Chapter 2: Annoying Wizards

Yeager gazed with emotionless eyes at the sky…or more importantly, what was in the sky.

Huge tentacle-like appendages spreading across the entire planet, all connected to that huge whatever it was in the air. This was rather disturbing to him, yet the thing had unknowingly provided him with a marvellous opportunity.

"Ja…" He said absentmindedly. "With the danger that thing seems to pose, more people will come to Leviathans Claw for weapons! What a golden opportunity…" He could literally taste the money that would be rolling in.

As he continued to stare out of the window, he idly heard the door to his room open and his adoptive daughters walked in. He looked at them in confusion.

"Is something troubling you, liebchen?" He questioned. His daughters seemed to be troubled by something judging their shifty postures and exchanged glances.

"We…we've found something that we think would be a top priority." Gauche informed him and Yeager raised an eyebrow, wondering why his daughters seemed so flustered. He gestured for them to continue. "We found a…man in a dress out in the forest of Keiv Moc." Yeager blinked owlishly, a man in a dress? Why did that sound so familiar…

"We had to restrain him after he started chucking spells at us! How rude!" huffed Droite. "He just went nuts and used some kind of stick as a weapon! Crazy one legged old man…" Here Yeager's eyes widened slightly, how had they found him? He was sure that he burned the notes…

"…Were is he now?" He said after a few moments of contemplation. His daughters looked at each other in worry.

"Well, he seemed to be too dangerous to bring back to the manor, so we just left him in Dahngrest." Droite admitted sheepishly and Yeager blinked again before surprising the other occupants in the room with a chuckle.

"It is nothing of any real importance, as long as he is kept as far away as possible, well done girls." He said before walking out of the room and down the hall with an unreadable expression on his face.

"…If they have managed to find me, even after all of my careful planning…I may have to resort to something drastic." He mumbled to himself.

"Oooh, my head…" Groaned the peg-legged Alastor Moody as he finally came to, waking up in what appeared to be a hotel room. "Where in the name of Merlin am I?"

Oh yes, now he remembered! This was that damn Dumbledore's fault! He must have botched the spell, sending the group to different locations! The bumbling old fool…

Gingerly, Moody dragged himself off of the comfortable bed and went over the current situation.

'Brief summary. Landed in strange new world, got lost in a forest, got attacked by a really big mantis and forced to run…and finally got attacked by some hooded red-eyed psychos and two girls.' He reviewed in his mind.

He inwardly berated himself at his rather piss poor attempt at retaliation. His opponents had him outclassed the moment they engaged him in a pincer formation. Those red-eyed bastards were strong for a bunch of muggles…and those girls were no laughing matter either, with their graceful sword skills and perfect tag team co-ordination. If only his aurors could learn to do some of the things those girls did…

Back to the matter at hand though, how was he going to find out where Dumbledore and the others were? Rubbing his head in frustration, he took a large swig from the flask on his hip. He was getting old…

It was hot, that was for sure, and dressed in all black was really not helping. Why did he have to be here anyway? He could have been brewing potions but noooo…Albus wanted him to help hunt down the runaway Potter brat.

He didn't see why they needed to. Potter was a dismal and annoying student at best and never managed to live up to his expectations, which in his opinion, were rather crappy to begin with. The boy was a natural born failure…

How his childhood friend Lily could marry that stupid oaf James Potter was beyond him. Last time he saw them, the man had become even thicker than usual and at the time, and he had hoped that their child wouldn't look or act like that buffoon. Sadly it was not so, for the boy was a literal clone of James and acted exactly like him only with Lily's eyes. Why couldn't the boy have been more like his mother?

Shaking his head to relieve himself of these thoughts, Severus Snape continued slowly through the desert, hoping to find some sort of civilisation soon.

Luckily, the three of them had managed to remain near each other when they had crash-landed into this strange new world filled with bizarre monsters.

Apparently, they had landed in a rather cold area that seemed to be made up of multiple ice columns. Crossing through this bitter chilling place was rather difficult and irritating, as they had to locate new paths after the ice columns kept breaking whenever they went too close.

"D-d-d-dammit, Professor!" Yelled Tonks as she tried to wrap her uniform closer in an effort to keep warm. "W-why couldn't y-you land us s-somewhere else? It's f-f-f-freezing here!"

Sighing, Albus quickly cast a warming charm on his companions, gaining sighs of relief and gratitude. Remus turned to look at him.

"I'd like to know that as well…I thought you said that you could handle it?" Remus questioned. Albus lowered his head slightly.

