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Hopefully this will be one of the first crossovers of these two great books/films/games. Here, another random thought came into my head yet again. I am going to make this what I hope is the first 'Harry-is-Yeager'. One thing that I want people to know is that I am not German and Yeager only uses a few German words in the entire game despite the accent. I'm only saying that so that people won't submit reviews written in German due to the fact that I may use German words. As usual…NO SLASH/YAOI in my stories and the pairing will be decided as the story progresses…

Chapter 1: Death?

Pain. That was all he could feel now, yet for some reason he felt happy. He was going to die…he could feel it in his bones, yet something kept trying to keep him away from deaths door…and it wasn't his blastia heart. No…it was something that he had forced away, never to be used again…his magic.

"Wunderbar…" He said weakly. Yes, to fight such strong opponents before his imminent death was a glorifying experience that he wouldn't have traded for the world. Looking up from his position on the ocean-like floor of Zaude, he came face to face with someone he hadn't seen in a long time…

"D-Damuron?" He questioned in puzzlement. What was his old rival doing here? Didn't he perish in the war? Looking at the man's friends, he could see them giving confused glances to him and Damuron. Did he not tell them his real name? Clever.

"Ya know, if you and I weren't old pals, I would have most likely gutted ya for sayin' that name to me, Yeager." Damuron smirked at him and, despite his injuries, Yeager felt himself smiling back.

"Ja…" He coughed out, and a small amount of blood dribbled down his chin. The girl with pink hair kneeled down beside him. Yeager idly heard a comment from the younger brown haired girl in a red outfit.

"Be careful Estelle! He still might have something up his sleeves!" She said in a slight bossy tone that idly reminded him of…no. He couldn't afford to reminisce, not now.

"No no no." He said. "These sleeves of mine are empty. This is…ja, this is it." He finished in a defeated tone.

"Your chest." Yeager turned his head to look at the beautiful blue haired Krityan woman. "Did Alexei do that to you as well?" She questioned about the blastia acting as his heart and Yeager's expression turned a little melancholic.

"My…I wonder." He paused for a moment before continuing. "But what's done is done." Yes, he had known all along that Alexei controlled him somewhat. At least with this, he was finally free. No more people trying to control his life…

"Why? Why did you fight alone?" This came from the pink haired girl, the princess Estellise. "With nothing, and no one to help you…" Yeager looked at her sadly.

"Heh…" He rasped out. Did she not understand what he wanted? To finally be free from the manipulations of others? No…she was naïve to the way the world worked it seemed, such is the life of a sheltered princess after all.

"…Goodbye." He said as his eyes shut, briefly glowing emerald green before losing their light. As he closed them he idly heard the group question the name 'Damuron' to the one they called Raven…


"Heh…looks like the magic is unwilling to let me go after all…" He said sadly, although no one could hear his voice as he was trapped in his own subconscious.

A short while later…

Gauche sighed to herself while sitting in her room in the Manor of the Wicked. Ever since Yeager's death, her sister Droite had been hit with a bad case of depression, constantly whispering the word 'Papa' in her sleep and jumping into her bed to sleep. It was rather tragic…

Yeager never knew just how much he meant to the two of them and they never got the chance to tell him. Ever since he had adopted her and her sister after their parents were killed in the war, they had formed an unbreakable bond with the man. He had earned their loyalty and devotion through his actions of secretly donating to the orphanage that helped raise them…

It had taken a while, but the two had managed to worm their way into his heart and learn of his tragic past, where his original name was Harry Potter. The tragedy only seemed to carry on when he arrived on Terca Lumireis as he was forced to becoming a puppet for that bastard Alexei…

It seemed everyone had it out for him. When he was Harry, he had an interfering, controlling old man meddling in his life. When he took on the guise of Yeager, he was then blackmailed by Alexei. Hopefully, in the afterlife, he was happy…

Even with his absence, Leviathans Claw held strong, continuing the shady business deals in honour of their fallen leader. Many foolhardy new guilds had tried on more than one occasion to wipe them out, but they always crushed any opposition. Sighing again, she proceeded to put her red hair back up in its usual pigtailed style before changing into her regular outfit.

