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Unless a shinigami specifically hands a Death Note over to a human, there is no telling of where it will land. If a shinigami simply drops their Death Note into the human world, from the Shinigami Realm, there is no way to be sure of exactly where it will land. Granted the shinigami may have a general idea of where the Death Note will land, but not exactly where it will land.

In other words, it was by pure chance – and by pure chance alone – that Ryuk's Death Note landed right outside of Light Yagami's high school, and it was purely a coincidence that it landed outside of his high school just as he happened to be looking outside the window of his classroom.

The question is: What if the Death Note had landed somewhere else? What if someone else had gotten their hands on the Death Note instead of Light Yagami? What if that very someone just so happened to be one of the most brilliant people on the planet?

That's right. The real question is: What if L had been the one to get his hands on the Death Note instead of Light Yagami? What would have happened?

Well, that is exactly what this story is about. The Death Note ended up in L's hands; not Light's.

Author's Note:

So this chapter is not really a chapter in the story. It's really just a prologue to introduce you all to the idea I have in mind.

Updates will be slow for this and all of my other stories since I am rushing to get my summer homework finished.