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/Chapter One\\Choices to Leave Home/
Friends like us never change, we could be apart for years meet up again and pick up where we last left off. Oh and thanks for not replying to my message.

"Brat! Is that damn spacecraft ready yet?" The prince of Saiyan's growled as he stalked into the lab that morning. Yesterday might have been a depressing day, Bulma's funeral. Even, though that was so he was quick to want to get off the mud-ball, he had enough. He was done wasting time when he could be out finding more challenging adventures in outer-space. Kakarrot had stopped sparring with him in recent years saying that he wanted to make the most of ChiChi's last years. But she too pasted away about two years ago, but things still hadn't changed. The hero of Earth took his wife's death rather hard.

Kakarrot the fool was wasting his long Saiyan years moping and groping over his woman's death. Vegeta the Prince of Saiyan's vowed not to fall demon to such petty human emotions. He wanted to forget and move on; the stars would make that so much easier. Though he felt hollow inside a faint smirk found its way to his lips, yes he could not wait for another adventure, another challenge he could only wait so long.

"Yeah dad, it's almost ready, stocked it up with six months worth of provisions, medical supplies, clothes. I made a few changes to the original plan, but otherwise I think you'll see fit that the ship is to your tastes." Trunks said with a forced smile. He was happy to final be done finishing his mothers final idea, it was prefect in every way but he was not happy to be losing his father so soon after his mother's death. Though he knew he's parents talked about this before this somehow just didn't feel right.

Vegeta walked around the ship's exterior to examine the hull, he had to admit it was different, used advanced Saiyan technology he'd seen only once before Vegeta-sei was destroyed. He was glad he share what knowledge he had with the woman. He moved his fingerless gloved fingers over the shiny metal, his grin twisting a bit more comfortably on his face. On this would be a smooth ride he could just image how powerful the thrusters were, he'd know soon enough. "Good." He felt himself purr with satisfaction.

Trunks looked to one of security cameras, happy he was able to stall his dad for a few more moments. "Oh yeah, just doing a few last calibrations dad than you'll be all clear to-"

The door to the lab slide open as two of the Sons entered the large area. The shorter one looked directly up at his friend with a wide grin. It was just as the two had planned. They would send their two father's off and tell them to leave earth's protection in their hands. Goten raised his voice to get the royal's attention on him and his father. "Hey Trunks! WOAH! That really is a big spaceship!" He ran over to the prince's side, big smile plastered on his face.

The royal automatically gave the boy a scowl; dark eyes flickered quickly over to the door noticing Kakarrot right away. His eyes fell back to the boy with a growl in the base of his throat threatening for release. "What are you doing here brat?"

He let out a nervous laugh. "Oh I'm not planning on coming with you if that's what you think I'm doing here." His smile was just a bit to cheeky. "Dad is," He turned to look back at his father who was now standing in the room, but still quite a ways away from the actual ship. "Right Dad?"

"Yeah, Goten and I were talking Dad, we thought it would probably best if you had some company on your trip. So we-" Trunks went on to explain as he leaned over the railing to watch the scene with a bit more interest.

"NO!" The Sovereign shouted. "Kakarrot may not come with me!" His voice had a bit more bit to it then he had intended, but he certainly would not shit in a ship, a confined space for several months at a time with Kakarrot of all people! Sure they were more so friends since the battle against Buu, but this was another thing all in itself. He turned to face them, with a hand on his hip, eyes closed with a slightly annoyed expression still visible on his face. "He may not come with me and that is final. Kakarrot is not cut out for space."

The three males stared at the prince for a few silent moments before anyone spoke up again. "But Dad, you can't be alone forever especially right aft-"

"Even more reason as to why I do –not- want Kakarrot with me."

"At least you'll both be able to talk about-"

"I do –not- want to talk about anything of the sort with Kakarrot." The prince was firm on his answer. He did not need the fool's pity. Vegeta could only hide his heart-brokenness for so long before he needed to let it out. And once his remorse was done with he would bottle it up and forget it. With Kakarrot around he was sure to draw back on his sorrow because Kakarrot did nothing else but mope. He raised a hand to his forehead to rub at his temple. Damn stupid annoying Kakarrot of course he had to butt into his business, his life. His eyes snapped open to focus on the fool to see what his reaction was to all of this. "Kakarrot!"

