Title: Pre-Shippuden Crack

Act 1: Shame!

Chapter 2: More Cutting Madness!

Crossovers: none

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A month later... in Sunagakure, Naruto was talking to Temari and Kankuro. Gaara simply stood and looked at Naruto calmly, looking like he was lost in thought. Jiraiya was off peeping at women... somewhere else. "It's true, Kankuro!That is what really happened! I am telling you that girl had a hitai-ate proclaiming that she was from Suna! She did cut my old outfit to shreds! She cut the top and bottom! Then... she even cut the cloth of my hitai-ate! She even cut some of ero-sennin's clothes!"Naruto yelled angrily at Kankuro who looked incredulous. Temari looked disbelieving as well.

"What do you mean? You weren't lying right? Was it true that some crazy and cute little girl really come along and sliced all your clothes off? Even your sensei, an ero-sennin, had that happen to him? Man, I've heard some good stories for guys that got caught, but this takes the cake!"" Kankuro spoke incredulously, looking at Naruto. " I swear Kankuro, that's what happened! She even got a little of Ero-sennin's clothing! It is no joke! "Naruto said.

"I don't believe it. What you said must be a joke."Temari spoke and looked at Naruto. Then, she continued," Naruto, I thought you'd be trying to go after girls your own age at least...

"It is no joke and...You...You will stay out of this, Temari!" Naruto yelled. He was feeling infuriated with her words. Temari waved her right hand in the air and laughed. She ignored him and carried on. "You say that's the truth? It sounds far-fetched, but... it sounds to me like somebody's been hanging out with the old pervert too much."

"Shut up Temari! This has nothing to do with you!"Naruto fumed. Kankuro laughed. Why did they not believe him? "By the way, she did cut my clothes!" Naruto yelled at Temari.

Gaara was calm. But inwardly, he was thinking: Is it true? One of the sand-ninjas here is a mad cutter of clothes?

It seemed very far-fetched... yet... could it be possible?

Later, they all had some food at a restaurant. Then, they walked down the streets, looking at the shops. Then, she appeared. The clothes cutter...

Naruto's eyes widened. He pointed at her. "That's her! She's the one who cut my clothes!" Temari and Kankuro looked at where he pointed. Gaara did so too, only more subtly.

Mika heard him and she smiled. She then looked at him. She waved and laughed hysterically. "Yeah, that's me! I am here! I am Mika Kino, genin of the sand and the cutter of clothes!"

Naruto blinked. Then, he paled. Temari and Kankuro's eyes widened. Gaara had no reaction, but in his mind, he was thinking: Good god, she really exists? How insane!

Even the biju, Shukaku, that was sealed in him felt appalled.

Ignoring Gaara, Temari and Kankuro, Mika happily glanced at Naruto. She jumped up and down excitedly as she viewed Naruto with a look one would equate to with one thing. She was staring at Naruto like a lion views a zebra. She had a crazy predatory look in her eyes. Then, she started to rant with joy.

"Ooh! You got new clothes! I will cut them too, just like I did to your old attire! I will have many pieces of cloth! Whee! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh yeah, I WILL HAVE YOUR CLOTHES!" she approached Naruto and grinned. Next, she spun and giggled with childish glee. She spoke with so much insanity, excitement and enthusiasm that it scared Temari.

Naruto gulped. Mika... she was definitely not sane. Yes, definitely. He slowly backed away from the shrieking girl. "Is she absolutely insane? She really cuts clothes? What the hell?" Temari spoke and looked horrified. Kankuro blinked. A sweat drop ran down the back of his head. So, Naruto was not joking. It was true. The girl did exist! The cutter of clothes... she was here... Gaara was silent, but inwardly he was disbelieving and shocked.

"She is insane! She does cut clothes! Now...Get away from her otherwise she will do the same to you too!" Naruto yelled as he ran from the crazed Mika. There was no way he was allowing her to cut his clothes again! He did not want to feel so mortified, no... Not like the last time!

"Naruto please stop running away from me! Please! I just want your clothes!" Mika yelled. Naruto looked back at her and stuck out his tongue childishly. "No I won't, you insane girl! The last time you did that, you made me feel so humiliated! There is no damn way I am allowing that to happen again!"

Temari and Kankuro could only stare.

Gaara looked calm but in reality, Mika's antics had shocked and appalled him greatly.

Unknown to anyone, a huge sweat drop had formed on the back of his head.

How in the world did that girl become a genin?

He wondered...

Perhaps she cut off the clothes from her jonin sensei?

Without warning, Gaara suffered his first massive nosebleed.

Author's notes:

Note: This is what I think happened before Shippuden.

Note: Mika Kino is some filler OC crap weirdo girl I made. (Yeah, she has a surname!)

Note: any suggestions? Send them in! This chapter is inspired by a suggestion by: FrictionX42

Note: It is OOC of Gaara to have a nosebleed, I know, but it makes the whole chapter more hilarious! Hehehe!

Note: Be amused!Laugh! Thank you and enjoy!

Japanese words:

For first chapter:

Hitai-ate= the

For this chapter:

Biju= tailed beast

Sunagakure ... Sunagakure no Sato; literally meaning "Village Hidden in the Sand" It is the hidden village for land of wind.

Suna= sand

Ero-sennin; English TV "Pervy Sage" or Perverted Hermit

Jōnin= "High Ninja", Meaning (Viz) "Elite Ninja")

sensei= teacher.