The new term was just starting with the sorting hat's rambling lecture. Hermione wasn't sure if anyone actually listened to the weathered hat's ramblings, she certainly didn't. Her eyes slowly unfocused until she heard a familiar name called from McGonnagal. A name she once knew.


During the feast, she was resilient in her efforts to not stare at him, the transfer Hermione could feel his gaze, heavy on the top of her bowed head. She sipped pumpkin juice and replaced Harry and Ron's constant chatter with her thoughts. They weren't the sorts she wanted though. Her consciousness wasn't a hum in the background; it was frantically searching back and further still. Of course she knew how she got where she was, of course she did.

She feigned exhaustion she walked away from the table. In a way, she was tired but she wouldn't think of other possibilities. She slumped against one of the moving staircases. Penrose stairs.

Hermione just wanted this to end but he was there pulling something out of his pocket. She couldn't look him in the eye; she just stared at the yoyo that slipped from his hand. It never stopped spinning.

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