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While making my morning rounds, I felt the simple vibration of my cell phone in my lab coat. Looking to see who was bothering me now, I registered a private number was calling. Curiosity getting the best of me, I flipped the phone open to take the call. "Hello?"

"Yes hi. Is this Dr. Edward Cullen?" a frustrated woman asked over the receiver. I can already tell how well this conversation is going to go.

"Speaking?" I said. The woman let out a sigh of release, "Oh thank God. I thought I'd never find you. Dr. Cullen, this is Mrs. Cope, from Forks Hospital."

"Mrs. Cope, of course. How are you? It's certainly been awhile…what, 4-5 years now?" I replied. Mrs. Cope was a retired nurse at Forks General Hospital. Instead of giving in to a relaxing retirement, she decided that she simply couldn't leave the hospital behind and became the receptionist. She was the heart of the hospital; everyone knew her and in return, she knew about everyone's drama-filled lives.

"Yea" she said hesitantly. "Actually, it's been 3 years, and about 10 months" she replied. This little tidbit of information was a tad bit freaky. Did she miss me so much she kept track of my absence from my hometown? This was exactly why I had to get out of that small town life; everyone knew everything about your business.

"Ohh, okay. Right. Well, what can I do for you Mrs. Cope?" As lovely as it was to catch up with an old nurse, I was busy and I couldn't help but wonder what she needed from me.

"Well Dr. Cullen, unfortunately this is not a social call. There's a reason I need to speak with you. You see, there has been an accident…." I cut her off, "What kind of accident?"

"A car accident sir. Isabella Swan was hit by a drunk driver." At the name Isabella, she had my full attention. I hadn't heard that name in…what did she say before? Three years and some months?

"Isabella?" I whispered back. She must be mistaken. "Yes Dr. Cullen. Ms. Swan was brought in last night. It's been a hectic couple of hours here." I didn't want to small talk, I wanted details, so I rushed the conversation along.

"What's the prognosis, Mrs. Cope?" I asked.

She sighed again. "It doesn't look good, Dr. Cullen. She's in a coma right now. The doctors don't know how long until she'll wake up. That is, IF she wakes up at all." I was rendered speechless. How? Why? My Isabella, in a coma? I quickly shook my head. She was not my Isabella. She made that clear when she walked out all those years ago. I couldn't allow myself to go down that road of thinking. I was brought out of my inner dialogue when I realize that Mrs. Cope had continued speaking.

"…there is no one to take care of him at this time." HUH? "I'm sorry Mrs. Cope. I must have zoned out there. Please start again."

"Umm, well", here she was, back to being hesitant. "You see, I called all of Ms. Swan's emergency contacts, and unfortunately none of them can come to the rescue. She'd probably kill me if she knew I even tracked you down, but someone needs to look after Tony or the state is going to step in."

"Tony?" I replied. I don't know any Tony's.

"Yes, Dr. Cullen. Tony, Isabella's son." Bella has a son? I thought that I had said that question to myself, but apparently Mrs. Cope responded. "Well, he's your son too," she said, quietly, as if she were afraid of my reaction.

I had a son?

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