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Well here I am, in the worst pain of my entire life. I'm not sugar coating it, I feel like I'm on fine every part of me burning in an never ending inferno. Its worse than any pain I've ever felt in my life, its worse than any pain I could have ever imagined. I really should have listened when they warned me about the pain I was going to be in, even though the memory is already getting fuzzy.

"Jasper, once the venom gets into your system you are going to be in excruciating pain, worse than anything you've ever felt before. Your going scream and yell, it won't help but your going to do it any ways. Don't hold it all in because then Alice will just worry more." Carlisle had told me. I wish I had listened maybe I would have been more prepared for what I'm feeling now.

I don't know how long I've been laying here in this pain, it feels like it will never end. Every now and then I know some time has past because Alices hand will leave mine and her lips will go to my head. I use that to determine hours, I don't know if she does it every hour but it feels like it. Sometimes I'm able to hear sounds if I want to focus on them, like I heard Alice talk to me occasionally. Her voice makes all the pain worth it.

I was told that I have the risk of losing many of my human memories and I'm fine with that as long as I don't lose the memory of all my time with Alice. If I lost those memories, I'd only be able to get some back from Nessie and they wouldn't come back from my point of view. I refuse to lose the memory of the first time I kissed her, the time I told her I loved her, her face when I proposed to her. I will not lose those memories I refuse.

"Hey Jazzy, its all going to be over soon my love don't worry. Very soon all of the pain will be gone, and you'll be with me again. I love you so much just wait a little longer okay Jazzy. Just wait a little longer." Alice's voice broke through my thoughts.

She has the voice of an angle, she is the reason I am fighting through this. I wish that I could answer her and let her know I was never going to give up but if I open my mouth I will just yell out in pain. Yelling isn't going to make the pain anymore bearable so I'm not going to yell, I'll just lay here and take the pain.

Woah! Wait the pain is leaving my fingers and toes. Its starting to end! I can feel places that aren't burning! Wait what's going on! All the pain is going to my chest! It hurts so bad. I can hear my heart beating quickly and painfully before…..nothing. My heart stops and its silent, I open my eyes quickly.

"Jasper?" The most perfect voice in the world says from across the room. I get up quickly and run over picking her up in my arms, hugging her tightly. "Jazzy you kinda crushing me!" Alice says as I drop her quickly.

"Sorry!" I stop shocked by my voice it's a perfect tenor voice, rich and smooth.

"Its fine Jazzy your just not used to your new strength!" Alice says smiling.

I'm about to answer when I feel a slight burning in my throat, which Alice must have seen coming because next thing I know she has my hand and is running with me out the door.

"Alice where are we going!" I say keeping up with her pace easily.

"Hunting, the burning in your throat that's your thirst so I'm taking you hunting to find some animals." I was shocked when she suddenly stopped causing me to run ahead and have you turn around.

"Alice darlin' are you alright?"

"You do want to eat animals right? Not…humans…?" Alice says quietly even for a vampire.]

"I don't wanna be a killer darlin so of course I want to hunt animals" I say kissing her on the head quickly.

"Okay lets go then!" Alice says grinning and taking off.

It wasn't long before I smelt something, it was kind of appealing but not very. I look at Alice for instruction but she just smiles and mouths "instincts." I clear my mind and let my self slip into my natural instincts which was actually a lot easier than I would have thought. The next thing I know I'm standing up with a dead bear underneath me.

"You know Emmett's going to be disappointed that you got a bear when he couldn't find one the other day." Alice says grinning from across the clearing. "We need to get you back home so Carlisle can give you his Q&A session."

" Do I really have to have a Q&A session with Carlisle, there was nothing different with my transformation that anyone else's."

"Yes he is going to see if you have form of a talent or if you just brought a strong personality trait with you. This could be important Jazzy, because if you have something and Volturi found out….they could try to take you away…." Alice says, and for some reason I start to feel nervous and worried.

"Okay Alice, I'll talk to Carlisle" I say and suddenly feel relieved. What is with my emotions they are changing like crazy, it sometimes feels like they aren't even my own.

