Chapter Summary: Annabelle finds a way to make Bianca and Zoe get on. Sort of. Taylor's depression comes to a halt when she finds a friend in someone she never thought she'd be able to relate to in a million years.

Ooh Chains!

Ever since the incident of, oh, Andrea trying hard not to punch the living daylights out of Taylor on the roof; the two had begun to play a game of hide-and-not-so-seek with each other.

Even when Miss Dickinson (the only teacher who actually taught anything in the damn school) made her to sit next to Andrea in almost every lesson they had with the English teacher, Taylor argued harder than before until Miss Dickinson relented and made her sit by Chelsea - who was staring idly at the curve of Miss Dickinson's face whenever she had the chance.

"Oi," Taylor nudged the Posh Totty one day after having a screaming match with Andrea when the emo girl had kicked her out of her seat and told her to go sit by Chelsea because hell, Andrea would rather sit by Bianca than her.

Of course Bianca had scoffed at that, mumbling something about suicidal rates which caused Zoe to glare at the rude girl like she was nothing but dirt on the emo girl's shoe.

"Oi!" Taylor said louder, earning a scowl from the blonde who had been reapplying her make-up when Miss Dickinson's back was turned. "What you find so interesting about the front of the class, eh?"

Chelsea rolled her eyes and let her eyes flicker over to the place where Andrea was sitting, feet up on her desk with a bored expression on her face.

"What do you find so interesting about her?" Chelsea snorted a laugh when Taylor growled at her and folded her arms, trying to look like she wasn't affected by the Totty's words.

"How 'bout you go back to looking at the front, yeah?" Taylor snarled, glancing out of the window to avoid Chelsea's smug smirk that the chav felt against the back of her head.

"With pleasure," Chelsea giggled dreamily and turned back to listen to Miss Dickinson's lecture with uncharacteristic happiness, the whole thing making Taylor wish she was sitting next to Andrea rather than this day-dreaming idiot.

"Taylor, are you paying attention to this?" And that is it. Taylor can not take this shit anymore. So she kicks the table over that she and Chelsea are sharing and storms out of the class with a quick, sharp 'whatever' when the emo's start to jeer and laugh at her.

Bianca whistles and shakes her head. "Damn Miss, you really got Tay worked up. Like damn."

"Excuse the idiot," Zoe quips up from behind the rude girl, smirking devilishly when Bianca turns around to address the emo girl with a frown.

"You talking to me Chuckster?" Bianca spat, starting to rise from her chair with her hands curled into fists.

"Of course not, I was obviously talking to another," and that was when Andrea knew she had to intervene before Zoe got herself killed. "…chav."

Andrea kicked her chair out to where Bianca was just about to walk out from behind her desk, cringing when the rude girl lost her balance and flipped over the chair to slump unconscious on Polly's table.

"Andrea!" Miss Dickinson cried out at the emo girl, hands over her mouth while she tittered over to Polly's table to check if Bianca was actually alright. Apart from the unconsciousness.

Andrea shrugged in response and half-smiled at Zoe, telling herself that Zoe owed her big time for saving her ass from the rude girl.

Andrea was just about to leave the classroom herself to get some air (that and she really needed a drink) when she was stopped by Chelsea standing in front of her desk, bent over with hands on her shoulders.

"What the fuck?" Andrea growled, shrugging Chelsea's wandering hands off her shoulders with a glare.

"If you won't go after her, then I will!" Chelsea then straightened up her back defiantly, gave Andrea the most evilest look the emo girl had ever received in her fairly short life and stormed off; slamming the class door with a bang louder than Taylor's.

At the looks she received (off emo's, chavs, geeks and eco's alike) Andrea scowled and kicked her own table over, growling slightly at Zoë's haughty smirk that made Andrea want to punch the other girl in the face.

"Hi Taylor!" Chelsea greeted the chav with an overenthusiastic hug, startling Taylor into absolute silence where if she had her senses, she'd most likely be shoving the Posh Totty away in case someone got the wrong message.

