Chapter 12: Summer

For a while, there was peace. Then, summer came again.

The sound of teenage laughter faintly tinkled through the trees. Ava and Jason stood at the edge of the woods, watching them through the trees. It had been eleven months since her arrival, ten since everyone had given up. They had been in peace for that long, spending those deliriously happy days wandering the woods and just being together. They had talked about a family, the future. There was no way that they could lead normal lives. Both of them were presumed dead, him longer than her, and he was suspect in scores of murders and disappearances. If they had children, they would have to be kept at home until they could devise a plan to create normal lives for them.

But in that moment, there were only plans for death. Ava had long accepted his ways. Pamela wanted to make sure that what happened to Jason would never happen again. They weren't too bright anyway. Last summers events were still fresh in some eyes, and still they came here. She didn't revel in their blood the way Pamela did, nor did she see murder as his duty, as Jason did. It was like taking out the garbage. Something that had to be done, whether she liked it or not.

"You're going to wait until dark?" Ava asked, squeezing his hand.

Yes. That's the rule.

"Okay. I'm going to go home."

Do you feel sick?

"A little. I just need a nap."

I'll be back after I'm done.

"I love you."

I love you too,

Silently, Ava made her way back to the cabin, a feeling of nausea lingering over her as she did. It was only a hint of the possibility, as she had not eaten this morning. Pamela had alerted them at the crack of dawn and they had been in the woods ever since. In her condition, Ava knew skipping meals wasn't a good idea, but other women had done worse. Her own mother had smoked until her fifth month, and she knew that Julie's mother, God rest her soul, had drank on and off throughout.

From her own rudimentary understanding of how all this worked, Ava guessed she was mid-way through her third month, due around Thanksgiving. Jason didn't know yet, as Ava was barely sure of it herself. She planned to tell him tonight, after she helped him clean up. To whisper in his ear as she washed him clean of blood, that they were going to create the family they always wanted.


"If I die, I'm fucking coming back to kill you," Tara said and dropped the pile of sticks on the ground. Lance, her boyfriend, had sent her and Kelly (his best friend's girlfriend) to gather stuff for the fire. Lance and Steve were sitting by the fire, Steve trying to find the weed he had brought and Lance was sending Tara lascivious looks.

"What makes you say that?" Kelly asked.

"Don't you remember what happened last summer? Some people died up here," Tara waved her hands as she spoke. "Jason got them."

"He's just an urban legend," Steve scoffed. "I heard some chick went nuts and killed her friends. She's probably in Mexico or something."

"But one guy was pounded to death. How the fuck can a chick do that?" Lance interrupted.

"So I guess Jason's coming to get you!" Steve laughed and lunged at Kelly to tickle her. She tried to push him away, but she was laughing her ass off. "Tara, no one is going to die. Just light the fucking fire already."

"Asshole," Tara muttered and threw a stick at him. "Honey, go get me a beer." she directed this at Lance, who grudgingly obeyed. The cooler was the farthest thing from them, by the trees.

"You can be a real-," Lance never got to finish his sentence. Jason thrust his machete through his gut and Lance just fell, still clutching the can of Bud.

"I'm a real what Lancey?" Tara asked. When she got no answer, she groaned and stood to walk over to the cooler. "Don't be so pissy baby."

What she saw made her start screaming. Lance lay in a pool of blood, his eyes wide and his organs visible in the mess.

"OH MY GOD!" Tara screamed. "I TOLD YOU! LANCE IS DEAD!"

"Very funny," Kelly said. "Did you two set this up?"

Before Tara could answer, Jason re-appeared, and swung. His blade cut through her torso, sending her head and shoulders flying. It landed right next to the fire pit

"SHIT!" Steve screamed. "RUN!" He grabbed Kelly's hand and they took off for the trees. Jason ran after them. The girl tripped over her own feet. Jason decided something. If the boy decided to turn back and save her, they would get to live. If he didn't, both would die.

The boy kept running. The girl didn't even tried to run. She just lay there, sobbing. Jason grabbed her by the hair, lifting her up. She tried to scream, but nothing came out. Jason decided to make it quick for her. He just silt her throat and continued on his way.


It was nearly midnight when he came back. Ava was sleeping, tossing and turning. Dreadful dreams of his death haunted her. So when the sound of the shower woke her, she jumped out of bed and went into the bathroom.

"Was it bad?" she whispered when he got into bed.

Not really. He slid a hand up her thigh and she arched towards him. He began to kiss her neck and his hand tugged at the scrap of cloth. Although she wanted to, she had to tell him first.

"I have something to tell you," she whispered and pulled at his shoulders to get him to face her.

What's wrong? Jason eyes narrowed with worry.

"Nothing," Ava said softly, and pulled up her nightdress. The bump was still very small, but noticeable. She took his hand and ran it along the warm flesh. "I'm pregnant."