My mom got a new job in a little town called Cress, so I'm going to have to attend a brand new high school. In no way am I concerned that I'm going to fit in just fine. As a matter of fact, this is quite refreshing for me. I see it as a chance to start over and really get what I want out of a high school experience.

I'm excited about being the "new kid". I'm going to "rock all of their worlds", per se. Maybe I'll even meet a few mucha bonita girls, be the toast of the town. Yeah, it's going to be quite divertido.

Currently, I'm driving my little rust bucket to school. So, it's not the classiest car in the world, but it is a truck and, technically speaking, a classic, actually and in pretty good condition. There are a lot of girls that are into cars, so I may just impress a few of them with this little number. As soon as I park my car and climb out, I'm seeing quite a crowd spread out across the campus.

It's not much different from my old high school: there's the same types of cliques, the same silly hierarchy of popular to un-popular. This just makes my task that much easier. I just casually walking around, smiling and looking. In order to really make a sufficient first move, I must be observant and logical in the method I go about doing it in.

When I enter the school, my originally incognito status is gone. A blond chica approaches me, biting her lip and looking at me with her light blue eyes. She's pretty cute.

"Hi, I'm Bridgette," she says, extending her hand. "You must be the new kid?"

"Pleasure to meet you," I reply, flashing her my million dollar smile. "I'm Alejandro."

She giggles a little, getting flustered. It really is charming, making me wonder if she already has a boyfriend. Even if she does, I wouldn't be able to resist flirting.

"Where are you from?" she asks, trying to stop giggling.

"All over the world," I reply. "None of the many girls I've seen are as beautiful as you, though." For extra emphasis, I wink at her and watch her face turn completely red.

That's when a buff, blond guy in a pink buttoned-up shirt shows up. He looks mellow, nonchalantly adjusting the cowboy hat on his head, but I can see the flames in his eyes. Someone's jealous. Tiene celos.

"Hey, welcome to Cress," he says, gritting his teeth and trying to keep his cool. "I see you met my girlfriend Bridgette. I'm Geoff."

"Nice to meet you," I say, looking innocent. "I'm Alejandro."

"Geoff..." Bridgette tries to be subtle about poking him in the ribs with her elbow, but I'm fully aware of what is going on even though my demeanor may express otherwise. That's the best part about being an actor: your visage reveals one thing, while an entirely different thing is occurring in your brain.

"Yeah...welcome," he says, rubbing his arm where Bridgette elbowed him. "Bridge and I are heading to the caf...You can come, too, if you want."

He seems quite reluctant about the last part of what he just said. Part of me is tempted to take him up on his offer just to further grind his gears, but I decide against it, considering that I'll probably get more chances in the future. I just smile at him. "No thank you."

"See ya around, then," he says, putting an arm around Bridgette's shoulders and leading her elsewhere.

"Bye...Alejandro," she says, blushing and giving a little wave.

I wink at her and smile, watching her face turn a deeper shade of red before she turns back around. Then they're part of the big crowd again, leaving me alone.

I'm most certainly enjoying being the "newbie" so far. I decide to head to my new locker and figure that out before I continue with my tomfoolery. As entertaining as it is to ruffle the other students' feathers, I probably should take care of the technical aspects now so that I don't have to attend to such matters later. Promptness is my kind of style.

Casually, I walk around scouting the numbers heading the lockers. Along the way I do happen to notice that some of the girls are checking me out, but I pretend that I didn't notice. That little trick will make the chicas approach me first.

It's not long before I find my locker and put my backpack and other belongings inside it. That's when I notice a clock on the wall a few feet above my locker. Unfortunately, there's only mere minutes left before my first class starts, so I don't really have anymore time to look around.

Besides, the hallway is clogged with students, so it'd take quite a bit of time to get through them and to another location in the school anyway. I've been in bigger schools with many more students and this school is quite minute compared to those, but still, that's my deduction from applying a mote of logical thinking to my current scenario.