"It would seem that I miscalculated the actual landscape of this world and according to the spell, it had never been tried on multiple targets at once so the results would have been somewhat different…" He remarked and Tonks groaned.

"Whatever! Let's get out of here before the warming charm wears off, I wanna sleep…" She pouted childishly, causing Remus to laugh and Albus to chuckle heartily. Thus the trio moved onward, hopefully away from the cold climate...

Walking through the small desert area just past Dahngrest was annoying even though it was nothing compared to the extreme scorching heat of Mantaic's desert.

According to reports from one of the guild members, there was a large abandoned tower in the middle of this small patch of sand. The Blood Alliance had dumped it after their leader Barbos, who had dealings with Yeager in the past, was killed. Such a shame, he was a good business partner…hopefully there were still some valuables to plunge and that the place wasn't completely overrun with monsters.

Arriving outside the impressive structure, Yeager immediately sent his men inside the building to clear out any unwanted squatters. Entering the building itself, Yeager took note of the rather blatant state of disrepair it was in…damn monsters, ruining everything wherever they go…

Sighing, Yeager leaned against the wall, watching in satisfaction as his men levelled a few of those golem monsters before moving to attack the flying ones.

Wait. How did those bird creatures manage to even get inside the building? Did the previous occupants of the tower just leave the doors open? That seemed like a plausible explanation…

Watching as his men took care of the monsters and Blood Alliance remnants, he was finally satisfied when the last of the creatures was evicted from the premises. Now, he could finally start to build up a base here in this tower…

Yes, Ghasfarost, the tower of gears, was his…

Moody was rather impressed at the sight of the city called Dahngrest. While it looked like a seedy underworld for crooks and fiends, everyone he had met here seemed to greet him rather nicely save that group of hunters. What was this place anyway? And where were Albus and the others? While he had no problem with fighting, he lacked numbers on his side and he could only do so much on his own, proven by his encounter with the red-eyes…the Leviathans Claw guild.

Apparently, when he had asked around about them, all he received was dirty looks and accusations that he was apart of the group. Thankfully he was saved from any harassment due to the arrival of a young blonde man named Harry, who was the son of the deceased don of the town. He was enquiring to what he was doing in his town, and Alastor told him he was searching for a young boy and trying to find out info on this 'Leviathans Claw', who had attacked him earlier.

"Leviathans Claw is, or was, run by a man named Yeager." He spat out the name with venom. "The guild specialised in rather shady businesses such as weapons dealing, human trafficking, and assassination. Though after Yeager supposedly died, they should have stopped operating…this sudden reappearance is very troubling…" The blonde then turned to face a few of the watching guilds.

"You there! I need you to go out and investigate the Manor of The Wicked immediately." He ordered and the leader of the group nodded before running off with a small platoon. The blonde turned back to him. "Don't worry Mr. Alastor, we'll get to the bottom of this."

Alastor nodded before deciding to enquire about the missing saviour of the wizarding world without giving too much information. After looking at the picture, he was rewarded with a blank stare followed by a 'sorry, I've never seen anyone with this description before in our town…'

He then suggested that Alastor try one of the neighbouring towns like the newly built empire town, Heliord. He was too tired to go today so he decided to retire to the inn for a good nap and then he would head out. For now, he would be plagued by dreams of where his comrades were and if they were alright…well, he couldn't care less about Snape, that death eater could die for all he cared, spy for the Order or not…

They had finally managed to get out of the ice rifts with slight difficulty as the wolf monsters were rather relentless in pursuing them, stopping once they stepped foot out of the ice covered lands.

Tonks was not enjoying this. She would have rather been stuck doing deskwork than running through moving glaciers. This…was not as fun as she had hoped it would be. Looking at Remus, she could see that he was thinking similar thoughts.

"Albus look up there!" Remus suddenly yelled in panic, and the other two looked…and their eyes went wide.

Up in the sky was what could only be described as a monster. Huge tentacle-like limbs stretched across the sky, seemingly trying to envelop the entire world. This surely couldn't be normal. Looking at Albus, Remus watched the man look with an unnatural gaze at the creature, as if trying to dissect it with his eyes…god, he hated that man's stare at times, so damn creepy…

Suddenly, Tonks ran up to the top of the grassy hill and beckoned the two to follow.

"Look! It's a city!" She jumped up and down like a kid in a sweet shop. Then, she fully bolted towards the huge, strangely shaped city at full speed, with an amused Remus and Albus following at a slower pace.

