Bios of My Major Characters

Mera Xel (mair-ah chel):

Rank: Jedi Knight, General

Looks: short (4 foot 10) and willowy, with light blue skin, big purple eyes, exotic elf-ish features and flyaway cream-colored feathers down to her shoulders in length.

Age: 19

Personality: can't stand being lonely (Omwati need companionship, so it's in her genetics); modest, friendly, quiet and stubborn, tends to think with her heart, and has a hard time letting people go. Very smart, has a photographic memory, and loves reading, cooking, drawing, and music. Attuned to the Living Force, and uses the lightsaber form Ataru. Her lightsaber blade is violet.


Rank: Captain (ARC)

Looks: Same height as any other clone, about 1.8 meters. Tan, with black hair that's been grown out and normally tied back in a short ponytail. Brown eyes, but for this particular mission he's wearing green contacts.

Age: Normal years? About 11. Clone years? 22.

Personality: a bit of a pushover when it comes to the people he cares about, especially his squad; of course, he can't have everyone thinking he's a big softie, so he uses the big-bad-captain charade every now and then, but he's mostly all bark and no bite. Stubborn, and tends to go with gut instinct, not logic. Does not like the Jedi. Slow to trust outside of his squad. Hates rain.


Rank: Sergeant, (second-in-command to Chet), and the squad medic (ARC)

Looks: blond and blue-eyed (eye contacts), paler than the rest.

Age: about 22 in clone years.

Personality: He reads anything he can get his hands on. Very cool and logical, always keeping his head in a crisis. He considers things from every angle, and is cautious and very commonsensical. He's one of those people you can tell anything to. A skilled medic.


Rank: Squad engineer/mechanic (ARC trained)

Looks: longer black hair and brown eyes, with a small scar on his chin.

Age: 21

Personality: very quiet and shy – he never speaks unless he absolutely has to or it's one of the very rare times he wants to – so his squad talks for him. He can work miracles with anything technological.


Rank: Squad pyromaniac (ARC trained)

Looks: red hair he's dyed yellow and orange to mimic his one true love (fire) and green eyes.

Age: 21

Personality: Loves playing with fire, so things around him tend to blow up. He's actually pretty laid back and mild – or at least he is until he starts burning things. FIRE!


Rank: Squad jokester (ARC)

Looks: three dark red Mohawks – one down the center of his head, and one on each side – and brown eyes.


Personality: always thinking of new pranks. He loves teasing and playing practical jokes on his brothers, and loves fun. Hates being bored, and that's when he's at his most dangerous. That, and when someone's threatening his brothers.


Rank: Squad jokester (ARC trained)

Looks: blond hair carefully gelled into spikes and brown eyes.

Age: 21

Personality: Flash's partner-in-crime and best friend, with an almost identical character. They do everything together. A magnet for trouble.


Rank: Squad scout (ARC)

Looks: longer black hair and dark blue eyes.

Age: 21

Personality: very skilled at spying and scouting out ahead, with an eye for details. Polite and a quick thinker, a fast runner and agile climber. One of Flash and Darek's favorite targets.


Rank: Squad rookie (ARC trained)

Looks: blue eyes and short black hair.

Age: 20

Personality: in awe of his older, more experienced brothers (he was just deployed from Kamino two months ago). He has a tendency to be by-the-rulebook, but the rest of Gamma's helping him get over that and be more open-minded. He's a little nervous and shy.


Rank: Sharpshooter and weapons specialist (ARC)

Looks: closely shaved black hair and blue eyes like ice.

Age: 22

Personality: grouchy at best. Hotheaded and stubborn, with zero tolerance for stupid people and people he views as stupid. Loves his rifle, and upgrades and polishes it almost daily.


Rank: Squad morale booster (ARC trained)

Looks: shorter dirty blond hair and brown eyes.

Age: 21

Personality: Optimistic and cheerful, encouraging and friendly. Open and honest. He's what you could call the cheerleader of Gamma Squad.