Suddenly, it feels like there's more students boxing me in than there were before. There's a wide swath of empty space in the middle of the hallway and girls are screaming like they are in the presence of a celebrity. A couple, that I can barely see over the heads of my peers, comes walking down the hall. There's a guy with dark hair, wearing sunglasses and smirking, waving at the crowd and blowing kisses.

Not that I have much room to talk, but that's quite an arrogant display. My guess is that this guy is a local celebrity or some sort of small scale celebrity. Even those not really in the higher up hierarchy of fame have swelled heads and still get quite an enthusiastic reception by those who know their name. At least, that theory is proven by whoever this is.

That's when I notice the girl walking beside him, presumably his girlfriend. She's just as arrogant as her partner with a ferocious attitude to match, yelling at the others to move out of the way. One moment, she's smiling and waving, the next she's yelling. Nobody seems to question her self-declared authority, perhaps just because she is attached to an iconic figure?

She's filled with so much fire and anger, and I'm instantly drawn to her charcoal black eyes. I can practically see the flames rising and falling in her eyes. Then there's her long, raven hair, the way she struts and holds her head so high. I have come across very few girls with that sort of self-confidence. She's a mujer bella. Too magnificent to be simply a high school girl.

As she passes, I can feel my heart skipping a beat in my chest. I don't even know who she is, yet she already has a piece of my heart. I must learn her name, get to know who she is. My favorite type of mujer is the aggressive, beautiful, and self-confident type. She more than qualifies. If I can truly make a prognosis of a person from seeing her for only a few scant seconds, she is the epitome of aggressive, beautiful, and self-confident women.

I've been to almost every country, lived all over the world, know several different languages. I've even met a multitude of different girls, but none of my experiences or even those girls has had quite as much of a resonating effect as this raven haired girl seems to have on me.

Through all of my classes today alone, she keeps invading my thoughts, at least twice an hour. I've received a couple of notes and been flirted with quite a bit today and I sat at a table crowded completely with the X chromosome, but I was just running through the motions. It is very unlike me to be so out-of-place and distracted, but I am.

Most of the day, my head seems to be caught in some sort of cloud and the cloud doesn't even fade in the slightest until my Spanish class. I chose this class since pretty much all of the languages taught here...I already know and this one just seemed like an easy, cakewalk kind of class. Well, for me anyway.

I would've been in a stupor through this class, too, but that's when I realize that...she is in this class, too. Esta ella. She's so...bellísima.

I can't take my eyes away from her. I watch as she walks into the classroom, sits down at the desk right next to me. Then she's looking at me, smiling and I don't know why. My mind, which seems to have been struck by Cupid's bow, is entertaining way too many fantasies right now. I just lean back in the desk chair and smile at her, hoping that she's as captivated by me as I am by her.

"So...you're the new guy, huh?" she asks, raising her eyebrows.

"," I reply, trying to be clever. "Me llamo Alejandro."

"No Spanish," she says, rolling her eyes. "I'm Heather."

"Pleasure to meet you." Alright, so now I know her name. I'm so tempted to kiss her hand, but I hold back, seeing that venomous, yet sexy glare.

Heather. The name repeats in my mind, over and over again.

"Okay..." She turns around and leaves me wondering whether or not she'll say more.

That's when the teacher enters the classroom. He folds his arms behind his back, clears his throat and silences the entire classroom. For awhile he just goes over the typical, boring protocol. All of his words just sound like background noise.

I'm staring at Heather the entire time. She isn't paying attention either; she's texting on her cell phone under her desk.

I love her hair, her eyes, the way she speaks, the way she frowns. Everything about her captivates me and I don't really know much about her. I must find out more. Soon.

"Why are you staring at me?" she asks.

I'm pulled back to reality. She's staring at me, noticing that I was staring at her.

"You...have lettuce stuck in your teeth," I say, fumbling for an excuse.

Then I run out of the classroom without looking back.