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Had to be There – Pt 1

Chapter 7

When Gibbs stepped into the bar, it took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the dim lighting. He'd opted to go home first and change into something more casual. Suits had a way of making people clam up. He spotted the bartender and flashed his badge.

"We need to talk."

Marsala looked at Gibbs, understanding that this was an order, not a request. She glowered at him, setting down an empty glass. "You wanna talk, you gotta buy a drink."

Gibbs smiled, but it never reached his eyes. "I'll have a beer." He said finally.

As she poured his drink, she studied his face. He seemed kind, not the typical clientele that she was used to. Even the cops who frequented her bar were loud and surly most of the time. She didn't blame them. Their job was high stress all the time, with little reward.

Gibbs watched her watching him then spoke softly. "I'm looking for a girl, maybe ten or twelve, brown hair, blue eyes, intelligent looking, with a very southern accent. Have you seen her? Might be going by the name of Maria?"

Marsala shook her head, but didn't speak. Her heart was hammering in her chest, and she kept her eyes on the bar to keep from having to look him in the eye. She knew that Agent Gibbs was most likely referring to Sam, but the mothering instinct in her wouldn't let her give Sam up without a damn good reason.

Gibbs took a drink of his beer and stared at the bartender as she wiped down the same section of the bar over and over again. He knew she was hiding something. Either she knew where the kid was hiding, or she knew whom to ask. Either way, he was going to find out. He just needed to find the right motivation to get her to open up.

Gibbs sighed and put down his glass. "Look, I know you feel protective of these poor, street urchins, and I respect you for that. But there is a lot at stake here. One of my team was shot, and this girl could have been a witness."

Marsala looked up at Agent Gibbs in horror. "Are you saying one of my kids was involved in a shooting? She's not in any danger, is she?"

She was desperate to know if Sam was in trouble, but without giving Agent Gibbs any specific information. He shrugged and she twisted the dishrag in her hands nervously. He watched her battle internally then her shoulders slumped in defeat.

"If I tell you what I know, will you promise to keep her safe?" Marsala asked finally.

Gibbs nodded, "I swear, on my oath as a Marine, that she will be safe with me."

Marsala gulped then leaned toward Gibbs conspiratorially. "Last night, just before you and that other guy came busting in here, a young girl named Sam came in here. Her real name is Samantha, but she prefers to be called Sam. Many people mistake her for a boy that way. I don't know her last name; I doubt she does either."

Gibbs nodded, "What did she want?"

Marsala looked around furtively, "She asked me to hide her, and I couldn't say no. I got a little cupboard here, under the bar. It's just big enough for her to squeeze into. She had just shut herself in when you and the other agent came running in."

Gibbs' eyes narrowed. "Was she under there the entire time we were here?"

Marsala nodded nervously. "Yes, sir. I let her out when I was sure the both of you were gone. She slipped out the back and I haven't seen her since."

She could tell her was angry, so she kept her eyes averted. Her eyes widened as the doors opened and Samantha came strolling in. She tried to catch Sam's eye, but Sam was in such a good mood that she never even saw Agent Gibbs turn around until it was too late.

He grabbed her by the wrist. "Samantha, I presume?"

Sam's eyes widened and her jaw dropped open in surprise as agent Gibbs grabbed her by the wrist. She tried to run, but he had an iron grip on her arm.

"Lemme go!" She hollered. "You're not my dad. Put me down you bastard!"

Gibbs merely flashed his badge when anyone stared too inquisitively in his direction. This only fueled Sam's anger and she began kicking and screaming in an attempt to get away. Gibbs threw her over his shoulder after her elbow narrowly missed hitting him in the eye. As they headed for the door, Sam pounded on his back, swearing and cussing in a myriad of languages. Getting tired of all the pounding, Gibbs reached up and swatted Sam sharply on the bottom.

Sam stopped screaming mid-curse, the swat having taken her completely by surprise. A small tear escaped one eye. "Lemme go, please." She pleaded. "I didn't do anything."

Gibbs plunked her down in the passenger seat of his car and buckled her in, flipping up the safely lock on the door so she couldn't get out. Sam glared venomously at him as he got into the car.