Her sister often wore the same things as she did, with slight upgrades to the uniform. A dark green collared shirt with a long black vest over the top, and a short pink skirt underneath. On her feet were a pair of heeled shoes reaching just a bit past the knees. As a finishing touch, a small orange flag was tied around her left leg.

"Come on, Gauche! Hurry up!" Her sister, Droite, barged in rudely. If one were to look at them, they wouldn't think that the two were related other than their similar facial structure. Droite was the complete opposite to her stoic, calm-headed sister as she was loud and upbeat.

In stark contrast to her red hair, Droite had slightly longer bright green hair in rougher pigtails. Her outfit was a modified version of hers, with a black skirt instead of pink and small white buttons darting the hem of the skirt and the cuffs of her collared shirt. On her right leg was a matching orange flag that her sister had as well.

Just as they were about to leave for another mercenary mission, the yell from one of the yellow-coated guards echoed through the manor.

"L-LORD YEAGER! YOU'RE ALIVE!" He screamed in mild panic, causing the girls to look wide-eyed at each other in hope before running downstairs and outside the manor as fast as they could.

They were frozen in place as they stared at the scene in front of them. Being carried by two yellow-coated guards along the dirt path was…Yeager! He was alive!

He was rather haggard looking as opposed to his usual elegant look. His blue coat was torn in a few places along with a few bloodstains and the collar of his shirt was open, revealing a glowing blue blastia lodged in his chest…wait. Yeager's blastia never glowed blue before…

"QUICK! GET HIM UPSTAIRS NOW!" Gauche was the first to snap out of her shock and began barking orders. Turning her attention elsewhere once the guards carried out her orders, she watched her sister as she continued to stare at the spot where Yeager was in a shocked daze. Walking over to her sister, she snapped her fingers in front of her face and was quite shocked when her sister hugged her, sobbing slightly.

"H-he's alive! Papa's alive!" She was happier than Gauche had ever seen her. The redhead blinked as her green haired sister followed after the guards carrying Yeager. Without missing a beat, Gauche followed with a small smile on her face.

"Welcome back, Yeager…" She whispered as she tried to catch up to her happily laughing sister. The world seemed a little brighter…

Albus Dumbledore, esteemed headmaster of one of the most famous wizarding schools, Hogwarts, was quite annoyed. For the past few years, neither he nor his Order of the Phoenix members had been able to find a certain runaway saviour, one Harry Potter.

The boy ran away from his aunt and uncle's home in Privet Drive when he was 16, just after finishing the fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. All that they had managed to find, after finding the house burned to the ground, were the broken and charred remains of his Holly and Phoenix feather wand along with a few old burnt photo albums. The boy had abandoned his own kind…

He had refused, at first, to believe that the boy would willingly cast away his bonds with the wizarding world in the blink of an eye. It was only by seeing part of the boy's journal hidden in Gryffindor tower that allowed him to truly see how much the boy resented the wizarding world.

More specifically, Harry blasted that people were too quick to change sides, as if they were nothing more than herded sheep willing to follow the word of one man above all else…it would seem that Harry had been harbouring some form of misanthropy over the years.

He also commented on many strange theories using magic that even he, Albus, had trouble reading. Apparently, from what he gathered from the boy's last entry, he was planning on crossing over into another dimension. The very idea was absurd, yet he had no way of finding out if it worked as the boy's home had been reduced to rubble, along with most of the notes he had on it…

But Albus was very, very far from stupid. Reading through the notes that had miraculously escaped the explosion of Harry's home, he could pick out bits and pieces while adding his own to the mix. He had soon discovered a rather disturbing flaw in young Harry's spell.

For one, he had no way of knowing where the spell would take him and the magic drain could cause dangerous after-effects such as illness or age distortion. Sighing wearily, he realised that he would have to use this spell to hopefully find Harry and convince him to return and fulfil his destiny…

"Ah!" He jolted slightly, detecting visitors to his office through the hidden magical camera imbedded in his gargoyle statue. "Come in, Minerva!" He called out, watching with amusement as the woman glared mildly at him while muttering 'how does he always know?' under her breath.

