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"...And you really think this'll work?" Giggles asked worriedly.

"Positive, dearie," Torch said, stopping her whistling for a moment to reply.

Much to the amazement of all present, Torch was somehow able to smoke a cigar and whistle at the same time. She ignored the pleas and protests of both those complaining of the whistling (this would be pretty much all of the newsboys and Fly) and those complaining of the smoking (which would be David, Giggles and Lark).

She was engaged in making as much noise as possible as she wheeled the Machine to the 'Sues' headquarters: Brooklyn.

At this point, the 'Sues had taken over nearly all of New York (save the necessary and convenient villains, which they were periodically rescued from by their various loves) and took turns having Spot as their own.

But Torch smirked evilly. She knew that their end was soon to come.

Once they had reached the borders of Brooklyn, she noticed that nearly all of the newsboys were having trouble breathing and would involuntarily get a "glazed doughnut" look on their faces; the latter of which was easily resolved by their fellows slapping them hard across their visages.

However, there was nothing they could do about the shortness of breath... it was the penalty you paid for fighting for your rights, and Torch told them as much.

She received ungrateful and rather baleful looks from all quarters; at which point she flung up her hands and told them they didn't appreciate her, and would understand how much she'd done for them once she was gone.

At which point David told her to shut up, which resulted in a scuffle which lasted for about fifteen minutes. Somehow everyone except for Giggles and Crutchy got involved; and even though they protested at the fight (when they remember to), you could tell they were trying to hide smiles; especially when Cheese "lost her leg" and then found it again, only to discover that the leg was not actually hers but belonged, instead, to Snoddy.

Fly, at this point, became extremely indignant and tried to slap Cheese; but instead hit Dreamer, who was trying to punch Snitch, who had insulted her, but Acorn was valiantly defending him, and tried to kick Dreamer, but ended up on her backside, stupefied, at which point Snitch flung into action and began lashing out at whoever was nearest-

I think you get the picture. It was a mess.

Eventually, it was resolved, not by Torch's authoritativeness (although she'd like to claim to such) but by the arrival of the 'Sues.

It was, naturally, Giggles and Crutchy who noticed first, because they weren't fighting. They sounded the alarm by screaming, and everyone was instantly in line, ready to fight to the death.


"nvr11" they screeched back. "we wll alwys luv spt hes teh hottst evr111"

Jack, who was under their spell, objected at this, saying that he was "teh hottst", but they told him to shut up and that Spot would always come first.

Jack joined Torch's ranks at this point.

"THY END IS NIGH!" Torch warned them.

"idk wut tht meens but we ll alwys win11" they shrieked with one voice.

"Try to stand against THIS!" and she brought forth the Machine...