He looked at her levelly, "We're going to NCIS and you are going to tell me everything that happened last night, from the moment you found Agent DiNozzo lying in the alley."

"When hell freeze over!" Sam spat at him.

Gibbs pulled over and put on the parking brake before turning to glare at Sam. "I'm only going to say this once, young lady, so you had better listen up. You're a material witness in a very important case, and until I'm sure this case is closed, you are in my custody. I will not tolerate deliberate disobedience or disrespect. And you had better not even think about lying to me."

"What are you going to do, put me in jail?" Sam challenged him sarcastically.

Gibbs put the car back in motion. "Nope. You're a minor. Besides, jail would be too dangerous. I'll just have to put you over my knee instead."

Sam's eyes blazed. "You can't do that to me. I want a lawyer."

Gibbs shook his head. "No lawyers. You're staying with me tonight."

Sam crossed her arms defiantly. "And if I don't wanna?"

Gibbs shrugged. "Doesn't matter. You're staying with me, end of discussion."

Sam was really ticked off now. She could take care of herself. She didn't need his help, nor did she want it. When they pulled into the agency's parking deck, Sam waited until Gibbs came around to open her door. Unbuckling her seat belt, she scrambled for his door and made a run for it. She'd only gotten a couple of steps when she felt two very strong arms lift her off the ground.

"Put me down, you creep!" She yelled, kicking him in the shins and thrashing around.

Gibbs just held her tightly and headed for the elevator. When her head connected with his chin, Gibbs decided that he had had enough. He flipped the emergency stop on the elevator, propped his foot up against the wall, and flipped Sam over his knee.

"I have had enough of your bad attitude, young lady." Gibbs growled in her ear. "You are going to learn some respect."

With that last admonition, Gibbs landed five, fast, hard swats to the seat of Sam's jeans. Sam yelped and hollered as his hand set her backside on fire. When he set her down, Sam put as much distance between Gibbs and herself as the elevator would allow. Gibbs sighed as she sniffled and huddled in the corner. He flipped the switch back on then moved to kneel down in front of her. Sam tried to turn her back to him, but he pulled her around to face him, tipping her chin up.

"Sam, look at me." Gibbs commanded gently. "I'm sorry I had to spank you, and I know I'm not your father, but you are in my custody. That means I expect you to behave."

Sam sulked, muttering under her breath. "Whatever."

Gibbs raised an eyebrow, "Don't forget what I said about respect, because I will not hesitate to put you over my knee again if you mouth off to me or anyone else in here. Is that understood?"

Sam pressed her lips together then yelped as Gibbs swung her around and swatted her sharply. "Ow! Ow! I heard you, okay."

Gibbs raised an eyebrow and Sam hurriedly amended her previous statement. "I understand, sir, really, I do."

Gibbs stood up nodding. "Good. I really don't want to have this conversation again."

Sam didn't want to either, but she refrained from saying so aloud. She was in no hurry to feel Gibbs' hand again. The elevator stopped and Gibbs led Sam upstairs to the director's office. He pointed to a chair just outside her door.

"Sit down and wait here while I brief the director. I'll come and get you when it is time to give your statement."

Sam glared at him but sat down without a word. He watched her for a minute then leaned over to whisper in her ear.

"I hope you aren't planning to do anything stupid. If you know what's good for you, you will still be sitting here when I return."

Sam scowled rebelliously, already plotting her escape. He couldn't spank her if he couldn't catch her, and she didn't plan on him ever getting hold of her again. As soon as he shut the door, she was gonna make a break for the elevator. She only needed to make a couple of floor changes then take the stairs. She'd be gone before anyone was the wiser. Unfortunately, for Sam, Gibbs wasn't a fool, and he wasn't taking any chances with his star witness. As soon as the door to the director's office was closed, he phoned Ziva.

"Ziva, keep an eye out for a little girl heading for the elevator." He barked. "Do not let her leave the building."

Ziva stood up and looked around just in time to see Sam barreling down the stairs, heading for the elevator. Dropping the phone, Ziva covered the distance to the elevator in three loping strides, grabbing Sam just as she hit the elevator button.

"Hold it right here, young lady. Gibbs said you are not to leave the building."