Entering the huge city, they were amazed by the huge glowing magic rings surrounding it, protecting them from harm. Albus had that gleam in his eye again, Remus noted, as he stared in a trance-like at the huge magic construct, eager to take it apart for study. They were brought out of their observation by what appeared to be a knight dressed in an orange and brown uniform.

"Welcome to the Imperial Capital of Zaphias, always nice to get tourists in these troubled times." He commented and Albus approached him.

"I was wondering…could you perhaps explain to me what that is?" He pointed at the floating creature in the sky. The man turned a dark gaze from the sky to him.

"That thing is the result of ex-commandant Alexei trying to gain too much power…now we have to deal with his mistakes…" He grumbled out the last bit under his breath but Albus caught it nonetheless. Still, he would try to gain more information…using legilimency. Albus stared into the eyes of a nearby passing pedestrian. After a few moments of a staring contest, Albus broke his gaze. The information he had gathered wasn't as much as he would have liked but it still gave him something to work with, he supposed. At least now he had the names of a few neighbouring towns that he could visit while spreading the notice of the missing Harry Potter. Yes, they would find him here, Albus was sure of it, for the boy's magical signature was here…however something about it was troubling to Albus.

It felt greatly suppressed, as if something had sealed the magic away. This was preposterous, magic was meant to be free and roaming throughout the body, not cooped up like a caged bird…

'Ah! Speaking of which…' Albus thought as he pulled out a large birdcage from his trunk that had accompanied him, containing a pure white owl with yellow eyes that seemed to be acting restless and wanting to get out.

Albus had brought Harry's old owl with him so that she could hopefully lead them to him. Hedwig had managed to escape the explosion of the Privet Drive home as she was at Hogwarts, thanks to Albus who kept her there to stop people mailing Harry. The owl had been quite despondent throughout the trip and it was only when they had landed in this world called Terca Lumireis that she began to spring to life. This meant that Harry was here! Casting a few tracking charms on the unsuspecting, overexcited avian, he watched as he let her out of the cage, flying off into the distance.

Yes, Hedwig would unknowingly lead the way to their saviour…their runaway golden boy.

Severus hated deserts now, and it was easily reaching the top of his list next to James Potter and Sirius Black. The damn sand got in his robes and it seemed to stretch on forever.

And those damn monsters! What kind of hellhole had he ended up in? First, he had to fend off strange fire bat creatures, then a starfish that had socked him in his happy place and was then forced to run away from a very big bug thing that was rather persistent in trying to fight him…

Sighing tiredly, he looked ahead, hoping to Merlin that some kind of water source was near…and thankfully the fates took pity on him and rewarded him for his efforts.

He seemingly galloped towards the oasis like area with a new spark of energy, hoping to hell that it wasn't an illusion or a mirage of the desert. Thankfully it wasn't and for that, Severus decided to stay there for a while, content at the very large amount of water…all for him.

Gauche watched with a bored expression as Droite was whining about something. Walking over to her sister, she spotted her holding what appeared to be a small white bird squawking and struggling in her arms. Droite spotted her sister staring and walked up her.

"Gauche, look how cute it is! So fluffy!" She squealed, hugging the distressed bird closer. Gauche narrowed her eyes at the bird. Something felt off about it…

Shrugging, she decided that they might as well show it to Yeager, with Droite mumbling in the background, wondering if Yeager would let her keep it.

The two sisters groaned a little as they continued up the tower. Why did Yeager want to move to the top? The least they could do was to install an elevator or something…this was so tiring. Opening the door at the very top, they found Yeager looking out from the edge of the tower, seemingly at the strange creature in the sky.

"Yeager! Look at what I've got! Can I keep it?" Droite yelled while cuddling the bird, who seemed to get more excited by Yeager's presence. Sighing a little in amusement, Yeager turned to look at what his daughter wanted…and his eyes widened briefly before returning to their natural look. He forced a smile at his daughter.

"…As long as you can look after it, do what you wish, liebchen." He said and the girl jumped and down happily, with only Gauche being the only one to notice the disturbing stare that Yeager was giving the bird as it finally calmed down in her sisters arms.

Later that evening...

"…So they finally found me, hm? Oh well, I should have known that I couldn't hide forever…" Yeager paused, staring out into the night sky. "I wonder…what will be your next move, Albus Dumbledore?" He chuckled as he held out his arm and a white owl landed on it.

"It has been a long time hasn't it, old friend?" He commented to the owl. "…I should have known that nothing could stop you from finding me." The owl puffed up at the praise while Yeager held her out.

