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Chapter 1

Bella's POV

I slammed the window shut and stomped over to plop myself on the bed. I was so not in the mood for anymore of Edward's bullshit tonight. Alice's either for that matter. I reached behind my back and unsnapped my bra through my shirt before sliding it off through my sleeves. That bra had to be the most uncomfortable device since corsets went out of style. Thank god Edward had pissed me off and I didn't care how I looked right now since I wouldn't be letting him in tonight.

How dare he dismantle the engine in my truck!

I saw a flash of movement out of the corner of my eye and looked out the window to see exactly what I expected to see. Edward was perched in the tree outside my window looking at me beseechingly. Didn't he know that he couldn't pull off the puppy dog eyes? He might have the dazzling smile, and the intoxicating scent, and the musical voice, but the puppy dog eyes was a domain that was ruled by Alice and Emmett, and all the members of the Quileute wolf pack. Especially Jacob and Paul. Edward just looked like a constipated….something.

Snake. He looked like a constipated sneaky, domineering snake that couldn't just butt out and trust me enough to mind his own business, and it pissed me off to all new levels to see him sitting in my tree after he told me he would leave me alone if I chose to shut my window. Guess he wouldn't have enough control of me if he actually did leave me alone for an entire night. I jumped out of my bed stomped back over to the window and reached towards the sill.

He was stupid enough to think I had changed my mind and was about to open the window and let him in. His face shone with that stupid, dazzling, crooked smile that had fooled me for long enough now that he must think he would always get away with controlling me. I took a sick pleasure in the way the smile melted off of his face when I turned the lock and grabbed the curtains, pulling them closed. Just before they were completely closed the sick pleasure in my stomach curdled and became sick fear at the heated look of anger in his suddenly black eyes. I went back to my bed and picked up the cell phone he had forced on me the week before, pushing the number one and holding my hand over the call button just in case he acted on the anger I had seen in his eyes. For the first time I was glad that Emmett had insisted I put him on speed dial one just in case I ever needed a big brother for any reason. I only hoped that the mentioned 'any reason' still applied if I needed him to stop his brother from hurting me.

Right, like he's really gonna go against the man-boy that's been his brother for eighty years now. Sometimes I really hated the sarcastic voice in my head. You know-the one that ran a constant loop of everything I had ever done wrong in my life. For some reason the little bitch in my mind sounded like my seventh grade math teacher.

I sat on the edge of my bed for what seemed like forever, not believing that the rage I had seen on his face would allow him to leave his post and not wanting to give him the satisfaction of seeing me open the curtains and look for him. When my thumb began to cramp from being held in the ready position for so long, I finally accepted that I would never be able to relax unless I saw that he was gone with my own two eyes.

Not like that necessarily means he's gone.

Shut it. Don't really need your input right now. Bitch.

If he did still happen to be there, I'd just tell him where he could shove his stalker tendencies and close the curtains again.

Sure, then you can just close your eyes and wait for the crashing window that lets you know you finally pushed him too far.

I cautiously crept over to the window.

Cause as long as you move slowly on your tippy toes, it will foil his super sensitive hearing. He'll just think you must have a mouse in here.

Okay, seriously, you need to shut up unless you have something useful to say. History says that anything you have to say will be useless and most likely counterproductive, so just shut the hell up. It's not like we need your pessimism to spice up our life anymore anyway.

And of course the confrontational bitch had to have her say. I'm pretty sure that if Edward was able to read my mind, he'd have had me committed shortly after we first met. This voice sounded like Renee after a couple shots of tequila. It was also the voice that was hardest to keep inside when Edward treated me like a breakable china doll that should be stored safely in a bulletproof case on the top shelf.

You should be glad that he treats you like you're so breakable. In case you forgot, you ARE breakable babe. And as far as spicing up your life goes…you're already swimming in a sea of Tabasco sauce, so you certainly don't need the voices in your head for spiciness anymore. I'm only hanging around now to give a little bit of common sense. You know, that thing that tells you shouldn't date vampires that think you have the best smelling blood in the world, and that you shouldn't let yourself become one corner of a love triangle with the other two corners occupied by mythical creatures that could kill you with a flick of their pinky fingers.

No really, just shut up now. We're all nervous enough without your doomsday bullshit to add to the mix.

