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/Chapter Three\\A Genius' Greatest Creation/
Years worth of work done in months, only a genius could pull it off.

Vegeta had already strapped himself in and had things turned on and was already putting in coordinates for their trip. "Sit down and get yourself strapped in." He cocked his head to motion to the chair next to him, never moving his eyes from the screens.

Goku sat down doing as he said, even though he saw no real need for the seat belts. He looked around him real quick at the interior of the ship; it was rather spacious and different from Capsule Corporations previous designs. "Wow this ship is so different." He mentioned absently.

The prince made no reply as he finished up and opened communications. "We're ready over head. Trunks, get this thing off the ground." He commanded in a slightly annoyed tone as he reviewed what messages were left while he was gone, noticing something new from his friend. While liftoff was in commenced he figured to read over the message once they were out of the atmosphere.

Trunks on the other hand finished up his work and the lab with filled with the loud noise of some contraptions going to work as the side of top of the lab opened up and the lift that the ship was on pushed out and raised and continued to extend to give them optimal liftoff. Once the landing strip was ready he glanced over at his friend with a smirk. "Dad, you're ready to launch whenever."

The prince did not hesitate to quickly push down the launch key which quickly kicked thrusters to life with a loud roar. They quieted down after a few noisy moments before lowering to an almost silent humming. The spacecraft slowly and genteelly moved forward to the end of the docking bay and then rose from its landing gears. The ship hovered in the air and rose higher before moving forward as well. The ship cleared the populated area rising higher into the sky with the older Saiyans smooth steering movements. He had to admit this ship was much better than he could ever hope for, it steering was like a dream. Once they were clear and high enough in the sky made they hovered still over a large unpopulated clearing for a few moments. This was to give some time to allow the landing gears to flip up into the ship and locked into place with a click.

The prince had a rather smug grin on his face. "The woman was quite the genius." She had taken her old ideas, in addition to what Saiyan technology he knew and the information he had gotten from his friend many years ago to create the ship. Without sparing the younger Saiyan a glance, he flicked the next key which changed direction of the thrusters and swiftly shot the ship straight up into the air pushing both passengers snuggly against their seats. The thrusters continued to change position with the prince's piloting as he positioned the ship toward the sky. Allowing the ship to climb rather quickly threw the atmosphere.

Once they ship started to meet some resistance with leaving the atmosphere the thrusters rumbled a bit louder as the heated up and shot them much, much quicker into the air and straight out of Earth's gravitational pull and into the weightlessness of space. Goku seemed a bit troubled by this but once he noticed the prince was not bothered he calmed down once he noticed they escaped the gravitation pull alright. The thrusters quieted back down to their light humming as they continued to travel away from the planet and further into the black unknown where the moon had once been.

Vegeta spared a glance at the other. "What?" He said, smug grin still present on his face. "Did you think we weren't going to make it?" He leaned forward again and flicked on the secondary propulsion engines turned on to help them move quicker during this process so that they had enough room to kick the ship into the next drive.

Goku sat him back in his chair trying to seem relaxed, though that was hard for him without fidgeting. "Nope, I have full fate in anything from Capsule Corps." He rested one of his elbows on the armrest and turned his chair slightly to the other. He rested his hand on his palm as he gazed at the other. "I also trust my pilot, he has several years of experience with space travel."

The prince snorted at that comment. "Useless flattery will get you know where Kakarrot." He said much to the other's dismay. "However the compliment is well received." He shot the other a quick glance before returning his eyes to the screens as they flicked new information about their trip. A prompt made itself noticed as they had reached a good distance from the other planets in the Milky Way. "Ah, so the woman was actually able to reproduce a warp drive." He shook his head but otherwise was extremely happy with the ships superior craftsmanship.

Goku looked at the other with a slightly confused look. "What's a warp drive?"

"Something we were going to need for this trip. It will speed up the trip quite a bit. Since were heading to the other side of the Universe." Vegeta replied quickly as he finished up giving the ship it's commands.

