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I was walking down the streets of L.A., people brushing past me as they hurried about their busy little lives, as I stumbled each time, trying to find something to steady myself on. How I got here - simply walking, where I was headed I didn't know - was unknown to me, since the last thing I remembered was walking. Walking, on and on. It's a surprise no one had knocked me down, yet, since they had the advantage on me.

I was blind, after all.

Other than that, I really had no idea what had happened. My head was aching, foggy, and all I wanted to do was lie down and take some Tylenol. I had no idea why I was in L.A., or where I had been before that, and I let out a groan of frustration as I moved my hand up to touch my head. I was completely, hopelessly lost.

I felt raindrops suddenly beginning to fall, and I might have attempted to cover my head if I wasn't busy holding my hands out in front of me awkwardly, feeling for anything that could potentially knock me over, or give me any clue as to where I was in L.A. It was a pretty big city, after all. I wished desperately I knew where I was supposed to be going. I was simply heading the in direction my feet were taking me, when maybe I should be trying to find someone who could tell me, at least, what street I was on.

Someone, once again, brushed pass me, and I could feel them hesitate before something was shoved into my hands. I stumbled in surprise, catching myself quickly, before my fingers ran over the object. Sunglasses. I silently thanked whomever had decided to be kind, before I slid them over my eyes, glad that someone had taken a moment out of their day to do a kind deed. If only they knew how much that simple act meant to me.

I continued walking, slowly so as to avoid any unnecessary falls, my feet aching with each step I took into the unknown. I briefly wondered how long I'd been walking for, and when I would be able to stop. I was beginning to worry - even though I couldn't see, I could sense that it was close to getting dark, and if there was one thing that I remembered, it was that no one should everbe out on the streets of Los Angeles after dark, unless they were asking for trouble.

As if I'd spoken my thoughts aloud, I suddenly collided with someone. Scrambling to steady myself, noting that the person didn't even try to help me balance, and I instantly knew this was going to cause trouble. Just what I'd been trying to avoid.

"Well, what do we have here?" The voice was harsh, and I figured he was young, maybe in his late teens, and I could feel myself trembling. He sounded angry, cocky, and as I heard the shuffling of feet, I realized he wasn't alone. With a jolt of shock, I realized there had to be at least three others with him. I took an uncertain step back, before I reached out behind me and felt something solid. They've cornered me.

"What's your name?" A second voice asked, and I jumped slightly, since the voice came from right beside my ear. I felt seeping desperation creeping up on me, as I realized there was no possible way I could get away from them since one, they had me with my back against the wall, and two, there were at least five of them (I'd come to the conclusion there was five, anyways, from the amount of noise coming from the group), and three... I couldn't even chance running away because I couldn't see where I was going. For all I knew, I could be heading out into the middle of traffic, and by the time I realized that, it might be too late.

I swallowed harshly, pushing my back against the wall as I tried to think of something - anything - I could do. I was probably on my own here (after all, this is Los Angeles), and the thought scared me straight. If they wanted to, they could throw a blanket over my head (Which would be stupid of them since I couldn't see, anyway) and pull me into their car and drive away, and the odds were that everyone would just keep walking.

I hoped they couldn't see my fear, because I knew that wouldn't work in my defense. I heard one of them give a chuckle, and I stiffened as I felt a hand run through my hair, tugging it slightly. I quickly moved my own hand up to smack his away, and I heard a gasp of disapproval run through the group. Obviously, they weren't happy, and I wondered how much longer I could stall them.

"You never answered, what's your name?" The voice was harder, and I could tell he was close as he stepped towards me, and I winced at his breath on my neck. I frowned, my hands reaching out as I shoved him away.

"Go away." I spoke harshly, but I could hear the laugh in the other boys' tones and knew they weren't going to back off. The fear inside of me was rising steadily - what could I do, when I couldn't even see them or where I was, or know if there was anyone that would be able to hear my screams? Before I had the chance to find out, however, I heard a new voice.

"Leave her alone." The boy growled, and I wanted to groan in frustration. One boy, no matter how good-hearted or strong he was, couldn't do that much against a group of five boys. Maybe he expected me to help him fight or something - too bad he didn't know that I couldn't, even if I wanted to.

"Or what, you're gonna make us?" I recognized the voice - the one who'd spoken first - and I realized he must be the leader of the group. I flinched, feeling sorry for the stranger who'd just made them angry.

No words answered the boy's taunt, except for a loud pop that broke the silence. I jumped, stumbling back, wondering what was happening. A noise at my side made me back up again, but something hit my foot, making me trip. With a surprised cry, my arms flailing wildly, I fell.

