Time Off?

"Silva I want you to take some time off, and enjoy some time in a local high school I have enrolled you in, in forks Washington." I Stared in disbelief at what my step father, Charlie Hunter told me, Charlie was the General in the military unit I was enrolled in what Charlie didn't know was that I was three times his age and that I had gone through high school more than a dozen times. I noticed how he mumbled the location, forks the rainiest town in Washington. "You want me to go to high school?" I asked completely shocked. He stared strength into my eyes with a blank expression and simple nodded his head. "But General, What about my team here? I can't just leave" I shouted throwing my hand towards the window for emphasis. "Yes you can and you will this is a request from your step father please I have property there you can use and plus you need the time off you still haven't fully recovered from the bullet wound you received on you last mission" I stood frozen in place while he continued to say "I'll make the announcement today in the mess hall, then you will escorted to a waiting helicopter which will leave you at the local airport where I have arranged for a friend of mine to pick you up is that understood?" I was speechless, I simply nodded he smiled and stood up and opened the door for me. I followed suit keeping my face blank but I couldn't help feeling alone being told to leave the place I was most comfortable in was haunting and depressing.

Charlie kept the farewells short as well as my leaving speech, I was surprised when Jacob and Seth actually protested in the middle of it when shouting "What do you mean leaving?" I stood beside Charlie emotionless and still but still answered my voice strong and hard "Wolf, Cub take your seats and listen I'm not leaving forever, I will be returning but until then I still want my team to perform exceptionally in everything thing you do, Since your second in command Jacob your now in charge, Do I make myself clear?" Jake face went blank of emotion and stood at attention "yes m'am!"

The helicopter ride was long and quiet as well as the car ride to the house, I thanked the diver named Billy and made my way inside. I kicked my leather boots off and took my hair out of its tight bun and sighed "Welcome home Silva" to myself.

I trotted into the living room to find an unusual scene a pure white wolf was panting heavily lying on my rug, from her over bulging stomach I came to the conclusion that she pregnant and giving birth on my rug, I approached slowly showing that I didn't mean harm and knelt next to her, a small growl escaped her throat, I gave her my hand to sniff so she could get my scent. She dropped her head back to the floor and continued to pant.

I ran upstairs and into the linen cupboard and lifted the softest towel my hand touched, grapping it I ran back down stairs to see the wolf licking three small bundles that were squeaking quite loudly for attention, the mother watched me warily anticipating my next move I knelt beside her again and rubbed the towel gently over her ruff to catch her scent, I set it beside the pups and gently lifted them on to the towel. After leaving her a bowl of water I grabbed my bag and made my way up to bed, wanting nothing more that to collapse on to my bed and sleep,

because tomorrow I start high school again...