"…It is time for you to go, old friend, for your friends will be suspicious of your long absence…farewell." He said and the owl hooted sadly as it took off. Yeager watched it for a few moments then turned around…to come face to face with his daughter Gauche.

"…Yeager." She muttered as she came closer and surprised him by wrapping her arms around his waist. Yeager was surprised at this sudden display of affection from the usually stoic girl. "…Are you going to leave us?" She whispered. Yeager sighed sadly as he rubbed her head.

"…I won't ever leave you girls alone, ever again." He said resolutely. "No one will take me away…and even if they do, I think that I can count on you to get me back." He smiled at her, watching as she smiled back.

Suddenly, a movement in the shadows caught his eye, and he drew his scythe/crossbow out, brandishing it towards the intruders.

"Well now this is a surprise!" He commented in anticipation, while Gauche took out her red sword. "I never would have thought that you would bring so many people for little old me, Albus Dumbledore…"

From out of the shadows, an old man accompanied by two others, a man with brown hair in a ponytail and a woman with pink hair. Albus gazed at him with an emotionless gaze as his companions looked in awe at the tower.

"Woah…this must have cost money to build!" Tonks commented out in awe, with Remus nodding absently as he continued to stare at Yeager with shock. Dumbledore continued to stare silently at the leader of Leviathans Claw. His stare didn't even move an inch when a second girl, this one with green hair and a similar outfit to the redhead, appeared on the other side of Yeager.

"Well, I am not really one to stand around and make idle chit chat…so what is it I can do for you?" Yeager said with a smirk. Albus finally broke from his stare to respond.

"You are…Mr. Yeager, correct? Or would it be problematic if I called you by…Harry Potter?" He said, waiting for a response, which came in the form of Yeager's scythe embedded into the floor next to him. Yeager smirked.

"That may have been my name in a long time past, but I had grown rather bored of it so I decided a change was necessary." Yeager said while grabbing his scythe from the ground and staring at the group. "…Hope you don't mind!" He said with a maniacal gleam as he and the two girls charged at the wizards who were preparing to fight back.

After a few minutes it became apparent that the wizards were losing. As if Yeager wasn't enough on his own, those two girls were completely vicious monsters in battle with their well-timed tag team manoeuvres, catching everyone off guard. Suddenly, the two girls looked at Tonks, then they started to glow.

"In an instant, we echo, and our hearts meet as one! IMPACT CROSS!" The two girls spoke in tandem before creating slashing through with their swords in an X pattern, causing Tonks to get knocked back a little.


Yeager smashed his scythe into the transfigured blade that Dumbledore created. It was rather easy to decide the winner of this clash, as Dumbledore was sent flying back. Watching in amusement as the others went to help their leader of the light; Yeager began to clap his hands in fake adoration.

"Bravo! Bravo, my lads!" He yelled out before calming down. "…You have shown me just how unfit for combat you wizards are!" He watched as Dumbledore sat up, face filled with a mild fury and clutching his broken sword.

"Harry…how did this happen to you?" He questioned and 'Harry' smirked, giving off a light chuckle before charging in for what would surely be the finishing blow.

"…Nothing personal you know, just business." With that, he brought the scythe down…and was surprised when the brown haired man holding a fresh sword blocked it.

"Remus!" The woman cried out in panic and Yeager narrowed his eyes at the man who was currently gritting his teeth as he tried to fight back against the scythe.

"So…you haven't changed much have you, Mr. Lupin?" He questioned in amusement and silently laughed when he saw the man flinch a little. "Still Dumbledore's drone I see…"

"Harry…why? Why did you leave the wizarding world?" Remus croaked out. Yeager eyed him in amusement.

"Why, you ask? It should be obvious! I was bored there." He said and Albus looked at him flabbergasted.

"Bored? You were bored, my boy? How is it that when numerous people are in danger from Tom, you say you are bored?" Albus yelled out, and Yeager gave a fake soft smile.

"Ja…" He sighed out happily. "There was nothing in it for me, so why should I bother to help them? I demand a price for my services and if they cannot pay me, I shall turn a blind eye to their cause…"

Albus couldn't believe this. How had their saviour fallen so far? Demanding a reward for helping people? This was all wrong, he didn't think Harry would change so much, speaking of which…

"I have one last question for you, Mr. Potter…how old are you?" Here Yeager frowned at him and wagged his finger, as if scolding a child.

