It wasn't even one week later that I got a call from my father telling me that Jacob was injured during a mission and was shipped home for recovery, no doubt that Jake will be healed within the week.

So here I am travelling down to La Push to visit my second in command during his recovery and hopefully I'm going to give him one hell of a lecture, I didn't bother driving I was going to run there, stealth was one of my good points, and hopefully I'll run some anger out of my system.

I got to Jakes house just as the military convoy was leaving, I stepped out of the tree line so I was seen, and they stood at attention. "M'am, we have successfully dropped of Wolf and are returning to base." I nodded and they relaxed.

"Thank you, what of the rest of the team?"

"They received no serious injury, they're wondering who will take charge since Wolf and yourself are off duty." I glared at them when they said the word's 'off duty' I had a feeling I was being too hard on the convoy so I simply dismissed them without another word, I watched them leave, I don't know how long I stood there but I was waiting on the rest of the pack to come out from where they were hiding "you can come out I'm not going to bite." I was answered by a growl "This isn't my fault, so please return to your human form, and meet me inside." I crossed my arms and made my way inside. I could smell blood coming from Jake's room down the hall as well as lowered voices from obviously Billy and Jacob. As I tapped his bedroom door the voices came to a erupt halt I couldn't bring myself to go in, so I leaned against the door firm, I kept my voice low "So, what happened?"

"We were sent to infiltrate a terrorist group; turns out they had the place rigged to the highest existent, as leader I headed in first the leech-I mean Alec and Felix comin' in as backup followed up by Seth in back. Before I knew what was happening I was being carried away by Felix while Alec and Seth watched his back." He speech never wavering I sighed; this never would have happened if I was there, my hands were clenched into fists my jaw tightened so you can't blame for punching the wall.

"Silva it wasn't your fault what happened, I got way in over my head at being a leader but don't worry I'll be fit as a fiddle by the end of the week." I slide down the wall and couldn't help but chuckle under my breath at his enthusiasm. The pack now in human form were watching me apart from the only female who was glaring at me, I heard Jake's suddenly worried voice

"Silva you still there?"

"Yeah I'm here Jake just you concentrate on getting better ok? I have no idea who is going to watch the team while yourself and I are here but." I laughed quietly "I hope it's not Felix he would torture Seth and Alec at this rate." Jake's booming laugh made me smile "Seth will be traumatized for the rest of his life."

"Well Jake, your pack is here so I'll be going, get well, I have calls to make." With that I stood and walked past the pack who watched my every move from my opening the door till me jumping the porch railing, once I made it to tree line I stopped and turn faced the person who followed me from the house, it was obviously the pack leader I could tell just by the way he held himself. He stood bare-chested with arms folded and looked me over

"Who Are You?" he pronounced each word with care as if trying not to scare me.

"Silva Swan, code name Silva cat, team leader of the Alpha team in the U.S Military, under the command of General Charlie Swan, Sir." I ended with extending my hand, he eyed it suspiciously before shaking it and replying

"Sam Uley, Leader of the La Push pack. How do you become a team leader?" I smiled at his question to simply answer I closed my eyes and grabbed on to the power in the bottom of my heart and once I felt it take over I opened my eyes and watched as Sam's eyes widened in shock.

"if you want better answers talk to Jake, and if you must and I mean if you must talk to me ask Billy to contact me." I blinked and felt the power disappear; I turned on my heel and walked into the forest while calling over my shoulder "Goodbye, Sam, leader of the pack."

I ran through the forest just letting my feet carry me past the trees and towards somewhere new and where they took me was truly beautiful, a meadow in the middle of a forest? It was strange but I decided not to over think it and to just enjoy it. I sat with my back against a large boulder and watched the sun set and the dim stars become brighter with time. Time here was irrelevant and haunting, I could sit in this meadow and not care as time slowly droned on, constantly moving forward, never going back. I would love to spend years in this meadow alone.

My wandering mind was brought back to reality with the rising of the sun signalling the dawn of a new day, and also another day of high school...

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