The Titan Fallen

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Summary; A new being has appeared in Hueco Mundo. A being with a soul like no other. Now all the worlds must bare witness to the power of The Titan Fallen.

Idea made by flood125

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Regular speak

Thoughts and Emotions talking to person outside mind

Demonic or Animalistic speak

Demonic or Animalistic Thoughts

Translating to English

A creature opened his eyes, which were green with black sclerae, to see an endless desert of white sand and white trees, making him think of bones. It appeared to be night, but the half-moon didn't move. The creature looked at it's body and saw what looked like white armor covering every inch of its body. His body was humanoid and perhaps a little small if he stood next to an adult human, since he was barely over five and a half feet tall. If he had a reflective object, he would see that his mask appeared to be a cross between feline and canine. "What am I? Who am I?" He asked himself, before being bombarded by information.

Hollows, Shinigamis, Quincys, Soul Chains, Spiritual Pressure, thirteen court guard, Hueco Mundo, Las Noches, Seireitei, Soul Society, and many other things seemed to just appear in his mind. He paused his thinking as he looked himself over again and found that he had no hole in his body any where. He also noticed no insatiable hunger for souls. He found this all strange and confusing to his current knowledge. Another bit of information came to his attention. Some about a Shinigami that had betrayed his own kind-or was going to at least- and making an army of Arrancars, Hollows that have broken their masks and received Shinigami powers. This thought made him blink with curiosity.

He reached up to his mask and gently tugged at it. To his surprise, he felt the armor recede into the mask. The first things he noticed was that his hands had claws and his skin was green. He didn't appear bulky or scrawny, but had a decent amount of muscles. He thought for a moment and put the mask back on, deciding that a Hollow without a hole was less suspicious then a naked, green-skinned human. "Still don't know who I am, or was in this case," He muttered to himself before getting a second bombardment.

Random images ran through his head. A green monkey springing towards him. A boat wrecked in river. So many more came and none provided an answer. The most prominent was of four people. One was a Caucasian boy, the only normal one of the four. Well, as normal as you call a teen trained for stealth and dressed as a traffic-light. The other was of African decent and older then other, and had robotic replacements for most of his body. The last two were girls, both with beauty that could rival and surpass goddesses. One had orange skin, green eyes, red hair, and an orange two piece that left little to imagination. The last had his attention the most for some reason. She had purple eyes and hair, grey skin, and wore a black leotard and blue cape.

Suddenly an actual memory played through his head. All he saw was a strange hollow standing before him, snarling in rage. It had goat like lower body and a human like upper body. It's head was like some kind of reptile and had four hollow eyes. It's hollow hole was right above it's stomach. 'That must be the last thing that happened to me before I became a hollow. Hmm, maybe it's best I not think to much about my old life, after all I'm dead. Now, what to call myself? Not hollow, not a plus, not a shinigami, or anything else I have in this head of mine,' He thought to himself, before smiling, "Well I think I was a plus until that hollow came around then became something like a hollow. I guess Fallen could work. Damn that's a crappy name," The newly named Fallen muttered to himself as he looked around, trying to decide on what to do now.

He could sense something close by, something odd. Kind of like himself. He turned around and saw a lump of sand moving. He walked over and swore that it was shaking. He stuck his fingers into and felt something. He pulled it out and was surprised by his catch. In his hand was something that looked like a Hollow, or Arrancar more accurately since it looked completely human. She was between twelve and sixteen, depending on if she was a later bloomer or not, and had a white cloak as her only clothing. Her mid-back hair and eyes were purple, but her skin was very pale. This meant she probably wasn't the girl in his memories. She stood a few inches smaller then him. Her hollow mask was like a head protector on her forehead and it's design reminded him of a dove. Her eyes were wide with confusion and fear as she stared into the green eyes behind Fallen's mask.

"Who are you?" He asked, sounding a bit threatening with his deep voice.

"I-I don't kn-know. I ju-just woke up here. I'm sorry if I'm on your territory! Please don't eat me!" She begged as she closed her eyes and waited for him to eat her. Imagine her surprise at his next sentence.

