Title: Love takes time

Act 1: NIL

Chapter 1: none

Crossovers: Sailor Moon Anime, manga and PGSM amalgamated.

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Quote of the day:


You were the one for me.
With you, I am truly free.

I feel the warmth as we embrace.
Can you see the ecstasy in my eyes and on my face?

Trapped in the warm tender embrace of your arms, I never want to be free again.
Your smile is like a dazzling sun in the rain.
Love takes time.
Love is not the value of a dime.

This is our time, our current flash.
We shall make our dash.
We shall go beyond all the tragedies and the past.
We shall make our love last.
We shall be stuck in an eternal embrace of love.
We shall both rule with justice and love like angels from above.

Moonlight silver, earthly gold...
With our crystals, we shall be bold.
I am eternally the sailor soldier of the moon.
I will be your beloved forever.
I am a princess, but I will be your queen soon.
Our ties, I will never ever sever.

The future is our vision of love.
I once dreamed of being a bride.
Now, I say one thing with pride.
I am your bride and I am so full of love.
My love is yours.
My heart is yours.

My fingers... entwined with yours, now, let us walk to the future shall we?
The vision of an eternally brilliant and crystalline clear love... Let us see.

I will always love you Mamo-chan, my Endymion, my beloved.
You shall never be forsaken, only eternally loved.

Our love is forever...
We will always be together.

Our love will go beyond all.
It will never break or fall...


This used to be on fan fiction dot net but I added some extra lines...

This is an ode to the power of love demonstrated in Sailor Moon.


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Sailor Moon (what can I say? This one is a: duh!)

Japanese words:

Chan= this is used primarily with girls (in lower or middle elementary school), or with really young children (male or female, around or younger than kindergarten).
It could sometimes be used by someone really close (such as lovers calling each other, usually only male to female, however) to show the intimacy, but not always.