"Gerroff!" Taylor squealed when Chelsea (who instead of hugging her like any normal person would) had pushed herself on top of the chav, clutching at Taylor like a baby would a mother that simply wanted to be cradled.

"First admit you like Andrea!" Chelsea laughed, grappling Taylor's wrists with her hands and pinning them to the chav's sides.

"What? You messed up in the head or something? No way in hell do I like that messed up bint!" Taylor whined, trying desperately to lift Chelsea off her legs and failing miserably.

"Oh but Taylorrr…" Chelsea singsongs the chav's name in a way that Taylor really wants to punch Chelsea in her friggen Posh Totty gob. "It's so obvious that you do like her!"

"Who are you to tell me who I like eh?" Taylor screamed furiously at the blonde, scrunching her digits up into fists that are so ready to strike Chelsea down it almost feels good to feel this angry at someone. "You don't know crap! You just sit there fantasizing 'bout Miss Dickenson all through the lesson! Ya don't know nothing 'bout me!"

Chelsea pulled back from her assault of hugging the chav, looking displeased at the change of subject. "But Taylor, you and Andrea would be so cute together! I mean, you, the one who has the fashion-sense of a toadstool, and Andrea who has the mind of a funeral dictator. It's perfect!"

"And I call bullshit at the idea!"

"Your opinion doesn't really matter Taylor, you and Andrea like each other and that is the end of that," Chelsea silenced Taylor's protests by pressing a hand over the chav's mouth with a light, playful grin on her face. "I just don't see why you can't admit it to yourself when it's perfectly clear."

At that, Taylor stopped struggling and instead slumped against the marble floor of the St Trinians science room; truly wishing that the ground would decide to take pity on her and swallow her whole. "You talk some crap Tottie."

"I talk the truth you mean!" Chelsea replied with a girlish laugh, getting up off the chav to point directly at the classroom door they had just come from. "You think Andrea's hot!"

"Do not!" Taylor argued once she had scrambled up from her position on the floor; arms crossed across her chest.

"Do too!" Chelsea argued with a pleasant squeak, grabbing Taylor's wrist and swinging it slightly. "It's alright y'know, I won't tell anyone. It can be our little secret, right Taylor?"

She had no idea why, but the thought of sharing something so important and so secretive with Chelsea aggravated Taylor to the max and she found herself lashing out instantly.

"Yeah! 'Course you'll keep it a secret, won't cha?" Taylor snarled, pushing Chelsea's hands off with another grunt. "Then one day Peaches will know, then the Geeks, then the Eco's and then the Emos! I'm not stupid y'know?"

"Now that's not true!" Chelsea protested, smiling wanly with that love-sick love on her face that Taylor only saw in English class. Stupid twat of a Tottie. "I'm actually very reliable! Besides! Why would I tell anyone? It's not my decision now is it?"

Taylor felt herself fall back a little to land on the staircase she had just come down from, all of a sudden feeling light headed at the Tottie's words. "What? Are you tryna talk some shit with me? Tryna get me to confess I have feelings for 'Ticia so you can spread it?"

"No!" Chelsea continued to protest, her hands curling tightly in the blonde locks of hair to express her annoyance with Taylor. "I'm trying to help you! It may be confusing to you because Annabelle leant me some of her books about 'Coming Out' from Kelly and-"

"I ain't gay!" Taylor found herself screeching all of a sudden, hiding her head in the palms of her hands in a rather immature attempt to block Chelsea's voice out her head. She wasn't gay. Chelsea must have been smoking some weird joint or something because she had never dropped hints she was gay. She wasn't gay for cryin' out loud!

Chelsea merely blinked at her, obviously unsure on what her next action was to be or to say without being accusatory or sounding a bit like a Geek.

