Military File : Do Not Expose To Public...

File name: Alpha Team

Team Leader

Code Name: Silver cat

Real Name: Top Secret

Nick Name: Silva

Age: Unknown

Description: Has superior knowledge on Martial Arts, Bilingual in several languages. When put in a deadly situation one's appearance varies e.g. the iris in ones eye changes to emerald green and the pupil changes shape into a vertical line. When this change takes place ones stealth increases tenfold, Do Not engage in combat or get involved in the occurring battle.

Second in Command

Code Name: Wolf

Real Name: Jacob Black

Nick Name: Jake

Age: 16

Description: Keeps to himself, loyal to person in command, can be identified with a tribal tattoo on upper right arm. Shape shifter

The Rest of the Team

Code Name: Cub

Real Name: Seth Clearwater

Nick Name: None

Age: 15

Description: Follows lead to Jacob Black. Shape Shifter

Code Name: Fang

Real Name: Alec

Nick Name: Al

Age: 17

Code Name: Ghost

Real Name: Felix

Nick Name: None

Age: 19

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