Hey guys! I'm back. But I have decided to do a new story... I'm thinking a cross-over between Pretty Little Liars (Book and or TV show) and Percy Jackson. It's not really PJO though. It's just the idea. Like Greek Mythology, Gods and stuff like that. I know strange combination, haha. But it sounded cool to me. I hope y'all like it. Heres the trailer and or preview/prologue.

-Quick note: Okay, i started writing this before i decided to put it on here. So instead of Percy his name is Calix (Percy/Calix) Also instead of Annabeth she is now Alexandra. (Annabeth/Alexandra.)


A new girl (Alexandra -Annabeth- Leos) moves from Athens, Greece and she has a secret. What happens when she be-friends some-one who's out to expose her and her secret. It all starts with the uknown text messages. Also along her way she meets a boy (Calix -Percy- Mires) who has a secret of his own... They like each-other but what happens when they learn that they can't be together? Along with the not being together, Calix and Alexandra (Percy and Annabeth) must figure out who is out to tell their secret. Join this mythical and miraculous journey.

I hope y'all read and review it... Also I hope you like it. I know it sounds nothing like PJO and Pretty Little Liars. But I really wanted to put this story out here for you to read. I accept Constructive Criticism, but not when it's bashing my story. I'm working really hard on this :) Please read, and Please review!