Instead Chelsea planted herself next to the depressed chav, feeling more than a little bit sorry for her; and when she first met Taylor she had absolutely hated her too! Funny how things worked out when you both had something in common with one another.

Chelsea allowed a few silent moments to pass between them both before throwing her arms around the chav, holding Taylor down tightly even when she began to struggle angrily.

"It's alright Taylor! We'll get through this together! If you're gay then I don't care! Men are only good for one thing, women are good for six!" The Tottie bellowed with a laugh, tugging Taylor's head further into her chest as she hugged the chav tighter.

"Gerroff me!" Taylor groaned despite feeling something weird starting to wriggle inside her chest. It was warm too and it made her legs and arms feel number than ever. "I ain't bothered about your crappy advice!"

"Aw, it's okay Taylor! I'll be here if you need me! We'll get Andrea to like you in no time!" Chelsea even felt nice enough that day to ruffle the chav's brunette locks. "But we really need to get you a new outfit…You're terrible at this!"

Just before Taylor could retort, both girls heard a large bang and the sound of Annabelle's voice blaring through the walls of the school; loud enough that they felt the ground shake underneath them slightly.

Taylor glared up at the ceiling from where she guessed Annabelle was with narrowed eyes and a pout. "The hell is that?"

"You skanky little!"

Zoe moved to the right as Bianca dove once more at her; grinning smugly when the Rude Girl ended up landing in a pile of magazines the rest of the Emo's had left open to try and traumatize passing First Years.

"Careful there chav," Zoe scoffed with another laugh, moving away from the fallen Rude Girl to waltz her way towards her coffin-shaped bed to sit down on. "Andrea doesn't like people snooping through her stuff at this time in the afternoon."

Bianca growled as she got up from the magazine pile she had fallen on, snatching one magazine to chuck at the laughing Emo with a vicious snarl. "Like I'd read this crap! Come on and fight me like a real motherfucker does, or ain't you got the balls Chucky?"

"If I had balls then believe me…" Zoe trailed off with a menacing smirk and a glint in her eyes that Bianca didn't trust at all.

Still whatever Zoe was talking about didn't scare her at all, she even showed that she wasn't god damn scared of this freak by once more tossing her trackie jacket off with a sneer; taunting the Emo even more. "Come then Chuckster! You and my fist ain't been properly introduced yet, why don't we fix that?"

"Depending on where you're going to plant that fist," Zoe remarked once more with that teasing glint that Bianca didn't understand because never in her life had she never seen that before in Zoë's eyes whenever the Emo glared at her. "There's a few certain places I'd rather you not."

"Oh yeah?" Bianca continued to mock the shorter girl (even though she was still at the opposite side of the room from the Emo) with a fake laugh, crossing her arms to try and look more intimidating. "Too bad Chuckster, you don't get to choose in this shit!"

Zoe once more just leant back against the post of her bed, clicking her tongue in humour at the thick-headed Rude Girl - feeling more exhilarated at Bianca's anger by the second; it was one of those things that gave her a little kick at being able to unknowingly predict Bianca's mood as if she was predicting the weather.

"So you're just going to stand there Chav?" Zoe purred with a seductive lick of her lips, wetting them to give them some more moist - knowing very well how it'd look. "Or you actually going to do something about me?"

At that stupid smirk that was on Zoë's lips, Bianca saw a deep, crimson red. "I ain't telling you again man!" She bellowed with a sneer, getting rid of her trackie jacket and tying it around her waist. "You call me a fucking chav again and I'm a skin you alive!"

Zoe was used to Bianca's threats by now, so in return just smirked cockily at the Rude Girl. "I doubt you have the guts to touch me. You don't do sod all as it is after all."

Before Zoe could taunt Bianca even more, she was shocked to discover that the Rude Girl was storming towards her in a power walk of complete, utter fury that Zoe felt something cold fall into the pit of her stomach that made her lurch off her bed to try and escape.