"You really have zero tact, you know that? Asking someone how old they are is very rude…but I will answer your question at the kindness of my heart." He said, voice dripping with sarcasm as the green haired girl giggled. "I am…25 years old." He said, and Albus felt his heart stop briefly. Yeager looked at him knowingly.

"You are shocked, yes? Not very surprising, I had the same reaction as you when I first came here…didn't take me too long to get over it though." He said. "Apparently, that was the fault of the magic, which had to be sealed away to speed up my recovery when I first arrived." Here he paused before stepping back, standing behind the two girls as they placed their swords in a protective manner.

"Of course, the focusing of the magic forced into my ageing system caused my body to warp and adapt to the Terca Lumireis, and thus Yeager was born." He began to chuckle before he frowned seriously.

"You should not have come here…by coming after me, you have disregarded your world's safety." He informed them and Dumbledore levelled a gaze at him.

"Ah…but you see, my boy…no I suppose I cannot call you that any longer." He said after re-evaluating Yeager's age. "You see, I should have told you this a long time ago, when you first arrived into our world…and now I am going to show it to you…"

With that, the man reached into his bright red coloured robes and pulled out…a glowing sphere. Yeager looked on in confusion while his daughters prepared for any form of a pre-emptive strike. Suddenly, the sphere began to glow brighter, and a womans voice echoed through the area.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches. … Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies … and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not … and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives. … The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…"

Upon seeing Yeager's confused face, Dumbledore prepared to elaborate.

"This…is a prophecy that foretold your birth. You are the one in the prophecy! You are the one who is meant to defeat Tom and save the wizarding world! You are…the chosen one!" He said in awe, as if expecting Yeager to agree and come back with him. Needless to say, he was shocked when the man began to laugh uproariously before settling down into a sinister chuckle.

"You know, you wizards never cease to amaze me. Amaze…and annoy." He said, still laughing. "You truly believe in the words of such a pathetic excuse of a seer? How foolish! Though I suppose I should have seen this coming…what with your very unhealthy obsession with me." Here he paused as he heard Droite giggle and Gauche growl in anger.

"I want you to know…that I do not swing that way." He said and the old man blushed in embarrassment and anger, while his companions tried to pacify him. Yeager's laugh soon subsided and a look of seriousness crossed his face as he moved closer to the trio of wizards.

"Time to say bye-bye! CARESS OF DEATH!" He screamed as his scythe seemingly transformed into a shotgun, and fired three bullets at each of them, causing the group to scatter across the area. Yeager raised an eyebrow in annoyance.

"Oh? You survived? How boring…" he commented as he prepared to finish off the fallen group.

"Quickly! Remus, Nymphadora! Grab this!" Albus yelled as he pulled out a rope of all things before having the other three hold it. The audience, sans Yeager, was surprised when the group of intruders disappeared in thin air.

"COOOL!" Droite yelled in awe while her sister watched with slightly wide eyes. Yeager however, frowned before smiling.

"Oh well, the weeds will sprout up again soon…" He commented idly before heading back inside with his daughters.

A bright flash illuminated the desert oasis where Snape was relaxing and, to his annoyance, emerged three people he didn't want to see. He still smirked at them though.

"Well, looks like you've had a rough day." He commented idly, and inwardly laughed at seeing the normally calm Albus turn red with mild anger before calming down.

"It wasn't the best day I've had, I'll admit…" He said idly and Severus raised an eyebrow before laughing.

"Don't tell me you were actually bested by Potter of all people? Oh this is too much." He said, holding his sides as he continued to laugh at the annoyed trio.

"Shut up!" Came the chorus from Tonks and Remus, which caused Snape to laugh harder. Suddenly, a throat clearing noise grabbed their attention, which turned out to be none other than…

"Alastor! Good to see you!" Came the jovial voice of Albus, making Moody frown at him.

"Can the pleasantries Albus! I only managed to find you lot because of the portkey signature! Even then I had to cross the damn desert, getting a blow to the nuts courtesy of a starfish…" He said and Severus felt a brief pang of sympathy for the peg-legged man. Those starfish were brutal little bastards…

"I take it ya got your arses kicked?" Moody questioned happily, laughing at the face that Tonks gave him. "You overestimated yourselves…didn't think that he'd be trouble, eh?" Moody said seriously and the group looked slightly ashamed except Severus, who continued to smirk at Remus in a condescending manner. Soon, Albus began to explain what transpired with 'Harry' and how they were forced to retreat. Moody sat through this silently, looking at Albus with an unreadable expression until he began talking.

