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The moving van closed and started down the street. I sighed and I got into the passenger seat with my mother. We were moving to Forks Washington.

My mom and dad had just divorced two months ago, and after gaining full custody of me off we go. I knew we were going to move for a while now. But that didn't mean I had to like it.

I love Texas. The heat, the city of Huston, and the girl I have been dieing to ask out for the past two years, Maria.

Five days later (That's how long I am making the drive take. I don't really know how long it would take.)

I was in charge of driving because my mom was to tired. I pulled up to the house we were going to be living in. It was a nice house, two stories. It was a tan color with a large flower garden in the front, right be hind the flower garden was a wrap around porch. The moving van was already at the house and bringing our stuff inside.

It was only Saturday so I had to days to unpack and get used to the town before I had to go to school. What…fun.

"Jasper?" My mother said.

"What's up ma?" I know that I sounded a little mad. She probably thought that I hated her for making me move here. I wasn't mad. In Texas I wasn't popular I only had one good friend, and we weren't that close. I guess I was only mad because of the divorce.

"Well because of my job I will have to leave in the morning before you most days." Mom had gotten a job at the hospital she was a nurse. She started work tomorrow, so she was unpacking as much as she could today.

"I will just walk to school mom, it's only 3 miles away."

"No that's not what I am getting at. You know how we have always had money?" Did I mention that my dad had money, a lot of money. When my mom and dad were still together we had enough money that I got whatever I wanted. I mean anything and everything I wanted.

"Yes mom. I know we have money."

"Well when I finish unpacking a little I want me and you to go pick out a car."

"I didn't know you needed a new car mom." "The car wont be for me. Its going to be for you." Wow, I was getting a new car.

"Okay mom just call me I'm going to go unpack my room some."

I went up to my new room. It was my style. It had all the stuff that a normal room had, bed, dresser, closet, desk, and bed stand. But in this house I also had a bathroom, flat screen TV, state of the art laptop, and entertainment center.

I had just started to unpack my cloths when my mom called me. I went down stairs and she told me that the closest car shop was in Port Angles which was an hour away.

Car shopping didn't take long. I knew what car I wanted. My best friend Peter had wanted one for a long time. I found it in no time. It was the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren Roadster. I had been looking at the car for a while.

After car shopping my mom and I went out for dinner. After dinner we went home. By the time we got home it was almost 11:30 so my mom went off to bed because she had work at eight the next morning.

When I woke up the next morning there was a note for my mom on the table.


I know this is a lot to ask, but you have done this with me enough to know what to look for. Would you run to the grocery store and get some groceries. While you are out you can also take the chance to look around the town some.

Thank you and Love you


Well that told me I wouldn't be sitting around doing nothing all day. I decided to get started because it was already noon. I went up stairs a quickly pulled on a pair of jeans and a Hollister sweatshirt, then went out to my car.

It took about five minuets to find the school, and another twenty to see the rest of the town. Wow, I really live in the middle of no where. The grocery store was nice though. Quiet and you couldn't tell it was raining.

As I was walking down the dairy section I turned a corner and almost ran into a man about 20 and his girlfriend. They looked so happy together. It was gross, there is no such thing as love. I learned that the hard way from my mother and father.

I didn't know what time it was when I walked out of the grocery store. It must have been late though because just as I was walking out I got a text message. I looked at it, it was from my mom.

Jasper are you at the grocery store?

I quickly texted back saying I was on the way home now.

The rest of the night was uneventful. I got to hook up the TV in the living room because my mom didn't know how to. Before I knew it I was getting ready for bed.

School, that was all I could think before I went to sleep. School, the only thing I can think of to go on with that is….hell.

I got to school early, but that was good because the stupid receptionist wouldn't just give me my schedule she had to lecture me on all of the school rules as well.

When I finally got out of the office I drove over to the student parking lot. Wow, I have the second nicest car here. I was only beaten out by a Bugatti Veyron. I headed off to class where most of the kids stared at me. Great, it was only the first day of school and people already thought that I was crazy.

"Hey, your new here right?" I looked up to see a kid with blonde hair, blue eyes, and his hair all in spikes. He looked like the over friendly helpful type.

"Yes, my names Jasper Whitlock. Its nice to meet you."

"Names Mike Newton. Nice to meet you too. What class you go next?"

"I have Spanish next." I answered.

"Cool. What's you entire days schedule?"

"Math, Spanish, Bio, Gym, Lunch, English, and then History."

"Awesome you have math, and lunch with me. Speaking of lunch you wanna sit with me and my friends at lunch today?"

"Sure. See you then."

The day seemed to go by very quickly until I got to lunch. All the classes were the same. I told the teacher who I was, people stared at me. One person was brave enough to talk to me. The bright side was the gym teacher had to order another gym uniform for me so I didn't have to play for at least a week.

"Jasper over here!" I looked up from my lunch tray to see Mike flagging me down to come sit with him. He introduced me to all of his friends but I dint remember the names of any of them.

We were talking when and laughing when the door opened. I turned to look and see who was walking in and some of the most beautiful people were making their way through the door.

"Who are they?" I asked Mike, he looked up and knew who I was talking about in a second.

"Those are the Cullens and Hale." He looked at the first two that walked in. "The big guy, his name is Emmett Cullen, and the gorgeous Blonde one is Rosalie Hale." Emmett looked scary but otherwise like a cool guy. Then Rosalie, she was perfect but there was something about her that set me off. She looked, sort of bitchy.

"The bronze haired guy is Edward Cullen, and the other beautiful brunet is Isabella Swan." Edward looked like he could be a nice guy, but he made me think of someone who thinks that they know it all. Just as I thought that Edward turned and gave me a look, it didn't scare me it looked more like he thought I was funny. Isabella looked like someone who would be kind and nice anyone would be happy to know her.

"The really short black haired one right there. Her names Alice Cullen. She can be really weird. I know she is super beautiful but don't even try her brothers are super protective and I don't think she will date anyone."

The way mike said this made me think that he had been turned down many times. Alice, she was the most beautiful girl at that table. She was perfect in everyway, the way she moved made her look like she was a dancer.

For some reason I felt the need to get to know her. Like there was something that only she could do for me.

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