You wouldn't be so nervous if you would have just listened to m…

And that's when drunken Renee tackled Ms. Stergile and wrapped duct tape around her head, effectively shutting her up.

For now anyway.

Without little Miss Bitch-and-Moan bringing me down, I was finally able to get up enough backbone to open up the curtains and peer into the branches Edward used as his stalker perch. Why did I used to think him creeping like that was romantic?

Uzz errr enn emmiot.

Great, even muffled by duct tape, I could still hear her calling me an idiot.

I yanked the lilac curtains open and immediately screeched and lurched backwards. Naturally I tripped over air in the process and landed on my ass. The white face peering in at me broke out in a big grin that quickly turned into a full out belly laugh. I tried to be angry, I tried really hard, but as Rosalie had no doubt discovered decades ago, it was hard to be angry in the face of such adorable dimples.

"Damn it Emmett, I do have a front door you know!" I whisper yelled at the vampire outside my window. "I also have a phone you could have called me on if you really had to talk." I waved the phone that had miraculously remained in my grip during my fall at him before I began to pull myself up using the side of my bed as leverage. Damn that really hurt! I bet my ass was going to have a nice bruise on it before long. "Stupid vampire creepers, don't know how to act like normal people and knock on the fucking door." I muttered softly.

Of course, it didn't matter how softly I spoke, the vampire watching me heard me. For probably the first time since we had met, my supposedly private mutterings sent him into a state of shock instead of the usual hilarity.

"Wow!" he finally said after I unlocked and opened the window. He jumped in my room and looked around curiously for minute. This was his first time entering my private sanctum. "Did you really just let not one but two naughty words pass those innocent little lips of yours Hells Bells?" he asked incredulously.

I just glared at him. Between Edward and the voices in my head, I had had enough today. He made it hard to keep the glare on my face when his face adopted a frightened look and he backed up a step away from me, but I managed anyway. "What are you doing here Emmett? You've never come to my house without Edward or Alice before." I demanded.

"Oh…well, I uh…um…you see…"

I couldn't help it anymore. I had to laugh at the sight of a gigantic invincible, immortal vampire stuttering because of a short clumsy human girl glaring at him. The voices in my head all agreed for once and started laughing too.

Thankfully Emmett lost the frightened little boy look and scowled at me when I laughed at him. For some reason, I found it more comfortable to have a scowling vampire than a frightened-of-little-old-me vampire in my room.

She's right. You weren't in line the day they were handing out common sense were you?

Shut up. You're supposed to be on my side.

"What did you do to Eddie boy tonight?" he asked bluntly. "He was supposed to be out hunting tonight and instead he comes home in a prissy boy snit mumbling under his breath about mutt's and danger magnets asking for trouble. So I came here to ask you, what did you do to him?"

Ms. Stergile ripped the duct tape off of her mouth with drunken Renee's help and all three of us let loose together. If not for the anger vibrating through my entire body and trying to work my tear ducts on overload, it would have been pretty cool to be in complete agreement with myself for once.

"What did I do to him! He's the one that came over here and dismantled my truck in some misguided overbearing attempt to 'protect' me." Yep. I really just used air quotes. Lauren and Jessica would be so proud. Sign me up for the Stupid Ho Club, for I now meet the criteria. "I mean seriously, what does he think I am? His girlfriend, or some mindless pet that needs to be trained to heel and obey? Who the hell does he think he his? What makes him think that it's alright for him to dictate who I can and can't see, where I can and can't go? Between the way he tries to rule over my life and Alice tries to rule over my wardrobe, I'm surprised they let me piss without permission! I'm sick and tired of the two of them conspiring against me and making decisions for every aspect of everything I even think of doing! Where's it going to end Emmett? When Alice starts buying designer toilet paper and Edward stands over me telling me the proper way to wipe my ass?"

And cue the shocked vampire look again.

Can vampires have heart attacks?

It looks like he might be in the middle of one so I'm going to say…yeh huh. I think they can.

Maybe you should call Carlisle…

"So, Prissward won't let you go visit Wolf boy. Is that what I'm hearing here?" he finally responded.

"Yes. And I'm really fucking tired of him controlling every aspect of my life." I said shortly crossing my arms over my chest and pouting.