"Destination Omega in the Terminus Systems has been located, retrieving information. This area of space is not under the protection of the Systems Alliance. Do you still wish so proceed?" The computer prompt now that the Prince had activated the ships autopilot.

"Hm, I figured as much. Hiding under the radar I presume." The royal muttered to himself as he considered his friend. "Yes that's fine."

Goku on the other hand seemed surprised as he looked around before realizing it was the ship itself talking.

"Estimated travel time is 8 months without the use of the warp drive. Usage of the warp drive is limited do you wish to innate the drive?"

Vegeta's dark brows furrowed at the news, but figured as much. Earth just didn't have the resources to create an efficient enough energy source for the Warp Drive. "Yes innate the Warp Drive. When energy becomes too low switch over back to regular propulsions." That said the spacecraft felt like it stopped before it suddenly shot forward everything blurring into a tunnel of black with strips of white has stars of distant galaxies shot by. The ship now seemed to by running even smoother. The royal unclipped his restraints but continued seated.

"So? This ship is really fast?" Goku asked out of confused, not really sure what the whole talk about a warp drive was. He followed the prince's movements as he quickly undid straps and jumped up from his seat. He started to walk around the bridge and get a better look of it.

Vegeta wasn't really paying attention since he opened up the message from his friend. "Hn?" He replied absently eyes flickering over the text. It was an attention noticed that wasn't addressed to anyone in particular, though an urgent message none the less. It explained that she would be at Omega in the Terminus Systems recruiting new crewmembers for a crucial mission to fit of some deadly synthetic/organic begins. If anything it sounded like it help promise for a good fight.

Goku whilst was babbling about something in the background and just as the prince finished his reading he tackled the back of the chair starling the older Saiyan back to reality. "Hmm? So where are we going?" He tried to skim over the message as well before the other quickly took it off the screen.

The other swiftly whipped out of the chair and glared at the other. "Are you going to constantly bombard me with questions you imbecile!" He quickly snapped before he could calm himself.

Goku stood straight and blankly blinked at the other in return. "Well… you did say you were going to tell me on the way."

"Approximate arrival time, 3 weeks, 0 days, 17 hours, 34 minutes, and 28 seconds." The ship chimed in to break up the conversation.

"Hey Vegeta did you say it was going to take at least a year to get there? How come the ship says different?" Goku pondered and watched the screen as it began counting down in reverse, he found it very fascinating.

The other sighed in exasperation, at least he could put up with a few weeks of this moron. "It's because this ship is faster thanks to that warp drive. But even with the warp drive it could still take a bit longer because the warp drive is just a prototype and doesn't have enough energy to continually travel at warp speed." Vegeta walked around the other and started for the training/gravity room to blow off some steam.

Goku followed absently. "So your earlier estimation was without the warp drive?" He guessed that made sense. Earth to Namek took about a week and that was within the name section of the universe. He also remembered when Vegeta had first came it had taken him about a year. "That's pretty cool, too bad Bulma couldn't prefect the warp drive before she…"

Vegeta stopped in his tracks at the mention of the woman's name. He was silent for a while before replying. "Yeah, well she had enough to do so I gave her the designs for the warp drive a good thirty years ago, but she only took interest in them when she realized I was serious about leaving." He took a deep breath, he had to admit even though it was hard to talk about it he did feel a bit better. "The ship is a combination of several technologies, Earth, Saiyan, and Aronian. Shepard," He stopped himself at the mention of his friend and turn to look at the other Saiyan. "My friend shared the Aronian technology she found with me back when I first met her, she said it would help with getting away from Freeza, if I had not escaped or freed myself early. Or with reaching the other side of the galaxy quicker."

"Oh." Was Goku's only response, still trying to soak in all the information. "That's pretty cool then."

The prince was now wearing a bored expression as he shrugged. "I suppose. The information had its uses either way." He tilted his head back toward the training room. "Let's go spar." The intensity in his eyes spoke of challenge and he knew with the other being a Saiyan as well he could not pass up the opportunity.

"Yeah!" Goku replied quickly following the older Saiyan to the rather large training/gravity room.