The bullet pierced into James chest, with James falling backwards down into the mass grave of hundreds upon hundreds of body's. Sgt Troy put his gun down to his side and watched as James body fell into the mass grave. Sgt Troy turned around and looked at the Military team;

"Listen up, we've found a cure. Now we kill every single one of them fuckers" said Sgt Troy

There was an overdraft of rain approaching and a storm was in the mist. The military team got everything together to prepare to make the infected extinct. Sgt Troy got into

One of the tanks and set out to destroy all of the infected.

Paco Rabanne saw that the military team were leaving the camp and stayed well hidden so that he couldn't be spotted. The tanks left the camp and began to go down the long road which headed into the city where the infected over-run. Paco looked up and saw guards were overlooking the watchtower. Paco grabbed the sniper which was equipped to his persona and scoped in closer to the guards. Paco pulled the trigger and eliminated both of the guards which were overlooking both of the watch-towers.

Paco grabbed one of his grenades and chucked it over towards the camps metal fence in which the grenade exploded and caused an entrance for Paco to enter. Paco ran over to the metal fence and pushed the metal out of the way and entered the camp. He looked around and saw a massive facility and began to sneakily run over there.

Paco entered and saw one of the members appear in front of him. The military member tried to aim his gun and shout but Paco covered his mouth and put him behind his back and pushed him against the wall.

"Shut the fuck up" Paco whispered

Paco released his hand from the military member's mouth in hope he wouldn't scream but the man elbowed Paco gut and pushed him against the wall, and then trying to punch him in the mouth and stomach.

"Piece of shit" said the military member while spitting on Paco

Paco wiped the spit of him and grabbed him by the neck and began to knee his gut repeatedly. The man fell to the floor as Paco walked behind him and twisting his neck and killing him immediately.

Paco saw he was in the hospital facility and saw Dr Moore dead body lying on the floor in a pile of blood whom shot by Sgt Troy. Paco looked around and walked down a hallway and heard noises come from Sgt Troy office. Paco opened the door and saw Julia who mouth was covered by duct tape and her hands handcuffed to the desk.

"Julia?" said Paco

Paco ran over to Julia and removed the duct tape from her mouth;

"They are the reason for all of this" Julia said while crying

"What are you on about?" asked Paco confused

"The military, they are the reason them fuckers out there. They fucked up and now everyone we know is dead" explained Julia

"Look I'm going to get us out of here" said Paco

"James" Julia said to her self

Paco looked in the top office draw and found a key and tried it on Julia handcuffs. Paco twisted the key and it unlocked the handcuffs Julia was wearing. Julia got up and began to quickly walk out of the building and saw Dr Moore dead on the floor. Julia walked out of the building and looked around and saw James lying flat on his face in the wet mud.

James had pulled himself up from the mass grave and tried to crawl to the facility in which Julia was in. Julia ran over towards James and rolled him onto his back and saw the blood which was covering most of James shirt. Julia cradled James into her arms and looked down at him crying;

"James it's me" Julia said

"Julia" James smiled

Julia smiled and for a few moments both shared a smile;

"I've done some bad things in my time, and you're going to get through this and live a wonderful life" James said talking slowly

"My life is going to be with you" Julia said with a tear

"I have someone else I need to be with" James replied smiling

Julia nodded and began to break out in tears as James rubbed his palm against Julia cheek before slowly closing his eyes.