A/N: Finally, inspiration hit me! I was listening to "Breaking the Habit" by Linkin Park while I was sleeping, which triggered, for some odd reason, scenes from the movie. That triggered this idea which grew slowly in my head until I had a whole fic idea swimming around in there! So, here it goes, and I hope you guys like it!

Warning: Shounen-ai which may (or may not) develop into Yaoi later on, depending on my mood and how far this goes. Also, OOCness may make itself present in this, but I hope it's not very much. I haven't read the book in nearly a year, so I'm just going from what I remember. The dream I had helped quite a bit, though.

Pairing: Dally/Pony.


Silent Moon I: Blood Soaked Embrace

He stole…again. After Johnny died, I guess Dally just lost it and robbed some random place. His voice sounded weak on the other end of the phone. It worried me that something had happened that he never told us. Maybe he had gotten hit while he was running from the cops? The "what if's" and the "maybe's" ran through my head until I felt the beginnings of a headache pound lightly in my skull. The injuries I got from the rumble earlier also started to make themselves more known. I felt blood trickle down the side of my face, but I ignored it. I just HAD to get to him before the cops did…I had to. I wasn't going to let him die over some idiotic mistake he made. No, not before I told him what had been eating me up inside for almost a year.

I heard the gang call after me, telling me to slow down, but I couldn't. My desire to save Dally pushed my legs faster, harder, and I ran faster than I had in my entire life, even during track competitions. Soon, the red and blue lights of the cop cars came into view, and I saw Dally run. I put my hands on my knees (which I could tell were bleeding because my jeans were soaked) and panted for a few minutes before running to where Dally was. I heard someone (I think it was one of my brothers, though I couldn't tell who) yelling at me to stop, but I couldn't. Even if I wanted to stop, my legs were moving all on their own. Running faster, harder, until my hands connected with Dally's chest. I pushed him away, and I saw his icy blue eyes widen with some emotion. Shock? I didn't have time to clarify the emotion as I felt a white hot pain in my stomach. I clutched the wound as blood started to trickle down my chin, but I could hear the cops talking with one another in shocked tones. I did hear one of them say "Greasers always look out for each other, but that guy doesn't look older than sixteen, if not younger…"

"What the fuck did you do that for, you stupid kid!" I heard Dally's voice scold me, but I didn't really care. If he was safe, that's all I cared about at the minute. "If you die, your brothers are goin' to have my head!"

I turned my head and forced myself to smile, even though I coughed up blood not even two seconds afterwards. "I'll…tell 'em not to take your head. It was…my decision, so…I'll make sure they don't kill ya for my decisions."

"Stupid, stupid kid…" Dally muttered to himself as he grabbed me with his arm as I started to stagger forward. "Why the hell did you that?"

I laughed painfully as more blood spluttered out of my mouth from the action. "Because…I didn't want ya to die, dumbass…"

Now, calling Dallas Winston a dumbass would most likely get you killed under normal circumstances, but I was hoping this didn't classify as "normal" circumstances. After all, I thought sarcastically, it wasn't every day that someone jumped in the way of a bullet to save their friend. I felt more than friendship for the icy eyed greaser, but I realized a few months ago that he most likely never returned what I felt, so I contented myself with just hanging around with him and Johnny whenever I had the chance to. I also had come to the realization that Dally only loved Johnny, whether it was just strong friendship or romantic. Either way, I knew that I probably could never compare to that, so I watched them silently on the sidelines.

"Ya know, if you weren't dying on my arm right now, I'd kill your ass for calling me that." Dally told me, smirking at me. A slight blush crept onto my face, something I hoped the blonde didn't notice, and bit back a rude reply. I did feel a little strange, though. My eyes were fluttering shut, I felt my body getting weaker, and it became hard to breathe. Every breath felt like I was going through a room full of spikes. "Shit, Pone. If you die now, how are you gonna save me from your brothers?"

I managed a weak smile at that. How Dally always managed to make a joke out of the most serious situations always baffled me, but it was a good kind of baffle. "I'll stick around…long enough to tell 'em not to kill ya….dig?"

"Yeah, I dig ya." The blonde replied, which caused me to blush once again. Why did my mind have to go to the other meaning of "dig"? "You're blushing why, kid?"

Shit. How the hell did he notice? I looked up and just now noticed that the streetlights gave Dally enough light to see my face. Groaning mentally, I realized that he probably saw my other blush from earlier as well. Quick Ponyboy, think of an excuse. "It's hot out?"

Dally raised an eyebrow at that. "Ya think I'm that stupid, Pone?"

That didn't work. I thought sarcastically to myself. I yearned to tell him the real reason, but at the same time, I didn't. The two bickered with each other inside my head, which made my headache even worse, until the second side won. Great, now I have to think of another excuse.

Dally watched me fight internally with myself with an amused expression. "You can just tell me kid."

Why does he have to make this so hard! I screamed in my head, but then winced. Ouch. Note to self, don't scream in your head when you have a headache. It makes it twenty times worse.

"I don't have all day Pone, and looking at you, I'd say you don't either." The blonde broke the silence yet again, causing me to stare intently at him. "So come on, say it already."

I sighed to myself. Dally always gets what he wants in the end, and right now, I could tell that he wanted me to tell him what's on my mind before I… I didn't want to think about me following my friend in the afterlife. I managed to raise my hand just enough to place over Dally's, which caused him to raise an eyebrow in confusion. "You want to know…? I'll tell ya... Even though you're a jackass, I…love ya."

It was at that moment that my strength decided to leave me, and I closed my eyes to fall into the blissful nothingness.

There ya have the first chapter. Hopefully this gave ya an idea about how the story is going to go from this point on, and that I caught your interest! If you caught any errors either with personality or typos, please say so! Thanks!