"Well, hop on then." he said turning his back to me and crouching down. I just stared at him.



"We better get a move on if we want to get to the border before they clue in and come to stop you again." Emmett said slowly as if he was talking to a two year old.

Finally catching on, I gave a little squeal and jumped on his back, wrapping one arm tightly around his neck and trying to wrap my legs around his massive waist. He grabbed my legs behind the knees, stimulating a tickle spot I didn't know I had and jumped out the window while I dialed Jake's number.

"Baby Bells, is that you?" Jake answered the phone.

"Yep. Can't really talk now. Meet me at the treaty line."

"You got it!" he said excitedly before hanging up and presumably running out the door.

Having politely walked at a slightly faster than human pace until my phone call ended, Emmett began running all out in vampire speed as soon as I hung up and wrapped my other arm around his neck. I initially closed my eyes, expecting the same motion sickness that Edward's speed caused. After a few moments though I opened my eyes in surprise. Even though he was moving so fast that the trees blurred, it was more exciting than nauseating. Like a really fast rollercoaster at the amusement park. The one that you get into line for again and again.

Definitely need to demand that he carries me out to the baseball field from now on.

Definitely! This is fucking fun! Why do we always get sick when Edward runs us around?

Great. The voices finally start agreeing with each other on a pretty steady basis, but only when it's anti-Edward. What does that say about my coming marriage?

Well, I would figure it says that…

Shut up. That was a totally rhetorical question. You know what rhetorical means right? As in, not requiring an answer.

Well, that's just stupid. Why would you ask the question if you don't want to hear the answer?

Because she's still trying to live in denial, but it's not so easy anymore, is it?

Alright guys, this conversation is over now. Done stamp. Emmett began to slow and finally came to a stop, probably right on the treaty line. He put one hand behind him to rest on my hip as he crouched down and I climbed off of him, probably because he has seen me stumbling dizzily around after climbing off of Edward's back so many times, but this time I didn't need something to stabilize me. Guess the dizzy only comes with the nauseating run. He looked at me funny when I immediately stepped away without taking a moment to regain my balance but I let it go in favor of watching the gigantic russet wolf walking out of the forest on the side of the road. I gave Jacob a big grin and a wave and turned to thank Emmett but before I could say anything he quickly turned his head to look at the road behind him before facing me and giving me a push towards Jacob.

"Better hurry Bells, I hear the Volvo speeding this way." he said. Jacob looked in the same direction before dropping down to the ground and tossing his head in such a way as to tell me to climb on his back.

"Nuh-uh. No way Jacob, I am not riding on your back." I stated.

"He's gonna be here in about ten seconds, Hells Bells, so give the mutt a break and let him have the only ride he'll ever get from you. I'd really like to leave before my asshole brother shows up." Emmett urged me on.

"Fuck it." I muttered before jogging over to Jacob and leaping onto his back. He was huffing at Emmett, in irritation or humor, I wasn't sure, but when I grabbed hold of his fur and tightened my thighs on his sides he jumped up, startling a squeal out of me and began to run through the woods in the direction of the fated cliffs that had inadvertently brought the Cullen's back into my life. Once again I was surprised at how exhilarating it was to ride on the back of a mythological creature. It wasn't a smooth ride by any stretch of the imagination. Jacob ran in long leaps that drew exhilarated laughter and screams out of me. He was chuffing back at me every time he managed to coax a scream out of me and I could just imagine the goofy wolf smile he must have on his face. We finally exited the woods and came out about twenty feet away from the cliffs. I noticed the rest of the pack sitting down on the beach around a campfire looking up and laughing at the pale faced vampire girl hootin and hollerin as she rode on the back of a werewolf. Jacob began to slow down in order to let me off so we could walk down the narrow trail to the beach but I tightened my thighs, leaned forward, and urged him on,