Ziva held tightly to Sam's arm, quickly dragging her over to Gibbs' desk and depositing her in an empty chair. "Sit!" She barked at Sam before retrieving her phone.

"Gibbs?" She asked hesitantly.

"I'm waiting." He responded, drumming his fingers impatiently on the director's desk.

"I have her, boss." Ziva replied. "Do you want me to bring her up to you?"

"No. I'm on my way down. Just don't let her out of your sight."

Ziva stared at Sam, wondering what the poor girl had done to get Gibbs so riled up. She folded her arms across her chest and leaned back against the desk. "I do not think I would like to be in your socks."

Sam rolled her eyes. "It's shoes. You wouldn't want to be in my shoes."

"I wonder why that is?" came Gibbs' irritated voice as he walked up behind Sam.

Sam swallowed and jerked around in the chair, looking guiltily at Gibbs before dropping her eyes to the floor. Gibbs nodded his thanks to Ziva before grabbing Sam by the elbow.

"Let's go. We need to have a talk about obedience and following orders."

Sam gulped, suddenly terrified of the big man walking beside her. She wasn't sure she could handle another spanking. Why, oh why, hadn't she stayed in that chair like he'd told her to?

Gibbs pulled Sam into the conference room and plopped her down in a chair. Her bottom lip quivered when he locked the door. Sitting down across from her, Gibbs crooked a finger at her.

"Front and center." He directed, pointing at a spot directly in front of him.

Sam shuffled slowly across the floor and stood nervously in front of him. She knew he was angry, and truth be told, she was more than a little bit afraid. She stared at the floor, refusing to look him in the eye.

"Samantha, look at me." Gibbs ordered sternly, albeit softly.

Sam looked up at the change in his voice as he used her full name. He still looked angry, but not angry, something else, something she couldn't identify. She gulped as he pulled her closer.

"Samantha, do you remember what I said in the car about obedience?"

Sam nodded, not trusting herself to speak. Suddenly she was shaking. She hadn't been spanked in forever, and here she was, getting a second spanking in the same day. Gibbs could tell Sam was terrified, but he couldn't let her disobedience go unpunished. He pulled her down over his lap, wrapping an arm securely around her waist so she couldn't get away. Sam tensed, waiting for the first swat to land. She didn't have long to wait. Gibbs began lecturing her as he peppered her bottom with an even cadence of whacks.

SMACK! SMACK! You will not SMACK! SMACK! disobey me again. SMACK! SMACK! You will do SMACK! SMACK! as you're told SMACK! SMACK! or you will find yourself SMACK! SMACK! in this position again.

Gibbs lifted his knee and delivered three final stinging swats to her sit spot before lifting her off his lap. Tears streamed down her face as she sobbed.

"I…I'm sorry, Gibbs. I…I won't…do it…again."

Gibbs gathered Sam into a hug, and she clung to him tightly. As he rubbed her back, her sobs slowly quieted until all you could hear was an occasional hiccup.

"It's all over, baby." He whispered tenderly. "Forgiven and forgotten."

Sam clung to his neck and refused to let go, even when he carried her up to the director's office. She sat in his lap and dictated her statement, after telling the director she wouldn't say a word unless Gibbs was present. She clung to his neck when he carried her back downstairs. When she refused to let go of him, even at his desk, Gibbs sighed and decided to call it a night.

"Come on Sam, time to go home." Gibbs whispered in her ear.

Sam thought about his words as Gibbs carried her to his car. Her eyes were beginning to droop as he put her in the passenger seat and buckled her in. Home. It had a pleasant ring to it. Maybe things wouldn't be so bad after all.

Gibbs: *smirking* What did I say? You and Sam, two peas in a pod.

Me: *spluttering* Are not! I am nothing like her!

Gibbs: *chuckling* Relax, already. I didn't say it was a bad thing.

Me: *slightly mollified* Oh. So, what did you mean then?

Gibbs: *winking* Let's see, brown hair, blue eyes, intelligent, cute as a button, troublemaker…

Me: *squealing* Gibbs! I am not a troublemaker! (sticking my tongue out at him)

Gibbs: *eyebrow raised* You were saying? (grabs me from behind and starts tickling me)

Me: *squirming and shrieking* Gibbs!

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