Jack was murdered. Killed by Scorpia while I was training at SAS. Now I am Cub, Alex Rider is apparently dead. I felt bad about having to leave my life behind in the non-spy world, my friends and my last sense of normalcy. But two years have past with me in K-Unit and MI6 calling me off on another mission. Now at least I wasn't pulled out of school.

Speaking of schools, the British government has gotten the idea that school kids would like to go to SAS training camps for a month to see the life of a soldier. And for the first trial run, still a whole month long, K-Unit was chosen to look after a school none other than Brookland Comprehensive. Even though I hadn't seen them for two whole years, Tom and possibly the others might find out about me being Alex Rider, the 'Druggie'.

Today of all days was the day we were sent to get the kiddies from their school. We woke up at 0430 hours and got there at 0730. The school was my old one, Brookland Comprehensive, and was exactly the same. Just my luck. We, Wolf and I, entered the school from the front door, the students looked at us excitedly, and we couldn't wait to wipe those smiles off their faces. I saw Tom Harris, Chloe Cobber, and some of my other old friends. Chloe did not look happy, although the others were talking rapidly about going to SAS.

We went to the assembly hall and met Mrs. Jones and Blunt there. We went over the speech and soon after the students filed into the soon crowded room. After everyone was seated, Mrs. Jones began. "Hello, I am Mrs. Jones, I work for the agency who helped come up with this plan. Now, as you know about thirty of you have been chosen to go to a SAS training camp. I hope you all have fun. Now, I would like to turn your attention to Captain Wolf."

"Hello kids. As Mrs. Jones said I am Captain Wolf, leader of one of the units in charge of you. My unit is K-Unit. The person in charge of all of you is Sergeant Cub."

"Hello there. Today you will be departing with us to Brecon Beacons. There you will be treated as SAS soldiers, still kids. You will go through the same kind of training as we do. Is that understood?"

"Yeah," and "Sure." Echoed thru the room.

"You will also be learning discipline, so you will answer all the soldiers with a YES SIR. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?"


"Good, the thirty of you coming with us, grab your bags. We're leaving now." We left the room. In the hallway I ran into Tom, who was just leaving the room.

"I am so sorry sir."

"It is okay. What is your name boy?"

"Tom Harris, sir."

"Nice to run into you. And what about your friends?"

"Chloe Cobber. And those two are Nick Harrol and John Turmrul."

"Nice to meet you four. Are you all coming to SAS?"

"Yes sir we are sir." Tom replied.

"Don't get to excited Tom, you might be disappointed. Wouldn't want you to get your hopes to high up. What about you three? You Excited?"

"A bit." Chloe replied.

"Only a bit! Im saddened." I replied sarcastically. They all laughed. It was like old times.

"You remind me of someone."


"Alex Rider." She replied.

"Don't know one. But I was Alex Rider in one of my undercover assignments."


"Yeah, it was fun. Well I've got to go see how Wolf is holding up in his version of Hell. He hates 'baby sitting'. He thinks he has done that enough for a life time." I laughed, "Ah well, he'll get used to you." And I left my old friends standing there.

"I think it is Alex." Tom said.

"Why do you think that?" Nick said.

"Because, he looks exactly the same. Only older in front."