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Authors' Notes: Sooo this is pure crack. It's rated M for a reason and we apologize if after reading this if you can no longer look at the Toy Story movies the same way again. You have been warned. Also this would probably squeeze in between parts 2 and 3 in the series if you're wondering.

"Mo-vie! Mo-vie! Mo-vie! Mo-vie!" Murdock chanted, pacing up and down the hallway, waiting for Face and Sosa. While B.A. and Hannibal went to check up on some files for a case they were thinking about taking, Face had volunteered to take Murdock to the movies. Well, it was more like Charissa Sosa had volunteered. Face would've been just as happy to keep Murdock in the small apartment, but the poor man had almost literally begun to climb the walls out of boredom.

She had a soft spot in her heart for Murdock, he was a good guy and an even better friend to his Team mates and even to her as well… however like the others he had a tendency to annoy the crap out of her. So after five minutes of him humming some tune called El Diablo around her… which she was very curious about why he was she spied a newspaper with movie times printed on it and instantly suggested the idea. It was a hit… but the man wanted to see Toy Story 3 of all things. She had tried to talk him into something else, but it was no use he had his mind made up.

She shook her head slowly as her and Face finished getting their snacks and gave him a shrug, "Well… it seemed like a good idea at the time… Murdock! Wait for us." She shook her head slowly, "This is exactly why I don't want kids." She muttered and picked up her pace to try to keep up with the overly excited Captain.

"You and me both." Face muttered under his breath, trying to catch up as well.

Murdock was practically hopping up and down and drawing far too much attention to himself, for someone who was supposed to be on the run from the law. Mind you, Murdock wasn't actually wanted for the crime, since he'd been declared mentally unfit, but it still wouldn't do them well to be recognized. He was wearing his 3-D glasses already and waited for them at the entrance to the room, "Come on come on come on you'll miss it!"

"Murdock, the previews aren't in 3-D. You can take those off for now."

"EVERYTHING IS IN 3-D!" Murdock declared, before vanishing into the darkness of the theater.

She took a deep breath and slowly walked into the theater, "Next time when I have a good idea like this, stop me." She instructed Face as she paused just inside and groaned. The place wasn't full but there were kids and families and even older people all over. She looked at Face and then tried to spot Murdock… which she did clear up in the front, "He can't be serious? The front?"

"Murdock, move. You're gonna block the kids' line of sight." Face tried to get Murdock to budge.

But he only slumped a little in his seat and slurped his Coke,"Nuh-uh, Facey, I'm gonna be real quiet and short and the kids won't mind." He looked behind himself, and the seat was filled with an overweight woman, "See? No kid."

Face sighed, "But Murdock, there's no room for Charissa or me."

She sighed, "Let him have his fun. Come on I see some safe seats in the back." She slipped her hand into Face's pulling him away and up the stairs, "Huh, it didn't look as high up from down there." She quirked a brow and sat down adjusting her clothing a little as she did so because the original plan for the evening had been for her and Face to go out for a little them time, so she was dressed nice, a short jean skirt, boots and a nice shirt. They didn't do fancy dates, but they liked to get out once in a while and just do their own thing and try to be normal. So much for that tonight she thought with a sigh and slipped her silly glasses on and relaxed in her seat.

Face didn't put the glasses on just yet: they messed with his overall look and made everyone in the theater look like some kind of kid. He could see Murdock down in the front row. The crazy man was actually chatting with some kids. He had a Woody toy in one hand and a Buzz in the other. From the way the kids were giggling and laughing, the pilot was doing a perfect impression of both of them.

Spying from the corner of her eyes that Face hadn't put his glasses on she pelted him with popcorn and smirked, "Think of it this way, you won't look any more ridiculous than the rest of us adults in here." Finally the theater began to grow dark and the previews started in.

"It gives me a headache," Face fibbed, "when I put them on but the screen isn't 3-D already." He kept them in his hands, twisting them a little. Murdock had given the toys back to the kids who had brought them, and sank down a little lower in his chair to get a better view.

"Oh." She had pushed hers down on her nose for a minute and then sighed and took them off sitting them aside, "Why is it every time we try to do normal something… well, preventive like this happens?" She was trying not to be a typical woman about such matters, but unfortunately being of the fairer sex meant some of the crap that came with it was pre-wired in.

"Because we're not normal people, Charissa." Face pointed out, as the lights dimmed. He reached for his glasses, "We can't live normal lives. Well, I can't, at least. If you want to go off and be normal, that's your prerogative."

"Right." She nodded slowly and put her glasses back on, "I didn't mean to sound… like that." She leaned against him a little, "Oh! I almost forgot something about these type of seats." She turned and lifted up the arm between them and pushed it back, then scooted over more and returned to leaning against him again.

"Hey, I didn't realize they did that." Face grinned down, putting his glasses on and glancing at the screen as the opening titles rolled, "That's...convenient. And much more comfortable."

Murdock was eating his popcorn slowly. He'd gotten a large bag, but he wanted to make sure it would last the whole time.

She smiled, "Well you learned something new today." She said with a chuckle and watched the movie which was rather cute so far. She wouldn't admit it but she had seen the other two, but on television she hadn't actually gone to the theater to do so. She kept an eye on Murdock, glancing down at him every so often. That was one advantage they had about being up at the top it was easier to spot trouble if there was any.

The bird's-eye view of the crowd was good: Face made sure no-one could spot them in the back. Although he did wonder if some parents were questioning leaving their children with a certifiable madman in the front row. Murdock was harmless, though, unless he was in a bad mood.

She took a drink of her soda and then lobbed a few more kernels of popcorn at him again, "Relax, no one is going to get the drop on you in a kiddie flick." She whispered in his ear, as she scanned the crowd glad to see there was a little bit of distance between them and most of the other people in the section of seating they occupied.

"You never know." Face pointed out. "Hannibal's got us practically paranoid, then the guy turns around and laughs whenever I claim I think someone's been following me." Face complained.

She nodded as though she understood; she did to a point but not fully. She had to watch herself only because she knew of their escape and had had a hand in it, well their second escape. The first she had tried to stop.

"He likes to keep you on your toes, you know how he is. He wants you to be prepared always." She felt sorry for all of them, but of course she felt a little more so for the man sitting next to her.

She glanced around for a moment and then placed a hand carefully on his upper thigh and laughed at the feeling of his muscles tightening beneath, "You really are tense." She bit her lower lip in that way he knew all too well and began to slide her hand upwards.

"I am." Face remarked, amused at where Charissa's hand was going, "And you must be, too, I bet." He leaned in a little as if to whisper something, but instead took a turn south and gently nipped the side of her neck.

We know, these two kids... they'll practically do it anywhere.