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Rain pounded on the normally sunny woodland. Vicious lightning crackled in the sky, blasting trees on the spot. Crouched inside a dark cave were two cats quietly discussing a very urgent topic. The blue she-cat stood up.

"Spottedleaf, I'll admit, this kit's destiny will be beyond our control!" she cried. Spottedleaf, the tortioseshell and white she-cat calmly rested her head on her paws.

"Let's ask the rest." Spottedleaf sprang up, and called out from the crack opening. Minutes later, a dark ginger tom, a golden tom, a scraggly dark gray she-cat, a black and white tom, a spotted gold she-cat, and dark brown tom peered through the enterence.

"Spottedleaf?" the dark brown tom looked around. When he saw the blue furred she-cat he mewed, "Bluestar... don't tell me..." The tom's whisker's were twitching slightly.

"Yes Oakheart." scoffed Bluestar. "Attention! We are gathered here because of the prophecy given to us by Spottedleaf. Spottedleaf? Mind telling them what it is?"

Spottedleaf turned to face the starry cats. "A kit will soon be born into ThunderClan..."

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