"Come on, Jakey, let's finally take that jump together you promised me so long ago." I swear I could feel his back ripple underneath me in a wolfy shrug before he sped back up and took a leap off the cliff, pushing with his powerful hind legs to get us further away from the cliff than either one of us would have been able to manage with only two legs. He phased in midair causing the grip I had on him with my thighs to disappear as he suddenly became a lot narrower then turned his body in an amazing feat of dexterity that I would probably never be able to pull off in my entire existence, and wrapped his arms around me as we plummeted towards the water. He pulled me closer to him as I screamed and I automatically wrapped my arms and legs around him just before we hit the water. His hot embrace actually protected me from a lot of the impact. We plunged under the slightly churning waves and when I went to release Jacob and swim towards the top he tightened his grip on me and kicked us quickly to the surface. As soon as my head was above the water I let out one last exhilarated laugh/scream and threw my arms up towards the sky as he gripped my waist and held me up in the air, laughing as he kicked his legs to hold his own head above the water. Until the change in our positions pushed his head under water causing him to inhale some of the salt water and lose his grip on me before he came up coughing and sputtering, bringing another laugh out of me and the group of large boys standing on the beach watching us.

We started to swim ourselves to shore, a difficult feat for the both of us seeing as how I was still trying to stifle my laughter and he was still coughing and spluttering. When we finally reached dry land Jacob fell to his knees and finished hacking up the last of the water he had inhaled. Then he used his hand to close one nostril and blow a disgusting mixture of salt water and snot out of the other nostril.


I turned away with a disgusted grimace but could still hear as he switched sides to clear out his other nostril. My grimace quickly became a look of wide eyed fear when I saw the camera in Paul's hands, merrily recording every thing, for God only knows how long now.

Shit. Have to figure out how to retrieve and destroy that tape before Edward could possibly see it.

Crap, shit, fuck! Now that my mind wasn't clouded by the adrenaline rush of riding on the back of a giant wolf I realized that I should start plotting the deaths of the whole pack and Emily since she was there too before Edward could see the 'unnecessary risk' I had just taken in their thoughts. I flopped down in the sand with my arms and legs spread eagled with the intention of making plans to keep Edward from ever knowing about my latest cliff jumping session.

Ooooh….I only hope that I'm there when he sees this one. Bet the face he makes will be priceless. I think we should start carrying the camera around again. That would make a great memento.

Definitely. I think we should make blown up copies and hang them up around the school. There's a Kinko's in PA isn't there?

You know what? For once you guys are right. I don't really care if he does see this in anyone's mind. I'm done with trying to be everything he wants in a girl. When we first met, I was what he wanted. I was shy, soft spoken and unfailingly polite. But he made the choice to not change me and keep me that way forever. He's the one that broke me and left me with no intentions of coming back, so if he doesn't like the person that Jacob and the rest of the pack helped piece me back together into, then he only has himself to blame.

He may be frozen for all of eternity as a seventeen year old prude from the Victorian age, but I'm not. I like to go cliff jumping. I like riding my motorcycle and hanging out with the pack. And goddamn it all to hell, I like to cuss, drink beer around the bonfire, go on fast, non-nauseating rides on the backs of supernatural creatures and not be married straight out of high school.

I'm sick of being Edward's Bella. I want to be the person Edward left me to become. I want to be Bells. Hells Bells, Baby Bells, Blue Bells, Bells of Steel, and all the other ridiculous bells names the Emmett and the pack have given me.

She sees the light!

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Amen! I thought you'd never wise up!

"Mama Bells!" I didn't hear the thundering footsteps coming in my direction until Paul shouted his nickname for me. Two seconds later sand sprayed across my legs as he skidded to a stop next to me and bent down to pick me up and wrap me up in his hot muscular embrace. "Where the hell you been Mama? It's just not the same without you here at the bonfire. How did you finally get the bloodsucker to let you out of your cage?"

"Can't….breathe…human…bones…breaking….Paul…" I gasped out with the last little bit of air in my lungs.

"Oops." he said as he set me on my feet. He didn't remove his arms though, linking his hands together behind me instead and letting them rest in the small of my back. As expected anymore, I got hot fluttery feelings in the pit of my stomach and I'm sure my cheeks were turning pink. Ever since I had run into Paul when he was patrolling near my house one night and apologized for smacking him the day I found out about the wolves we had gotten a lot closer. Closer than Jacob liked.

