Introduction to this Story:

I know what you guys are saying. "What is there to say in an introduction to this? It's simple. Let's just get on with it!"

Okay. Sure. Skip this. But I'll write it anyway.

To begin with, this is made to mock MarySues. Not SpotXOC fics. Well, okay, sometimes it might mock SpotXOC fics. Because sometimes, let's just admit it, SpotXOC fics are 'Sue fics.

In this introduction I mainly wanted to say a few things about... everything.

1. The Games:

A. Okay, so, I actually started doing this in later chapters. But what I've been doing is this: In defiance of the 'Sues, I am going to write in a *minor* newsies character (such as Snitch, Skittery, Bumlets, Itey, etc.) and one of you guys. Yes, one of you guys. If you review, specify your newsie name and the newsie of your choice, then I will, in one of the later chapters, include you.

B. There are quotes from different movies and books scattered throughout (sometimes they are changed a little, so be on the lookout). These, for the most part, don't start until chapter 7. If you catch a quote, and can tell me (in a review) either who said it (the actor or the character), who wrote it, what the story/movie is called, or the director, you will get points, and the points will be listed at the beginning of each of the chapters.

2. The Names:

Hey, hey, hey, nobody's perfect! I may be dry of any inspiration at some point! If you have a brilliant idea for a 'Sue character I could put in another chapter, please, by all means, tell me! In a review or a PM, either way is fine.

3. The (Un)Lames: (Okay, so I wanted it all to rhyme!)

Yes, it's true. Not all the fics out there starring Spot and an original character are bad. So I compiled a list of the good ones. No, I'm not going to give you a list of the bad ones. You'll know those when you see them. I hope.

So in random order... my list:

"No More Random Goils!" by Eavis (complete with sequel)

"Murmur" by DisneyLady824 (complete with sequel)

"Carpe Diem" by Ryan Brooklyn (complete with sequel)

"Red" by Stress (complete with a sequel on the way)

"Spot of Luck" by SayaXIII

"Ace of Hearts" by Racetrack's Goil (complete with sequel)

"The Future is Calling" by Christina Conlon (complete with sequel)

"Irish" by theIrishkid (complete)

"The Prize" by thrufirewithoutaburn (complete with sequel)

(And I know it may be considered bad form to include your own story in a list of good stories... but here you are.)

"The Tangled Web"

"Letter From Time"

And on that note... on with the story!