"Dawn is coming up, come on lets go" said Paco

"Go where?" asked Raymond

"I don't know, we just keep walking until we find some rescue"

"But what if there is no rescue?"

"Then there's no chance of us surviving this"

Raymond turned his head to Julia whose face became a white pale colour and her eyes began to slowly close. She began to take a few breathes before she opened her eyes again and realised that this was not a nightmare but reality.

"I can't believe this is happening" Julia said believing this was all a nightmare "I just can't believe this is happening"

"Well it is and we need to get moving and find some rescue" Paco said

Noises started to come over in a distance and the noise started to get closer and closer. Paco looked over the field outside the park and could see in a distance that the infected were running towards them.

"Shit, fucking run" shouted Paco

The survivors ran out of the park and began to run down the longsome road not knowing where they were heading. Raymond turned his head to look behind and saw hundreds of the infected were chasing after them. Paco saw a empty vehicle and a gasoline tank near-by and as he watched Julia and Raymond run past the car he began to stop. Paco running became slow steps and eventually stopped and watched Julia and Raymond escape. Paco knew that if he wouldn't of stop Julia and Raymond would have had any chance in surviving and knew the best way to get the Infected off their back was to sacrifice him-self for them.

Paco looked towards the infected who were becoming increasingly closer and closer. He grabbed the gun which was lying in his right pocket and pulled it out. He closed his eyes and smiled before opening them and whispering "I'm coming home" as he pointed his gun towards the gasoline tank. The infected reached him and began to overhaul him as he shot the gasoline tank instantly killing him and most of the infected.

Julia and Raymond who were a long distance ahead stopped as they watched the explosion. Julia saw a house door open near-by and ran over to it with Raymond following behind her.

"Hello?" shouted Julia "Hello?"

Julia looked around the house to see if anyone was behind. She grabbed her gun and began to aim just in case any of the infected was there. Julia walked down the corridor as Raymond followed and closed the door behind him. As Julia searched around Raymond walked up the stairs slowly and walked to the bedroom in front of him.

As he looked around he saw posters of models, Xbox, Ps3 all lying nearby. On the bed was a copy of Left 4 Dead which was lying on the bed. Raymond grabbed it and turned it around and began to read it

"A zombie apocalypse, how ironic" Raymond chuckled

Raymond put the game down and walked into another room which was the bathroom. Raymond looked in the mirror and put his head down towards the sink and began to wash it face. As Raymond lifted his face up towards the mirror he saw someone behind him with a gun aimed at the back of his dead

"Wait" quietly said Raymond

The person with the gun shot Raymond in the back of the head killing him instantly.