After he insulted me and we got into a screaming match that neither one of us could win, we'd sat out there most of that night just inside the woods behind my house talking about everything and nothing. He told me how he felt about the way being a wolf limited his options. He was no longer eligible to go to an out of state college and would have to figure out a different career path from the one he had chosen before. He had wanted to get a well paid job as an artist in an ad company so he could help his mom raise his sisters and still have time to pursue his own original art. He showed me some pictures he had drawn and they were amazing. It broke my heart to think he would give up something he was so good at and loved so much, but with having to run patrols all the time, plus school and a weekend job to help his mom with the bills he just didn't have the time or the money to pursue his passion so I had given him a three hundred dollar gift certificate to an art supply store for his birthday two weeks before the whole jumping off the cliff and accidentally dragging Edward and his family back into my life incident. We made a day out of going into the city and hanging out. We shopped for his new supplies, ate Greek food in the park and watched a movie before going on a sunset ferry trip down the coastline.

To this day, Jacob insisted that it was a date, but Paul and I had already discussed that possibility. After all we were both attracted to each other and we got along so well. In the end though we decided to just be good friends. I was willing for more even with the possibility of an imprint hanging over our heads, but he remembered how I had looked the night Sam found me in the woods thanks to the wolf mind link and didn't ever want to be the cause of me feeling that way again. So Jacob eventually settled for a low burning jealousy and making many jokes about how the big, bad, angry, takes-no-shit-from-anyone-Paul Meraz turned into a simpering little pup when I was around.

I could feel his eyes burning holes in my back right now, even as I leaned into Paul and wrapped my arms around his waist, laying my head on his chest. He was so tall (or I was so short) that I was eye level with his flat nipples. They were the a dark brown, the color I liked my coffee and as per usual anymore, I wondered if they would taste like my coffee does. A little bitter and a little sweet with earthy undertones. I licked my lips and quelled the urge to find out for myself. He hunched over me and buried his face in my hair, taking a deep breath and holding it in for a moment as if savoring my scent. When he exhaled and his hot breath washed over my neck and into the curves of my ear I broke out into goose bumps and my nipples hardened poking him in the abs through my thin cotton tee and bringing the fact that I wasn't wearing a bra to mine and his attention.

"Naughty Bells." he whispered huskily before pulling away and looking down at me to take in the full view of my wet tee shirt sticking to my unfettered breasts. Naturally I would be wearing a white shirt tonight. His eyes darkened and a low growl rumbled in his chest as he stared at the dark pink nipples showing through the wet cotton. I turned bright red at his blatant scrutiny but didn't try to cover up or hide anything. I just arched my back a little pushing the peaks he was staring at so intently closer to him. The hands resting on my back opened up and wrapped around my waist, caging me in and stopping me from getting any closer. Stopping me from moving away too. I felt something move and poke me in the stomach and when I realized that he was getting a hard on from looking at me a thrill of female pride shot through me. He tore his eyes away from my breasts and looked at my face. I licked my lips and my eyelids grew heavy. Slowly his head began to move down closer to mine.

"Paul! Bella! Time to eat!" Jacob hollered at us. Paul growled again making his chest vibrated against my nipples and shooting heat through my core. His nostrils flared and he smirked at me. Could he really smell that?

Eww. Don't think about the vampires that can smell that too. Denial is a nice place to live sometimes. The water is warm.

With the moment officially ended we broke apart and headed towards the bonfire holding hands until we got to the food spread Emily had provided. I grabbed a hotdog and a soda. I'd had dinner with Charlie a few hours ago so I wasn't all that hungry. Paul and the rest of the boys attacked the food while Emily, Kim, and I stood back and watched the massacre.

Emily and Kim both gave me hugs and said they were glad I could make it after all.

"Jacob said that you wanted to come but the lee…Edward wouldn't let you, so how did you change his mind.?" Kim asked curiously.

"I didn't change his mind." I replied after taking a drink of my soda. "I locked him out of my room and told him I didn't want to see him again tonight so he went home to pout and throw a hissy fit. Emmett came over to see what 'I did to him.' so I threw my own fit and told him how angry I was at the way Edward tries to control everything I do and he gave me a ride to the treaty line on his back before Edward and Alice could do anything to stop us." I smirked at the shocked look on everybody except Jacob's faces.

"You mean one of the bloodsuckers doesn't care if you hang out with the dangerous young werewolves?" Paul asked incredulously. Thanks to the patrols I had insisted they still be allowed to do around my house even though the Cullen's were back, they knew about the arguments Edward and I had gotten into over me hanging out down here.