"Come on, don't-"

"I said Kakarrot!" Eyes never moved from the man. "What do you think? Do you really want to come with me? Do you really want to abandon your loved ones here on Earth?"

Goku had been silent the whole time, still trying to grasp the situation. This was just as much of a surprise to him as it was to his rival; obviously the dinner with all of his remaining family and friends the night before made more sense. He thought his kids threw it just to cheer him up, but now he knew it was a going away party. He took a deep breath to really think about the prince's question. He exhaled before answering. "Well, no, I don't really want to leave my home, but maybe it would be best to get away for a while. Besides," The larger Saiyan shrugged his shoulders. "We could always come back when we start to miss our families."

"Hah!" The prince snapped his head back with a short laugh, and then focused his eyes on his friend and rival. "Not likely. I do not plan to return. Not for some years at least." And that was unlikely. He was planning to go to the far side of the Universe, just traveling there would take a good eight months without stops, but with only six months of provisions it might take longer since he was going to have to stop and restock, and even that might take even longer if the idiot came with him. He growled to himself, why was he even considering letting him come along.

The strongest warrior in the universe looked a bit taken aback by the Prince's words. "Years? How many years are we talking about?"

The two boys were eyeballing each other; it looked like their plan might actually work out. They gave enough matching grins of delight. Trunks turned back to his computer to work out the last of the calibrations.

"Several Kakarrot, five or so years probably. Space travel takes time, especially where were going. Even with this ships supped up engines it's still going to take close to a year to get there. Than who knows what we'll get wrapped up in. Then another year to get back." Dammit he had just included Kakarrot again, he felt even angrier with himself suddenly.

"Hm…" Goku seemed to think about this for a few moments. "Well I guess five years isn't too bad."

"You do realize we will probably be longer than that."

"No we won't Vegeta. I'll make sure we don't over extend our vacation."

"No you will not! I decide how long we are gone and when we will be back! This is my ship Kakarrot! On my ship we follow my rules!"

"Ok ok Vegeta, you can be Captain of the ship, but I'll just keep bothering you until you get annoyed enough to bring us back."

The price's fist balled up into fist with his rising temper. Oh the third class always did know how to push his buttons just like the woman. He quickly raised one fist but instead pointed his finger at the larger Saiyan. "I can just as easily leave your sorry ass on one of the transit station and you can find your way back home. It won't be as easy as you think."

"I'll just memorize some ki's along the way so I can IT myself back. Easy enough." He crossed his arms over his wide chest, mirroring the prince's pose much the same. "But I guess you didn't think of that because you don't know how to IT."

The prince growled at that but didn't say much else on the topic. He took a breath to calm himself. "Fine!" He suddenly snapped. "Fine! If you really want to come, then come. But we leave as soon as the brat get's done with his calibrations with the ship."

"What? Can't we wait to leave tomorrow? I want to at least-"

"Hey, why don't you go say goodbye to everyone these calibrations are going to take a bit longer. I forgot to reset the Gravity Rooms settings they don't affect the whole ship." Trunks suggested as he tried to look busy at the computer council.

Goten had hopped up next to his friend and was sitting back on the railing to watch him, or rather to converse with him once their dads left for a while.

Oh of course he still had to do –that-. "Fine! But only because I want the Gravity Room to be running in perfect condition! And the rest of the ship for that matter." In the prince's opinion it seemed the boy was dragging out the work longer than necessary. "I think you can have that all done in an hour."

"Three!" Trunks shouted back.

"One and a half!"

"Two and a half!"

"Two and that's it!"

"Ok dad!"

The prince looked back to his rival who was smiling like a fool. He hadn't seen him smile like that in quite some time. But he wasn't about to give him the right time of day. He sneered and led the way out of the lab with an air of annoyance.

Goku chuckled lightly at the not to missed attitude of his rival as he followed closely behind. His smile faded rather quickly though once he was looking at the prince's back. He thought of how he wanted to visit his wife's grave one last time before he left and say some last quick goodbye to his friends and family. His eyes fell back on the royal's back once again. He was sure the prince also wanted to visit Bulma's grave too, even if he would never voice it. This was going to be a difficult two hours, especially since he knew the prince wasn't going to be very friendly.