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Leader: Icestar- white tom Mate: Sorrelflower

Deputy: Hawkstorm- light brown tabby with white underbelly

Medicine Cat: Lionsnow- pale golden tom


Brackenstorm- Dark golden tom with blue eyes Mate: Brightwing

Maplepelt- Ginger tom with green eyes Mate: Tawnyfur

Apprentice: Mousepaw

Blackfeather- Black tom with gray eyes Mate: Willowcloud

Mosspool- Ginger and white she-cat with green eyes Mate: Ravenwing

Apprentice: Sandpaw

Rosetail- white and pinkish colored she-cat

Grayfoot- Black tom with gray paws, amber eyes

Ravenwing- Dark gray, almost black tom Mate: Mosspool

Sorrelflower- Cream she-cat with amber eyes Mate: Icestar

Apprentice: Hazelpaw

Cricketleap- Brown tabby tom

Leafberry- Dark cream she-cat with brown paws Mate: Duskfur

Duskfur- Black tom with yellow eyes Mate: Leafberry

Hickoryfur- Dark brown tom with white paws

Apprentice: Seapaw

Krestrelflight- Gray and brown mottled tom

Sparrowclaw- Brown tom with white underbelly


Hazelpaw- Light brown dappled she-cat

Sandpaw- Pale ginger tom

Mousepaw- Gray tom

Seapaw- Black she-cat with sea green eyes


Brightwing- white she-cat with green eyes, mother of Brackenstorm's kit; Rainbowkit (tortioseshell and white she-cat with color changing eyes)

Tawnyfur- tortioseshell she-cat with blue eyes, mother of Maplepelt's kits; Oatkit (light brown tom with green eyes)and Sunkit (pale ginger she-cat with blue eyes)

Willowcloud- pale gray she-cat with green eyes, mother of Blackfeather's kits, Stormkit (black tom with gray eyes), and Blizzardkit (white she-cat with green eyes)


Yellowclaw- dark ginger tom

Nightheart- dark black she-cat


Leader: Darkstar- Dark gray tom

Deputy: Mistfur- Silver she-cat

Medicine Cat: Birdfeather- Light brown and white dappled she-cat

Apprentice: Bloompaw


Rootleg- Dusky brown tom

Stormnight- Dark gray tom

Apprentice: Dawnpaw

Beechfur- pale gray tom Mate: Furzetail

Fuzzyfur- dark brown she-cat with fur sticking up all over the place

Gorsepelt- Dark gray tom with amber eyes Mate: Cherrycloud

Redfur- ginger tom with yellow eyes

Furzetail- light tabby she-cat with light green eyes Mate: Beechfur

Apprentice: Tulippaw

Pineclaw- reddish brown tom

Apprentice: Berrypaw

Toadtail- black tom with brown speckled tail

Foxtail- reddish brown she-cat

Petalstorm- tabby she-cat with light blue eyes


Cherrycloud- Dark ginger she-cat with blue eyes, mother of Gorsepelt's kits Jaykit (Dark gray kit with amber eyes), Flamekit (dark ginger she-cat with blue eyes), and Nightkit (black she-cat with amber eyes)

Featherflower- Black and white spotted she-cat, mother of Bramblefoot's kit; Downykit (Black she-cat with white underbelly)


Dawnpaw- cream colored she-cat

Berrypaw- cream and black tom

Tulippaw- pale ginger she-cat


Clawscar- brown tom with nasty scars on his face from a dog. Formerly Brownfur

Dapplethroat- black she-cat with brown speckles on her throat


Leader: Eaglestar- Black tom with amber eyes

Deputy: Heathertail- light brown tabby she-cat

Medicine Cat: Mudfur- elderly brown tom

Apprentice: Rabbitleap- white tom with long ears


Croweye- black tom with black eyes

Sunfoot- white she-cat with bright ginger paws

Hollowfern- dark gray tom with amber eyes Mate: Fernfur

Hazelnut- golden colored she-cat

Featherflower- silver she-cat with green eyes Mate: Nightstripe

Blackclaw- black tom Mate: Beetlenose

Apprentice: Bumblepaw

Owltail- gray tom with white speckles

Apprentice: Robinpaw

*Lightwhisperer- golden colored she-cat with stunning bright blue eyes

Sheepfur- white she-cat with yellow eyes Mate: Owltail

Apprentice: Orangepaw

Nightstripe- black tom with a silver stripe running down his back Mate: Featherflower

Tornear- dusky brown tom with a shredded ear


Fernfur- dark brown she-cat with lighter tabby stripes, mother of Hollowfern's kits; Mousekit (dark brown she-cat with amber eyes), Shadowkit (dark gray tom with amber eyes), and Rosekit (pale brown she-cat with stripes)

Beetlenose- dark ginger she-cat with black eyes, expecting Blackclaw's kits


Bumblepaw- white tom with black stripes

Orangepaw- ginger she-cat

Robinpaw- light brown she-cat with white chest and paws


Moorflight- tortioseshell she-cat with gold eyes

Cowfur- black and white splotched tom


Leader: Splashstar- silver tom Mate: Silvermoon

Deputy: Pebbleheart- speckled brown tom Mate: Cinderfur

Medicine Cat: Honeyblossom- gold dappled she-cat


Minnowfur- dappled ginger she-cat

Ripplewave- dark gray, almost blue tom Mate: Frostpelt

Poppytail- tortioseshell and white she-cat with green eyes Mate: Shellfur

Fishclaw- black tom

Apprentice: Stripepaw

Shellfur- silver tom with blue eyes Mate: Poppytail

Cherrypelt- tortioseshell she-cat

Apprentice: Streampaw

Brackenclaw- golden brown tom Mate: Foamshine

Foamshine- white she-cat Mate: Brackenclaw

Frostpelt- white she cat Mate: Ripplewave

Cinderfur- dark gray she-cat with yellow eyes Mate: Pebbleheart


Silvermoon- beautiful silver she-cat, expecting Splashstar's kits


Stripepaw- ginger she-cat with brown stripes

Streampaw- silvery black she-cat


Twigfur- brown tom

Waveharp- silvery white she-cat

Tigerstar: Ya know Thalia, cats dont know what a harp is... DUH!

Thalia: Well neither do you Tiggerstar, so shut up.

Tigerstar: Hmmph!

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In case you were wondering...

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