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A few weeks later Light returns home from the hospital relatively healed.

The first thing Light decides to do when he finally comes home from the hospital is study for the college entrance exams since he hasn't been able to properly study for awhile now. While studying, he realizes that he already knows all of the content and decides to call that woman who he had been trying to protect from those thugs before he was put into the hospital.

Every day that he had been in the hospital the woman would come to visit him and would put fresh flowers in the vase by his bedside. At first she would continuously apologize, saying that it was her fault that he was in the hospital, but after awhile she stopped with the annoying apologies and they just started talking about whatever.

The woman was named Arina Takahashi and she was a freshman at To-Oh University. She was at the top of her class and had received the top score on the entrance exams at the beginning of the school year. She was majoring in the sciences and hoped to become a doctor someday.

After some time of coming to visit Light in the hospital, Arina started talking about the news a lot as things were getting very strange. Suddenly many criminals (especially ones on death row) were dying from heart attacks. No one could tell how it was that all these criminals were dying and no one had any idea of who was causing these deaths. Some people said that it was the work of "God" and others said it was the work of a serial killer or a powerful organization. Some criminal psychologists even suggested that this killer, going by the title "Kira," was actually L himself, even though L had done a test that practically proved that he wasn't Kira.

One of the days that Light was in the hospital, on a day shortly after the meeting between Interpol, a broadcast was shown in Japan (and supposedly around the world). In it, a man named Lind L. Tailor claimed that he was L and that what Kira was doing was evil, and even said that he'd catch this person and make sure he received the death penalty. Well, at some point Kira must have gotten angry since this man was killed by a heart attack, and L himself then began taunting Kira, telling him to kill him if he could. Overall a very convincing performance.

Pretty much everyone believed that there was no way that L was Kira now after what had happened, but of course this is what L wanted people to think. L and Kira actually are the same person, but it wouldn't do any good to have people knowing that.

Even Light and Arina were convinced by the broadcast, along with the NPA. They never even considered that L was just tricking them.


A sits cross-legged on the floor in his hotel room and looks at the pictures of people from his past at Wammy's House that are splayed in front of him.

The room he is in is dingy, almost bad enough to be a motel room, and the air smells of dust. The place is so run-down that it is a miracle there aren't a bunch of roaches here. He doesn't bother to go anywhere near the bed since there is no guarantee that the sheets have been washed recently.

As A looks at the pictures, he notices that something is off. He glances at his picture of B and lifts it carefully, tilting his head side to side to make sure what he sees is correct.

After about a minute of staring at the photo, A grimaces and places the picture back on the ground. *So B is dead now huh? He wasn't supposed to die yet. In fact, he wasn't supposed to die for a few more years… Kira… Kira must have supernatural abilities. There's no other explanation for it… Should I tell L? No. He thinks I'm dead. Besides, he can probably solve this on his own. If not, he always has those other successors of his… Yeah, I should just stay out of this…*

Out of the corner of his eye A sees another thing that he finds difficult to believe. *No lifespan? That can't be right.* He then picks up his picture of L, which L doesn't even know exists anymore. *L Lawliet… L… Your lifespan no longer appears under your name? Interesting… Does this make you Kira? I hope not. If so the world is pretty much screwed… You might be Kira though… If that's the case, then I really do need to make sure you don't find out I'm still alive. After all, if you're Kira, then that means you killed B… But of course B was killed for having killed people and was on death row… Stupid B. He shouldn't have let his pride get the best of him. Competing against L in such a way was a dumb move on his part.*

A sets the picture back on the floor and sighs. *It's exactly because of all this drama that I left Wammy's. Best not to get involved… B helped me fake my suicide and there's no way L knows I exist. I should just leave this alone… But then again… It would be interesting to announce to the world that L is Kira… I can't just do that though… especially if he's not… Meh. I'll just leave this alone.*

A flops onto his back and puts his arms behind head to look at the slight cracks in the ceiling. *I wonder how Megan's doing… Who's side is she on now?...*


"Hyuk hyuk. So you're finally making use of the Death Note huh, L?"

"… Yes. I figure I may as well test this notebook's abilities…"

*Yeah right. Why did you pull that little T.V. stunt then?* "Hyuk hyuk. Sure you're just testing it." *Don't wanna spoil the fun. Humans are more entertaining that way.*


*So L is Kira…* B thinks as he stares through the viewing holes in the Shinigami Realm down at the Human World. *L killed me huh? Henh henh henh. Well he's going to be in for an interesting surprise now isn't he?*


"Danuve. We need to be going now." Megan says while standing at the doorway of a luxurious Italian hotel suite, putting her bags on a luggage cart.

She hears the man (who is supposedly older than her) complain from the other room, "But we haven't even had a chance to check out the Coliseum!"

Megan rolls her eyes. "Listen you man-child. Our plane flight is booked for today. I suggest we leave now if you want any chance of seeing the Great Wall of China."

From the other room she hears a loud sigh, and a few minutes later Danuve is at the doorway of the hotel suite, loading the luggage cart with his belongings. "You know, Megan, you don't need to be so mean."

"I'm not being mean. I'm simply being mature, which you seem incapable of being."

"Right. Right." He grumbles. "Make sure you brush up on your Chinese on the plane flight, alright?"

Megan smiles. "Sometimes I think the only reason you convinced me to leave Wammy's and join up with you is because of my language capabilities."

"It's a pretty big reason, but definitely not the only one." Danuve wiggles his eyebrows suggestively, getting a loud laugh from his assistant in return.

"Oh right. Of course. You just want me for my body, don't you Mr. Pretty Gay Man?"

Danuve fakes surprise, widening his eyes and covering his mouth with his hand. "How'd you know?"

At this Megan shakes her head and begins to walk down the hallway, leaving Danuve to deal with their luggage cart. She may be his assistant, but there is no way she will be his servant.

A little while later, after she checks them out of the hotel and Danuve has the taxi packed with their luggage, the two sit in the backseat of the taxi and head for the airport.

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