"Well, I've got a few choice words for that…you fucked up, Al. Big time." He deadpanned before suddenly gaining a thinking position. "Hang on…how did you know that his name was now Yeager?" He asked and Albus sheepishly gave a quick response.

"I just felt the need to use some minor legilimency on a few local citizens and the name came up from a few scrounges, saying that he was very good at locating things…for a price. I was going to hire his services until I realised who he really was." Moody nodded.

"Well, that's only Yeager's front business, the Ruins Gate, and they usually specialised in excavations." He said. "Now, I only managed to learn this by hanging around the seedier parts of Dahngrest so I don't know if it's true…"

He then proceeded to explain to them that the Ruins Gate guild was nothing more than Yeager's cover up while he took care of some of the more dirty business like illegal weapons dealing, smuggling, and assassination. Albus blanched a little.

"Has Harry really sunk so far?" He questioned and Moody snorted.

"While I cant agree with some of the stuff he's done, it certainly gets results." He said with a grim expression. "Look at all of the armed people we've met here, protecting their towns…it just shows that even something evil can be good…"

Albus of course, being a stubborn light enthusiast, disagreed with his old friend. He believed that being honest with ones actions was the only method…people who commit crimes should be punished in full accordance with the law, no exceptions. Nonetheless, he didn't feel like getting into an argument with his old friend so he just nodded.

"Right, well, here's what I think we should do…"

Yeager stood at the top of the tower of Ghasfarost yet again, gazing up at the brightest star in the sky.

"Brave Vesperia…" He commented idly, wondering to himself how that little newbie guild was coming along. So engrossed was he in gazing at the stars that he just noticed his adoptive daughters stand next to him, slipping their hands into his own, making him smile.

He never regretted bringing those two girls with him, raising them on his own and teaching them the art of wielding a sword. They would always stand by him no matter what and for that, he was truly proud to call them his daughters in all but blood.

Suddenly his thoughts changed. Their safety was his highest priority, soaring above his money making. As he looked back over the past few months, he came to realise that perhaps he would have to return to his own world, with his guild of course and start fresh, with no annoying glory seeking guilds coming after his businesses…yes, he would do that.

"My daughters…" He said, causing the girls to look at him in curiosity. "I have been thinking just recently…that perhaps we should leave this world." He said.

"Y-you mean you would use that?" Gauche questioned. She and her sister both knew the danger that the spell Yeager used to get to Terca Lumireis was dangerous.

"NO! You're not risking yourself again for that!" Droite yelled at him, getting a little teary eyed. Yeager knelt down on one knee and hugged her.

"…The safety of you two girls always came before anything else." He said. "When I almost died…I realised that if I was no longer around, then I would be leaving you all alone…and I couldn't risk that."

"As much as I am loathe to admit it, the magic saved my life in response to you girls…you wanted me to be there so badly that the magic reacted to your presence, resurrecting me from what would have been a pointless death…" Here he got back up and turned to face the sky once more.

"Also, I would rather do without those glory hound guilds that keep coming after us." He remarked smiling. "Of course, even in the world I plan on taking us, our business wont stop…ever." Gauche stepped closer to him.

"But where are you going to take us?" She asked and Yeager turned to her.

"My home planet…the planet known as Earth." He said and Droite looked at him.

"Wha? But you said that you didn't want to go back there!" She said. Yeager calmly silenced her as he continued.

"My personal vendetta against the people there means nothing as long as you are safe…I won't allow anyone to harm you, even if it costs me my life." He spoke with resolution that neither girl had heard from him before. Suddenly, Yeager smirked at them.

"Of course, I wont be stopping the business any time soon, we still have to make money after all…" He said and the girls smiled. Same old Yeager…

"…Alert the mages of the guild! Have them prepare for the guilds departure! Leviathans Claw will rise elsewhere!" Yeager ordered and the girls ran off, with smiles on their faces, eager to help the one they called father.


Yep, Harry/Yeager's going to the wizarding world again…but how will the world handle him and his guild of cut-throat assassins? Find out in the next chapter!

I think that Yeager is a very complicated character, as nobody knows exactly what he's really thinking when he carries out his plans, even Gauche and Droite. In this fic, while he has the noble intention of ensuring the safety of his daughters, he is secretly coming up with ways to exploit the wizarding world for his own benefit. His two characters, the loving father and the shady businessman both have their ideals for the wizarding world.

How will the wizarding world handle the return of their saviour? how will they handle his daughters?

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