"Albus, why have you called me here? I am rather busy you know, actually working…" The woman said in annoyance before she spotted the familiar journal of one of her former students. She growled at him in exasperation.

"For Merlin's sake, Albus!" She yelled at him, causing him to startle at her anger. "Let the past rest! Harry Potter is not coming back regardless of what you say or do, and I think its high time that you actually started to fight back rather than depending on a prophecy." Albus sighed at her.

"Minerva, my dear…I am but an old man, what else can I do but help guide the next generation?" He said, looking much older than he was…which was quite a nasty sight. "No…I already decided that since the day he was born, Harry James Potter would be the one to succeed me as the Leader of the Light." Minerva continued to glare.

"I am not trying to sound nasty or disrespectful of the late Mr. Potter, but don't you think you're putting too much faith in him? He was hardly a brilliant student like his parents…" Minerva said sadly. "He barely applied himself to anything and the only subjects that applied well to him were Defence Against The Dark Arts and Flying." She then held up a hand to stop Albus from interrupting.

"Please wait until I am finished, Albus." She said and the elderly man nodded, and kept looking through the journal, irritating her further. "…I think that it's rather annoying and foolish that you place such high hopes on the boy just because of a curse scar…"

"For once, I agree with you, professor…" Drawled out a sarcastic voice, revealing a man dressed in all black with greasy hair, his cloak billowing in a badass fashion (at least, according to wizards taste in fashion) in the wind. The new arrival looked straight at Albus with mild disgust.

"…I can hardly understand your borderline fanatical obsession with that drop-out boy. Just because he got a little scratch on the forehead, everyone has treated him like a king…" The man then started to mumble to himself. Albus raised his eyes from the journal to look at him.

"Ah but Severus, surely you must understand young Mr. Potter's importance to the world? He is an icon of hope for the people and with him gone, our support will continue to dwindle until nearly everyone we know is either dead or in allegiance with Voldemort."

While Severus was extremely reluctant to admit it, the man had a point. The damn brat, even though he was nothing but trouble, was a sign that Voldemort, his former master, could be beaten. It still killed him a little inside to admit it though…

Gauche sat on a waiting bench next to Droite outside Yeager's room where surgery was taking place to bring him back up to health.

Around an hour of waiting, Droite fell onto Gauche's lap, slipping into sleep. Sighing, Gauche idly ran a hand through her sisters green locks in an attempt to calm her nerves as she looked on at the door in worry.

While she was the more composed of the sisters, she too shared the same feelings that Droite held for Yeager. He had taken them in, taught them everything they know, when he didn't need to…that had been enough for them to want to stand by his side through anything, whether he was Yeager, leader of Leviathans Claw, or Harry Potter, former saviour of the wizarding world.

Yes, it didn't matter…as long as they could stay with him and make him happy then that was all they needed.

She was snapped out of her daze when the door to Yeager's room opened and one of their guild medics stepped out and walked towards her.

"My apologies to keep you waiting, please follow me." He gestured to the room and, after waking up the slightly drooling Droite from her lap, the two girls accompanied the doctor into Yeager's room…who was out of the bed and walking to his wardrobe. The doctor walked up to Yeager while the girls stared frozen, shocked that he was up and about so quickly.

"Lord Yeager! You shouldn't be moving around so much! The wounds are…" He was cut off by Yeager, who had now changed into a fresh version of his regular uniform. This consisted of a dark blue coat with a shark motif and a long 'tail'. On the left sleeve of the coat was a patterned orange flag. Under this coat was a dark yellow collared shirt with frilled elegant cuffs and black gloves. His lower half consisted of black pants and shoes. Yeager looked at the doctor after examining himself.

"Are already fully healed, my good doctor, I thank you for your service…a promotion will be in order." The doctor shook hands with Yeager once more, before passing by the shell-shocked girls. Yeager turned to face them with his usual cocky smile as he flicked the long bang of dark purple hair out of his eyes. The smile became more sincere when the girls ran up and hugged him.