"Oh hell to the no!" Bianca's scream made Zoe stumble and unexpectedly she found herself pinned up against one of the Geek's 'homework' walls with Bianca's arms pressed up against her wrists. "You think you can get away callin' me that? Think again Chuckster!"

A loud bang made Bianca jump and for her grip on Zoe's wrist to lessen slightly, but before Zoe can take advantage of that there is another sound that sounds suspiciously like Annabelle that fills her ears and then she feels fingers intertwine with her own that are warm and smooth.

Zoe soon realized that her fingers were curled up in Bianca's own and with that tried to tug them away, instead ending up with Bianca falling on top of her in a yowl of fury and pain.

"Zoe! Bianca!" Zoe can just about hear Annabelle over Bianca's screams and before she can kick the Rude Girl off her, Bianca and herself (her wrist trapped in between Bianca's long fingers) was pulled off from the floor and slammed against a wall - both of their shoulders trapped between Annabelle's palms and the wall.

Bianca's fingers are still trapping her wrist, yet when Zoe attempted to pull away Annabelle just glared at her - the hard look in the Head Girl's eyes forcing Zoe to a stand-still.

"What the HELL do you think you two are doing?" Annabelle yelled at them both with her brows knitted into a deep scowl. "You two make enough noise to make people THINK you're killing each other!"

"We were tryin' to kill each other!" Bianca interrupted Annabelle with her own yell, attempting to get out of Annabelle's grip and huffing when she failed to do so.

"You fucking suck at it." Zoe taunted with a sadistic smile coating her lips, looking even more poisonous and frightening by the second. "I've had better fights with Taylor than you!"

Bianca gasped with a look of complete fury overcoming her features. "I swear down! Lemme go 'Belle! I'm a tear this bint apart!"

Zoe hissed at her with a cackle, throwing her head back in delight like a child pleased with its accomplishment of winding their parents up to the max. "Oh hey Chav, wait until we're alone okay? Then you can do anything you want! Pft!"

Zoe laughed smugly after that, pleased at her own jokey quip and revelling in the fact that Bianca's too angry to understand what she just said. Chavs were idiots like that.

Annabella looked pretty bewildered at what had just occurred between the both of them, but soon enough Zoe feels something cold clasp around both hers and Bianca's wrists and immediately they both jump…

And bang heads when the cold metal brings them together once more.

"The fuck Belle?" Bianca is of course the first to recover and brings up both her own wrist and Zoe's with a glare gracing her features. "Handcuffs? What the hell you think ya doing?"

Annabelle crossed her arms over her chest, standing her ground when Bianca made a step towards her (dragging Zoe along with her). "It's called compromise Bianca. If you two can't get along with one another for a whole month then those handcuffs aren't coming off."

Zoe snorted with a roll of her eyes. "And you think we won't try and get out before then? Were you knocked on the head when you were young or something?"

Annabelle smirked and turned to walk out of the room; but not before one last quip of, "it doesn't matter how hard you try Zoe, they won't break."

Bianca scoffed at Annabelle's retreating back, using her free hand to give the Head Girl the finger. "Wait until I be out of these chains Belle! I'll rip you a new hole!"

Zoe felt far more calm than Bianca looked and stomped on the rude girl's foot to gain Bianca's attention.

Bianca hissed in pain at the emo, but instantly shut up to glare questioningly at Zoe. "What is it you tit?"

"How are we going to sleep? To have a shower? To go the toilet?" Zoe asked with a low grumble, looking displeased at the thought of sharing a toilet with Bianca of all people.

Bianca looked even more disgusted at the suggestion of sharing a shower with the emo. "Do ya think Lucy still has that chainsaw under her bed?"

Zoe smirked. "She doesn't have it anymore but I know who does."

Bianca eyed her with distrust before finally saying, "you know what Chuckster? This is all your bloody fault ya stupid emo."

Zoe ignored the rude girl and proceeded to drag Bianca out of the room to find Andrea.