1 Survivor

"It's been 3 weeks since the first outbreak of the Infected. People everywhere and around me are changing. My only hope for survival is to kill. I'm just an ordinary man who is just trying to survive and I will not die… not tonight, and not tomorrow. I'm going to make it through this. "

Chapter 1: Outbreak

3 Weeks after Mysterious Infection Outbreak

James woke up after an eventful night after getting his promotion at his business dinner party. Kimberly who is James wife had to leave after coming down ill with Flu like virus. James checked next to his wife who was lying next to him and looked at her;

"Kimberly, are you ok? "

James did not get an answer from Kimberly and got out of bed and ready for work. James got to his office and was greeted and congratulated by his fellow employees. After 3 hours in being In his new office James assistant came into the Office and told James that his wife Kimberly was on the phone.

"Mr McMahon? "

"Yes? "Replied James

"There is a phone call for you on Line 1."

James picked up the phone from his office and asked who it was. James could hear his wife mumbling and crying in the background.

"JAMES, ARE YOU THERE? "Shouted Kimberly

"Kimberly I'm here can you hear me? " James replied

"Kimberly what is wrong? " James asked worryingly

"Someone has broken into the house, and began to lunge themselves towards me "

"Are you ok? "

"Yeah... but something really weird …."

James heard the phone drop to the floor and Kimberly screaming in the background. James did not know what was happening and quickly left the IT Department and ran his car to get home. James parked the car just a few meters from his house as he could see his House door was open. James abruptly got out of the car and began to nervously walk towards his front door knowing that something was not right. James got towards the front of the house and pushed the door a little open to see if anything was there.

"Hello, Kimberly? " Jams nervously asked

"Is anybody there?" James said anxiously with a nervous voice.

James walked down the hallway seeing that the house was wrecked. He looked down and could see blood drops from the floor that was leading a trail to the kitchen. He walked into the kitchen to see that his wife Kimberly was on the floor with bites and scratch marks all around her neck and face. James ran over to Kimberly gripping her head while tears began to run down his eye.

James held Kimberly so tight and would not let her go. He kept saying to her "I love you "until he finally placed her back onto the cold Kitchen floor. James ran out of the kitchen and went to the living room to get the phone. James kept trying to call 991 but the line was down. James chucked the phone down onto the floor in frustration and tried to use his Mobile Phone which also had no Signal.

James walked back to the Kitchen and saw that his wife Kimberly was not there. James then heard a creek when he turned around and saw Kimberly staring at him.

"Kimberly… Kimberly? "

Although James was looking into the eyes of his Wife it was not really her. Her eyes went a vile black colour and looked almost that it was not her in the head. James looked her in the eyes and knew something was not right. Kimberly lunged herself towards James trying to claw and bite his way at him.

James grabbed Kimberly hands trying to resist her strain in her persist to try and bite him. James kept shouting at her "What are you doing?" but Kimberly still persisted to claw and try to bite. James pushed her to the floor and ran out of the kitchen to the car. Kimberly ran after him at a speed of a normal human would. James opened up his car door and quickly got in it and shut the door and also locking it after him. Kimberly ran to the car and tried to scratch the windows leaving her blood marks on the car window.

James looked at her and knew it wasn't his wife no longer and then took out the keys from his pocket and then started the engine to the car and said three last words to his wife "I Love you" and drove away as Kimberly ran after the car. James then began to reverse and as a tear fell down his eye he drove into Kimberly. He then drove forward running over Kimberly again and putting her out of her misery and driving off far away from where he lived.

James turned on the Radio and could hear warnings from News Reporters that an Infected Virus has hit New York and people are being escorted to a safe extraction point. James stopped the car and pulled over at an empty lay-by. James put his head down on the car wheel and closed his eyes for a few seconds before setting off to the extraction point.