There was nothing but silence on the other side of the phone. Mrs. Cope must have assumed I'd gone into shock because she attempted to get my attention. "Dr. Cullen? Dr. Cullen, are you still there?"

I couldn't get my mouth to respond. I had a son? That's impossible. Mrs. Cope must be wrong.

"I don't have a son Mrs. Cope. You must be mistaken." Isabella must have moved on. I can't believe she has a son. It seems like only yesterday we were happy together, heading towards our ever-after, and now she had a son with someone else?

"Dr. Cullen, Edward, if I may be so bold. There is no doubt in my mind that this boy is yours. I mean, how many people do you know with your hair color?" I ran a finger through my bronze locks. She was right, it was a rare hue. As far as I knew, only my mother, Esme, and myself were blessed with such uniqueness. But still, a son? Really?

"That doesn't make him mine. People have kids all the time that look nothing like their fathers. And anyways, Isabella would have told me if she were pregnant, so be as bold as you want, but at least be honest."

"Well, from what I heard Dr. Cullen, you didn't want kids. So why would Bella tell you she was pregnant? I mean, why else would she run away back to Forks after your break up?" Who the hell did she think she is?

"Mrs. Cope, I don't have time for small town gossip. What transpired between Ms. Swan and myself is private, and should remain between those said people." I saw my father coming around the corner and flagging me down. I really needed to get off the phone. "Well, Mrs. Cope. It's been nice catching up with you, however I have patients to attend to, and I'm sure you have other calls to make regarding Ms. Swan."

"Wait, Dr. Cullen….what about," I cut her off. "Goodbye Mrs. Cope" I said, while hanging up the phone. I placed my cell back into my pocket. I shouldn't have answered the phone. This wasn't the type of conversation I needed this morning. By this time, my father had reached up to me, and by one look at me knew something was going on. "Hello Edward. What's put you in such a sour mood?"

"Dad, I just got a call from Mrs. Cope."

"Mrs. Cope? What did she want? Does the old woman miss you? I always knew she had a little crush on you" my dad chuckled, but stopped when he realized I didn't join in with him. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Bella's…she's….she's been in an accident. She's in a coma." I was staring at my shoes while I relayed this message. I knew my father loved Isabella like a daughter, and I just couldn't take in his facial expression at this time.

"Wh..What?" He stuttered. "But…how? Why?" He had very good questions, and I told him so, adding that I don't know all the specifics. I heard him turn around quickly to head down the hall. I snapped my head up, wondering where he was running off to. I followed behind him, questioning his motives, "Dad?"

"We must make arrangements. We'll fly out tonight." Dad was in plan-mode. Well, his plan needed to be squashed. "Dad,DAD," I called out louder when he didn't register that I was trying to get his attention. "We aren't going anywhere."

"What do you mean Edward? You just said Bella's in the hospital. We must go to her. She needs us."

"That's where you're wrong Dad. She doesn't need us. Remember, she left us. Left me. She didn't need us then, and she doesn't need us now." My father scoffed at my argument, "Edward be serious. When the one's we love are in the hospital we go to them, no ifs, ands or buts."

"I'm not in love with Isabella. Not anymore," I replied. My father simply shook his head and said, "Okay son, keep telling yourself that. Maybe you'll believe it at some point. In the mean time, I am going to Forks, as I'm sure your mother will too. Now tell me, am I booking two or three plane tickets?"

When I didn't answer, Carlisle took off back down the hallway, leaving me alone with my thoughts. However, I wasn't alone for long as my phone began to buzz again. Here we go again.

"Hello?" I muttered, wondering what else could go wrong this morning.

"Dr. Cullen, I do not appreciate the fact that you hung up on me" replied Mrs. Cope. "You have some nerve to treat an elder in such fashion."

"Mrs. Cope, I am sorry for hanging up on you but I have business to take care of here," I said, trying to get off the phone so I can find my father. "Well, I don't care what you need to do in your precious little hospital. You have things you need to do here, like tend to your son."

"Well, that's where you're wrong Mrs. Cope. Even if he were my son, I have no responsibility to him being as I knew nothing about him 20 minutes ago when you first called me. There must be someone else. You mentioned her contacts before? How is there no one?"

"First on the list is Mr. Charles Swan, however everyone knows he's not available" she quipped. "And whys that?" I replied. "Because he died last winter, Dr. Cullen, after a hold-up at the thriftway." Well, that information stopped me in my tracks. Charlie's dead? When did this happen? And how did I not know this?"

Mrs. Cope continued, "Second, is Mrs. Renee Dwyer. And the number linked with her name is no longer in service. I mean, really that doesn't surprise me. She was always such a flighty character to begin with." I had to agree. Renee was never a mother figure to Isabella; I'm surprised she actually made the contact list at all.

"Finally, there's a Jacob Black on the list." I growled after hearing his name. Stupid Black. Always meddling in our relationship. It was no secret he harbored a crush on my girl. If I had to venture a guess, after our break up, Bella must have went running back to her BFF Black. That son of hers is probably his.

"Jacob would be the most logically choice to take Tony, being as he's his favorite Uncle; however he's still away on his honeymoon. He won't be back for another 3 weeks," Mrs. Cope explained. "I really don't want to call child services Edward. Tony is afraid as it is, and he doesn't need to be around strangers."

"I'm a stranger Mrs. Cope, or have you forgotten that tiny bit of information?" I responded. Really, I couldn't be the kid's only choice. Not liking my tone, Mrs. Cope snapped. "Yes, I'm aware you have been absent in his life, but at least biological family is better than some shifty foster family."

Finally reaching my father's office, I replied back to Mrs. Cope, "Look, we'll deal with the situation at hand when we get to the hospital." My father looked up from his computer, obviously pleased with the information that I planned to journey with them to Forks. Mrs. Cope was pleased as well, "Ohh Dr. Cullen, thank you. I will look after Tony until then. Let me know your flight information, and we will see you soon."

"Yeah okay, goodbye." I hung up the phone, and looked at my father. "Well son, are you ready to go home?" I didn't know how to respond. Forks wasn't home. Not anymore. Chicago was. I truthfully doubted that I would ever go back to the little Peninsula town. However, going to Forks wasn't the issue here. It was meeting my possible son. Who knew how well that would go over? And how was I going to break this information to my parents? What an interesting plan ride this would be.