"Yeah. Emmett's like a big brother bear. He's very protective of me, but unlike some other vampire's who will remain nameless, he knows how to have fun and doesn't have a problem with me actually enjoying myself. You would all probably get along with him really well if it weren't for the whole 'mortal enemies' thing." I answered.

"I think we should invite him sometime then." Emily said. "That way he could see that she's safe here and let the rest of the family know." She had run into Alice and I on one of the shopping trips Alice dragged me on, and was now willing to believe me about them not being monsters. Apparently shopping is the key to female harmony. Unless you're me of course. She was now a willing ally in my quest to bring my two families together. I wasn't hoping for too much, but some civility would be nice.

The pack broke out in a small argument over whether it was a good idea or not. I just looked at Sam and waited for his answer. After all, his opinion was the only one that really mattered here. Emily sent him a pleading look. I saw the way his brown eyes softened and knew the answer before he told the boys to be quiet. I couldn't help the big grin that broke out on my face even before he began to speak.

"I don't think it would be a bad idea to amend the treaty to allow one of them on our land at a time-as long as they are escorted by at least two wolves at all times." he said ending the conversation and glaring at Jared when he tried to argue against Sam's decision.

"So can I call Emmy now? Knowing the way Edward and Alice work, he's probably still running from Edward as we speak. If he's allowed to come onto the reservation then Edward won't be able to catch him." I asked quickly. If I was going to be able to get my two families to get along, I knew I would have to strike while the iron was hot.

"I don't see why not," Sam answered with obvious reluctance. "Any volunteers to go meet him?"

"I will." Paul said firmly.

"Me too." Jacob finished the last bit of the huge pile of food he had been eating during the argument and stood up.

"I'll ride with you guys since he knows me best." I said. They better not even try to argue, because there is no way I'm going to miss this.

Paul leaned down to whisper in my ear before he went into the woods to strip and phase. "You can ride me this time. I'll show you the right way to ride a wolf." Quil and Embry both gave low wolf whistles and everyone else laughed at the flare of heat that burned in my cheeks while I fumbled my phone out of my pocket and called Emmett for the second time tonight.

"You better not be calling to tell me you want to come home this soon, Hells Bells. You know I'll do anything for ya kid, but if I have to put up with Emoward acting all pissy with me for the next decade, you better have enough fun to make it worth my while. And just so ya know, my while is pretty damn expensive."

"Well, I got to run through the woods on the back of a giant wolf, and then I jumped off a cliff while still on the back of said wolf. Is that enough fun to pay for your while yet Emmy-bear?" I asked.

"You did what! Oh man I wish I could've seen that!" he yelled into the phone. "That's close, but it's still not enough for my time. You realize I'm still running from Eddie-boy, right? So you gotta have more fun than even that to make it worth it to me."

"What if I told you that Paul got the jump on video and that Sam is willing to amend the treaty to allow one of you on the reservation at a time as long as you're accompanied by at least two wolves. Starting tonight with you. Is it worth your while yet?" I asked. I immediately held the phone away from my ear, knowing my big brother well enough to know what was coming.

"FUCK YES! YOU FUCKIN ROCK HELLS BELLS! TELL THEM TO MEET ME IN THE CLEARING WHERE THE TREATY WAS MADE, I'LL BE THERE IN THREE MINUTES!" he yelled into the phone loudly enough that even the imprints heard him clearly as evidenced by their soft laughter.

Paul and Jacob were already phased and waiting for me at the tree line so I walked over and climbed on the silver wolf's back. I leaned down and laid my body against his tightening my thighs and wrapping my arms around his neck. "Giddyup little doggy," I whispered near his ear. He did that odd chuffing laugh that they all did in wolf form and it shook me around so hard that I decided it might be safer to sit up, so I adjusted myself accordingly. When they still stood there as if waiting for something I started to get fed up and impatient. This was a momentous occasion, them allowing a vampire to attend one of their gatherings and I wanted to get on with it already, so I dug my heels into Paul's sides, raised one hand above my head like a bull rider and yelled "YEE-HAW!" As I'd hoped for, Paul took off with Jacob coming in behind us. I could hear the laughter behind us as we took off into the woods to gather up my brother bear so he could meet my wolf family.

This was going to be one hell of a night!