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This story is a oneshot so don't expect to see more, this is it!

Kagome stared down into the dark and dank well, she'd heard stories of people suicidally jumping of buildings and such. She found this to be an odd way to die, why jump? Really why?

When she was little she'd loved jumping from swings, it was fun, it always felt like for a moment she was flying, free. No worries, no cares, no work to be done.

Since coming to the feudal era she found it to be an even weirder way to die, why would you want to any way? You could be killed in an accident, in a war, in a robbery, by demons, hell just by a cold. What could make someone jump to die?

You could jump to dodge like Inuyasha did, you could jump for excitement, there were so many better reasons to jump. You could jump rope, you could jump over someone, you could hop up stairs.

So why would you jump to die?

Well at this rate she'd never know and she could live with that. Because, as she hulled herself and her yellow pack over the side, she jumped to live.

She jumped to make new friends, she jumped to help, she knew jumping could be good.

Speaking of which, Inuyasha jumped down in the well, "Took you long enough. You should have been here a while ago."

She smiled as he jumped, carrying her out of the well. "Sorry I was thinking."

"About what?"

"Just how much people jump, and why."

"Thats a weird thing to think about." Inuyasha said, looking at her.

"Not really..."

"Kagome!" Shippo cried, running towards her.

"Shippo," she caught him as he jumped in her arms.

"Hey, Kagome your back!" Sango reached her, slightly out of breath, having run up the hill to get to the well.

"Lady Kagome!" Miroku smiled, "We missed you, how was School?"

"Oh, same old, same old."

"So you didn't do well?" he asked, sad for her.

"Miroku!" Sango slapped him lightly in the head, "I'm sure thats not what Kagome meant."

Kagome laughed, she jumped for this.

Sorry it's a little random, this scene was just stuck in my head.

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