Alice grabs my hand and takes off toward the house, running faster than she was the last time. Even though she was running faster, it was still just as easy for me to keep up with her. Running now came easy to me. Even though I'm moving at unbelievably fast speeds, nothing is blurry like it used to be to my human eyes. I see every bug, every curve in the bark of trees in perfect clarity. This is better than I ever could have imagined! Everything is different sight, smell, hearing, even touch! Alice used to feel so cold to me now feels perfect.

As I enter the house the strange emotions started coming again, I felt excitement from Alice's direction, lust from the area of Rose and Emmett's room, and happiness from the direction of the living room.

"Carlisle I'm telling you I'm positive he has a special ability, I heard it in his thought!" Now I feel frustration, what is going on with me! I grab Alice's hand and walk into the living room with her.

"Hello ya'll I know you're talking about me." I state looking from Edward to Bella, then from Carlisle to Esme. "You mind telling me what about?"

"Edward believes that you have a power from what he's heard from you head, and Carlisle is disagreeing with him saying that what he hears isn't enough to prove him right." Bella says quietly from under Edwards arm.

"Edward what do you believe my power is?" I ask.

"Well Jasper from what I hear from your thoughts I think that you have a power dealing with emotions. Jasper I believe that you are able to feel emotions, I want you to focus on me and tell me what you feel" Edward says.

I pause for a moment focusing on him before looking at him and saying, "Smug"

"That's what I'm feeling Jasper, I want you to try it on everyone else in the room now." Edward says smiling at Carlisle in a way that looks almost like he's gloating about being correct.

I focus on Esme "love" Then Carlisle "intrigued" then Bella "calm" then lastly on Alice "pride and love"

The entire family stares at me in shock except for Edward who just kisses Bella's head and looks at everyone smugly. Edward I now understand why people want to smack you 99.9% of the time. I think at him laughing slightly as he just rolls his eyes at me.

"Jasper how did you know exactly what we were feeling?" Carlisle says looking at me, before turning to Edward. "Alright son I'll admit that he is an empath."

"I just focused on you and I just feel it." I tell him.

"You're sure that you don't do anything else to make it work?" Carlisle asks.

"Yes" I say starting to get really annoyed. Why would I tell you a lie? I never have before. God this is just so annoying!

"Jasper calm down please." Alice says.

"Sorry darlin'" I say calming immediately.

"Jasper you can not only sense emotions but you can manipulate them as well. I think just now you got annoyed with me and wanted us all to know it subconsciously so your made us all feel the same way." Carlisle explains to me.

"Wow, so if I wanted I could change all of your emotions not that I can see why I would, but if I wanted to I could?"

"Exactly! Its like Bella can control when Edward can here her thoughts, and when she wants to protect the minds of other people, and Alice can sometimes choose what she wants a vision to focus on. Your also like Edward in the fact that you know every emotion around you, while he knows everything and you can both zero in on one person." I look at him blankly for a second taking it all it.

I guess I'm a gifted vampire, or at least I'm able to feel others emotions, who would want that kind of power. It could be nice, I mean I would know if I ever hurt Alice in any way. I would also know exactly what type of emotional climate I'm working with so I don't say the wrong thing and make some one angry. Then again it could be a cure, if I'm with someone who hates themselves a lot then I would be able to feel their self loathing as my own, or I could feel all the lust of teenage boys. Much like how Emmett is feeling about Rose right now, but the lust of the teenage boys could be toward Alice! How would I control my self! Alice is mine!

"Jasper its much worse to HEAR what they're thinking trust me. And you'll get to the point where you just tune Emmett out in basically everyway."

"HEY EDDIE NOT COOL" Emmett shouts from upstairs.

Everyone in the room just rolls their eyes at Emmett, used to his behavior.

"I knew Jazzy was going to be special Carlisle! Its why I love him so much!" Alice says looking at me.

I just smile, Alice is the love of my life and now I really and truly get to spend the rest of eternity.

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