It seemed like forever, as I began to fall. I sucked in my breath, praying I wouldn't hit my head, or anything else of importance. My hands shot out behind me, feeling to see if there was anything else behind me that I should be worried about, when someone's hands grabbed my waist. With a jerk, I gripped onto the person's arms as I desperately tried to balance myself before I thanked him, whoever he was, for saving me.

My gratitude turned to horror, however, when I realized that it one of the boys from the group that had grabbed me. His arms were still firmly locked around my waist, and the sounds of scuffling stopped almost immediately, at the boy's harsh laugh.

"Nice catch, Darrin." The boy who I'd assumed was the leader spoke up again, although I could hear a sort of lisp in his speech, which meant that the stranger had found his mark. Footsteps advancing towards me caught my attention, and once again, there was a harsh pull to my hair, as I felt the leader's breath on my cheek.

"Idiot." He snapped at me, his hand still yanking my hair, and I bit my lip to hold back my cry of pain. I briefly wondered what had happened to the stranger who'd stood up for me, and with dread, I realized I hadn't heard him yet. I felt my heart jump into my throat at the thought that something had happened to him - it would be all my fault, too, because I was the one who was walking through Los Angeles at night, because I was the one who was in this situation in the first place.

"Now who's won?" The leader spoke up again, his tone filled with malice, and with a jolt of hope, I assumed he was talking to the stranger. Although this didn't help me much, it put my conscience at ease to know that at least he hadn't been hurt in his attempt at a heroic, but stupid, rescue.

"Just let her go." Yes, that was definitely him, his voice firm and determined. I steadied myself, moving my hand to try to loosen the boy's grip on me, but if anything, he only squeezed harder. I let out a groan as I realized it was getting harder to breathe, and this seemed to please the group of boys, considering I could hear low chuckles coming from them.

"What makes you think we'll do any such thing?" The leader spat, and I could hear the contempt in his voice. I knew, probably as well as the stranger did, that they weren't going to let me go at all.

"Because," The stranger replied, his tone casual. "There might be a reward if you do." I felt the grip on my waist loosen slightly as the boy holding me straightened, probably in surprise, and I heard several of the others suck in their breath.

"How big of a reward?" The one holding me spoke up, his tone sounding excited and like he'd already decided to give in, but was being cautious. I bit my lip as another jolt of pain rushed through my head. What in the world was wrong with my head, anyways? It was as if a fog had settled over, and the intense pain didn't help, either. I gingerly touched my head, wincing.

"It depends," The stranger's voice was still calm, but I could hear his underlying tone. He wouldn't play this game much longer. "On how quickly you'll release her." He finished, and I could hear the challenge in his tone now, but the group didn't seem to mind.

Quicker than I could comprehend, the arms at my waist loosened, and I was shoved roughly towards the stranger. At first, I thought I was going to actually fall this time, since no arms shot out to catch me immediately. I braced myself for the impact of my body hitting the ground, but it never came.

I'd realized that they'd shoved me, and I'd fallen right into the stranger's outstretched arms. With a jolt of relief, my hands reached out to find something to steady myself, and I found my hands pulling at the stranger's shirt as I straightened, giving him a small smile - or at least I hoped he was where I thought he was, since he hadn't spoken yet.

The group of boys was laughing, their leader the loudest of all, and my grip on the stranger's shirt tightened in fear. He seemed to sense my panic, because a moment later I felt his arm move around my shoulders and give a comforting squeeze.

"Here." I could feel his free arm move as he, probably, tossed them their money, and more laughs came from the boys as the sound of paper russling could be heard. And then... there was silence, from the boys, from the stranger, and I couldn't describe it, but I could feel their anger. I felt my heart jump into my throat as I wondered what they were upset about.

"What's the meaning of this? It's not what we agreed upon." I recognized the leader's voice as he spoke, his tone slow and thick with anger. I briefly wondered what the stranger had given them.

"I did reward you - I haven't killed you, after all, which is what I'd like to do," The stranger replied, his voice sounding evenly fierce, "Just go, and be glad you're all still alright, because I swear if you ever bother her again, you won't be so lucky." By his tone, I knew he wasn't bluffing, and I was glad that he was on my side, because I don't think he would be a good opponent to have.

"What do you say, boys?" The leader's voice rang out, and although he sounded possibly slightly more humbled, obviously the stranger's words hadn't affected him as they'd affected me.

I tried to slow my breathing, but to no avail, since I couldn't stop my heart from racing. The stranger's grip on me tightened protectively, as a loud cheer from the group rose up.

"Run." He whispered into my ear, before he spun around, his hand now moving to grip my own hand, and took off.