe'.

"That's not really unusual y'know Belle?" Kelly's answer shocked Annabelle to the core and caused the Head Girl to almost choke out a laugh.

"You're joking right? Taylor and Andrea are usually tearing each other apart by the first word one says to the other. So what is the deal with those two?" Annabelle looked over her shoulder as she spoke, wary that somebody might be listening in on her conversation with Kelly.

"Annabelle, Taylor and Andrea are just two opposites. Surely you know the phrase?" Kelly laughed through the phone; the result being that Annabelle jumped slightly at such a loud sound bursting through her ears all at once. "To describe opposites?"

Annabelle cocked her head to the side for a moment in thought. To describe opposites? Strangely enough her mind ventured onto Zoe and Bianca when it came to opposites (though she felt the same way when it came to Taylor and Andrea) and the whole scenario between the rude girl and emo that had only occurred half an hour ago.

"Pft." Annabelle snorted at the answer that instantly came to her head. "You've got to be kidding me. If that's true then why aren't all the chavs and emo's going out with each other? That's insanity talking Kelly."

"Trust me Annabelle. Andrea and Taylor are my best friends. I know them better than anyone and believe me when I say that the term 'opposites attract' fit them together," Kelly answered the Head Girl with her usual sultry tone; confident that she was in fact right in her revelation.

"Okay, I'll give you that. I'll even say, sure to the whole Taylor-and-Andrea-being-together thing but c'mon Kelly. If that's true, what is with the whole Emo vs. Chav thing? It doesn't make sense," Annabelle found herself arguing, still mighty confused with the whole ideal.

"Sexual tension? Beats me, but if you don't think I'm right why don't you do some research of your own? Then when I get home, you can prove me wrong. But if I'm right…"

Uh oh. Annabelle almost hit herself. This is what happened when you just didn't agree with Kelly, sure it would be less fun if you did do that, but now she would most likely be at Kelly's mercy if she failed.

"Then I get to do whatever I want with you. Until I get tired that is. Then you're free to go."

Yep. She just knew that was coming. It was her own fault really but whatever, Annabelle had no time to play the blame game.

Instead she just coughed to try to get rid of the butterflies in her stomach. "Well, that sounds…Promising."

"Doesn't it just? Well. I'm sure you're going to be busy for the next month or so. So I'll leave you to it. Good luck Belle." Kelly left with an impish laugh that broke Annabelle away from her train of thought.

The Head Girl slumped. Great…Prove Kelly wrong? She didn't know if that was possible.

Especially when it came to Andrea and Taylor…And Zoe and Bianca as an after thought.

Okay…So if she wanted to prove Kelly wrong that would also mean she'd have to spy on the two couples and that would mean that if anything 'did' happen between them it would be almost out in the open for everyone to see.


She couldn't ask the Geeks at St Trinians because that would mean more people would be on to her little investigation; more people meant that her plan would eventually get out in the open.

So nobody inside St Trinians could help her.

But she knew somebody outside who could.