"I'm not going to eat ya!" He grumbled to himself as he stared at the girl intently, "I also just woke here without a name. Are you going to give yourself one?" He asked, tilt his head in curiosity. This made him seem slightly cute, even with the mask one.

"Umm, wo-would you give me one Mister..?" She asked, at a lose as to what she should call him.

Fallen chuckled to himself, 'Just like a toddler.'"I call myself Fallen. Yes I know it's crappy, but-"He was surprisingly cut off by his new acquaintance.

"It's not bad! I think it fits you perfectly for some reason," She said, not quiet sure why she said it.

"Hmm, well I think I can come up for a better name for you," He commented as he stared at the girl for a moment, before a name came to mind, "Arella," He said with a smile as he saw the newly named Arella smile widely at him.

"I love it! Thank you Master Fallen," She said with her head bowed.

Fallen blinked at this, "Master?" He asked, suddenly confused.

"I had some weird things flashing through my head earlier about all kinds of stuff. One was about that when one hollow spares another, the spared becomes the other's servant or slave if you prefer," She answered with an almost hopeful look on her face.

"Umm, I'm not sure what I am, but I don't think I'm a hollow exactly," He said, a little unsure of what to do at this point.

Arella looked down at the ground with a sad face, "I know, I don't think I am either. I have no hole that shouldn't be there and no hunger for souls. Your energy felt a lot like mine though. Any way, I was hoping you could take me where ever you going," She looked pleadingly as he raised an unseen eyebrow, "Please! I promise I won't be a burden. I'll hunt hollows and bring them to you, I'll try and keep up with you the best I can, and..." She pause as a blush started to appear on her face, "I'll let you do whatever want with me and my body," She said as she removed her cloak, giving Fallen a perfect view off her young and developing body. She had absolutely no hair on her except for her head, eyebrows, and possibly armpits. Her skin had no flaw to it. Her breast were a humble high B Cups at the moment. She knew she was most likely setting herself up to be raped since she saw him take his mask off, but she found herself unable NOT to trust this stranger.

Fallen, who couldn't help but stare at the girl's naked body, had this one thought in his moment of surprise, 'This hell is my heaven,' He found it incredibly odd this girl would offer herself up to someone she just met. He had to guess that this girl was a lot more scared of this place then he was. Now that he thought about it, he wasn't sure why none of this didn't scared him. Most people would be scared that they were in a near literal hell, yet he couldn't find anything to be scared of.

Turning his attention back to the girl that just pledge herself to him, he saw that her eyes were still closed and she was shaking slightly, in fear, "Are you sure you want this Arella?" He asked with a hint of doubt in her voice.

"Yes, if you spare me and bring me with you, then my life would be the best payment I could give," She answered without the slightest hesitation.

Fallen sighed to himself, "Very well Arella. I hope neither of us end up regretting it," He said as the unspoken meaning reached her understanding, 'I hope I don't end up abusing you.'

Arella rapped the cloak around her again and approached her newly appointed master, "Thank you Master, I hope I am of some use to you," She said with a smile, trying to cheer her master up.

Fallen smirked at Arella behind his mask, "First thing Arella, calling me master isn't something you have to do."

"I will try to stop if it becomes annoying to you Fallen," She said with a bow as she smiled, proving that she could call him by his name even if she was his slave.

"Well, we best get going," He said as he started going in one direction.

"Where to Master?" Arella asked curiously.

"No idea, but it's probably far from here," He said with a laugh in his voice.

End of Chapter

If anyone is wondering why Arella offered herself like that, she is basically asking him his help and that's usually not an easy thing to get in Hueco Mundo, even without that Hollow tradition. Well, I think you can all guess who Fallen is and a good idea of who Arella and the hollow is. Questions now- What is Fallen? What happened to him? Who is the hollow in his memories? Why does Arella trust him? What happened to them before they woke up here? Where will they end up next? What will they do?