This is really not following any book or movie about the Romanovs. This is my idea of what could have happened to them.


I stood in my parlor when I heard the footsteps coming toward me. My granddaughter and grandson came running into the room. I smiled at them. Little Alexander looked just like my father. The sight of them sent my mind back years, to happy times.

Times where I wasn't just Anna Petrov, but Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov.

Little Carolina looked up at me hopefully.

"Will you tell us a story grandmamma?" she asked with a sweet smile.

"Of course, darling." I said indulgently.

They both sat cross legged on the floor at my feet. I don't know what possessed me to tell this story. Maybe because I was getting older. They deserved to know the truth.

"There was once a time not long ago, where we lived in a world filled with grand parties and glittering cities. A land filled with magical sites and white white snow that stretched like a blanket around us.
This was the time of the Romanovs, the imperial family of Russia."

I smiled now, thinking if my beautiful country.

"But everything must end sometime." I said sadly. "But that is not what our story is about today. Our story is about one of the Romanovs in particular. Anastasia, the youngest of the princesses."

The children leaned forward, eyes wide.

"Her name was whispered through the streets of St. Petersburg, a legend."

Anastasia, Anastasia, Anastasia

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