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I turned and saw Dimitri and Tasha, side by side. They weren't touching, but they were close enough to annoy me.

I felt Adrian's arm wrap around my waist.

"Lissa! You're huge!" Tasha exclaimed, and hugged Lissa.

My kids sensed my distress, and they came to me, and curled around me in a protective-type circle.

"They're cute!" Tasha exclaimed, looking at them. "Whose are they?" she looked at Lissa. She knew Lissa had Krista Rose, but she wasn't sure about my kids. Where they had been.

"Mine," I nodded, and Tasha's gaze switched to me lightening fast.

Dimitri's eyes widened, and satisfaction ran through me.

"And mine," Adrian smiled.

Hurt flashed through Dimitri's eyes so quickly I wasn't sure if I'd even seen it. "Yours?" Dimitri asked, looking between the two of us.

"Of course. Let me introduce you guys. This is Mason Christian Hathaway, or Mase," I pointed to Mase. "Michael Adrian Hathaway, or Mike," I smiled at Mike. "Angela Vasilisa Hathaway, or Ange," I paused. "And Kassidy Viktoria Hathaway, or Kassi. They're… quadruplets? I think that's the word. They're four years old."
"They're darling!" Tasha grinned. "I hope when I have kids they're that cute!"

"We can only hope," my resentment towards her sparked, and I felt Lissa send calming thoughts through the bond.

Christian reentered the room. "Your rooms are set up."

Rooms? Thank god. That reassured me.

I still felt so much toward Dimitri. It would never let up. No, never. I was sure of that… but maybe, one day, my heart would heal enough for me to let Adrian or someone else in.

What hurt the most was that Mase looked exactly like I imagined a Dimitri at his age. It hurt to look at him, sometimes. But it got better… after a while. I was surprised that Dimitri didn't notice the likeness.

Christian led them off, and I felt Adrian's arms tighten around me.

"Are you okay?" he murmured in my ear.

"Yes," I answered.


Rose? You alright? Lissa asked in my mind. We could communicate both ways now. She slipped into my mind from time to time.

No. But I will be eventually.

Okay. She knew not to push me.

The kids went back to playing. And Adrian released his grip on my waist. I walked upstairs, and splashed some water on my face.

Everyone let me have my space, which I was thankful for.

Of course, eventually, Lissa called me down for dinner. I had to eat with them, of course.

I walked downstairs, almost hiding behind Lissa. Finally, I sat across from Dimitri, and beside Adrian and Lissa. Christian sat beside Lissa, and Tasha sat beside Dimitri. Well, Lissa sat at the head of the table, anyway…

The kids had their own table, and kept coming over and giving Adrian and I hugs. My little angels always knew how to make me feel better. And I was thankful for them.

It just hurt to have to be here, sitting across from the man who had hurt me so badly, making polite chit chat… well; I wasn't talking to him or anyone else unless spoken to directly.

"So, how have you been?" Tasha asked conversationally.

"Well, we've been great," Lissa said, trying to smile. Her natural charisma made people think she was sincere, so Tasha returned the smile. She wasn't a fan of Tasha, ever since she heard my account of her. We didn't hate her… but we didn't love her either.

"That's good."

"Mommy, Daddy!" Ange shouted. "Can you come here?"

I stood from the table, and Adrian came with me, his hand tangled in mine.

"What's up, Ange?" I asked her, leaning down, and bringing Adrian with me.

Ange leaned closer, and whispered in my ear. "That man keeps looking at you, mommy. I don't like him," she eyed Dimitri. "He looks like he's going to attack daddy."

I bit back a laugh. "It's okay, Ange. I know. But, it's okay. He isn't going to attack daddy," I murmured and added a yet in my mind.


Christian picked us up from the airport. The car was small, and it had a car seat in it.

From his two year old daughter, Krista Rose.

I was jittery about seeing Rose. I had left, and admittedly, it had been for her own good… I had wanted nothing more than to stay with her… but I couldn't. It would have gotten her expelled. So I'd had to leave.

We'd visited before, but Rose had been away, hiding, or on vacation every time. We hadn't visited that much, twice. Once every two years. For one day, or two. This time, Rose would be there.

And I was dreading it. What if she had moved on?

I hadn't. Tasha and I were just friends. She understood that. She didn't ask for more. She didn't pressure me. She even had a boyfriend.

I thought about her the entire ride, while Christian and Tasha caught up.

Finally, we arrived. I got the bags out of the car, and Christian led us inside.

"We're home!" he shouted.

I looked around, and Rose was standing up, looking at us, Adrian Ivashkov's hand around her waist.

All I wanted to do was kill him. But I refused to give in.

Finally, I took my eyes off of Rose. There were five kids, not just one. Two boys, three girls. One was Krista Rose. The others were a bit older than her.

"They're cute!" Tasha exclaimed, and looked at the kids I was looking at. "Whose are they?"

"Mine," Rose nodded.

I felt my eyes widen, and Tasha switched her gaze to Rose.

"And mine," Ivashkov smirked.

She had moved on. "Yours?" I looked between Rose and Ivashkov.

"Of course. Let me introduce you guys. This is Mason Christian Hathaway, or Mase. Michael Adrian Hathaway, or Mike. Angela Vasilisa Hathaway, or Ange. And Kassidy Viktoria Hathaway, or Kassi. They're… quadruplets? I think that's the word. They're four years old."
"They're darling!" Tasha grinned. "I hope when I have kids they're that cute!"

"We can only hope," Rose's voice had venom in it.

Christian reentered the room. "Your rooms are set up."

Tasha and I left, and got set up.

Rose had moved on. She'd had kids with Ivashkov. How could she?

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