"Y-You big dummy! We thought you were de-de-deaaaad!" Droite cried as she buried herself into his embrace. Looking at Gauche, he could see that she looked mildly upset, which was surprising considering that she was usually more level headed than her sister was. Sighing, Yeager embraced his adoptive daughters in a tight hug.

"…Forgive me, liebchen." He whispered to them. "I won't leave you again…"

Yeager thought to himself as he hugged his daughters. How had he survived again? Oh yes, the magic. If it wouldn't scare his daughters, he would have snarled outright. Even by sealing away his magic when he cast the dimension spell, it still found ways to make his life miserable. Looking down at his blastia heart, he grimaced a little. The blue colour was a definite sign that his magic was interfering with his life yet again…he'd have to seal it up again later.

Perhaps being faced with death struck a deep-rooted fear in the magic, causing it to break out of its prison and try to 'do what's best' for its host. He couldn't understand why though, he hadn't used any form of magic since he arrived on Terca Lumireis, even the ones that could be cast without wands here, he didn't want to risk it. He had the chance to be happy, doing what he wanted without giving a damn about the consequences and thought that the magic would have died over time due to being unused…

Yeager held his daughters a little closer and frowned. For some bizarre reason, he had a sickening feeling that something bad was going to happen soon and that he definitely wouldn't benefit from it. He paused there so that he could re-examine himself.

His moral compass had been pretty much derailed and spat on since he came here, taking up the art of manipulation to make things work for what he wanted for once, not like that old coot Dumbledore. Making shady dealings with the more corrupt members of the empire such as Cumore and selling weaponry to various organisations in order to boost the levels of conflict was a sure fire way to both get into serious trouble, yet make some serious gald.

He wanted to make everything play into his hands, allowing the influence of Leviathans Claw to spread across the entire world. He surely deserved it after all, what with fate constantly trying to screw him over…

Yes, his guild would continue to spread and pretty soon, everything will be run by Leviathans Claw, thus ensuring quite a bit of pocket change to be made! Smirking at his genius, Yeager walked down the corridors of the Manor with his faithful daughters trailing behind him, both wearing small smiles on their faces.

'We missed you, Yeager…' were their thoughts as they continued to leisurely walk through their home.

He was ready. He had finally pieced together the different notes that Harry made regarding the dimension crossover spell. Of course, Albus still had his doubts about the mechanism of such a spell and its seeming unreliability in getting him to a specific location.

Standing in a hexagonal formation with a few of his Order members, namely Nymphadora ("Call me that and die!") Tonks, Remus Lupin, Alastor Moody and Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore prepared to address them.

"Alright gentlemen…and lady." He added for Tonks. "Let us get started!"

With that, the group began to chant in Latin and pointed their wands out in front of them. From each wand, a different coloured orb shot out and collided with one another, creating some form of swirling dark green vortex in the middle of their hexagon formation.

"We must hurry! Before the dimensional vortex closes!" Dumbledore yelled, snapping the Order members out of their daze. The group then began to each dive into the swirling vortex, with four out of five hoping that they would find Harry and bring him back, while the other couldn't care less about the Potter brat…

With that, Albus and his small entourage vanished from the wizarding world, hoping to bring back their wayward saviour from whatever world he was hiding in…


Seeing as Yeager has a rather quirky character to work with, I can come up with all kinds of different sides to him. One is the kind and caring father figure to Gauche and Droite while the other is the ruthless businessman willing to get his hands dirty.

Also, after checking on Aselia wiki, I found out that Damuron is Ravens real name before he became Schwann. I then realised that it would make sense if Yeager knew his real name as they were familiar with each other slightly before the war.

Finally, if the description of the characters was a bit hard for you to picture, then feel free to look at the links (NOTE: I don't own the pictures) I have posted on my page that are of Yeager, Gauche and Droite. Credits of the picture go to their rightful owners.


Wunderbar – Wonderful

Ja – Yes

Liebchen – My dear(s)

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